This very beautiful and glorious angel presides over the cathedral of a large diocese. Her energy extends through the metaphysical realms to encompass every church within the diocese. She also reaches out to everyone who comes close to the cathedral, regardless of their faith. Her influence stretches throughout much of the city the cathedral is in. She is feminine in aspect, but she expresses both male and female energy according to the activities taking place within and around the cathedral.

Like all angels, she emits a wide range of sounds that vary according to what she is doing at the time. Every part of an angel emits sound, with the overall form of the angel providing a foundation sound for all other expression. This remains reasonably constant. They give out specialised notes and combinations of sounds that reflect the nature of the particular chakra and its activity. One can clairaudiently tune in to individual sounds or hear all the sounds together.

The sound files available on this site present those sounds most commonly heard from the angel.

Click HERE to hear the sounds of a Cathedral Angel.

[For further information about the Angel of a Cathedral, select 'Wisdom' in the main menu, then 'Books'. From the bookshelf select the volume entitled 'Spirits of Nature and Angels'.]