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This page contains a selection of useful and uplifting quotes that we have called 'Seeds of Enlightenment'. Most of them have been recorded by students attending our classes and seminars over the years and we have reworked them lightly for publication.  [A book of quotes entitled 'The Path: Seeds of Enlightenment' is being produced and will be available in the future.  Click HERE to preview this book.]

We think of these quotes  as jewel-like seeds that have the potential to grow and blossom. They are offered as tools to use on your journey toward enlightenment. They are both inspirational and instructive and we hope you enjoy and benefit from using them. 

We recommend that the reader intuitively select one Seed per day for contemplation and to put into action. Used consistently, they can provide a complete path for spiritual growth.

The five coloured jewels below access different groups of Seeds. Colour has a powerful influence in our lives and the Seeds in each group have been chosen intuitively to suit the colour of the jewel.

Click on the jewel of your choice to select a Seed. You may also like to save a Seed as your new desktop background.  

Please note that this site has been built using the principles of sacred geometry. The layout and dimensions are based on the Golden Mean. See our page Website Magic for more information. To preserve the integrity of the Golden Mean and gain the greatest benefit from the site and any picture downloads, you should ensure that you centre any pictures you wish to use as desktop backgrounds. PC users should go to 'My Computer > Control Panel > Display Properties > Desktop > Position' and check that the picture is set to 'Center'; Mac users should do this via 'System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop'. Pictures should not be set to 'stretch'.

To save a Seed (quote) to your desktop:
PC users -- right click and choose 'Set as Background'. 
users -- use Control click and choose 'Set as Desktop Background'.  
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