Welcome to our Seminars page. Select from the left-hand menu to read a list of Set Topic Seminars that have been held over the years with a brief explanation of each. Most of these are not currently available, although some are rerun occasionally, according to demand and as intuition and Knowing dictates.

Short extracts of some of these are available online to give an idea of content.

As a gift, website editions of notes from several of the Set Topic Seminars are available to read in their entirety online or as PDF downloads. 'Awakening' and 'Sacred Space' are online now, with two others to become available at different times over the next year or so. They are 'Activities', which has never been run as full Set Topic seminar, although much of the content has been taught at some time, and 'Beyond the Physical'.

We hope you enjoy these and find them informative and inspiring. Feel free to offer your comments through the Contact page. We value your feedback.