Archetype:  A template or blueprint for creation

Astral:  The plane beyond the physical plane

Aura:  A many-coloured energy field that surrounds all living things. It reflects health, development, attitudes and emotions

Chakra:  A vortex of energy within the body flowing inwardly and outwardly simultaneously; a connection to higher planes 

Clairaudience:  Hearing beyond physical hearing, the ability to hear non-physical sounds

Clairvoyance:  Sight beyond physical sight, the ability to perceive non-physical realms

Covenant:  A sacred agreement

Deva:  A  highly evolved type of nature spirit

Energy centre:  A localised area of intense energy activity in the body; a primitive form of chakra

Etheric:  An energy that pervades all matter and exists between the physical and the astral planes

Knowing:  A quality of Soul; allows a person to know information with certainty or to experience events outside the usual framework of knowledge or ability

Metaphysical:  Beyond the physical

Nature spirits:  Metaphysical beings who inhabit and work with the energies of Nature

Plane:  A  division of the mind

Psychic:  Beyond the normal physical parameters; pertaining to paranormal matters

Sacred sound:  A  dedicated sound capable of drawing down forces from higher realms

Salamanders:  Spirits of fire  

Scrying:  Gazing into an object, such as a bowl of water or crystal ball, to metaphysically view events 

Soul:  A state of oneness

Spirit:  A state of wholeness, incorporating mind and Soul; All

Sylphs:  Spirits of air

Thoughtform:  A metaphysical shape or colour resulting from thought

Trinity:  The three aspects of God, a way of perceiving Soul, wherein the masculine, the feminine and the offspring forces are separate, yet one

Undines:  Spirits of water