This website took a very long time in the making and its existence in its present form is the result of the kindness, love, and talent of many people. We couldn't have managed without them. 

It is a particular joy to us that all the people involved in constructing the site hold strong and deep spiritual beliefs and we believe this is reflected in the energy and life of the site. We give thanks and praise for every one of them. 

All of us worked such long hours for so many months to create the website, and like all good things, it just kept growing. No sooner did we have one aspect of it under control than another idea occurred to make it even better. The wonderful souls helping us coped with this and supported our rather ambitious plans without too much groaning. The learning curve was very steep for all involved!

We would like to offer our most sincere and loving thanks to Jacinda Jackson (Jaci), for the inspiring graphics on the web pages and for their design and layout. She uncomplainingly gave of her valuable time and instruction, often working from early morning until late at night. With great skill, dedication and patience, she wielded pieces taken from our nature spirit and angel illustrations, adding to them and forming them into pleasing and professional images. She coped with grace even though all the work on this was done at our home and under our eagle eyes. Her constant bubbling laughter whilst working at the computer brightened our days. 

Our thanks also to Simon, Jaci's partner, who uncomplainingly allowed us to monopolise her weekend time and supported her and us all the way.

We are also indebted to Gaz, a most kind, gracious and generous friend of many lives, who performed extraordinary feats of coding and rose to every challenge with willingness and unconditional love and loyalty. The website was made possible by his ideals, dedication and sense of service. The amount of time he put into the project is staggering. He believed firmly that if something was needed he would find the way. 

We are very grateful to Bronnie, Gaz's partner, who very generously allowed us so much of his time and attention and who kept a loving and caring eye on him when his own eyes became square from staring at the computer screen. Bronnie also ably assisted Gaz with aspects of the website and was enthusiastic, as always, and supportive of the whole project. 

Our deepest thanks to Jennifer, who generously wrote the MindSoulSpirit Introduction and made us sound embarrassingly good. Jennifer is a long-time friend and student and we are indebted to her for her kindness and willingness to contribute. 

The music for the website, 'Tranquillity', was composed by Kim Beckman, who addressed the task with his usual ease and willingness to help. He wrote the piece intuitively, with minimal intervention from us and managed to achieve exactly what we asked for. Kim also assisted with the sound files for the Metaphysical Sounds pages, working closely with us to achieve results that are as close to those we perceive as possible.

We are indebted to our friend, Patricia Howell, an exceptional watercolour artist for her sincere effort and talent in painting some of our early nature spirit prototypes. Her selfless and dedicated contribution played a pivotal roll in paving the way for the artwork we produce today.

The recording studio involved was Si-Fonics and we are very grateful to Peter Styles for his patience and recording expertise. 

Our thanks also to Adam Chapman for recording 'Keynote of the Earth' for us and to Keith Foley-Chell for his extraordinary ability to manipulate and join music files. Keith also contributed quotes for the 'Seeds of Enlightenment' page.

We are also grateful to Brad Edlington, who provided us with a range of wonderful photographs for use as backgrounds for some of our nature spirit and angel illustrations. He undertook many a photographic trip on early, frosty mornings and late evenings; nothing was a problem.

John Godschalk (Johno) and Vince Dove were invaluable in keeping all three of our computers running, sometimes rescuing us at times that were most inconvenient to themselves. We don't know what we would have done without these two friends.

Johno, who approaches spirituality with reverence and dedication, also proof-read all the written material and lovingly constructed the glossary.

Quotes for the 'Seeds of Enlightenment' pages were also provided by Serena Scarlett, Jennifer, Annie Marshall, Kerry Jackson, Cuddles Godschalk, Johno Godschalk, Keith Foley-Chell and Yvonne Savage. They must have spent an enormous amount of time going back through years of notes to find them. Our deepest thanks to them!

Bill and Rachel White were consistently generous and helpful. They kindly fed us from time to time and ran errands when we were unable to do them ourselves. They are friends one can always depend on. 

Many thanks to the gifted Chris James for allowing us to use a sound file of one of his wonderful overtones in our Metaphysical Sounds pages. 

We also received many kind offers of help that we were unable to utilise, however their energy still supported us. The enthusiasm and love of our daughter, Dianna and our many friends and students have been overwhelming. We are humbly grateful to them all for being a part of our lives.