Spiritual experiences are usually of a mystical nature. They provide glimpses of greater truths and lead to uplifted states of being that result in enhanced understanding, unlocking the heart and opening it to higher abilities such as love and compassion.



Number 1

Robin Ezra - Spring 2004 

During one of my regular spiritual counselling sessions with my teacher, Lyn, I became aware of the room becoming lighter. I didn’t mention this to Lyn immediately because it had happened on a couple of occasions before. The difference this time was that the room was becoming so very bright almost to the point of me not being able to see everything. After I told Lyn the room was getting lighter she asked me to describe what I saw, this was a bit difficult as each time I began to talk the light would drop off and the room return to normal. It was almost impossible for me to interact with Lyn and see the light at the same time. If I could just watch Lyn make her the focus of my looking, while I was relaxed back into my seat, if she could talk to me without wanting any response from me I could see and what I saw was this; the substance of things was completely light I could make out the edges quite clearly it was as if someone had turned up the contrast. There was one part of the room which was becoming more and more brilliant in light, it totally overwhelmed me, I was so emotional, I couldn’t help but cry. The more I concentrated on the experience the brighter it became and more it effected me. After the counselling session was finished I was a little shaken and as I had a long way to drive home Lyn organised friends to take me to their home, where I was given a hearty lunch and then I set off home. I do believe that I saw some of the wonderful light of an angel that day, that experience has never left me and writing about it today still evokes all of the same emotions.

This experience was the start of many more wonderful light filled sessions with Lyn.



Number 2

Gaz - 13th March 2007

I thought this experience of raised consciousness was worth sharing. The words make it sound too big and unusual – and while it was unusual or ‘different’, it was also strangely familiar.

I’ve been playing a bit with awareness the last few days; especially placing my awareness in the fact of being conscious rather than letting it slip away mechanically in my thoughts and feelings. Yesterday I began to feel awareness take on a life of its own and without me ‘doing’ anything, lift me like a lifebuoy above the usual noise of the physical and myself. It felt like a brightness or a blessing and grew more intense as the day went on so that by the time I went to class (our regular John and Lyn class), I was in an altered, heightened state though able to function normally. My mind (what there was of usual mind behaviours) felt like a mirror, big and vast and bright and clear, with no ripples of thinking or reacting. The senses walk we did during the class was alive and rich in a way I haven’t experienced before – but all familiar at the same time – like going home to a home you’d forgotten. Everyone in class seemed perfectly themselves and wonderfully unique and perfect just as they were – in all their/our/my lumpiness and noise. Though the state started to fall away towards the end of class,  what struck me at the time was ‘this is the way it really is – everything and everyone perfect just as they are, no change required, no effort needed'. Crikey! What a big 'un!



Number 3

Annie Kirkpatrick - 3rd September 2007

I have been praying the Rosary daily since February 2007. I dedicate the Rosary to World Peace, to the Blessed Virgin Mary to use as she sees and to assist in raising the consciousness of the World.

When I pray the Rosary, I visualise the Blessed Virgin Mary in front of me. Often when I pray the Rosary and take the pressure off, I get into a special place and have a strong connection with the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is like being in a capsule with the Blessed Virgin Mary and myself.

On this occasion I was saying the Rosary and visualising looking up at the Blessed Virgin Mary from her feet, with my head bowed. I then experienced the sensation that the Blessed Virgin Mary placed her hand on my bowed head in the form of a Blessing.

The experience was very calm and also very moving. I had tears in my eyes and a great sense of peace and Rightness.



Number 4

Suzie Duncan - 6th May 2007

I had experienced a couple of weeks of feeling quite distressed and sad within myself without anything to tag this to. I felt quite agitated tonight and sat down to do a Stilling exercise. Once I had quietened for a while I sought within for the source of the sadness. I became aware that I was able to place my mind in any direction and to any place and found myself looking at an alleyway in a slum in Asia. I knew the little girl who lived in that spot and with this came a sense of needing to fill the lack within her, she was my responsibility, it was easy, I just had to be connected. I then knew this for anyone I put my mind to, anywhere. I was aware that when I was connected there was an opportunity for growth that was different from that when we interact with each other. It provided "hope” in the bigger sense. It provided an essence nothing else could provide.

My distress came from my disconnection. I was aware that at some level, at some time, I have chosen to be separate. Whilst taking this in I experienced waves of sadness at the separateness and a strong sense of needing to step up and do the work….to awaken my consciousness. As I was talking with my partner, Vince about the experience, I was touched by the birth of a baby into the world and my heart leapt for the joy of this. How amazing!



Number 5

Gaz - 3rd September 2006

This week on a number of occasions, mostly when interacting with other people, I've become aware of a warm glowing feeling starting very definitely behind my ears and extending all around behind and above my head and out through my eyes. It's like the feeling of a big warm smile, extending outward into all things. It feels like I'm both looking through a large open window surrounded by a fuzzy honey type of glow and at the same time as if light is beaming out of my looking.

The light seems to be filled with kindness that shines on everyone I look at. It's capital 'K' kindness -- it doesn't involve doing type behaviours (I couldn't choose to be this way or to or feel this) but is more like a state; I know it just is this way -- that the world is always like this and filled to overflowing with this and when you become aware of it, it naturally expresses through you -- as if it says: "there's a good set of eyeballs and other bits to express through!". I felt like a proud parent of everything and everyone. (Just writing this up makes my ears go very warm again -- like spiritual earmuffs.)



Number 6

Annie Kirkpatrick - February 2007

I have been praying the Rosary daily since February 2007. I dedicate the Rosary to World Peace, to the Blessed Virgin Mary to use as she sees fit and to assist in raising the consciousness of the World.

Initially, I took the pressure off myself about having to know all the prayers by heart. I knew some of the prayers and words from childhood and from saying the Rosary previously. I brought along a sheet with all the prayers and it was not long before I knew all the prayers by heart.

Also, I took the pressure off having to know all the Mysteries and the Contemplation of the Mysteries. I started by just visualising the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Often when I pray the Rosary and take the pressure off, I get into a special place and have a strong connection with the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is like being in a capsule with the Blessed Virgin Mary and me. I feel that my surroundings are background and that I am removed from the physicalness of saying the Rosary and that all takes care of itself.

With this experience comes a wonderful feeling of peace and comfort. Since consistently saying the Rosary I have noticed a change in my Life. I am more calm and able to take Life much more in my stride.

I feel I have a real connection with the Blessed Virgin Mary, a strong sense that she is hearing my offering of prayer.



Number 7

Suzie Duncan - 7th September 2007

These seem to be linked and parts of something unfolding (which I guess all things are anyway).

About a week ago I was sitting quietly and I heard sounds like a thunderstorm coming, rolling in from a distance. In my mind I saw a huge lake developing and the water began to cascade down, like over a waterfall, through the centre of my head and through me to the base of my spine. It felt powerfully cleansing. After a while I placed my awareness to the base of spine area and there were vibrant flame like energies flickering and glowing. It felt enlivened and active.

During a Peace Meditation, I saw a door some distance away (this was within) that I knew was to do with the heart. I did not seem to be able to go to it with intent but it had a feel that I was on my way there and it would unfold. On another occasion I was before a door and felt I was in some sort of a transition area whereby my awareness touched upon the energies of the doorway. I found I was looking down (I think at my chest area) at a large item made of precious stones and metals. There were hanging down chains with smaller stones linked in and these were in between the rows of larger stones. I thought about how I did not expect this detail on a priest’s breast plate and with that awareness of myself thinking I was back here again.

Two nights ago I was doing some healing work for someone and I had an awareness I was doing “God’s work”, I had an understanding of enveloping the person and that I was “God’s work”. I was enveloped in, and at the same time a part of, a sense of Caring with a big C (a bit hard to put in words but could also be described as a sense of love that I haven’t previously felt). It felt like a state of grace or Rightness and it has stayed with me to some degree since then. I have been aware that all things are enveloped by this.



 Number 8

Suzie Duncan - 7th May 2007

During a ‘being at peace’ meditation I became aware of energies moving within and without my chest. They were swirling mauves/purples and began to reach out huge distances. I was aware of the effect of my being at peace going very broadly, touching upon all. It wasn’t about me being at peace, it was the greater work. I had the sense of how big it really was, how easy this was to be of service and not of self.

I then perceived a ruby red jewel, which had great depth of colour and with moving energies surrounding it and reaching far back from it. This seemed like it came down through my forehead and began creating and clearing a tunnelled pathway deep down through me. This path began to fill with light. I was then back to just me sitting doing a meditation having been on quite a journey.

The key thing I have been sensing is the role of being of service and looking to do “the work”.



Number 9

Suzie Duncan - 27th April 2007

I have had some interesting things with meditation since the course the last couple of days. I felt a lot softer approach occur and on the first occasion I had a really strong sense of nurturing flowing through me, a strong flowing feminine energy different to anything I have sensed previously. On another occasion I had quite an extended period of concentration and at some time I knew a sense of beauty that was not based on anything, it was all encompassing. This was really inspiring!



Number 10

Jude Foley-Chell - 11th October 2007

The following experience occurred while saying the Rosary with a group of friends, however I am aware of its roots going back at least a year. At that time a thought appeared in my mind about people who see apparitions of the Virgin Mary. I found that imagining this kind of experience for myself created a feeling of shock inside. I have since learnt to look at these challenging and unexpected thoughts as energy. Today, as I sat reading a novel, the character in the story shared that he had seen an appearance of the Virgin Mary. This time the idea seemed quite natural to me and I remember noting this difference inside. The day continued and with it a premonition that I would have an experience later in the day when saying the Rosary.

Rosary began (I had forgotten about the premonition) and I settled into contemplating the mysteries and the magic of the rosary itself. During the Rosary I realised that I was very relaxed and my mind was very still. I was saying the words of the rosary but I wasn’t aware of them. I also felt much taller than I know myself to be and I knew this feeling of myself was energy. The tallness I was feeling was like a tube or column of energy. I was sitting in a meditation position and I remember thinking how perfectly effortless this was. I felt so calm that I imagined I must be in a sacred place.

Several times I became conscious that I was having an experience. The first time I consciously looked within to see if something was happening, but there was nothing I could see other than knowing something might happen. The calm state returned and again I thought I should do something with it. This time I thought I would think about Mary, and what she does for humanity. As soon as I started thinking I knew it was the wrong thing to be doing.

The calm state returned and finally I let it be. This is when I experienced prayer differently to how I have experienced it before. Our spiritual teacher, John, has talked in class about being in a state of prayer rather than doing what he calls ‘Sunday prayer’. I knew this state to be true but I only knew the words, I couldn’t imagine it and I put it in the back of my mind thinking for now the best I could do was say a group Rosary with friends.

Today during the rosary I believe I got an understanding of what being in a state of prayer is like. In my calmness I became aware of prayer as an energy and I knew it was possible to walk through life in this prayerful state. It wasn’t that you needed to do anything at anybody, but you could have this energy run through you at any time.



Number 11

Serena Scarlett

Gradually over my life levels of spiritual comfort have increased and this has come from an increasing spiritual awareness and general understanding of life. The feeling is one of reassurance that everything is alright with me and the world. It is a lovely feeling. However, there have also been some special moments that have been powerful and remarkable.

Once, about 15 or 20 years ago, I was walking through a country town and I admired a small blossom tree growing on the nature strip, next to the footpath. Simultaneously I felt the beauty and harmony of the tree and all life. I felt a connection to everything that included me as part of the inherent harmony of All. It was a oneness moment, both beautiful and memorable.

Soon after that I stumbled across a book in the local library called ‘The Relevance of Bliss’ and to my surprise I found other accounts which described similar experiences. Most were experienced while people were doing something ordinary like riding a bike or simply walking along like I was.

Recently, in June 2007 I had another ‘bliss’ moment. I awoke knowing the following had happened and at first I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or an astral experience but I know for certain that it was an occurrence at a deep inner level.

In the middle of the night three things happened at once which seemed to confirm the power of the moment by their synchronicity:

- the clock said 0 00, (triple numbers being spiritually meaningful to me).

- into my hand slipped a polished crystal of Mangano Calcite crystal, which has a smoothing influence.  The crystal had been under my pillow and rather than reaching out to pick it up, the crystal literally fell into my hand.

- I had no fear of anything; I had absolutely no worries at all.  I felt this state for a long moment. The feeling was boundless and it was if I was also boundless, I couldn’t feel any edges to me.  There was an absence of personal boundaries; there were no fears or concerns that had previously closed me in or boxed me in by self imposed limitations.

For some months since the experience whenever I recall it I can access some of the calm feeling and I remind myself there is a natural state that has no fear. 

I can imagine from both the experiences that I have glimpsed Spirit.

Please Read: ‘The Glory’ poster in the online shop.  It describes how a glimpse of Spirit no matter how small can leave you changed for ever.



Number 12

Suzie Duncan - 13th December 2006

I sat quietly for a while and started to do some work on bringing some rain for the farmland (we have been in drought for a long time). I had an understanding that my desire for rain came from an incorrect base, that the drought was a balancing for the earth, that things need to change. I began to work on healing the earth in relation to this. I was aware that someone came and sat across from me, I could only perceive the lower half of them, the colours they emanated. I then saw a figure of the Madonna; this was shape/energy/essence. I understood her purity of service, of no self. I then saw the nativity and the role of both Joseph and Mary…there was a symbolic shape of the trinity that they made and I perceived this as the prayer position of the hands. I understood that service was what they did with their life, integrated within the daily living of Life. I had never really understood how purity and life could be done; this understanding made it an attainable aspiration….cool!



Number 13

Robin Ezra - Autumn 2004

My regular spiritual counselling sessions with my teacher Lyn had become a time where I was learning to perceive spiritual Light in the room and still remain present enough to interact with her physically. (Refers to a previous experience in Spring 2004). It had been difficult for me to talk and still relax enough to be able to maintain the vision. I had practiced over the previous weeks during counselling and was able to have small talk, while maintaining focus on Lyn and see the changing brilliance in the room.

On this particular occasion I was focusing on Lyn, listening to her talk and allowing the brilliant light to form in my sight. I was watching Lyn as she described something to me and as her hands moved expressively they glowed yellow gold; this was when I noticed something move between us.

It was semi transparent as I could still see through it to Lyn, it stopped between us and that was when I had the overwhelming sensation of being looked at within. I had comfort from Lyn that it was all OK, as I described what was happening. (I guess I should say here that in that environment with Lyn I was completely comfortable and felt very safe and secure, no wrong could happen to me).

I felt as though all of me was being looked at and communicated with, it was a sensation of going in, every part of me was open to this person there was nothing I could hide or wanted to hide. I felt completely safe. How long this lasted I am not sure and then I could feel the looking being withdrawn.

I was asking Lyn afterwards if this is the way the greater part of us (that bit that is other than our physical consciousness) communicates, there is no judgment and therefore nothing to hide. It was an amazing experience and one that left me very excited, with many unformed questions, which would have to wait for another time.

Lyn described the etheric energy around me as being a dense turquoise-blue and vibed up, very energized from the experience. I left the counselling session wanting these sorts of experiences to happen all the time.



Number 14

Gaz – 3 August 2004

While working in Canberra (Australia’s capital city), I went to the Canberra Centre shopping mall for lunch one day.

As I go up the escalator, I suddenly notice that everyone somehow seems more real or substantial than normal –- very ‘there’ and very ‘themselves’; almost as if they are themselves plus 10%. (Words don’t work to convey this properly.)

I realise something odd is happening to my perception, and with a sense of quiet excitement, go to find somewhere to sit. I end up on the top floor of the shopping mall at a cafe with a sandwich and cup of tea looking at all the passers-by.

Everyone I look at seems infinitely dear and precious somehow. I feel or perceive how our so-called differences are the least part of us. I can feel the life of each person in a way I never ordinarily do. Each person is as real, as special, as precious as every other person. I am aware that everyone I look at is both unique but the ‘same’ somehow. It’s as if a filter has been removed from my eyes and I see that we are all of a kind; all cut off the same holy branch as it were.

An older lady is sitting near by writing a postcard or a note. Her eyes shine with a beautiful light that she is unaware of. I don’t know her but I love her, as if she were family.

I feel a soft loving feeling towards everyone – not a sentimental or gushy feeling but more a sense of warmth, kindness and companionship. I feel I am a witness of sorts for everyone’s specialness; but not special because of looks, or abilities or achievements and so on, but because we are all filled with the very same life force.

A line from a book of poetry by the Sufi poet Hafiz captures the essence of what I feel: “I wish I could show you/ … /the Astonishing Light/Of your own being.”

This experience fades after an hour or so, but leaves me with a quiet glow for some days. And the deep sense that we don’t know what we are, but whatever we are is all goodness and light.



Number 15

Serena Scarlett - Christmas night 2004

This experience was beautiful and moving. Silver sparkly light appeared like mini-stars. One star formed next to my left shoulder and was larger. It was silvery white light and had clear definition to the edges of the star, but not sharp edges. It was not physical. Soft rainbow hues surrounded it. Very beautiful.

I was aware I was seeing a Star forming for me. I am not fully aware of the metaphysical implications of this but I imagine it is very special and to do with Christ and my path with the Spirit.

I also had a ‘penny dropping’ or ‘aha’ moment where I realised that a Star is not your own, it is for others. Perhaps to do with being of service and being there for others.



Number 16

Annie Marshall - Easter 2003

Some  friends from our spiritual development class and I were undertaking an all night vigil for Holy Thursday night. We were at my place engaging in a few spiritual and metaphysical exercises and activities, one of which was praying the Rosary together. About half way through I felt Christ’s presence in the room. I felt as if he’d come to acknowledge the work we were doing. I felt deeply moved by the experience and will never forget it.



Number 17

Jude Foley-Chell - 1st January 2007

This experience happened when my husband, Keith and I were travelling down to the coast for an overnight stay. About 40 minutes into the trip we ran over a rabbit. Unfortunately we hadn’t seen the rabbit soon enough and couldn’t swerve due to an oncoming car. We stopped the car and I got out to move the rabbit’s body off the road. As I did this, I felt a sensation occur deep inside my chest that expressed “thank you”. Immediately after, I saw a twinkle of bright light form and burst inside my head.

As we drove off I told Keith about the experience and as I was talking it through, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had received a blessing. The experience was special and it made me think of the words in the Aquarian Gospel “…not a sparrow falls to earth without his care; and everyone that falls shall rise again”. (Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi Chapter 99: Verse 25)



Number 18

Jennifer - Easter Thursday, 2000 (I think)

After I had the experience of being ‘born again’ (see the Miscellaneous category for outline), I knew the meaning of the phrase “God is Love” quite literally, and felt Jesus Christ as the embodiment of that Love in my heart... which gave me a very warm, deep sense of peace, and a feeling of great love for Jesus, as well as a glimpse of His love for us. The old Sunday School stories which had seemed so difficult to understand became more than vaguely entertaining tales now that I had new eyes to see them with and new ears with which to hear them. They took on deep significance and relevance to life.

Whereas in Christmas I saw the possibility of the birth of Christ consciousness available to all of us, I never really considered Easter with any depth, until nine years later when the following happened:- Three friends and I had been meeting each Thursday to practice our psychic skills. This particular Thursday was the one preceding Easter so we read the chapter from The Aquarian Gospel (now my favourite book of all time) which concerns Jesus’ time in the Garden of Gethsamane. As I read, I was overcome with emotion at the enormity of what Jesus did for us, for me personally, and wanted in some way to support Him during the unimaginable agony He went through on our behalf that night when the disciples were unable to stay awake (i.e. maintain a high level of consciousness) with Him, so I decided to stay awake on their behalf and to do my best to ‘stay’ with Jesus by keeping focussed on Him. Another friend also undertook my suggestion that we do this. Throughout that night I had many insights into my/our relationship with Jesus Christ (I say my/our because although on one level it was a very personal experience, I was aware that the same care Jesus takes of me, He takes of everyone). I cannot easily describe how I felt, except to say it felt completely right and good inside my heart.



Number 19

Serena Scarlett – August 2007

During a prayer I saw an image of Jesus Christ’s face and I looked into his eyes. Christ’s face was lovely like the one in a print I have called, “Christ the Light of the World”. But it was his eyes that truly amazed me; when I looked into them I felt their depth went on forever.



Number 20

Simon Collett - 2007

I was out taking a walk, with my two dogs. Looking back there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary about my behaviour that day, or in the days preceding it. We were strolling down a lovely, sunny hillside, when, as if out of nowhere, I was visited by an extraordinary experience. I was overcome by the most gentle, yet powerful, sense of what I can best describe as spiritual security.

I recall pausing to look out over the valley, with a portion of the city nestled inside it, and suddenly feeling completely comfortable. The feeling was one of being completely at ease, not just in a physical sense, although I did feel more physically comfortable than I often do. It was an overwhelming knowledge that, in any and every area of my life I cared to contemplate, everything was going to be just fine. I felt as though everything had been, was, and always will be unfolding according to a divine plan, and, even though I might not be privy to it, God’s plan was perfect and nothing that could happen in this world was outside of that.

The feeling stayed with me, as almost the only thing I was aware of, for around 15 minutes, and has stayed with me, in the back of my mind ever since.

Around a week later I had a related experience. The previous experience was, as I have said, still with me in the back of my mind. I was driving home in the evening with the radio on and for some reason a song lyric caught my attention. It was just one word in the line of a song I was otherwise paying no attention to, but the word “fallible” found my ear. Considering the word “fallible” lead me to considering the word “infallible” and the phrase, or concept, that “God is infallible”. I was struck by the realisation of the truth of this statement, and with the idea that God is everywhere, and in everything. From there my thoughts flowed on that if God is infallible, or perfect, and if God is in everything, then everything must be perfect.

This immediately brought back all the thoughts and feelings I had had a week earlier, out walking. And suddenly it all seemed so clear! There is nothing that can happen that is outside of God, so there is nothing that can happen that is not perfect. No wonder then, that any area of my life I chose to consider, I knew that no wrong could be done. That realisation left me with what could best be described as a tingling sensation, although it seemed more than just physical, and a sense of awe that I can only describe as revelling in the glory of God. Again, this experience has stayed with me, almost like a backdrop to everything I do, and think, ever since.