There are many metaphysical processes at work within the physical world. There are the various energies associated with life as well as a myriad of wonderful non-physical beings who work with them.

The astral realm exists immediately beyond the physical. It is a finer vibration than the physical and forces pour from it into the physical world, bringing life to matter. An etheric field exists between the astral and the physical. It contains areas of varying density and acts as a filter, allowing some types of astral energy to come through to the physical and restricting the flow of others as the Creation process requires. Other planes of existence extend beyond the astral plane, with each being of a finer vibration than the one before.

Nature Spirits are metaphysical beings who inhabit and work with the energies of these non-physical worlds, bringing them to the physical in the ongoing work of Creation and evolution. They are involved in every aspect of life and in every natural process. Every part of the world is alive and nature spirits are to be found everywhere: in the depths of the oceans, within the Earth and in the highest reaches of the atmosphere. The surface of the earth abounds with an almost incomprehensible variety of beings, each type having its own special functions to perform. Life would not be possible without their activities.

Nature spirits are form-makers and are part of a hierarchy of life that begins with the angels and is directed down through the planes into manifestation in the physical world. We can think of nature spirits as the lower aspects of angelic energies, manifested into the lower planes. Viewing the hierarchy from a human linear viewpoint, we see the angels presiding over the work of many different types of nature spirits, from high to low. Angels transform the impulses of life from Soul, stepping it down through the planes so that it becomes available to all aspects of Creation. It is taken up and transformed by the various nature spirits as it reaches their level of existence.

It is easily accepted that nature spirits are associated with rocks and plants; however, they are an essential part of all living things. Animals and humans beings are also made of the four elements; therefore they have nature spirits of earth, air, fire and water within them. These are a specialised type of nature spirit that functions very differently to those in the plant and mineral worlds. The thinking and attitudes of a human being automatically manage the activities of the nature spirits within his or her body.


Devas are a highly evolved type of nature spirit. To the human eye, many of them have a similar appearance to angels, although they are of the planes while angels have their origins in Soul. Although radiant, they do not emit the same type or quantity of light as angels. Devas have a presence at the astral level as well as on some of the planes above. Some devas are of a higher nature than others and are therefore able to work with the more refined substance of higher planes. The scope of their work crosses over with that of the angels to some extent as there is no clear demarcation line, just a gradual blending of function. Devas receive and transform the forces emanated by the angels and pass them down through the lower planes and into the astral world ready to be worked by the smaller nature spirits.

Devas have chakras, and the more chakras they have, the higher the nature of their work and the further their reach extends up through the planes. Their chakras emit light but without as much change and variation as the chakras of the angels. Their action is tied more to the movement of the seasons of the physical world than that of the angels, so that their emanations tend to be more predictable, rhythmic and specific.

Devas are usually associated with features of the landscape such as mountains, plains or clearly defined regions. They can be found presiding over areas of woodland or large cultivated areas such as botanical gardens or parkland areas. They direct the activities of all natural processes within their sphere of influence, emitting the appropriate formative impulses for the harmonious functioning of the natural formations and plants in their care.

A deva has a highly evolved consciousness, being able to encompass all the processes of the planes they work with as well as the activities of the smaller nature spirits who work within their influence. They are highly aware of the activities of animals and people around them and respond with a brightening and quickening of energy to anyone admiring or enjoying the area they oversee. They recognise and acknowledge with a flare of energy the birds, animals or people who live in their area or visit regularly. On occasion they communicate mind-to-mind with human beings. The consciousness of a deva is unwaveringly bright, encompassing and joyful. They are quite impersonal, having no judgement or opinion of what goes on around them.

Mother All

A great devic being fulfils the role of Earth Mother, overseeing every physical and metaphysical process occurring on, in and around the Earth. Her dominion extends throughout every plane, her functions overlapping and mingling with the work of the angels. She receives transformed energy from them at every level of the planes, broadcasting it into the many specialised forms required for life. Her radiant chakras send piercing beams of Creative Light into every part of the Earth.

She has been known by many names. We choose to call her Mother All, as this is how she is known to many of the smaller nature spirits who revel in their love for her. They joyously broadcast the thought ‘Love the Mother! Love the Mother! Love Mother All!’ These are not words as we think and form them, but impulses of love and joy arising from their very being. This emanation from their collective consciousness is one of the ways they condition and stimulate the ethers for the continual expression of life.

Mother All is inseparable from the Earth. She has been a part of the planet Earth for as long as it has existed and will continue to govern it until its eventual end. The Earth itself, like all physical matter, evolves spiritually and Mother All’s work changes over the eons to suit the needs of the time. She emits the impulses that not only govern its current state, but activate within it the tendencies toward becoming more refined, elevated and spiritualised.

Her emanations oversee all Earth processes. Her great consciousness encompasses every particle of the earth. Even the smallest events are known to her. She governs every process of birth, life and death. She wields the great archetypes of Creation that she receives directly from the angels, bringing them to life in the physical world. At the present level of the Earth’s development, she emanates balance through the rhythmic nature of the cycles and seasons and through the constant renewal of life. Every deva and nature spirit works at her direction, each being an aspect of her expression of life.

Smaller Nature Spirits

Everything in the physical world, including human beings, is made up of combinations of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water. Nothing is made completely of one element. All four elements are present in all things, even though one or two of the elements can predominate. Life can exist only when there is interaction. Nature spirits are associated with the four elements and are key components of their interaction.

Rocks and soil, the oceans and the atmosphere exist in a comparatively thin layer at the surface of our planet, providing a habitat for plants, animals and human beings. The four elements existing within the Earth in the mineral kingdom are raised to a higher state of alertness as they interact within the physical forms of plants, animals and human beings. The smaller nature spirits are inseparable from the elements and are an essential part of this process.

Some smaller nature spirits are made up of both astral and etheric material. These are radiant beings lit from within by astral and ethereal light. They transform astral forces in such a way as to vitalise and feed the etheric field as well as passing astral forces through the etheric for manifestation in the physical world.

Other less complex beings form from etheric material in response to the vitalising forces arriving from the astral realm. The astral forces stimulate the etheric material to gather together so as to form tiny beings whose existence and actions shape the etheric substance, weaving it so that the physical matter can form around their patterns. These little beings pulse into and out of form, appearing and disappearing into the etheric field. The time span of their existence in form can vary from a few seconds to several days, depending on the work required. Most have a collective consciousness and perform individual functions in concert with their fellows, the sum of their activities creating the effects needed by nature at the time. Their consciousness is mostly turned inward. They are aware mainly of the movement of the etheric streams that they work with and of the simple joy of their own activity.

Nature spirits made from astral as well as etheric substance have a higher level of consciousness than those working just within the etheric. They have more awareness of the external world. It is possible for their consciousness to evolve to become individualised so that they become highly aware of their surroundings and of their interaction with the forces around them. These spirits do not have free will as people do, however they have conscious volition. They are able to respond with awareness of their own actions and purpose within the framework of their environment. Their every action is filled with joyful celebration.

In appearance, many of the smaller nature spirits have human-like shape or certain human characteristics. This similarity exists because both human beings and nature spirits are formed from the same creative blueprint and the same sacred geometry. Nature spirits that exist in areas that can support human life tend to look most like human beings. In areas where people cannot live without some form of life support or artificial environment, for example in the depths of the ocean or very deep under the Earth, their shapes vary. Some are wispy and fairly unformed, while others can have an appearance that is grotesque and unattractive to human perception. All, however, have identifiable features such as a head or limb-like appendages.

All the smaller nature spirits composed of etheric and astral material have energy centres rather than chakras. Many of them are winged, especially those associated with plants, air and fire. Those who are associated more closely with soil, rocks and water do not usually have wings.

Perception of Nature Spirits

We can learn to perceive the astral and etheric realms by learning to develop and extend the five physical senses. This can be achieved through a mixture of belief, dedication and practice. The most commonly known of these extended senses is clairvoyance, which is an extension of the sense of sight and clairaudience, which is an extension of hearing.

To perceive devas and beings that have a presence on planes higher than the astral, higher abilities are needed. In the beginning, intuition can be used combined with sensing and using the visionary inner eye of the mind. Knowing, a quality of Soul, can be used to perceive and know the higher realms with absolute clarity and certainty.

Recognition and acknowledgement from human beings assists nature spirits in the growth of their consciousness and awareness. This is a way we can contribute to the spiritual evolution and elevation of our world. Many nature spirits bask in our admiration for their plants or the areas they tend. Even if a human being cannot see them, just knowing they are there gives them energy, life and power to work for the world.

The material contained on this site provides only the merest glimpse into the world of nature spirits and angels. A comprehensive book is currently being written on these subjects, including 48 full colour illustrations. It will be entitled ‘Spirits of Nature and Angels’ and can be previewed from the book page under the Wisdom menu.