Courage gives us the ability to get more out of life, to grow and to have more to give. It is related to Truth and Strength. It allows us to move forward without impediment. 

The great secret of courage is that ninety percent of it is facing up to things. Once you face up to something, you are working with truth, which is a powerful force in the world. Do this and all the forces of right are with you. 

It is much easier to have courage in a positive environment. Negativity makes having courage much more difficult. Therefore donít complain or exaggerate: support truth by being factual. Look at reality. Donít become lost in reaction. 

Everybody experiences fear. This is not a bad thing. Fear just means Ďgo carefullyí. It does not mean stop. Courageous people feel fear just as much as anyone else. They just do not succumb to it or allow it to paralyse them. It is an important part of elevation and becoming self-determining to learn to feel emotions without becoming submerged in them. We can experience them without necessarily acting on them. Emotions are not a base for action. They are flavours that enrich life as spices do in a recipe, however they are not the main ingredient. (Reason and truth are good bases for action.)

The development of courage is well within the reach of every person. It is not something that only special or evolved souls have. 

Summary of ways to develop courage:

  • Face up to things.

  • Be factual.

  • Be positive.

  • Go carefully when you feel fear, but donít stop moving forward.

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