Every person has many lives in their journey toward completion. We naturally forget our other lives so as to provide a fresh canvas for our current experiences. Once we have gained a certain amount of wisdom and clarity, we can become able to glimpse certain events from our pasts and sometimes from our futures. When contemplated without emotional reaction, these events can add to our knowledge of ourselves and our understanding of the world.



Number 1

Robin Ezra - Winter 1998

One evening after the events of the day I went to bed early to catch up on some reading. I don’t remember the novel I was reading but I do remember the past life experience that the setting evoked in me.

I was awake and presumably reading, when I heard in the room a sound, it was someone walking up steps.

The sound brought with it all sorts of other awareness; I was walking with effort up the steps in a cold, windy, damp tower. I could hear my laboured breath and the drag of the footsteps upon the rough surface. My feet were heavy and the fabric of the clothes I wore ruffled and dragged upon the steps.

This may have only taken a second or more, yet it held so much more information and seemed to take a longer time. I remember sitting there after it happened wondering about that life.



Number 2

Suzie Duncan- 29th April 2006

I was scrying using my crystal ball, looking down a flight of stairs at a colourful patterned floor. It was tiled in many colours with a very decorative geometric design. I was then looking at a vase which was like a brass patterned bowl. My eye then ran down to another bowl attached below and saw that it had water trickling down from the overflow of the one above. There were etched, fluted patterns on the vases which I recognised and knew well. This recognition brought with it, knowledge of the room the items were in; that it was made of stone and a sacred place. It was lighted by apertures in the ceiling and upper walls that let rays of light onto the floor only. There was a sense of stillness and clarity here. It was immaculately clean both physically and metaphysically. I knew that to keep it so it was cleansed metaphysically every occasion someone entered it. There was serious commitment here. This was an Egyptian sacred room and I had been here in another life.



Number 3

Alaine Cohen – 9th December 2006

Last night I meditated for a while and did centring exercises that we had been taught by John and Lyn at a recent course, then I sat quietly for a while.

While being quiet, an image came into my mind of ancient Egyptian looking eyes and they were looking at me, but they also seemed to be my eyes. I knew with certainty that this was to do with another life and the recognition created understanding in me regarding how I had been feeling the previous week.

I had a day during the week where I felt amazing sadness that seemed to come upon me fairly suddenly and was entirely out of proportion and unrelated to anything happening in my circumstance. I felt at the time that there could be something else going on that I wasn’t consciously aware of yet, (I didn’t know what), but I accepted that and it was OK. The sadness passed but came back a day later, and then it passed again. It felt very unusual.

Once I had recognised this connection to an Egyptian life, I intuitively knew a little more about the circumstance. In this other life, I was a young girl in a temple, aged in my early twenties. I was having a very difficult and distressing time, possibly related to an upcoming initiation test. A part of me (not my conscious thinking mind) sent her a golden hawk or falcon. I watched the golden bird appear in my hands then released it and I knew that it flew to her. The apparent difference of time and space wasn’t an issue. I knew in my heart that she received it.

Nick (my husband) and I did healing work for her and I also endeavoured to be light and peaceful inside on her behalf, to help lighten her sadness and ease her distress.

I shared this experience with some friends and they were kind enough to do healing work for her as well. It was fantastic to feel this connection with another life and be able to help in this small way.



Number 4

Suzie Duncan – 6th May 2006

I was again looking into my crystal ball at a spacecraft and it was dark. I recognised I was looking at myself in another life. She was awake and thinking over a dilemma she had about reporting a senior officer (the Captain) regarding incompetence. She was torn between speaking out and causing trouble for herself. She knew his incompetence should be addressed and knew what was the right thing to do.

I mentally sent her a message, to do the right thing, that she knew what she needed to do. I recognised the dilemma of inaction within this person, the worry about people’s reactions as it is one of my challenges this life!



Number 5

Alaine Cohen – 8th March 2007

My husband, Nick and I went to place that we know has special energies (John and Lyn told us about the energies). I was enjoying and appreciating the energies and was conscious of being there “on behalf” of other people and friends.

I became quite still, so I “looked inside” to see what I could feel or see. I had an inner image of lots of faces flitting through my mind, quite quickly so that I couldn’t really catch any detail, except for one that seemed like a gypsy woman.

I knew all of these as my other lives. It’s hard to describe, but I got the feeling of all of these lives with voices to be heard and stories to tell, wanting to be heard and recognised, but not in a demanding way. It felt like “being a crowd” rather than being in a crowd. It was different but also familiar and comfortable, like a reunion with friends. A sense of that has stayed with me since.



Number 6

Suzie Duncan - 2002

I was sitting quietly one afternoon allowing thoughts to float through my mind. I had a clear experience of dancing in a chorus line on a stage. I heard the stamping of both my own feet and that of the other dancers on the wooden floor boards. There was the pounding of the boards up and down in rhythm with the boisterous music. The clothing was layered and frilled. They were of brightly coloured cottons and not of modern type fabrics. It was physically exertive and wonderfully alive and expressive.

This felt really close to my heart.



Number 7

Gaz – August 2003

I’m lying out on the front lawn of our garden, on my back, looking up at the blue sky – very relaxed and at peace.

I suddenly have a series of vivid impressions come into my mind of me as a small Chinese boy lying in a garden, gazing up at a sky filled with a few fluffy white clouds. I am wearing brocaded, quilted silk clothing. I am about 6 or 7 years old, very light of limb and spirit, and am lying on cool green grass filled with a sense of springtime delight.

I am in a garden surrounded by a high stone wall. The wall is some 10 feet tall. There is a stream bubbling and gurgling near by. My sister is playing at the stream’s edge. The stream is filled with beautiful, golden fish.

I’m aware that we live on the outskirts of a city. My name is Lin Bao, or something like it. This apparently has something to do with ‘plums’. My parents are aristocratic, very dignified. I have an impression of them sitting up very straight at the table inside. This is normal for high born people at that time. Their hair is very tightly bound. My father has a braided pony tail I think. His hair is shaved back from his forehead. He is a gentleman scholar and provides advice to government on the subject of astronomy and astrology.

We are very wealthy. The town or city itself is dusty, but we live in a walled area of town, like a man-made oasis. My parents love me very much and are unrestrained in their demonstration of love. I think we may be northerners – not regular Chinese but belonging to another ethnic group, Mongols perhaps. I feel it may be 13 or 14th century.

When I put my mind to my future (the boy’s future), I see that I grow up to be a gentleman scholar also. Right now though, I am the happiest of little boys. This is all I recall, but the experience leaves me with the most delightful sense of lightness and ease.

Later that day, we visit a friend’s place, Shell, who has a picture of a Chinese boy lying on his back on an image of the earth, looking up into the sky, arms behind his back, chewing on a piece of straw. This exactly matches or fits with my experience and confirms the truth of it for me (if I had any doubts, which incidentally, I didn’t).

Note: I had other past life experiences around this time, all of them while in relaxed states of mind, and all of them relating intimately to some action I was involved in.  For example, in the experience above, my lying on my back looking up at the sky appeared to be what brought about recall of lying on my back in another life, with all that followed.



Number 8

Suzie Duncan - 3rd May 2006

I was staring into my crystal ball viewing a luscious green field with large oak trees. It felt like England. There was a girl learning to ride a horse. This was in medieval times, the clothing she wore was soft and leathery. Her name was “Anise” and she was young and full of vitality. She was so enthusiastic she was jumping on as the horse took off and she was desperately keen to progress with the learning. There were a couple of her siblings/cousins with her. Being able to ride was linked with being able to participate in other activities of the time such as travelling to other parts of the country, other villages. The horses were stocky and robust and were important to the people as they were a large part of the life of that time.

Anise’s personality was full of laughter and enthusiasm with a bit of impatience. I recognised her as another life of someone close to me. She has the same laughter in this life.



Number 9

Keith Foley-Chell - 18th September, 2007

My partner, Jude and I were sitting talking with Lyn, a friend and teacher of ours. We have known her for a long time and we were talking of ideas and insights. Our friend was telling us a truth, and as she spoke, I saw her appearance change. Her hair was much longer, and fairer. I could discern a gold colour on her head, which was a fillet of gold, like ladies would wear in other times (my impression was Middle Ages in Europe?). Over the top of her head was a filigree net of gold, part of the headdress she was wearing. She was wearing a gown of soft, muted green velvet. There was a sense of timeless beauty and wisdom in her. As I saw this, I was aware that although it had a relationship to another time and life of hers, that this was not exactly what it was. It wasn’t so much that it was another life of hers “coming through”. Rather, that what Lyn was expressing was a particular quality of the lady of this time that I was perceiving. I sensed that Lyn was bigger than just the person in front of us, that we’re all more than just the one present expression. So I knew her as more than just a particular character bounded by this time and place.  I also had a sense of her beauty. Not the physical beauty of one or the other individual in time, but the infinite beauty of One soul.

It didn’t make what Lyn was saying any more (or less) significant or truthful. But what she was expressing triggered a greater degree of openness in me, so that I perceived another facet of her, more of the unlimited oneness of her than I’m accustomed to seeing. This experience encourages me to look more deeply at the people, creatures and beings that I interact with. To be touched with that beauty is a magical experience.  



Number 10

Suzie Duncan - 18th May 2006

I started feeling the forest around me. I was moving through tall evergreen trees. There was a wonderful quiet and earthiness, a vast cleanliness. It was a sense of being at one with nature. I was moving through the forest with minimal impact and was a part of it.

There was a large river through this land and a settlement near it with a large building, like a homestead, but this was not my destination. At one stage I experienced dipping my feet in a cool, clear spring that had a pebbly edge. It was soothing and beautiful. I was laughing inside with the simple joy of it. There was a path with stone walls and a small bridge over a stream and a house nearby with white walls and upstairs rooms. It looked very homely. I was in love with the life around me and at ease with a wonderful sense of “being”.

This was a wonderfully uplifting experience. I think it was in Northern America or Canada.



Number 11

Gaz – 16 July 2003

I was out riding my bike one day around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra (Australia’s capital city). As I rode by the National Library, I glanced across at the lake, past the lamp posts lining the bike path. I suddenly had a queer feeling as though something had just happened on another level of awareness. When I questioned the feeling, it released a flood of images in my mind.

What I ‘saw’ or ‘experienced’ was myself as an elderly man walking along the shore of the Thames River in London. (I knew all this with that feeling of certainty you often get with such experiences.) The ‘me-there’ was gazing across the Thames past a set of gas lamps lining the pathway, in the same way I’d just glanced past the lamp posts toward Lake Burley Griffin. (This was clearly the trigger for the experience, and is typical of other past life recall experiences in the way it was brought about by some corresponding action of mine here. See, for example, the experience I’ve written up about a Chinese life on this ‘Reincarnation Experiences’.)

What ‘me-there’ was watching was a river filled with sailing clippers and masted steam boats plying their trade up and down the river. I was about 70 years of age, with a shock of white gray hair and beard. I could feel and see the beard out of the corner of my eye. I saw my hand draw a pipe away from my mouth, followed by a cloud of white smoke. I noticed I was wearing beautiful shiny leather boots; while my jacket (though I only glimpsed the lower half) was of the finest weave. I saw all this in an instant, at the moment of recall.

I then asked myself some questions to prompt more recall. What I ‘got’ was that I was a wealthy (‘old money’) gentleman who owned a tea importing business. Some of the boats on the harbour were mine and had travelled from India and the Dutch East Indies (modern day Indonesia) to my London warehouse. I was strolling by the Thames having just inspected a shipload of newly arrived tea to check everything was in order.

I may have been a ‘Sir’ and invited to join the House of Lords (the English Parliament) on account of my wealth and social standing but had declined. I had a maid and a valet who did everything for me. They were very fond of me and were like family. In turn I treated them very well. I was something of a philanthropist too and enjoyed helping people with gifts of money. I was basically content and happy.

My wife had died some years before -- perhaps as many as 20 years. I had a grown-up daughter living elsewhere. I could see her in my mind’s eye with a knitted white shawl over her head. I had had experiences of my deceased wife that some would describe as ‘ghost’ experiences. Although I knew about séances (which were very popular at the time), I didn’t want to stoop to such ‘cheap comforts’. I knew my experiences of contact with my wife were real and didn’t need what I thought was the ‘sensationalism’ of séances to confirm that. On the other hand, I had no real spiritual knowledge of what happens after death; on reflection, I felt how the knowledge I have this life would have been a real comfort to me there.

Note: A bit of research about the masted steamboats I could see suggests this experience occurred around 1860 during the transition from wind to steam driven ships.

Some interesting correspondences:

  • My partner, Bronnie, later made the point that the one thing I’m unusually fussy about -- and I’m not too fussy about food and beverages generally -- is tea, and different kinds of tea and how they taste, etc.
  • My great, great, great grandfather owned and ran 80 merchant ships out of Liverpool and Waterford Ireland in the 1800s and was part owner of the White Star Line shipping company a couple of decades before the sinking of its most (in)famous ship, the Titanic.
  • My mother has a number of sketch books filled with water colour paintings of sailing ships of all sorts, done by (now deceased) family members, including her brother. The family seems or seemed a bit obsessed by them.
  • The Thames River, just the mention of it, has always stirred me in a way I can’t describe.
  • I’ve always got a peculiar excitement too about ships and boats generally, especially the masted steamboats and fast ocean-going clippers in this experience.


Number 12

Alaine Cohen - January 1995

This is one of my earliest experiences relating to other lives.

One day I noticed two small brown marks on my forearm (that hadn’t been there before), about two inches (or around 18centimetres) above my wrist. They looked very much like a snake bite to me and I just couldn’t get that thought out of my mind. I began to feel that they were related to being bitten by a snake in another life in Egypt as I had seen a few other signs during the week that related to Egyptian times.

A short time after this we had a spiritual counselling session with Lyn and I asked if there was currently an ‘atmosphere’ of past lives around, as reincarnation and other lives had come up several times recently. Lyn said “yes”, and then I explained to her about the “snake bite” mark on my arm. Lyn felt that my thought about this occurring in another life was right and she also agreed that it was in Egypt.

Lyn reminded us that all things move in cycles, so there are times when the influences of the past are stronger and have an impact on now. Lyn also shared with us a story about a scar she has around her left upper arm that she received in an accident when she was 13. It corresponded with a scar that she received in a previous life back in Roman times. She  told us that such things happen when a time in a previous life matches this cycle now. The cycle of that past life came around again in this life when she was 13 and circumstances arose to manifest the scar on her arm. She still has this scar, although it is faint now as the influence of that past life has faded once again.

The “snake bite” mark disappeared from my arm around three weeks later. It was very amazing.

It felt remarkable to have such a direct physical link with another life.



Number 13

Alaine Cohen - 29th June 2005

I was scrying using my crystal ball and I felt a tunnel of energy develop and a very strong connection to the ball. In a vision I saw in my mind, very clearly an old brick wall, with a lovely arched gateway with a wooden gate. I felt very curious to know what was behind the wall so in my mind I opened the gate and looked through.

There was a huge maze inside and all the walls of the maze were wonderful green hedges. I could see into the maze and there was a young girl, maybe 16 or 17 years old, running and laughing through the maze. She was wearing a cream coloured dress with lots of lace and frills of a style seen in England and France around the 1700’s and early 1800s (I think). She was having a little bit of trouble running because the dress wasn’t really suited to running in – lots of petticoats and material to hold up! She was being chased by a young man. He didn’t have too much trouble catching her and when he did, they fell down together laughing. The young man had long dark wavy hair, a moustache and goatee beard and was quite handsome and dressed in the style of an aristocrat, with a very frilly white shirt and dark trousers/breeches and black boots. He looked a bit like a musketeer!

It felt like they weren’t really supposed to be alone there together and that they would be in trouble if they got caught, but there was a wonderful feeling of playfulness and the innocence of being in love at that age. I felt that I was seeing my husband, Nick and myself in another life.



Number 14

Alaine Cohen - 17th April 2005

I was sitting in meditation and I became aware of energies moving in my mouth and sinuses and wispy tendrils of energy around my eyes and forehead. In my mind I had a vision of an eye. The eye shape was outlined in black, with white as the inner colour and it had a wonderful golden glow of energy surrounding it. Then amazingly, it winked at me and was gone. I was amused by this. It felt like it might be another part of me, possibly another life, although I’m not sure of that.

A few months prior to this I had an experience that was similar when I was lying in bed. I was in that slightly dozy state where you are not quite awake and alert, but you know you aren’t asleep. In that state, I suddenly became aware that an eye was looking at me. I was quite surprised, but also the “eye” was quite surprised that I saw it. It felt like a friendly connection and I just felt like someone was “keeping and eye on me” (sorry, bad joke!), but really, it was a nice feeling.

Just as I have been able to “look in” on my other lives from time to time, they must be able also to look in on me.



Number 15

Serena Scarlett - around 1988

Although this experience came as dream, it revealed some details of a past life.

I was in an Egyptian temple knowing that I had reached a level of either initiation or respect and position. I was ready for the next stage. There was an entry way to a garden which was perhaps outside a pyramid or adjacent to another type of sacred space.

As I entered I noticed a black panther. I was able to walk up to it and pass by quite close to the cat. Staying calm and with presence of mind I placed my hand on the black panthers head. It allowed me and all was well.

I entered the garden. There were many plants and it was full of greenery and special vegetation, something like a hothouse where temperatures are controlled to care for particular plants.

Inside the garden was a snake. I saw the snake and knew this was a definite stage of my initiation. I could show no fear or all was lost. As the snake approached me I held faith that my mind controlled all. Knowing this, I believed the snake could not hurt me no matter what. I stayed still in both body and mind as the snake came closer. Even as the snake reared its head towards me I held my faith. The lips of the snake touched my chin but I still believed it could not hurt me.

Then suddenly I felt pain on my chin as if the snake had bitten me. I was shocked as this just wasn’t supposed to happen. I believed it couldn’t happen to me. I was in total control over myself, wasn’t I?

I woke up with the surprise of the bite as I believed it shouldn’t affect me. The surprise of it was the biggest factor. The funny thing was, I found that when I woke up my chin was pressing in between two knuckles on my clenched hand and that was what I felt. I hadn’t been bitten by the snake at all! The pain was from my chin pressing hard on bones in my hand and this is what had felt like fangs connecting in my dream. I remember feeling pleased that really the snake had not got me after all.

The strong feeling of faith and the vivid images of this dream have stayed with me for many years since the dream. Of all the dreams I have ever had, this one never fades in its images or recollection. It was very powerful.



Number 16

Liz - early 1990s

In the early 1990s, after starting classes and courses with my teachers John and Lyn, I found I was able to call up experiences of past lives like turning a DVD on and off. This was a bit novel, because it would often happen unexpectedly and while I was at work.

In this case, it had to do with a colleague. The whole workplace had noticed this person was not short of a healthy self esteem, that he was attractive, very self-assured, talented and intelligent, and that he also seemed to be able to evoke strong feelings of attraction in a range of his female colleagues. He was also married.

I was not immune but I resented his more negative qualities such as his extremely strong ambitions, a very healthy ego and the fact that he seemed to enjoy creating a bit of mayhem across his female colleagues despite being married. My feelings were quite contradictory.

I was dealing with him one day over a work matter and found myself in a rolling DVD of a life we’d had together. I had an incredibly strong feeling that the life was real and had existed and that it was running as I watched, despite me being in my own life at the same time. I found that I could stop it and then run some more the next day.

The life was in the Near or Middle East, at least three or four hundred years ago. It was a time when slavery was endemic and I was sold to this person as a slave – he bid personally. I ended up in a house in this region where he didn’t permanently live. He was highly situated in the army and this was a place he had to visit now and then. He was rich and kept a series of households, with a range of male and female slaves, including a main and very lavish home.

As I experienced this, I had a series of pennies dropping. The contradictory feelings came from his attractiveness (then too) but that simultaneously I was owned by him and with no rights. At the same time I was also a peripheral person in his life – his life had lots of other areas, including his main life with formal wives.

The next day, I noticed he was wearing a tie covered with lots of swords from that era – that was interesting too.

I was telling Lyn about this at a counselling and she asked what happened in the long run. I tuned in to the life, fast-forwarded it and found that I’d managed to escape (as a soldier he was not impressed), that he was unable to track me down and that I ultimately took up, in a very profound and happy way, with someone I met in a rocky part of a desert somewhere.



Number 17

Wizard– March 2005 to May 2007

This is an experience that I had over a long period from March 2005 until May 2007. At its completion I also realised that there were events and signs throughout my whole current incarnation pointing to this particular past incarnation that I had not taken much notice of previously. Whilst I have friends who see visions of past incarnations or can actually visit their past on the Astral, knowledge of this incarnation of mine came to me over a period of time in a manner that felt like a gentle unfolding, a process, a path, a journey…

Initially I thought I was on an exciting adventure of finding out juicy, saucy bits about my past, what mansion I may have lived in, the famous personalities of the time and whether I knew them etc. I did not realise that at its completion, I would find myself transformed to my very core…

At the beginning of March 2005 I started to notice more and more things / signs coming into my consciousness of a particular time and place in the 20th century that I felt drawn to. I would find myself being pulled to this time and place and any information about it. It had an intoxicating hold of me – like a Siren singing to attract handsome sailors and lure them from their ships!

These signs manifested to me over this period at particular times during the year. They came more strongly at key moments during the year that marked certain anniversaries, like a cycle. They would come gently but leave an indelible imprint on my being and how I felt about myself. Looking back in my current incarnation, I realised that I also felt the same way, particularly at these times of the year, when I was younger.

These signs that came to me manifested in newspaper / journal articles, television documentaries, books and other such material associated with this time and place. In addition, I also felt long held but forgotten powerful feelings about this time and place rise up from within me that were beyond mere attraction or idle historical curiosity. It was like I was at home, that that time and place were a part of my being and creation.

Sometimes I would get a powerful insight of specific information I needed to know. Somehow, I knew where to find this information – it was like I was being guided by a loving, kind energy of great compassion and wisdom. I would go out into a book store or a video shop and as soon as I walked in would immediately see a book or DVD on the shelf that was precisely the information my insight told me I needed at the time to learn more about myself and the world I had created for myself at that time. Interestingly, when I entered the same shop about a week later, the item was no longer on the shelf or readily available in the shop.

Also I remember once watching a documentary on this time and place when, quite suddenly, the physical scents of a specific event during that incarnation filled up my home. It was as though the very scene being played out on the documentary program was occurring in my home. This powerful scent lingered for a good 10 minutes (before you ask, no I did not fart!). It was a smoky, acrid burning smell of machinery, oil, metal and debris – as though I was in the remains of a mostly burnt out office building that was still smouldering. Again from this experience the feeling I got was very strong that I had lived a life in that time and place. The connection was powerful and as tangible as feeling my own heartbeat.

As these signs were manifesting to me I also felt like I was gently being taken down a path of self-discovery. These signs did not feel like something being placed before my eyes to gawk at but more of an opening of myself, an inner revelation as my soul digested the information that was provided to me and began to come to terms with myself. During this process I began to develop a deeper understanding of myself, why I thought certain things about myself and felt a certain way throughout my current incarnation.

As this process was gently unfolding I began to slowly notice that I was lifting myself out of a great inner sadness and feelings of worthlessness that I carried with me in this life. I slowly started to feel more confident about myself, who I was and who I am today. It felt like I was rising from the ashes of my own self-destruction, like a Phoenix reborn. At the culmination of this process in May 2007, one day I had a tremendous feeling of inner strength in myself as though a wave of healing was sweeping in and through me which felt like it was sourced from deep within my core being. I had never felt so alive and accepting of myself – it was as though I had finally achieved a level of peace within myself and had come to terms with me! I had forgiven myself.

At the same time I also felt a freedom from those feelings of sadness and worthlessness. At the end, I finally understood that the process was not about finding out who I was in that incarnation, was I famous, what I did, how I looked etc - those things are not important but mere trappings, like a costume of an actor. The process was about self-healing, forgiveness, coming to terms with me as a valuable and worthy soul and seeing and appreciating the Light and humanity within me and especially those human souls who were with me during that incarnation. As a result of this process I no longer feel to such a degree the emotions I sometimes but very powerfully felt throughout my current incarnation and that arose from deep within my past to deny myself existence.

I was taken on a powerful journey of self-discovery, self-forgiveness, healing and self-acceptance. This process is complete for now – although my journey of self-discovery and healing continues. Nevertheless, without understanding this process at its beginning, at its completion, I am grateful beyond words to the Eternal Source from where this process originated and who walked with me on this path with such loving kindness, compassion and wisdom for the liberation I have gained. I now feel I have a future to make and to share unburdened by my past and rich with promise, opportunity and Light.



Number 18

William B Elias - 1997

I was sitting up in bed at 11pm and had mediated for twenty minutes, when I became aware of someone in my bedroom. My bed faced an ensuite bathroom which did not have a door on it yet, the opening was 1 metre wide (around 3 feet) and sitting in bed I could see the mirror over the washbasin.

I opened my eyes to see a man standing in front of the ensuite doorway. He looked like a Viking, the ones you see in the movies, over 2 metres tall (over six foot two inches), blue eyed with blond hair down to his shoulders, moustache and beard. I guessed that he was in his late twenties. He only just fitted through the ensuite doorway. With arms the size of large legs and legs that looked more like tree trunks, he reminded me of the hulk, only not green. The bit that concerned me was the double-headed battle-axe that he playfully toyed with in his left hand. This was one of only two times in my life I recall thinking I could die. (The other was while I was upside down in my car, going backwards at 150 kilometres per hour.) I considered bolting for the hallway but the door was closed and I surmised he was faster.

The double-headed axe abruptly came to a halt as our eyes met. He asked, “Why do you hate that which I worked so hard to get?”

In that instant I realised he was “me”, a past incarnation of “me” and my fear dissipated. I could see his life so far and understood him; there was nothing to fear. He lived in a village near the sea and had on many occasions been part of raiding parties. He lived with his mother and sister and took pride in caring for them. His father had passed away a few years earlier. He exercised to develop his strength to protect his family.

I had grown up on an orchard where manual labour was the order of the day; my orchard friends and I were fitter and stronger than my town friends. When we played British Bulldog (a game of strength) the orchard boys could easily overpower the city kids, on occasion we hurt them. When I was in my teens I was worried that I could kill somebody if they threatened me, I didn’t like fighting or violent behaviour.

Once I realised that he had developed his strength to protect his family in an environment that was regularly life threatening, my fear dissipated. As soon as I appreciated his effort and having strength the apprehension faded away. I’m not sure but as he faded, he seemed to smile.

A week before this event I dreamt that I was on a movie set about Vikings, they were looking for people to act as a Viking raiding party. Someone called out, “Get Bill! He used to be one in a past life”.



Number 19

George Poidevin - 1988 or 1989

This experience came to me as a dream. I was laying on my back, on a floor, bare boards, dirty/dusty.

I could see people around me sitting at tables. I could see their boots and feet.

I looked up and a man was standing over me, with a huge pistol in his hand.

I could see the sight and the end of the barrel with amazing clarity.

I thought, this is it, I’m going to die….BLAM went the gun, I felt the huge shock of the bullet hitting my chest, I bounced up off the floor from the force.

Blam and Blam again, two more shots, same bouncing reaction.

I thought, I’m dead, but not really, only my body died! I rose up joyfully, and looked down, yep, dead, no doubt about it.

I moved away from the scene, singing a little ditty, “you shot me but I never died”, like a little kid in a school yard.

I have since sent lots of positive help to whoever I was in that life, I rather suspect a pretty lousy gambler or maybe an ineffectual law enforcer.

Having grown up on a farm and been around guns in my childhood, this experience went a long way to resolve any fears I had about being shot.

I have no animosity towards whoever shot me, (but I wish I’d taken a bit more notice of his face). I have also sent positive energy to his circumstances.



Number 20

Jacinda Jackson - 2006

It started as a dream. I was walking along a dirt path and noticed how comfortable and worn in my leather shoes were and I could feel my feet wiggle inside them and the sensation of scuffing the dirt along the path. I was also wearing a school uniform. I was heading to school, it was a private girls’ school and I was grumpy about life generally. I was hollered at by a group of boys. I got a sense that the grounds were very big. My attitude was that I was much cooler than everyone else and I didn’t sense that I had many friends. I had a sister at the school, she was older than me and we were both boarders. In my mind my sister was a real “goody, goody” that everyone liked and I resented her for it. I came closer to the school building and looked up the stone archway, it was massive and its presence very familiar. I walked around the building looking for a special place, like a hide-out that I kept some treasures in. I looked up at the wall of the building and noticed a doorway that was a storey up with no stairs leading to it, like the stairs had rotted away over time. I’m not sure how but I managed to get up there, I was frightened of falling and I felt my shoes slipping on the bricks. I sat in the doorway and looked over a couple of things I had. One of them was a piece of clothing I had stolen from my sister and the other was a box that had a painted picture on the inside. This box was very precious to me and my watching consciousness tried very hard to keep the painting in my memory, like I wanted to find it again.

I was then walking down the dirt path again but away from the school grounds. I knew that I was not supposed to leave the grounds. As I went further from the school I noticed caravans and stalls, maybe like a town centre or even a circus. I had a detached sense of fearfulness, and became comforted knowing I was wearing a holy cross. This was a foreign thought, like it belonged to someone else.

I spoke to my teacher, John about this experience and we decided that parts of it were recall of a past life, although some bits of the recall were muddled. Although some parts of this experience were very dream-like, other aspects were very clear and colourful with all my senses interacting.



Number 21

George Poidevin - Spring 1995

It was a particularly inclement night, thunder, lightening, scuds of rain.

I had purchased a 4wd and was feeling like testing it in the wet, so a friend and I went for a drive to a dam about 12 miles away from where I live.

The dam is cradled between hills and has a car park you can pull into off the main road.

We sat talking and looking across the dam at the reflection of the lightning flashes on the water, taking in the wildness of the night whilst enjoying the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

We decided to sit in silence for a while to better absorb the elements.

My mind drifted gently till it stopped suddenly at a chain of thought (memory.?)

I was clad in armour. Not metal but a heavy leather, I could feel the weight of a shield on my left arm and a weapon in my right hand. There were bodies strewn everywhere. Dead and dying men, a scene of utter carnage, horrible.

I suddenly felt an enormous wack in the centre of my back and I knew I had been struck down by a battle axe. I hurtled forward onto the ground and remember lapsing into unconsciousness then coming out of my body.


“Oh,” I thought, “that must have been how I died in that life”) I remember being conscious of an incredible feeling of peace and satisfaction. The tension had been released, the outcome of the battle was assured, and it didn’t matter who had won or why. The battle had fitted a need of the time and there was no trace of the fear and terror that befitted the scene, (because there were still all the bodies and carnage laying around) only a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the fulfilment of duty.

The next part of the memory was of searing pain in my back. There was a wound right down the side of my spinal column. I remember feeling much better while I had been dead.

This experience may have lasted 10 seconds, or ½ an hour, I have no idea. When conversation recommenced, I asked my friend to help me and together we sent healing back to the warrior, and comfort to the families who had lost loved ones.

Every time I see movies like Brave Heart, I remember the experience and continue to send energy back to help the circumstance of the person I was.

It has left me with a totally different idea about war, it seems that somehow big problems need big sacrifices to solve them. I acknowledge all soldiers in a different way than before, and understand we all have things we set out to accomplish in life and war is just another way of doing it.

Knowing in your heart that you are a spiritual being having occasional physical experiences is pretty cool.



Number 22

Keith Foley-Chell - about 1953 or 1954

This dream experience occurred when I was about three or four years old. It made a vivid impression on me as I can still recall it quite clearly. I was in a Chinese bar, a large room built all of wood, with some ornate features, but mostly plain. I can recall sunlight coming in through a window to my right, with motes of dust floating in the sunlight. There were three or four other Chinese men in the room and there was an air of tension, and even possible violence.

That is all I can actually recall of the dream, but an interesting aspect is that in South London of the early 1950’s (where I grew up) there were very few people of other than Anglo-Saxon ethnic background. I had certainly never seen any Chinese people, either in the flesh or in pictures (there were few televisions then, and we didn’t have one at that time). So I’ve always assumed that this childhood dream was related to a past life in China. I wonder how many influences of other times we are open to as children (and as adults for that matter).


Number 23

Shell Kirby - approx 1997

At the beginning of our weekly spiritual class we sit and do an exercise to still the mind. I had some favourite crystals resting on my lap. As I became quiet I realised I was ‘looking’ down at my long robe (it was the same dark golden / orange colour of the long dress I was wearing at class). The footwear was different. I had on sandals with lapis lazuli woven into the leather on top of the sandal (one of the stones on my lap was a recently purchased lapis lazuli). I realised I was in a temple doing a similar exercise. I had a complete sense of the layout of the temple; the type of stone. It was my home. I knew it was in Egypt. At the end of the stilling exercise I shared the experience with my class-mates. I was excited, pleased and astounded at how real the experience was. It is still very clearly with me today.