We are so used to living on the physical plane with its limited beliefs and habitual ways that we perceive it as normal. We tend to forget that there are greater and more open ways of living and being. Our beliefs are all inter-related and support each other. They are even more enduring and seductive because of this. Our ready acceptance of the physical binds us to living by its rules and restrictions to the extent that we do not think to question them.

It is healthy to question the habitual thinking and rules that we normally take for granted so that we can begin to perceive that we are really free to live in any way we choose. In this way we can begin to challenge our self-imposed shackles and realise our limitless potential. Our possibilities are truly breath-taking. At the physical level we exist as gods in the making and simple realisation of this will free us to live as gods. We need to begin to think of openness and the qualities of Soul as ‘normal’.

As an exercise, we can step outside our habitual thought patterns and pretend that we are looking at the physical from a much higher plane or from Soul. How stuck we would look from there with our plodding growth patterns and cycles and our limited imagination. How strange the restrictions we place on ourselves and others. We are so ignorant of our true nature. It is good that spiritually evolved beings from higher planes looking upon us are so filled with acceptance, love and understanding that they are not critical of our bizarre ways.

From our imaginary vantage point of higher planes or Soul here are the top ten strange things that are believed and lived on the physical plane. 


How strange that we see Creation as divided, with the pieces isolated from each other, when in reality all is One in Soul. 

In the physical world, we believe in the law of separation. We no longer experience Life as oneness and wholeness. We have created a reality wherein we are all separate from each other and surrounded by all the many particles, fragments and individual beings that make up the physical world and the planes. Our physical bodies are composed of separate organs and structures made up of chemical particles. Our minds are divided with our thoughts and beliefs often clashing with each other. Our attention jumps from one thing to another. At present, we do not know the wholeness and wholesomeness of our own minds. We clash with the opinions and beliefs of others so that friction is created, ultimately resulting in discord and war.

We live apart from each other, confined within our individual skins. We are dependent on the idea of privacy and afraid of others knowing our innermost thoughts and secrets. We offer little pieces of ourselves to select people by allowing varying levels of contact and intimacy. We feel safe with our separateness, but in reality it is quite dangerous to our spirituality.

Another product of separation is ‘against’ thinking. When we criticise, contend, blame or react to people and circumstances, we are placing ourselves against them, no matter whether it is in a small or a more extreme way. We judge the behaviour of others and label our circumstances good or bad depending on our reactions to them. Seen from a higher level, this is very strange indeed. It is like being against a part of oneself, as we are all really one.

We can foster ‘for’ thinking, by being gentle and allowing; seeing what is there but without reaction or applying the judgement of good or bad. Through these we will come to realise the Oneness of all and open ourselves to every being and particle of Creation. 

Ó John & Lyn St.Clair-Thomas
Website Edition 2006

© John & Lyn St.Clair-Thomas
Website Edition 2006