In all our actions, we have the freedom to choose life instead of death. Every microsecond, we are faced with the choice to rise or fall. With every decision, every action, every response, we make this choice.

When we choose to engage in thoughts and actions that are of a higher or more refined nature than our usual choices, we elevate ourselves. When we are for, rather than against anything in life, we raise ourselves. When we value and respect anything or anyone, we renew ourselves.

Our actions should all give life rather than take it away. This applies to every little decision and action we make. Taking away life is death in the making. It affirms attachment to matter. Life-giving behaviour gears us toward Spirit.

Practising attachment, on the other hand involves seeing the physical as more real than the Spirit. As we let go, we begin to view Spirit as just as real. Ones spiritual life increases as attachment to the physical decreases.

Attachment fosters the focus on and expression of I, the ego or self. This part of us works largely through experience, which can be a path to Everlasting Life if it is used correctly. If attachment is a major feature of our experience, we continue to create the pattern of death. When we let go of attachment, our experiences lead to Eternal Life.

We can tell if attachment is affecting our experience by looking at where our attention during and after the experience is directed. If we focus on physical factors within the experience or suffer from reaction to parts of it, we are sure to be expressing attachment. If we see more than just physical expressing through our experiences, and seek to find the usefulness in them, we are very likely to be creating Life.

The Spirit already dwells within us. If we turn toward it instead of habitually being dependent on the physical, it will automatically begin to refine us, pull us upward away from attachment to matter.

As we believe more and more in Spirit and encourage our thinking and actions into more elevated ways, our view of the physical changes. We gain quite a different perspective and begin to live and express quite differently.

This is not difficult to do. Anyone can do it. It is after all, our destiny; our natural direction. Everything is ready to propel us in that direction. We need first to stop believing it is difficult. Whatever we believe becomes the boundaries we have to work within. Our preconception that it will be difficult and that progress will be slow are faulty beliefs that we foster. Such misguiding and inaccurate beliefs need to be questioned, examined and replaced with ones that are more useful to our present spiritual aspirations.

John & Lyn St.Clair-Thomas
Website Edition 2006