When one develops clairvoyant ability, it quickly becomes apparent that vision is not the only way of perceiving the metaphysical realms. In fact, all the five senses are involved, together with intuition and inner sensory perception. One aspect that stands out, however, is the fascinating world of metaphysical sound.

Sounds that can be heard physically are those that resonate closely with physical processes. Metaphysical sound is detected using an extension of normal hearing known as clairaudience. This allows the perception of sounds belonging to the etheric and astral worlds. Sounds associated with realms beyond this are perceived using higher senses.

In the metaphysical realms of the planes, everything makes sound. Metaphysically, sound and movement are identical as nothing is truly still. Everything vibrates at its own particular rate. Throughout the planes, the interactive nature of the Created world ensures that every particle is in motion and involved in the many processes of Life.

All sound comes from the planes of the mind. The only true Silence is of the Soul which is One. Silence is sound elevated and refined to become a state of Unity.

The planes closest in vibration to the physical world is the astral. Every physical object has an astral counterpart and these emit a variety of sounds, depending on their nature, shape and function. Our chakras, energy centres and auras also have sound, as do the astral forms that our thoughts produce. These sounds can be harmonious or discordant. The sounds emitted by the aura and chakras of a person who regularly practices meditation are much quieter and more harmonious than those of a person who does not. A person in an agitated state is louder and more discordant metaphysically than a calm person.

Nature spirits, devas and angels also emit sounds of every description, from lively high pitched chattering to wonderful choral sounds that lift the heart. Angel song is particularly uplifting as it swells to meet the rising sun each day. At night it subsides to a soft hum.

The metaphysical sounds of angels and nature that are included in this website have been produced electronically using a keyboard. This seems to be the ideal medium as the variety of sounds available allows approximation of the sounds that are perceived clairaudiently. No physical medium can really do justice to metaphysical sounds, which are far more complex and beautiful, being of higher vibrations that have no physical equivalent. The sounds that we have produced on the website are humble offerings, but they are as close as we can achieve using the available physical tools.

The Power of Sound

The Word or Logos is the source of all Creation. Although the Word in this sense is not a sound itself, being of the Silence of the Soul, it is the source of all sounds in the created Universe. The Word emanates from Soul as a perfect pattern for Creation. The Silence can be accessed through the Divine Heart using the individual heart as a conduit.

Because of their origins in Soul, sounds all through the planes and here at the physical level have the power to create life. They make and remake the enormous variety of manifestations that are a part of the physical world. Sounds made here by human beings particularly affect how matter here shapes itself. Human intelligence is powerful in that it consciously wields the power of choice. Sounds made by human beings are empowered further by a whole range of human characteristics having varying degrees of refinement. Some examples of this are: emotion, discernment of what is appropriate and intuition.

The voice is our principle way of producing physical sound, being used for communication and expression. Just as the words we speak can have a soothing or abrasive impact on the listener, the way we use our voices can have a healing or destructive effect. It is not just our choice of words and tone of voice that have impact, the voice is also a carrier of intention. When we speak in an angry manner, we produce thoughtforms that accompany the words. These are powerful because of the emotion that drives them. They strike our surroundings and whoever our anger is aimed at, having a battering effect. Our thoughts are imprinted on the etheric and astral material in our surroundings and remain for some time, influencing anyone contacting them.

The way the voice is used also has an impact on the person speaking. The words and intentions that are habitually expressed resonate through the substance of the physical body and the metaphysical bodies, imprinting upon them and affecting health and well-being. Continual negative remarks and a depressive tone create one's world accordingly. Positive tone and word choice creates one's surroundings to be harmonious and supportive.

With knowledge of the power of sound and of the voice in particular, we can consciously choose what we say and how we say it and become more aware of the intent behind our speech. By practising mindfulness we can attune the voice and its expressions to become an instrument for balance and healing within ourselves and our environment. Chanting, toning and singing directed by intuition clears blockages within the body and mind and sets up new opportunities for emotional, physical and spiritual health.

By using the voice in as elevated a way as possible, we come more closely to being in harmony with the original patterns for Creation that arise perpetually from the Word.

Sacred Sound

Sacred Sound uses voice and musical instruments for spiritual and metaphysical purposes, with the intention of healing or refining the mind and body and connecting with the Divine. Sacred Sound has the ability to settle, soothe and balance as well as to cleanse, stimulate and activate. It is beneficial to the person practicing it as well as to those listening. It also benefits the environment in which it is practised, impregnating the surroundings with refining vibrations and thoughtforms that last for some time after the performance has finished.

The etheric field is particularly susceptible to sound, with harsh, discordant sounds having the potential to damage it and Sacred Sound having the ability to heal and refine it. The use of Sacred Sound is an important part of any spiritual practice.

The experience of inner sound or music associated with spiritual experience or journeying is also an aspect of Sacred Sound.