Behind the scenes of the creation of the website ...

This website has been produced as a sacred project designed to share and uplift. Throughout its construction, we have undergone a range of feelings and experiences: of upliftment at the wonder of the world of Spirit, great excitement at planning and seeing the site grow, and a profound sense of humility and privilege at being able to share some of the things that are essential in our own lives. 

When the idea for this website was conceived, we decided to do our best to provide a site that contained more than just visual effects and information, valuable as these are. We wanted to provide something with the potential to touch people and benefit them at much more than just the surface level. We therefore set about creating the site using sacred ideas and ideals, as well as a lot of hard but joyful work! 

Our aim was to construct a website that is not only beautiful and practical but validates the Spirit and has the potential to offer something that is as accurate as we can make it, uplifting and encouraging to any person who cares to make contact with it. 

We believe that every project is infused with the energy of the people involved and that the way things are done is as important as what is done. Our site was constructed by positive and creative people who are comfortable with each other, can accept help from each other and who thoroughly loved and enjoyed what they were doing. All of us are very happy with every aspect of the site. We have had lots of fun and laughter and gained immensely from the experience, although at times each of us has been thoroughly challenged.

The content was chosen with love and care. The material on the site is there to offer to the reader, in the best way we can, some of the hidden and mystical aspects of life that we have discovered on our own journey. 

We have chosen the colours used in the web pages with intuition and care. Colour is an expression of the mind and it can influence us in many ways. The colours used on each web page are designed to express the subject of that page, as well as being uplifting and healing. They help us to communicate the fullest meaning and flavour of the page to you. All of the colours and most of the shapes used in the pages have been creatively modified from aspects of existing illustrations created for our upcoming book 'Spirits of Nature and Angels'.

Shape also plays an important part in all our lives. It plays a vital part in conveying the principles of the site. We have constructed the pages wherever possible using the Golden Mean, a component of Sacred Geometry. This sacred proportion allows higher energies to manifest within and through the pages and helps to convey the thoughts and feelings contained in the pages to you in a more uplifting and spiritual manner. We also believe that this approach will allow the site to draw in and to generate higher forces. 

Sound has been used extensively on the site and hours of care and attention have been put into this. Sound is a physical manifestation of the Word, and is therefore very important physically and spiritually. Also, by incorporating sound, a greater balance is achieved than can be gained through visual means alone, providing a healthier and more complete experience. 

We have done our best to provide a balanced approach both physically and spiritually. The people involved have created together the most striking and harmonious atmosphere within the site, in its construction as well as within the completed article. We sincerely hope that it will have a positive impact on those who engage with it. We have tried to generate an enlightening and loving influence for anyone who would like to perceive and absorb it. 

The site has also been created with a built-in plan for future development with a view to expanding it both physically and spiritually.