ABOUT MindSoulSpirit

MindSoulSpirit is the creation of an extraordinary couple, John and Lyn St. Clair-Thomas. This couple are a living example of the possibilities for humanity as it moves into a new era of spiritual awareness. Both have been involved with spiritual and esoteric matters for a number of lives and have been naturally drawn back to them strongly in the present life. 

As children John and Lyn possessed psychic abilities. For example, they were intermittently aware of nature spirits and the astral realm. However much of this was lost as they were growing up, only to be re-awakened when they found each other, for the first time in this life, in their early twenties. They have not had a teacher during this incarnation but have gained immeasurable growth and experience from independent exploration, with Intuition and Knowing as their guides. 

John and Lyn are joyfully and enthusiastically committed to sharing their ongoing spiritual and metaphysical discoveries and experiences through teaching and counselling. Their teaching is a fresh, vital unfolding of Life's principles, delivered with a light heart, grounded in common sense, and having practical application. Broadly categorized, there are three main streams to their teaching: personal life management, psychic development and, most important of all, spirituality. It is exceptionally rare to encounter such depth and breadth of insight, communicated in such a clear, accessible manner.

John and Lyn live their teaching and believe that anyone who is willing to apply themselves as they have, can learn to perceive and experience the non-physical realms and to contribute to spiritual growth in the world, in previously unimagined ways. They have an enduring commitment to spread spirituality by empowering individuals and groups because they believe that the world evolves through the actions and emanations of each person. Their life has been dedicated to this endeavour for over thirty fruitful years.

The St. Clair-Thomas' live in a regional town in New South Wales, Australia, surrounded by friends and students who benefit from their regular classes, courses and spiritual counselling. Until the advent of their website, the couple has been 'the world's best kept secret' in terms of metaphysical and spiritual teachings. Now, if you are ready, what they have to share will expand your consciousness and bring alive a world full of wonders. John and Lyn use their outstanding abilities, such as clairvoyance, astral projection and aura vision, with wisdom and compassion to help all living creatures, and to improve every circumstance they encounter. John and Lyn St. Clair-Thomas are Love, Light and Power in action in the world.


Clinical Psychologist