Beauty is a Noble State, being of the soul. It is a quality of the Divine Feminine, the Holy Breath.

On the physical, beauty usually refers to physical appearance. This however is rather a flimsy perception, as what is seen as beautiful tends to change with the times. At a slightly deeper level, beauty refers to a sense of mathematical proportion that reflects the Divine. The numbers in Creation are God’s ten fingerprints. They include such natural proportions as the Fibonacci ratio and the Pythagorean triad. 

All grouping and cohesion are manifestations of Beauty. It is seen in the rhythm of all things, material and spiritual. At the physical level, this includes music, movement and art. 

On a more spiritual level, the idea of balance belongs to Beauty. It also relates to the idea of ‘fitting’, which can be manifested at a physical level as appropriateness.

Beauty appears in the natural order and the organisation of everything. It is the rhythm or grouping running through everything that allows continued existence. 

Harmony is an aspect of Beauty. Harmony means that there is no clashing; components reside side by side in harmony. They are in accord. 

At a physical level, we can begin practising harmony by seeking accord and agreement in all things and relying on generosity, mediation and discussion to achieve this. We can also contribute to harmony by choosing not to be part of an argument. It can be seen that this process also relates to Peace. 

An aspect of Harmony and Beauty is the availability of answers to questions or solutions to problems. If there is a problem, the answer or solution is always close by. It is the Holy Breath that inspires questions or need of a higher nature, working through our making so that we are moved to go in a certain direction that matches our thinking and provides what we need. Our questions and answers are grouped in our thinking and in our circumstances. 

We can foster ‘for’ thinking, by being gentle and allowing; seeing what is there but without reaction or applying the judgement of good or bad. Through these we will come to realise the Oneness of all and open ourselves to every being and particle of Creation. 

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