A New Era

We are at the beginning of an exciting new Age, the Aquarian Age, an era of increased illumination and opportunity for spiritual growth. Powerful forces are being poured out upon the Earth from higher realms and are being made available to every person to assist them in their progress. They permeate every particle that makes up our Earth. The influences from these forces are available and helpful to all, whether or not we are aware of them.

Angels and beings of the higher realms are working with these energies to maximise their effects and to assist the physical world to be receptive to them.

If we remain mindful of the opportunities available to us and thankful for them, we automatically align ourselves with the work of the angels, becoming co-workers in bringing illumination to the world.

Explanation of the Ages

All of life manifests itself through rhythms and cycles. Some familiar examples of this are: the seasons of the year, the rhythm of the moon, day and night, even our breath in and out and the beating of our hearts. This is a part of Divine Order, an aspect of Creation. The movement of the Ages involves cycles on a vast time scale.

Each Age corresponds with a sign of the zodiac. The signs progress in reverse order to the familiar order used in casting individual horoscopes. This occurs because of an astrological phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes.

Thus, the order for the Ages is: Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces.

The whole zodiac spans 360 degrees, a complete circle. In terms of the Ages each degree is equal to 72 years (a sacred number).

The whole cycle of twelve Ages takes 25,920 years. When one of these large cycles ends, a new one begins. Each Age spans about 2,160 years. All the above figures are calculated using the Chaldean method of reckoning. Modern day astrology uses slightly longer time frames.

The combined Ages can be looked upon as an entity. In sequence, they make up a continuous line of development just as an individual grows from child to adult. In this sense, each Age is a development and refinement of the one before it.

The individual Ages can also be looked on as entities as each is also in an evolutionary state. Each time the large cycle of 25,920 years is completed, a new cycle begins. As the Ages are repeated, they present each time in a more developed and refined state compared with the last cycle. Just as a human being needs to have many lives to complete his growth, so do the Ages. They need to be repeated time after time until perfection is achieved.

It is recognised that the Ages relate to humanity and its development, but long before the Earth was inhabited, these cycles and Ages existed. They influenced our earth even as it was being formed. They provided essential energies when the earth was only barren rock and there was no sign of anything we would call life. The Ages affect the whole earth and everything on it.

There is an area of overlap between Ages, known as a cusp. During a cusp the influences of the passing Age and the coming Age are both present. The waning influences of the old Age can be observed beneath the ever-strengthening energies of the new.

Each Age affects not only the physical world, but also all the planes of the mind.

Mother All is the great devic entity who is the consciousness of the Earth. As the Ages change, different chakras of Mother All are activated, bringing about a change in the activities of all the nature spirits of the Earth.

Each Age brings a variety of influences, creating emphasis on different things. The messages of an Age are never completely new. There are developments of certain aspects of the previous Age combined with growth into new areas that will be further manifested in the next Age.

Each Age bears the primary influences of its sign; however, during its course it also passes through the secondary influences of each of the twelve zodiacal signs. Thus, every 180 years (2,160 years divided by 12), the secondary influence changes. These combinations create different mixtures that result in variations in the influences available. Each sign of the zodiac also has an opposite, which helps to reinforce certain aspects of the sign as well as provide refining or balancing influences. Opposite signs are very important influences.

There are always some people in each Age who resist change by holding onto the behaviour and influences of the previous Age. At times, even well into an Age, there will be a temporary return to the values of the previous Age. This is a natural part of the change process.

The influences provided in an Age, like all things, can be used by humankind in ways that assist its growth or in ways that lead it astray. Through knowledge of the Ages and their processes, we can make sure we use the influences of the current Age in the most effective ways possible, expressing its energies accurately and generating maximum benefit. Individuals who use the impulses of the Age constructively automatically spread its influence to all people, creatures and all of matter. They promote widespread uplifting and expansion of consciousness.

Recent Ages

The Age that is coming to an end is the Piscean Age. It was preceded by the Arian Age.

The energies of the Arian Age were interpreted by humankind in ways that fostered the ideal of sacrifice. This idea was associated with giving up lower desires for the good of the higher self. Animal sacrifices were seen as necessary in that time, symbolising the sacrifice of the lower or animal nature to something higher. It was predominantly an austere Age regulated by rules and laws. There were many compulsory activities and ways of thinking and independence was not generally valued.

The Piscean Age was an Age of giving, this being a natural step on from sacrifice. Sacrifice was a stern and harsh way of contributing to the world but it suited the development of people at the time. Giving expresses the same principle, but is much freer and involves generosity of heart and personal choice. Jesus was the Master of this Age and his message was one of love. Giving arises naturally from love.

As well, the impulse of the Arian Age for unthinking, compulsory activity was moderated and gave way to recognition of the desirability and benefits of foundations, structures and hierarchy.

The heart chakra was the chakra associated with the Piscean Age.

Human Chakras

The energies of each Age send forth their specialised impulses, invigorating a particular chakra or combinations of chakra in human beings. This stimulates the chakra to greater activity, assisting people to use the influences of the Age to maximum benefit.

Masters of the Ages

The energies of an Age reach the Earth through the transformation of angels and other non-physical beings. Since humankind appeared on the Earth, it has become appropriate for the energies to be channelled also by at least one human being who has previously gained the necessary level of spiritual refinement. He or she must be able to withstand the power of these forces as well as transform them through the human chakra system so as to make them available to other human beings.

Every Age has such a Master, a being who lives on the Earth as a focus through which the energies of the Age are expressed in human terms. To date, most Ages have had one individual acting as Master. There will be occasions in the future, however, when it will be appropriate for more than one person, or even a group of people to serve in this way.

Masters of the Ages are usually advanced human beings who are near the end of their physical incarnations. Their openness and willingness to serve humanity allow an aspect of a much higher consciousness to manifest through them. This consciousness has its source in Soul and is far beyond the present consciousness of humankind.

The Aquarian Age

Aquarius is an air sign. The qualities of the air influences of this Age are clarifying, uplifting and reflective in nature.

The symbol of Aquarius is the water carrier, a human being carrying a container from which water is being poured. This symbolises our ability to contain and manage the unruly nature of water in terms of emotion, and to pour it where we will. We are able to do this using the powers of reason and enlightened thinking to balance and neutralise the consuming nature of emotion.

This Age is very important as it is not only the beginning of a new Age, but the first Age of a new cycle of the Ages. This predisposes it to being an opportunity for unprecedented growth and change, depending on how we are able to interpret the energies and use them. As every Age builds on the achievements and manifestations of the last, the Aquarian Age will build on the foundations laid down during the Piscean. Just as sacrifice as practised during the Arian Age gave way to the higher ideal of giving, in the Piscean Age, the Aquarian Age will in time make the next step to sharing. Giving involves the giver as being central to the idea of giving. Sharing, however, is a concept that is broader and more open in its nature. It is not the passing of something from one to another, but the more unified and expansive idea of joining together in something, whether it is physical, such as a meal or something abstract, like information or an idea. Sacrifice, giving and sharing are all aspects of Service.

The Aquarian Age will also foster wisdom and uplifting. It is an Age of reason and, through this, of understanding and enlightenment. Clarity of mind will become important in this Age just as purity of heart was important in the Piscean Age.

In the Aquarian Age we will move beyond the rites and forms of the Piscean Age and begin to develop independent understanding of the meaning beyond the surface of all things and events. The time for the parables of the Piscean Age will pass. The Aquarian Age is a time for plain speaking and clear understanding. In the Aquarian Age there will be a broadening of perception so that we can begin to access the unlimited nature of Spirit. The lessons of Soul that Jesus taught in the Piscean Age will evolve and broaden. Personal responsibility will be taken to a far greater degree than previously. Circumstances and events will be seen in terms of their own value and with less comparison involved.

We will have the opportunity to identify the Christ potential in ourselves and begin to express it. We will also become more aware of the brotherhood of all men and the need for connectedness with the rest of the earth and its creatures. This will also include our brothers, the angels and the nature spirits of the Earth.

During the Aquarian Age, the etheric field of the Earth will have a more reflective quality than previously. Thus, our actions and thoughts will, with increasing speed and strength, be reflected back to us. This means that the results of our actions will become apparent to us much more quickly than previously. Because of this, we will more easily be able to see the connection between our thinking and the things it creates. This will give us greater opportunity to assess and take responsibility for our thinking, allowing growth and expansion.

In the Piscean Age, humanity needed a structured church with priests and leaders to follow and rites to observe. It also needed a format setting out right and wrong. In the Aquarian Age, people will not depend on structures so much. Leaders and teachers will not be seen as having authority over others. Rather, they will be seen simply as people who are sharing what they have, in whatever quantity they have it. In general, there will be more people sharing what they have on every level rather than just a few select people providing guidance. By pooling resources in this way, people will be more connected with each other and be able to function more effectively. Each person will be his or her own priest, coming to spirituality through the management of self.

There will be an emphasis on communication in this Age. This will include physical communication as well as the use of telepathy. Information will be more readily available than previously. There will also be the opportunity for people to communicate with each other more clearly and meaningfully than in the past. This will allow greater accord between people. Communication is an aspect of connectedness. The throat chakra is the chakra primarily associated with this Age and this chakra in every person is at present being stimulated by Aquarian energies and by angels who work in service to humanity. In addition to being associated with communication, this chakra is also connected to humankindís ability to bring forth ideas and to create or manifest circumstances in our physical world. The power of the voice is associated with these factors.

In the Aquarian Age, humankindís possibilities and opportunities will be increased, so that it can demonstrate itself to be much more spiritually capable than previously. The idea of openness is an important one in this context. A growing number of people will make great leaps in spiritual development as opposed to the plodding sequential approach that has been the tendency expressed in the past.

Certain people in the Aquarian Age will attain the spiritual awareness to grow ethereal wings as an auric manifestation of the Soulís flight into the realm of Spirit. These will be visible to anyone using clairvoyant skills.

Angelic Activity

Angels and nature spirits are involved with every process taking place on the Earth. The movement of energies associated with the changing Ages is accompanied by an increase of activity amongst the angels working with the Earth. There seem to be an increase in the number of angels in some areas, especially over the last ten years. This seems to be accompanied by shifts in energy concentrations around the globe, within the etheric and in the astral counterpart of the planet.

Nature spirits function at the direction of the angels in managing the non-physical aspects of nature and there is a change with these beings also. In recent times, they have increased their levels of activity. At the present time, they seem even more vital, joyful and enraptured with their work than usual. They are also experiencing a period of accelerated evolution.

So many beings and energies are working to support the Earthís elevation in this coming Age. Clairvoyant vision reveals every particle of the Earth beginning to stir and awaken to the impulses that are being received. This is an extraordinary time we are living in and we will benefit from pausing often to reflect on the unprecedented opportunities available.