Psychic development means purposefully developing awareness and control of natural non-physical aspects of ourselves, so that we can live and express more fully and openly. It is a rewarding pursuit that allows us to refine ourselves as individuals, as well as being of service to others. Psychic abilities are not spiritual pursuits in themselves, although, like anything else, they can be used in a spiritual manner according to the intent and purpose of the person using them. They are tools that help us to live fruitfully.

An understanding of the metaphysical world is useful in developing psychic skills. Every physical structure is permeated and animated by complex metaphysical structures and energies, which bring order to the physical, feeding it energy and allowing it to change and be flexible. Without these forces, all would be either in a state of chaos or static and unchanging.

Other planes co-exist with and within the physical realm, vibrating at increasingly higher rates. The closest to the physical in vibration is the astral realm, which we access during sleep, even though most people do not remember it. Human beings have a body to match every plane. All physical matter also has etheric material that occupies a place between the astral and physical worlds. This acts as a filter, allowing in appropriate astral energies and keeping out those energies that we are not yet ready for. As we refine ourselves and grow, our etheric changes, allowing in more of the higher energies.

We also have energy centres, chakras and flows of energy throughout and around the physical body. A part of this is the aura, which is a strikingly colourful and active energy field that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body. We receive energy from the Earth and from the Universe, which we transform and use in every aspect of our lives. The physical realm could not exist without all these metaphysical processes.

It is natural for us to have conscious awareness of and to access these non-physical aspects of ourselves and our world. Often we are just out of step with them through the way we live, think and express in our physical lives. We allow ourselves to become too busy and stressed to put time aside for spiritual and metaphysical activities.

We can learn to perceive the beautiful flows of energy and colour that are part of our world. We can learn to feel the energies flowing through us and value our part in such great processes. We can become conscious of our astral activities while we are sleeping. Other psychic abilities include development of intuition, perception of nature spirits and other beings, awareness of the Earth's processes, healing, scrying, visionary experiences and many other types of metaphysical journeying and events. These can be very personal and the type and feeling of the experiences can vary greatly from one individual to the next. All provide insight, understanding and a feeling of reverence for all Life. Once a person has experienced even a small part of these possibilities, it is impossible to imagine living without them as they are so natural and wonderful.