The Spirit shines through everything. Living a spiritual life, therefore, is not something that is separate to one's normal activities, but the reason for and means of doing those things joyfully and well. Spirituality needs to be integrated into every moment of our lives. It cannot be turned on and off. It is not something that is with us only when we meditate or when we feel uplifted.

One can't work toward spirituality. We are already spiritual beings. Once we become aware of this, our thinking and behaviour naturally begin to change accordingly. Living in a spiritual way can bring a sense of peace, but in itself it is not passive. It is an active, vital state that makes space for appropriate movement.

The path of spirituality lies in how we do things, our motivations and application, rather than in what we choose to do. Spiritual people predominantly live according to their personal moral precepts, doing what they believe is right for them to do. If intuition has been reliably developed, one can also be guided by this in making choices.

Spirituality is not the same as psychic ability, although it can include it. Anyone can live a spiritual life. It does not depend on their understanding of esoteric matters, psychic skills or any other form of spiritual or metaphysical education. A person also does not need to be a highly evolved soul or to have experienced many lifetimes of learning. Spirituality is a choice that can be made by anyone at any time.

To maintain a balance, for every step in psychic development we make, we need to take ten steps in spirituality. Psychic development alone can encourage an unhealthy level of self-involvement, however, combining it with a spiritual approach leads to personal balance and a sharing, open way of living.

Living spiritually ultimately allows us to recognise the brotherhood of all people with each other and with everything in Creation, from so-called inanimate objects to the existence of great beings such as angels. Spirituality leads us to set aside comparison and open ourselves to All.