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John and Lyn share their knowledge, experience and insight through writing, teaching and counselling.

They are at present involved in writing, illustrating and publishing a book entitled 'Spirits of Nature and Angels'. This is a major work and will not be finished for some time. Click here to view some of the wonderful illustrations from the book [broadband users | dialup users].

Two smaller books are also in production. The first is entitled 'The Path: Seeds of Enlightenment'. This is a book of quotes taken from John's and Lyn's teachings. They were initially recorded by those attending seminars and classes and have been reworked for publication. The second book is entitled 'I was out walking ...'. It is an uplifting collection of short anecdotes relating some of John and Lyn's encounters with non-physical beings.

In 1982, John and Lyn in conjunction with a colleague and friend, Steve Shackel, produced a novella called 'Eyes of the Beholder'. This is a work of fiction inspired by fact. Techniques for spiritual and psychic development are woven into the story. A number of quotes from this book have been reproduced in the popular 'Guide for the Advanced Soul' by Susan Hayward.

'Eyes of the Beholder' is currently available from the MindSoulSpirit Online Shop. 'Spirits of Nature and Angels', 'The Path' and 'I was out walking ...' will be available for purchase in the future.

John and Lyn also provide practical, metaphysical  and spiritual counselling on a one-to-one basis as well as for couples and occasionally small groups. These sessions can involve problem solving or take the form of private spiritual and metaphysical tuition. The aim is for the client to gain the tools needed to deal with everyday ups and downs so that the focus can then shift toward creating a rewarding future with room for the Spirit and whatever form of metaphysical development the client is drawn to. Counselling is only available in face-to-face sessions. It is not available by phone or online. John and Lyn believe that the psycho-energetic atmosphere generated by client and counsellor coming together in the same room is an important part of the rapport and understanding that is necessary for an effective session. The physical words are only a part of what takes place during any conversation.

John and Lyn also offer regular classes. These are structured in fortnightly periods, with an alternating Teaching Week and a Growth Week. Instruction on a wide range of topics takes place on the Teaching Week with plenty of time allowed for questioning. Growth Week classes follow a set format and allow time for those attending to share what they have experienced or put into action as a result of the teaching of the previous week. John and Lyn do not attend Growth Weeks, allowing space for the class members to work together and move forward independently.

It is estimated that over three thousand sessions have been delivered over a thirty- year period, not including seminars.

One and two day Seminars are held approximately once a month, on weekends. The dates and the subject matter are chosen intuitively. Two different types of seminars are offered: Open Topic and Set Topic.

Open Topic Seminars are unplanned. The subject matter arises from the metaphysical  atmosphere on the day, as well as in response to questions posed by those attending. Questions can be on any topic involving personal development, psychic development, esoteric matters and spirituality. These often lead to extensive exploration of a subject. Open Topic seminars are John and Lyn's favourite as they are always so spontaneous and exactly right for the time.

Set Topic Seminars involve extensive teaching of information pertaining to a planned topic and are usually accompanied by a comprehensive handout of printed material. Plenty of opportunity is allowed for questioning relating to the topic. Exercises and activities are included when appropriate.

Although based in Australia, John and Lyn are prepared to teach anywhere in the world as the need arises. Expressions of interest are invited.

As a gift, website editions of notes from two of the Set Topic Seminars 'Awakening' and 'Sacred Space' are available in our shop as PDF downloads.

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