Scrying is the ability to see and experience pictures and events by gazing into a crystal ball or other scrying medium. Other tools that can be used are a seer stone, a bowl of water, a sheet of polished quartz or a piece of black mirror. The images are seen within the scrying tool and may extend into the air beyond it. They can be accompanied by insights and feelings that create a complete experience.


Number 1

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Around 1975

I was looking after a ewe (a female sheep) that had pneumonia and was in a pretty bad way. I was tired after a big day and it was late at night so I guess my guards were down. That is to say my general way of seeing the world was a bit relaxed. I was sitting next to her in a lit room, with the aim of keeping her company and making sure she was as comfortable as possible, medicating her as necessary. As I said, I was very tired and I began to gaze into her wool. I became a bit mesmerised and focused on her breathing as the wool moved up and down. After a short time I found myself staring down from a great height at city buildings and streets. I continued to gaze upon this scene and I was drawn further and closer to the buildings and street scenes. I saw what seemed to be wet street surfaces as they gleamed as though moistened. I looked about a bit but had no sense of the time this took. I saw some detail but it was mainly an overall view of what appeared to be the centre area of a city. Not a place I could recall ever being physically. I slowly pulled back with no control and found myself looking at the ewe’s wool again.  This was a fascinating experience as I was and am very interested and attracted to scrying so I was very excited I’d managed to ‘scry’ into the wool of a sheep. Not a thing I thought you could do at that time, although I now know that any surface can be used for scrying.



Number 2

Alaine Cohen - 8th September 2006

I sat down and did an exercise of “being still”, although I did have intent to see what I could feel within as well. I noticed it was the quietest I had felt for quite some time and something had eased inside.

I had a feeling to go and stand on the Earth with bare feet for a few minutes. I felt that there was a difference in the energies that were flowing through me. I became aware that there were all sorts of differences happening inside. My third eye area had pressure and activity and I was aware of energies moving in my throat, heart and face. I was excited by this and it seemed like an opportunity to try things, so I went and got my crystal ball out and sat with it to scry.

Almost straight away I became aware in my mind (like watching a TV screen inside) of someone running through a forest; he leapt over a log and kept running. I realized he was being chased by someone on horseback because I could hear the hoof beats and I got a quick visual flash of the rider and horse. It seemed the man running would have to be caught and I felt very concerned for him. Somehow he managed to find an area of bushes in which he could hide and the rider went past and continued on. It appeared to be medieval times because of what they were wearing. The man running was wearing clothes that had bits of light chain mail and the rider had bits of armour, though not a full suit of armour.

Then I saw the man who had been running kneeling beside a pool of water, washing his face. The pool or pond seemed to have a magical feel to it. I half expected him to scry in it, but he didn’t. He was extremely grateful and relieved he hadn’t been caught. His sword was standing upright on his right side, stuck into the earth. He seemed like a fairly young man, early to late twenties and had blonde hair. I didn’t see his face clearly. He was wearing a vest that had a coat of arms. It had a yellow background with a red lion on it. I knew that he’d had a “falling out” with someone and was therefore being pursued. He knew he had a long and dangerous trip ahead of him. He couldn’t stay in England any longer and had to go to France. Part of him became aware that he was being watched, because he looked my way, but he wasn’t aware of me.

Later on, maybe half an hour to an hour after this, I sat quietly to feel what was happening inside. I felt energy links between the base of my spine and my heart. There was activity in my pineal, pituitary, throat, heart, parotids. I had “inner vision” and saw soft glowing pearlescent rainbow colours in my head and sprays of energies. I felt very excited and uplifted.



Number 3

Suzie Duncan – 15th August 2007

Before using the ball I sat for a few moments contemplating what I had in mind to do with it. I decided that I would look for things in history where I could gain a deeper understanding of the time.

I saw a large group of men in army uniform who were presenting to an officer at a desk one by one.  They were from WWII era. There was a disturbed feeling about the scene which I could not place at first. There was not the camaraderie or spirit you see in the movies. There was a sense of resignation, forlornness. The scene then changed and I saw a man walk over to sit down against a wall next to others, all quite unkempt and only wearing shorts. They were in a POW camp and the overwhelming feel was of emptiness, an abandoned hopelessness that I had never touched upon before. There were Asian officers in charge and they had a strong feeling of fear, of being insecure and completely detached from the prisoners. There was no sense of connectedness to the prisoners, a bit like some people are towards animals. This was very different in many aspects to my assumed point of view previously. I felt no judgement about the scene, rather a better understanding of the base behind such circumstance and an appreciation of the need to look for the good in everyone.



Number 4

Suzie Duncan - 13th March 2006

One of my first successes with the crystal ball was I found myself looking across deep blue water at a light house. I followed my gaze down the cliff face I had a vantage from and looked at the waters edge. The water was calm and a wonderfully deep blue. It was the richness of the colour that triggered that I was viewing a picture. I was so excited I pulled back and lost it.



Number 5

Robin Ezra - Summer 1999

I have this notion that I can scry, that somewhere in my past I have done so and very well. It seems that I just haven’t found enough of the threads to the past as yet. I have tried crystal and obsidian balls for scrying but feel more comfortable with a slab of highly polished black obsidian.

Each time I have attempted the exercises I either go to sleep or my eyes tear up and become tired, this one time while I was looking something else happened and looking with my eyes into the obsidian for pictures had nothing to do with it.

It was a complete visual experience. I was not aware of the room I was sitting in or the things around me. I was at the beach, it was summer and I was walking arm in arm with a couple of girlfriends, we were laughing and chatting as we strolled along. Feet crunching in the sand, the smell the sea and the soft breeze on my skin.

I abruptly left the scene, when my physical consciousness became aware of what I was doing.



Number 6

Suzie Duncan - 22nd March 2007

I had a different sensory experience with looking for pictures in the crystal ball last night. The pictures were not as clear as previously though I had a strong sense of knowing things. It was in the time of Louis XIV and I had a distaste for the powder/perfume used. I knew the texture and feel of the powder (I have never liked powder or heavy perfume in this life).

I saw a chequered floor which had ornate chairs from that era. Somehow I knew I would be able to find the floor reproduced in a painting from that time (I had a look on the net afterwards and in a painting of Louis XIV was the same chequered floor).

There was a “musketeer” figure on a horse who was awfully gallant that I seemed quite keen on. I had a sense of having been in a position at court and often yearned for the outdoors (I was obsessed with the movie “the three musketeers” when I was a teenager this life).



Number 7

Bill White - June 2007

I personally find that practising scrying contributes considerably to expanding my awareness overall and in general enhancement of my life.

As I was concentrating on the centre of my crystal ball, I suddenly became aware that my consciousness was at another place. I had the awareness and feelings of a crystal clear mountain lake. It was completely calm and serene. A drop of water fell off a tree branch that was overhanging the lake. It resonated through every molecule in the lake with the purity of a crystal.

The connectedness of all things was very obvious after this experience.

Over the next few days I had a similar feeling during some deep relaxing that I was doing. It seems that once you have experienced a new feeling, it is easier to retrieve it again.



Number 8

Suzie Duncan - 6th May 2006

I was scrying, using a crystal ball and found I was viewing a steam train. I was looking from within a carriage with long seats facing each other. This was in the 2nd world war era and many travellers were in uniforms. There was a little old lady sitting between two people (a younger female and a man in uniform). Something in me knew that she was out of place and the seat should have been vacant.

A man in uniform walked down the outside corridor to the door of the compartment and briefly looked in. He turned away because there were no free seats. I knew he should have had the middle seat, that there was the opportunity for him to meet someone. This meeting would have set him on a different path. This was a missed opportunity that had occurred through wrong timing and placement.

I was fascinated by the depth of knowledge that came with the picture. I had a strong sense of the man’s character and felt disappointed for him. It made me wonder about how often this type of occurrences happens in our lives.



Number 9

Suzie Duncan - 8th May 2006

I was scrying using my crystal ball. I could see lots of energies around the crystal ball and around my hands. There was lots of metaphysical activity and I knew I would have success. I became aware I was looking from within the hold of a ship. It was dark and the walls were made of rough wood. The ship was rolling wildly in a storm. I was aware of the sea foaming and crashing. I had a sense of heightened anxiety and fear.

The ship was being battered and splintered and I had a very strong feeling of impending wrongness. There was then a major event in which the ship broke up. A great wave of relief came over me, a wonderful release. I felt a sense of lightness and calm that was very reassuring, that everything was now alright.

This was an experience of drowning and the release that came with death. As I had watched the circumstance unfold I had sent love and reassurance to the person I had locked on to. I knew that this had helped with the release and the clearing of the negativity.



Number 10

Vince Dove - June 2001

I prepared to use the crystal ball, sitting down and placing it in my lap. I placed my hands as instructed around the ball to create the correct energies within the ball and had immediate success.

The first thing I saw was a bright swirling cloud (like smoke). It moved within the ball as if fanned by some swirling device. The smoke then began to manifest outside the ball, that is, up to 10 centimetres (4 inches) of swirling smoke-like energy outside as well as inside the ball. I could feel energies moving down my arms and up my legs.

My right leg was moving more energy than the left, this was evident in the sensations I was feeling in them at the time. My teachers have instructed me to place my right foot on a rubber mat and my left one directly on the earth in an attempt to correct this imbalance.



Number 11

Vince Dove - April 2001

It was late at night and there was a feeling of magic in the air.

I decided to use my ball for scrying. I prepared myself and then sat with a relaxed and carefree attitude. I commenced using my ball and very quickly I saw an old and wise face, it was very still. I was able to alter the image by moving my hand placement around the ball and varying the shape of the energies that were interacting with the ball.

The individual in the ball spoke in a very deep and clear voice. It was like music but it did not land in my ears. I remember saying hello and the sound of my own voice was foreign to me, it was as if I was speaking with a rich vibrant textured voice. It certainly did not sound like the voice I use in this world.

I remember nothing of what he said, the memory of this experience quickly became very elusive and I struggled to write it down with any clarity. One day I hope my subconscious mind will reveal it to me fully.



Number 12

Vince Dove - March 2001

I felt driven to use my crystal ball. I had arrived home from work with an immediate need/feeling to use my crystal ball. I went to my bed room sat comfortably, picked up the crystal ball and immediately established a resonance with it, a feeling that I was tuned into and in harmony with what I was doing. In this case it’s the place I look from within me and also within the ball. With this resonance in place I began to see pictures inside the ball.

I saw a complicated and jumbled mixture of colour and shape that was a result of my noisy head (poor concentration skills).

I also saw an energy or thought form of a beautiful coloured apple green.

I felt a pressure like someone poking me in the solar plexus with their finger

Over all, the quality of the picture was not very good. It was as if someone needed to turn up the brightness.