KEYNOTE OF THE EARTH                                      Approx. 1 min reading time

The keynote of the planet Earth is C sharp, four octaves below middle C.

All of Creation can be experienced metaphysically as music. Millions of metaphysical sounds make up the music of the Earth as there are so many different vibrations and interactions involved. The atoms of the chemical elements of the Periodic Table move at different vibratory rates to each other and therefore make different sounds. When these elements unite to make different chemical substances, harmonies and melodies are created. When these combine further to create even more complex and differentiated material, the music becomes ever richer. Eventually all of these sounds combine to create a single great metaphysical sound that rumbles and vibrates in a way that creates a stabilising foundation for every process of the Earth and her inhabitants.

This is the keynote of the Earth. It strives to connect with the pattern for the Earth that emanates from Soul, in the process bringing Earth ever closer to perfection. This combined resonance sounds as a constant beneath all other Earth sounds, setting the tone for every activity and interaction in the world.

The keynote of the earth is the primary sound that is broadcast out into the solar system and together with the sounds of the other planets and their moons, contributes to the Music of the Spheres. It can be heard with the inner senses when one has a quiet mind or is in a meditative state. It is the most wonderful collection of sounds. Every planet and celestial body sounds its own notes and these combine in an extraordinary symphony of heavenly music. Hearing and experiencing it automatically expands one's consciousness.

Listening to the sound of the Keynote of the Earth is not only interesting; it also provides grounding or earthing, which is beneficial for one's physical and spiritual well-being. It clears blockages in the lower energy centres and chakras of the body and refines their vibration. One needs to use the Keynote of the Earth with proper attentiveness and mindfulness rather than as a background sound. It should be balanced with use of other exercises or meditation techniques that utilise the higher centres of the body.

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