Angels are glorious beings from higher realms who work to raise and spiritualise matter. An angelís consciousness extends throughout the planes and has its source within the realm of Soul. They have never been born into the physical world, although they are the brothers of humankind, coming from the same source. They are conscious at a much more elevated level than human beings are capable of at this time. We have the same potential as the angels but our consciousness is at present restricted to the physical world and nearby vibrations. Having free will, the human race decided to enter into physical form and express and grow through the experiences of the world. Angels and humans both honour Creation in their own unique ways. In time, we will consciously work side by side with the angels, united in the work of the Spirit.

The angels preside over all the processes of the Earth, giving direction to the hierarchy of devic beings and nature spirits who work with the non-physical aspects of life. Angels radiate their power over the earth, where it is picked up and transformed by devas whose presence and activity extend throughout the etheric and astral realms and into nearby planes. Devas transform this energy and emanate it to the many types of nature spirits who work in the etheric of the Earth and the astral plane. It is passed down through their ranks, each time being transformed appropriately. Through this process, all aspects of life are moulded and nourished and every physical process enabled and supported, right down through minerals to a sub-atomic level.

Angels take Creative Force from Soul and activate the archetypal light that is its essence. They then pass it down through the various vibrations of the planes to eventually come into manifestation in the physical world. Through this unceasing stream of activity, the original patterns of Creation are continually imprinted upon matter so that it is stimulated to conform more closely to the original spiritual pattern. This enables all life, from minerals to human beings, to evolve physically and spiritually.

An angelís work is quite different to our concept of activity. We choose to do something and then go through the steps of doing it until it is completed. An angel does not decide. They are a part of the joy of Creation and their work is a natural expression of this. They do not have a beginning and end to their actions, as they work from a base of wholeness and function outside time. In reality, all of their expression is instantaneous and unlimited. They work throughout all the planes simultaneously in one continuous action. From a physical viewpoint, we observe them performing different functions at certain times, however this is only the way their activity arrives at the physical level. Our perception of them is limited by our own state of being. The more we refine and elevate our consciousness, the more we partake of the energies of the higher planes and become aware of the true nature and work of the angels.

As human beings, we have consciousness of ourselves as individuals. This is a part of our acceptance of division and separation. Our perception is our reality. An angel has no consciousness of self, and therefore acts as an integrated part of Creation, expressing all that is fitting and perfect. There is no division within them. They are an expression of Divine Joy. This is what is meant when it is said that angels sing praises to God eternally. Their expression of and service to Creation is their way of praising. It can be heard ringing throughout every plane, including the physical world. It is a part of the archetypal patterns being imprinted on matter. Angel song is not a sound made by the voices of angels. It is the complete sound of the angels and is an expression of their being and nature.

All angels move from place to place on the Earth as is needed, however some appear to us to be stationary as they have been presiding over one area for hundreds if not thousands of years. They come and go as required and move about or stay in one place according to the requirements of their work.

Although they do not have gender, many angels have a recognisably masculine or feminine aspect or transform energy in a predominantly masculine or feminine way according to the work they are engaged in.

Angels are beings of energy and light. Their apparent form and function are one. They are made of energy and they transform energy; the two are inseparable. The form we perceive from here is a physically oriented way of perceiving their activity.

To our physically-based perception, angels appear to have form and proportions that are similar to physical human shape. However, where human beings have outer shape and inner substance, angels are not so definitely defined. Sweeps of transparent energy and light intersect and overlay each other to give the appearance of a head, body and wings. They are breath-takingly beautiful beings alight with shifting colour and radiance.

Their nature is mirrored in their form. The fact that they have higher and lower parts is a manifestation of the nature of the planes and the fact that they transform energy from higher to lower. The body is a manifestation of this. The head is in fact a centre of consciousness. The wings can be extended outward and upward or held near the body, in response to the metaphysical components and spiritualising effects of sunlight as well as the type of work the angel is engaged in. Wings are a reflection of their higher spiritual nature and their freedom of movement throughout the realms.

Angels have chakras just as people do. They are usually seen as spoked, spinning vortices of light that appear to be spiralling inward and outward at the same time. Brilliant rays of light stream forth from the chakras as both steady beams and intense quick flashes. They are seen in the head area and down the centre of the body. Their purpose is to transform the energies of the higher realms, stepping the power down so as to make it suitable for use on lower planes, including the physical.

Most angels also have a radiant star above the head. This is similar to a chakra, but does not have the detailed internal mechanism of one. It does not have the obvious, dual, in-and-out nature of a chakra, but has a single function. It radiates vast quantities of light from higher realms. The position above the head indicates its connection with very high planes of consciousness close to Soul.

There are other beings that are sometimes seen by clairvoyants and mistaken for angels. They fulfil all the conventional romantic ideas of how an angel looks, with overwhelmingly beautiful human features, flowing robes and great feathery wings. These are highly evolved human beings who have developed spiritually to the point that they no longer need to be reborn in the physical world. Instead, they belong in the higher planes. They are still in a process of growing and evolving, but at a much higher level than we are. Some of these beings choose to return from time to time to the physical world to assist those who are still incarnating here. They no longer have form as we know it, however, when they visit the physical plane, their interaction with it and its natural laws give them a certain appearance. Their form assumes a human shape and their spiritual refinement is seen here as beauty. Their non-physical nature appears as flowing garments and the comparative freedom of the higher planes becomes soft, graceful yet strong wings. A single entity can be a manifestation of one being or a group. These remarkable beings belong to the realm of mind. Angels, on the other hand, are of Soul and do not incarnate or develop in the way human beings do.

Our recognition and acknowledgement of the angels validates their presence and facilitates their work here on Earth. We are their brothers and sisters and it is appropriate that we acknowledge and greet them, even if we cannot perceive them yet. They are a very real presence in our world.


The way we view anything determines its reality in our world and governs the effect it has on us as individuals. We are comfortable viewing things from a perspective that follows familiar physical rules. This usually involves a linear and hierarchical interpretation that includes the tendency to see things as separate and individual.

We can think of Creation as a hierarchy, unfolding from a single high point of origin, with each level emanated downwards being more divided and complex than the one before. In this way, the One ultimately manifests as many. First, One becomes Three, the Trinity. Angels appear next in Creation, arising directly from the Trinity. The many types of devas and nature spirits arise from the angels. Looking linearly, we see the angel as higher than and separate to devas and nature spirits. This is a way of understanding the divisions and processes of Creation. It is orderly and suits our physical viewpoint. It is in keeping with the way our minds work on the physical.

We can look at this hierarchy in another way. We can recognise that angels, devas and nature spirits are not separate beings. Devas are the aspects of the angels that are present on the planes immediately above the astral realm. Nature spirits are the angelsí presence at the astral and etheric levels. An angel is therefore the sum and culmination of the many devas and nature spirits it appears to preside over. They exist at different levels, yet are one in the angel. The angel is made up of all of them unified. What we call an angel from this vantage point is the sum of all its aspects throughout the planes.

Everything is really one. The angels are the higher self of devas and nature spirits combined.

Both of these viewpoints are valid and correct. One is not better or more accurate than the other. They differ because of where the viewer is looking from. They are an example of the type of perception and understanding one can develop through exploration with abilities that are of the higher realms rather than based in the physical plane.

Perceiving Angels

Throughout the ages, there have always been individuals able to perceive angels and higher beings and pass on their experiences to others. Humankind has always been fascinated by these bright beings but interest has never been more pronounced than at present. This is being stimulated by strong spiritualising impulses that are flowing into the physical and whose effect is to uplift and enlighten it in preparation for mankindís next step of growth.

It is possible for human beings to develop the skills and level of openness required to perceive these wonderful beings. Commitment to spiritual ideals and living provide refinement of mind as a necessary base for development of the necessary skills. Meditation also conditions the mind and is an excellent base for any endeavour.

Super-sensory abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience provide most people with their first experiences. These abilities are natural extensions of the physical senses and can be developed with time and dedication. All of the senses have these extensions, but sight and hearing are the most commonly experienced at this time. These have limitations, however. An angel extends throughout the planes and into Soul. Clairvoyance and related skills only allow perception of the etheric and astral realms, these being the densest of the non-physical worlds and the closest to the physical. Although these abilities are wonderful in themselves, they provide a very restricted and inaccurate view of a being as elevated as an angel. In fact, many of the misconceptions regarding the appearance of angels arise from this type of perception. It is necessary to utilise additional higher abilities in order to view aspects of the angels that belong to the higher planes and the Soul.

We can perceive some distance beyond the astral using the inner eye of the mind combined with the use of intuition. This provides experiences that are partly visionary accompanied by feelings or a strong sense of what is there. This combines well with the use of super-sensory skills such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, providing additional information and insight.

To perceive or experience the higher planes or the Soul, one needs to use abilities that are of Soul. These are singular qualities or states that have no opposites. Openness and Knowing are examples of these.

Openness allows us to perceive and experience events that would normally lie outside the scope of our present ability and current level of spiritual development. We are more likely to become Open if we are prepared to accept that there are many different realities apart from the one we are familiar with on the physical and that these are governed by unfamiliar rules and processes. Challenging our belief in physical limitations and becoming mentally flexible dispose us toward being able to be Open.

Knowing is closely related to Openness. It allows a person to know information with certainty or to experience events outside oneís usual framework of knowledge or ability. It is quite different to intuition, which belongs to the mind.

Angels are assisted in their work by the recognition, acknowledgement and gratitude of human beings. This adds a human element to their work, helping it to find its place in the physical world.    A person does not have to be able to see the angelic kingdom to do this. Simply believing in their presence, greeting and thanking them are sufficient.

Recognition, acknowledgement and gratitude from human beings are powerful tools that cannot be underestimated. They validate and confirm the reality of whatever is being acknowledged. Validation brings a life-giving essence that allows whatever is being validated to grow in presence and effectiveness.

The material contained on this site provides only the merest glimpse into the world of angels and nature spirits. A comprehensive book is currently being written on these subjects, including 48 full colour illustrations. It will be entitled ĎSpirits of Nature and Angelsí and can be previewed in the Wisdom page on the main menu.