The Nature of Earth

The element earth is the densest of the four elements. It has the ability to take on and maintain form. It is stable in nature, bringing order and structure to the creative impulses that are emanated from Soul.

Archetypes exist within the realm of Soul and are broadcast constantly throughout creation by the angels. A lower version of the archetypes exist hidden deep within our planet, Earth. They also exist at a microcosmic level within every particle of matter. The enduring nature of the element earth allows the archetypes to be held in readiness within matter in a stable and accessible form. Within them are the patterns for every possible manifestation: for the chemical elements of matter, the mineral world and the interactions that result in plant, animal and human life-forms. In them also are the plans for every possibility that could ever occur in Creation, including physical and spiritual evolution. The pathway to complete consciousness of Soul and Spirit exists within every particle of matter. The angels pass down the impulses of the perfect archetypes from Soul and these stimulate and awaken the lower version held within matter. In time, as the Earth evolves spiritually, the archetypes within matter will perfectly match the original impulses from Soul and they will become One.

At the physical level, the archetypes are activated into life by the interaction of all four elements; however the earth nature of the archetypes is primarily activated by water, which is the closest element to earth in terms of density.

Earth Spirits

There are more types of nature spirits associated with earth than with any of the other elements. These extraordinary spirits exist in an enormous variety of sizes from enchanting tiny beings no bigger than a spark of light to great and magnificent mountain devas. They work with every aspect of solid matter. They are connected with the mineral world, with substances and structures deep within the Earth, with landscape features on the surface of the Earth, with plants of all types and with the cycles of the seasons.

Nature spirits of the Earth work mainly with two processes, contraction and expansion. Some earth spirits are dedicated to only one of these processes while others work to harmonise the two. Contractive activities allow forces to be drawn together in a variety of ways while expansive activities allow differentiation, evolution and growth. The interaction of these two forces creates the foundation for all physical forms.

The smaller nature spirits of earth are often known as the 'little folk', who are familiar to us from legend and fairy tales. These are the faeries, elves and gnomes who are an essential part of the Earth's function and who work on or close to the surface of the Earth.

There are so many different types of nature spirits of earth that a small encyclopaedia would be needed to describe them all. Only a very small selection is described in these notes to give an idea of their diversity and functions.

Minerals, Rocks and Underground Structures

Specialised types of nature spirits work deep within the earth. Their purpose is to bring life and shape to the etheric of the subterranean world in preparation for its eventual emergence into the light of the surface world. Many of the processes of this area are very dense and crushing with powerful shaping forces at work. There are more spirits working with the contractive forces within the Earth than with those of expansion. Most of the underground nature spirits are made from etheric substance and work with the Earth's etheric field.

At the deepest levels are found great, dark, almost formless etheric creatures. They can be seen in various sizes from the size of a small house down to that of a dolphin. Their shapes and movements are whale-like, as they seem to roll and swim through their underground environment. Although most of their movements are slow and deliberate, from time to time they surge suddenly upward or dive down. They do not have eyes and are mostly unaware of their surroundings. They move from some kind of inner awareness of the moving streams within the Earth's etheric. They are nourished by these forces and in turn shape and vitalise them through their movements.

Deep within the crust of the earth can also be found groups of gnome-like embryonic creatures in various stages of development. Some are quite small, while others are the size of a ten year old child. Some are unformed with their features almost indistinguishable, while others show more detail. They are very ancient and are quite still as if waiting. They are unaware of their surroundings. In the distant future, by the time the surrounding rock has moved closer to the surface of the Earth, these creatures will be fully formed and awaken to the outside world. In the meantime, their presence brings a certain type of life to the Earth, even though they are not recognisably active.

Closer to the surface of the Earth can be found small earth spirits whose appearance can at times be human-like but many of these seem only partially formed, with a head, shoulders and arms fading away to nothing below. These gnomes are formed from etheric material and wield etheric energy of a masculine nature, gathering it from the surrounding ethers. They exert their powers of will to compress it and emit it in sudden and vigorous pulses, pounding the surrounding rocks with it to concentrate and vitalise their energy. A higher form of these gnomes exists in a more fully developed state. Their shape is fully human-like. They are found in caves, cavities and cracks within the Earth. They are made from astral as well as etheric substance and draw certain astral forces to them to assist and vitalise their shaping work in the etheric realm. Observation of these creatures has inspired stories of gnomes or elves as miners.

A variety of earth spirits are found associated with every type of rock. Gnomes of various kinds are associated with crystals and gems within the Earth. Deposits of metals have their own types of earth spirits with precious metals having the most evolved spirits of all.

The Earth's Surface

The Earth's surface is an area of vitality and interaction where the most varied and abundant physical expressions of life are found. The greatest number of earth spirits also live and work here, creating a feeling of intense industry combined with exuberance and rejoicing.

Earth spirits in many sizes and shapes, mostly with human-like forms, dance, work and play on and near the surface of the Earth, activating the etheric material associated with topsoil, sand and rocks. Many of these are little winged faerie-like creatures who are totally oblivious to the physical world. They are of various sizes, but the largest are no more than four hundred and fifty millimetres or eighteen inches in height. These sparkling little beings are mostly of a misty, transparent appearance, tinted with pinks, blues, greys and white. They can be seen dancing in rings and in other more complex patterns. They never stop moving, sometimes floating languidly and at other times dancing vigorously, with much jigging up and down. At times, they dance around and around in one spot for a while before moving off, still dancing. They are not restricted to a small territory, but can cover many kilometres as they dance. Although they appear to be individual in form, they are really an expression of a single purpose, working through a collective consciousness that has awareness only of the ethers they are working within and of their own unity. They do not choose where to go, but respond to fluctuations in density within the Earth's etheric that signal the availability of specialised astral energy. Occasionally they are joined by larger, more radiant faeries who are much more conscious of their surroundings. These are beings of the astral world that interact with the work of the etheric faeries, using it as a pattern through which to pour astral light into the world.

Other beings condition the Earth's etheric in a simpler way. These do not work in groups and are far less mobile than the faeries. They do not have wings and are gnome-like in appearance. They arise from the etheric of the Earth, seeming to the observer to come out of the Earth itself. They are human-like in form, usually with elongated features and a drooping demeanour. They drift across the surface of the Earth in a seemingly random pattern wherever the etheric streams take them. Some of these spirits hold their form only briefly before disappearing back into the etheric of the Earth. Others last for several days, drifting here and there.

Other types of earth spirits of a more evolved nature can be seen running or leaping on or just above the ground. These are beings of astral and etheric and they are very aware of their surroundings, even though they do not very often choose to acknowledge or interact with physical people or animals. They have a very intense and purposeful demeanour. Some are as large as human beings, although most are smaller. They sometimes have a suggestion of wings, but these are wispy and more like short flares of energy from their backs than real wings. They sometimes also have antler or antenna-like protrusions from their heads, these being a manifestation of their alertness and attentiveness to their surroundings. Their purpose is to condition or enliven large areas of ground in preparation for the growth of plant life.

Landscape Features and Large Areas

Landscape features are governed by larger earth spirits having a much higher consciousness than any discussed so far. They are an intrinsic part of the shape and substance of the land features they are associated with. Devas are the most evolved and most highly conscious of these earth spirits, as can be seen in their brightness and the complexity of their activities. They govern the formative processes of the entire area in their care, issuing forth impulses of energy transformed from the astral realm and higher planes. These impulses direct the activities of every smaller nature spirit associated within the deva's area of responsibility. Devas receive their impetus directly from the angels.

Devas have a central form surrounded by sweeps of energy that emanate from their chakras. The centre of consciousness is in the head, which emanates streams of activating energies. Devas are aware of everything that occurs within their sphere of influence. The central forms of devas can vary in height from approximately five metres (fifteen feet) to thirty-five metres (one hundred feet). Radiant auras surround them, extending for great distances from the inner form.

Some individual mountains, groups of mountains or hills, mountain ranges, plains, canyons, valleys, large rock formations and cave systems have their own devas overseeing their functions. Larger areas often have more than one deva, usually working together.

Smaller areas such as woodlands, forests, large gardens or parkland all have one or more devas caring for them. These are often smaller devas who are responsible for groupings of plants or areas where there are many of the same type of plant.

The seashore is a specialised habitat with ample scope for all types of nature spirits. Many shorelines are presided over by large devic beings who are stationed over promontories, cliffs or larger rocky features. They invariably face out to sea and spread their influence over the many nature spirits working within the astral and etheric natures of sand, rocks, waves, seaweed and rock pools.

Plants and Trees

Plant life of many types is to be found in nearly every area of the earth. Associated with these is a most amazing array of earth spirits. These include many different types of elf and pixie-like beings as well as faeries of all types and sizes. Every part of each individual plant is formed, energised and cultivated by many of these small beings. Every activity is a joyous celebration of the life processes they work amongst. The different types of nature spirits all work together toward a single purpose.

Many of the faeries and pixies operate from a collective consciousness, being in charge of single plants or sometimes groups of the same type of plant. Certain individuals are sometimes more highly evolved and have greater awareness of their surroundings. Most of the smaller plant faeries are either unaware of or not interested in anything beyond their own plants, while the pixies who tend the leaves and stems are more aware of the outer world, but only become interested in it when a human is aware of them.

With certain rare exceptions, faeries and pixies do not usually wear clothes as we do. Faeries, however, are often accompanied by wisps of floating energy that trail around them and suggest drapery. These energies are not separate manifestations created by them, but are actually a part of them just like their arms and legs. Pixies often seem to be wearing close-fitting clothing; however this appearance is usually caused by parts of their bodies being tinted with different colours according to the season and to their current work.

The roots of plants are tended by a number of different types of pixie or elf-like beings. Some of these appear as tiny sparks that fly into and out of the soil, conditioning the roots in such a way as to encourage them to link with the soil and take up its nutrients. They do this by a type of magnetising of the water contained in the roots. Close clairvoyant examination reveals them to be perfectly formed tiny creatures with small gossamer wings.

Other types of beings occupy tiny air spaces in the soil around the roots. Larger versions of these can be seen amongst the roots of plants and trees that have been exposed by soil washing away. These earth spirits have long legs and arms and crouch in the little cavities and caves formed by the washaway and can sometimes be spotted peering out at the world. They sometimes come out of their dens and walk around with their backs hunched, looking out from under their eyebrows. Their demeanour is shy. They are associated with the soil, the roots and the forming and maintenance of the cavity itself.

Another type of earth spirit associated with the wellbeing of the roots of plants is a gnome-like being with a large head, thin limbs and a gnarled appearance. He is related to the interactions of the roots with the soil as well as to the connections between earth and air. He has no wings and can be seen stomping about around the bases of plants, gathering and forming the etheric of the soil by his actions. He prepares the way for astral energies to enter the plants through the roots.

Pixies with wings are responsible for drawing the etheric energies upward from the soil, creating a template for the astral forces to enter. These processes allow the sap to rise through the stems of plants and for leaves to form. The pixies cause this to occur by flying slowly up from the base of the plant in a spiralling motion around the stem. When they reach a node on the stem, the point where the stem branches to form leaves, they suddenly deviate from their path, accelerating rapidly and shooting out along the leaf stem. They burst from the tip of the leaf, spraying etheric and astral energy that invites the action of the air and sunlight into the leaf. Many pixies work with each plant, repeating these movements over and over until nightfall.

Flowers are a highly specialised part of a plant, being able to transform higher energies than any other part. It has been said that flowers represent the Spirit on Earth. Specialised faeries are associated with flowers. Some of these can be seen as tiny sparks that hover near the flower, drawing in life-force from the Sun and the air. They swell with vitality as they do this, before flying back into the flower where they release the energy in a rush of light. The flower glows from their ministrations. They remain within the flower for a short while, gathering in those forces that are a sort of energy waste product of the flower. They then fly out into the air again and discharge the wastes in a brilliant flash of light before beginning the process all over again.

Other larger faeries of great beauty hover near the flowers. They can be seen leaning forward and appearing to breathe into the flowers. They stretch their arms out to the flowers, caressing the air that surrounds them. Beautiful colours come from them, particularly from their hands, mouths and faces, enveloping the flowers in every colour of the rainbow. These faeries have a high level of consciousness and belong to the higher astral realms. They receive the impulses for their work directly from the deva of the area their plants grow in.

Most pixies and faeries of plants rest at night, folding themselves into the inner realms of the etheric and the astral plane. To human vision, they seem to disappear directly into the plants or to just fade from view. They reappear with the Sun the next day.

Trees are tended by all the same types of nature spirits as any other plant, but as well there are two other types of earth spirit that are peculiar to trees. The first of these is a type of tree spirit that dwells within every tree. It is seen as a cloak of colour surrounding and interpenetrating the tree and reaching down to the ground. The colour does not extend very far beyond the tree and the consciousness of the spirit is turned inward, dwelling within the nature of the tree. These spirits have the potential to grow into fully conscious, individualised beings, very much like a small deva. During this evolutionary process, the spirits become more fully formed, developing a head and shoulders that extend above the tree. Chakras also develop. Their consciousness can then reach beyond the astral to the adjoining plane. When this occurs, the tree spirits become fully aware of their surroundings and extend their care and support to other trees and tree spirits in their area. They also become more consciously interactive with other nature spirits around them.

Dryads are another type of tree spirit. They dwell deep within their trees and grow with them. They have a very feminine energy. As she evolves, the dryad becomes able to extend parts of herself beyond her tree, shifting herself until she seems to be looking out from within its bark and leaves. At this stage of her evolution, she appears to humankind to have a vaguely defined but hauntingly beautiful human face, shoulders and arms. These are the parts that can be seen within the tree or extending beyond its physical form. The rest of her form tapers away into drifts of pale energy with the appearance of drapery. A well-evolved dryad has a clearly formed body that is smooth and feminine in essence. It is still partly concealed by the drifting energies, adding to the feminine appearance. At her highest stage of evolution, she wears a crown of light and power that gives her the appearance of a faerie queen. She is then able to move considerable distances from her tree and is very aware of human beings, being very interested in their feelings toward her tree. Dryads have a particular type of emanation and consciousness that is conducive to the growth of wisdom in human beings. For this reason we as a race are very attracted to trees and are nurtured spiritually in their presence.


Huge devic beings are associated with the changing of the seasons and with solstices and equinoxes. These great beings pass through the Earth and its atmosphere bringing with them the seeds of change appropriate to the time. These powerful spirits really belong to all the elements, but have a strong connection with the element of earth and are easily observed in their interactions with it.


Although many nature spirits of earth are unaware of their surroundings, some have evolved to a state where they are aware of the outside world and very aware of humans and animals and take a keen interest in their activities.

When pixies feel a human being's attention on them, they respond by strutting and showing themselves off, basking in the fact that they have been noticed. They can be very mischievous and will lead anyone who can communicate with them a merry dance in search of treasure or whatever they think will please.

Some of the smaller gnomes and pixies are fascinated by any animals in their area, but especially pet cats and dogs. They feel the connection of human beings with these pets and this increases their interest. Some of them would very much like to have their own animals just as we do. Occasionally a nature spirit takes a dislike to a certain type of animal such as dogs and tries to drive them away. The types of nature spirit who interact in these ways are able to do so without interfering with their usual work with the Earth, as much of their activity is to do with shaping the ethers by simply maintaining their own shape. An example of this type is the nature spirit already described who can be seen crouching in cavities around the roots of trees and plants.

Certain nature spirits of earth occasionally come inside houses. Those with higher awareness are very curious and seem to enjoy interacting with people and their possessions. They can sometimes be found in wardrobes, cupboards or pantries happily sitting amongst all sorts of odds and ends. They particularly like anything shiny or noisy.

Larger faeries who are made from astral as well as etheric substance are often able to move over a wide area and can become very attracted to people who are aware of them or can see them. Sometimes they will dance and beckon to entice the human viewing them further into their world. This is where stories of being stolen away by the faeries have come from. After studying and interacting with them for extended periods, one becomes aware of the pull of their enticements and can feel strange and disoriented coming back to the physical world. This is of little concern, however, as a person usually needs to be quite stable and sensible to be able to see these spirits in the first place.

Sometimes nature spirits who exist in close proximity with human beings enjoy copying human clothing and actions. Their efforts can be very amusing as they combine items of clothing that are completely incongruous and seem very proud of their efforts.

All nature spirits develop and grow through positive associations with people who know about them, believe in them or can see them. These are forms of validation that confirm their reality in the world and give them power. Greeting them or thanking them, even if we cannot see them, gives them the recognition and validation they need to grow. It is a great joy just to know about them and to have them in our world. Some time in the future, as the human race becomes more open, all people will be aware of them and the races of man and nature spirits will both benefit.