Visions are glimpses into higher realms and are frequently accompanied by a sense of revelation or insight and feelings of upliftment. Often they are total experiences rather than something that is just seen. They can engage every sense and usually combine metaphysical and spiritual content.



Number 1

Bronwen - May 2006 

I was meditating quietly sitting on the yellow lounges at home late at night. While I was intent on my meditation I became aware of three old women, sitting on very tall backed chairs, in front of me. They were aware of me and looking back at me inquisitively. There were three old women, sitting on three rather ornate tall chairs. The centre one was seated a bit higher than the other two. She had either a sort of headdress on or crest thing on top of the chair. Their faces were wrinkled very deeply, but looked wonderful. They were obviously wise women and/or revered in their community. They were aware of me, especially the centre woman. She looked at me looking at them and sort of moved a bit more towards me with her head, full of inquisitiveness. I suspect they were similarly surprised to see me, as I was to see them. They weren’t threatening, just interested. When the middle woman moved towards me I instinctively pulled away and was aware of myself sitting on the chair in the lounge room at home. Thinking about this experience afterwards it felt like these women were from another place or planet as the atmosphere of where they were was different to earth. I was a bit taken aback that these women ‘saw me’, just as I had seen them. Until this experience I hadn’t tweaked to the idea that other people and entities can be just as aware of me looking at them, as vice versa. Who are they? 

A very interesting and unusual experience which sparks a lot of questions in me.



Number 2

Jude Foley-Chell - 6th April 2007

This experience happened when we had sat up as a vigil on Easter Thursday. The evening had been spent eating, in meditation & contemplation and chatting with friends. Around 4am I had a feeling to do a Rosary. As I sat thinking of Mary's suffering for Jesus during this Easter time, it occurred to me that I might be able to help with that suffering in some way. I dedicated the rosary to Mary and began to pray.

Soon after I began to pray, an eye appeared in my vision. One eye, with eyelid, eyelashes and pupil. It was open, still and watching, in my direction. I remember the black of the pupil. Then colours of energy appeared, they were beautiful colours, what I associate to be astral colours as they were so clear and bright. The eye stayed watching as a pink colour formed above the eye and moved out and over the eyelid. Then a very soft lavender/blue colour formed under the eye. The two colours then swirled together in a fast movement over the area where the eye was. The colours would dissipate and the eye would be there watching.

I saw the eye a couple of times and then lost the vision. But I still remember the stillness of the eye, its calm attention and its softness of looking. It was a special experience.



Number 3

Jude Foley-Chell - 19th December 2006

Today I had a special experience connected to Christmas. A group of us had met at a friend’s house to say the Rosary. As we prayed I saw a sleigh and deer appear in my vision, I looked closer and noticed the surface of sleigh had a bubbled shiny effect like some stained glass surfaces. The sleigh and deer and some Christmas story images appeared in my mind a couple of times as we continued praying the Rosary.

After the Rosary we sat in a circle, holding hands and sending positive energy for humanity. Again, as I closed my eyes, a vision of a sleigh full of Christmas presents being pulled by 8 deer, came down the front of the Christmas tree and out into the lounge room that we were sitting in. There was such detail and colour and such a feeling of abundance and excitement that went with this experience.

It occurred to me that maybe what I had been seeing was linked to something that had been happening in the room. So when we finished the circle I asked my friend if she had been reading some Christmas stories in the room. Yes, she and her grand daughter had been doing this and so the story telling of Christmas had preceded this experience.



Number 4

Alaine Cohen - 17th December 2006

I was wrapping Christmas presents and revelling in the atmosphere and magic of Christmas.

After wrapping gifts, I went outside and sat under one of my favourite trees in our backyard, just to sit and be quiet and still. I was feeling very joyful and excited from the Christmas wrapping, but I managed to become quiet and still despite my Christmas excitement. I felt wonder, appreciation and gratitude for Christmas and I felt aware of “inside” me and all the magic there.

I felt and saw a shimmering four pointed star “inside” me; it seemed to fill me up and it felt quite large. Then I became aware of feeling energy swirling around me and an image came to me of swirling snowflakes and ice and snow. I then saw in a vision, Santa leaning over and speaking to someone short, maybe an elf. Santa was aware that I was looking at him and he looked back at me, gave me a brief warm smile and continued talking. I could feel the depth of his warmth and kindness. It was wonderful and he felt very fatherly.

When I realised what I’d seen, I ran inside and said to my husband Nick, “I’ve just seen the North Pole!” It was a very magical experience and I felt so excited!!! It gave me a real “kid” feeling about Christmas.



Number 5

Jude Foley-Chell - 25th January 2007

Since September 11 2001, the date of the attack on the World Trade Centre in the United States, I have met with a group of people to pray the Rosary. Each day, following the rosary we do a healing circle working on respect for humanity. This particular day I was directing the energy of the circle and as I began the following vision appeared. I saw 6 or 7 people floating around in a dark environment. They were thin and had a gnarled appearance. There was a large box (the size of a coffin) on the ground where the people were floating. What I was watching was clear and sharp. I wasn’t frightened by the vision, but there was definitely lower thinking about it.

Anyway, I thought I would just put my mind back to directing the energy of the power circle, but I couldn’t get these people to move out of my vision, so I thought I’d work on respect for humanity with the vision going on in my mind. Things changed as I did this. Fairy-like creatures appeared that had wings, they were colourful and brighter but still in this dark (night like) environment.

I later discovered that the people I saw were folk who were caught up in the lower nature of the attack on the World Trade Centre. They are embodied in a soup of energy of their own making, formed a couple of seconds prior to the building collapsing, when they realised something terrible was about to happen. The world they exist in now is of fear, reaction, confusion, doubt and shock. Given a considerable amount of time, maybe years, they would eventually work their way out.

Following the vision, a group of friends, all interested in the Spirit and in helping and healing, worked to help release these souls. (This was done for 10 minutes each session over three days).



Number 6

Serena Scarlett - November 2006

I enjoyed the Christmas power circle we did together as it felt as though strong energy was being sent and I am sure that those special energies we sent to others will make a difference. I am sure many will enjoy a good Christmas.

I am happy to be a part of power circles anytime. It is a wonderful opportunity to join hands and minds for the benefits of others. Coming together in contemplative unity and sending energy is a wonderful thing to do.

Often I just imagine what energy I would like sent to others. But this time it was easy to actually feel the energies I was sending. When I focused on sending the energies of giving and receiving (which is part of the Spirit of Christmas) I felt heat around my hands each time.

I also enjoyed the exercises from the last MindSoulSpirit course. The heart exercise felt like it was opening my heart or broadening me personally and it was a joyous feeling. At the end of the exercise I saw images and colours of Christmas in my mind's eye. The colours were gold and green, etc.

Last night prior to sleep I also had images flash before me and they were clear and bright. There was a small candle like flame and lots of gold sparkly. I also saw a chalice shape briefly. There were colours and shapes like Christmas decorations but with not as much form. These occurred after contemplating the experience of Christ being born.

I believe the chalice shape to represent an aspect of the Divine Heart inside me.



Number 7

Keith Foley-Chell - 30th January 2004

I was lying in bed, reviewing the day, and grew deeply relaxed. I became aware of a white light illuminating me (corny but true!). Its source was above and behind me. I felt calm, relaxed and alert. I was aware of God’s love. I felt His love for me, with no conditions and Knew his love for all things, for all of us. This opened into an awareness of the connectedness of all things. It was like I was floating in a luminescent infinity, with sparks of light (which I knew were other living creatures). In God’s love we were all one. I had a mind picture of people both more and less developed than myself. His love was the same for us all, and I knew that we were all brothers and sisters. The experience lasted quite a while (maybe fifteen or twenty minutes?) and I was filled with a profound sense of peace, that in God’s love, all is well.

In the days that have followed and I am now writing this, I am still me - with my limitations and human reactions. However, I feel subtly different. In times of stress or anxiety I can recall that God loves me! When I react to someone I remind myself that God loves them, they are filling their place, playing their role, and that they are my brothers and sisters.

I gave thanks to God for letting me know his love. I’d like to be in this state of knowing again, and for all people, creatures and things to know this state, with God.



Number 8

Serena Scarlett - 22nd Feb 2005

Praying the Rosary with others, I looked down upon myself momentarily and saw blood red colour in the shape of a circle and I knew it was linked to my heart. I also then realised the Rosary was also to do with my heart and the Divine Heart. In a vision, I saw a Heart and a silver sword slowly coming out of it.

As we said the Rosary together the sword came out of the Heart completely. The sword was clean and shiny with no blood on it. It was pure silver with jewels on the hilt. I also felt the presence of Mary (Blessed Virgin Mary).

The sword was in the air, still shining, ready to protect as if being held by Christ or the Cherubim.

At another prayer group, we prayed the Crucifixion section of the Rosary. But just before we said the words of the prayer I had another vision.

The background went black, like the sky was reported to have done at the actual crucifixion of Christ. In the blackness appeared cracks like white lightning. In the room where we prayed, the air went physically cold around me.

With newfound insight I realised that Christ was not on the cross during the crucifixion. I knew that his consciousness was rising and going out into the world, into the earth. My feet felt the energies coming in as we prayed. I also knew that Holy Mary was also at Jesus’ death. As we said the prayer part about Mary giving us ‘comfort at the hour of our death”, I knew Mary was there for Jesus Christ too.



Number 9

Rachel White – 2004

I was lying on our bed during the day thinking about all things cosmic and magical when, with my eyes closed, I had a very clear picture of Christ’s face up very close and very detailed. It stayed still and very clear for several seconds before I started thinking again and analysing the picture. This image left me feeling very uplifted and slightly different in a cleansed sort of way.  It also seemed as though someone had put the picture there on purpose and for a reason.



Number 10

Ignacious - 3rd October 2007

I had an unusual dream or visionary experience. I recall seeing myself sitting in a chair wearing my work uniform. I noticed that my hair was streaked with grey all over which shocked me because I currently only have slight grey streaks at the sides. I also noticed that I had a fairly solid build, currently I have a thin build. I had the impression that I was looking at myself as early fifties to mid sixties. My face hadn’t changed much, I still looked reasonably young (no extra lines).

As I got over my initial shock, I sensed an aura of quiet confidence and someone who has an air of dignity and grace along with contentment with life. I woke up at this point and contemplated what I had just witnessed. I’m unsure if this is just a dream fragment or a vision. If this is a future version of me in this life, then I feel content to grow old if this is the result.



Number 11


Keith Foley-Chell - 14th October 2007


I woke up this morning, scooped up my old blue sweatshirt from the floor, slipped it on and sat up cross-legged in bed. We attended a wonderful seminar yesterday on “The Glorious Heart”. Last night, inspired, I’d decided to start my days with one of the exercises from the course, which involves integrating one’s breath with the Divine Breath.


I began to feel quite calm and relaxed; whenever my mind wandered I gently brought it back to my breath. After a little while, in my mind’s eye I noticed the round top of a container, quite close to me and a little lower than my chest. There was a warm golden glow coming from the container (especially from the top), and my mind applied the word crucible to it. At no point did I feel excited or anything other than a quiet calm. I consciously began to explore the vessel and found it to be a chalice, pale golden in colour. The glow coming from within was a richer, or more orange gold and I had the strong impression that it was liquid in nature.


After a moment or two the image disappeared. However, I still felt incredibly quiet inside and sat for some time savouring the sensation. What a lovely start to a day!