Many non-physical beings exist at finer vibrations than physical matter. They include human beings who have passed out of physical life into the astral world and are currently between lives, beings who live permanently on the astral, Masters and highly developed beings who have finished their physical lives and mythical creatures and beings from vibrations that are quite different to the astral. Students of the mind and Spirit can attune themselves to these various beings and learn to perceive and interact with them.



Number 1

Annie Marshall - 8th March 2006 

I was at one of our spiritual classes at another class member’s house. While we were doing a quietness exercise the front door slammed shut. I felt as if a presence had entered and in my mind’s eye I saw a middle-aged farmer coming up the stairs. He had on khaki clothing and a farmer’s hat and working boots. I had the definite sense that the house had been built on land that was once his. I knew it was real because it had the feeling that the vision wasn’t mine and that I was somehow just an observer.



Number 2

Ignacious - 1991 

I can recall a very interesting and positive psychic experience from 1991. At that time I was at my Mother’s place in Stanmore, Sydney. I phoned a friend of mine who I knew from high school; I hadn’t seen or spoken to him since 1988. I did the usual catch up chat and when I asked what he was doing at the time, the topic of spirituality came up. At this time in my life I was going through a very unpleasant circumstance with my brother who was very abusive and a drug addict. I was very stressed at the time and contemplated things to do with spirituality when I was alone. This phone conversation in itself was a classic piece of synchronicity but the icing on the cake happened when I mentioned to him that I felt a presence in the corner of the room where the phone was, I felt the pins and needles on the back of my neck, head and shoulders. I also saw a fleeting bright white object out of the corner of my left eye toward that corner. I mentioned it to him and the conversion about spirits and spirituality continued, then I saw something again out of the corner of my left eye, but this time it was a very vague bright white silhouette of a head and partial right shoulder. I felt that it was someone keeping an eye on me and looking after me during a difficult period.



Number 3

Keith Foley-Chell - 24th December 2005 

My partner and I had had a wonderful but busy Christmas Eve. We’d had a lovely Christmas dinner with friends and had come home to wrap a last couple of presents before going to bed. We had a cup of tea together and by now it was just coming on to midnight. I decided to sit on the couch and just be still and quiet for a little while before we went to bed, to let myself be open to the magic of Christmas night. I became quiet and relaxed inside, but still alert, despite my tiredness. After a little while I opened my eyes and looked straight across the lounge room towards the Christmas tree and almost gasped when I saw a beautiful red colour, roughly egg shaped and maybe a meter high, in front of the tree. There was a white band around his middle and tiny red reindeer in the band. It gave me quite a shock and I felt a flare of excitement and in an instant, it disappeared as if instantly contracting in on itself. I’d wanted to see Santa Claus, and when I did, I got such a surprise that I immediately lost my vision of him. Even a glimpse like this made me feel so excited inside as it was the first time I’d seen him since I was about four years old (I’m in my fifties now). It fairly made my Christmas and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I saw on Christmas day!



Number 4

Serena Scarlett - January 2007

I saw what some might call a vapour spirit where energy is maybe coming into the physical temporarily. Just below ceiling height I saw a whitish grey trail of light gliding along on the other side of a glass door just under a fluorescent light.

It looked more 'real' than just astral light, like it was actually there. It moved along in a straightish line and then went out of sight. It was so real looking I said to my friend next to me, "what was that, did you see that"?

Then moments later there was a bang like a door slamming.

Interestingly this sighting was some months after I began some research into spirits. I also had numerous experiences of feeling presences where buildings were reported to be haunted. It seemed like I was able to see and feel energies more often because I had the interest and a reason for it. A friend and I would have similar feelings about the type of spirit in a building, confirming our psychic ‘findings’.



Number 5

Bill White - September 2007.

As my wife entered our bedroom in the dark, I saw a strange curved looking bird on the ceiling above her head. This creature gave me a feeling of harmony and being protected.



Number 6

Kerry - March 2006

I awoke in the morning from a strange dream with a big spider and other creatures in it. It was not really a frightening dream but had lots of story line with some anxious moments in it.

As I opened my eyes I looked at the wall opposite the end of my bed and above the windows I saw a faun coloured spindly ‘Spider’ creature. It was sort of running/dancing and moving in a very peculiar way across the cornice of my wall. The movement was a bit disturbing.

I watched it go from one corner of the room, which was quite close to me, almost to the other side and was fascinated by the strange way it seemed to be moving.

It occurred to me it could be an astral entity of some sort during this time of watching, so I reached for my glasses in order to see it more clearly as the movement seemed to make it a bit blurred. When I put them on the creature wasn’t to be seen. I had taken my eyes off it only long enough to put my glasses on.

I was very pleased to have seen this very different creature. I don’t believe it was related to the spider in my dream but rather that the anxiety experienced in the dream connected me with it, enabling me to see it.



Number 7

Rachel White - 2005

As I was on the way to bed one night, I saw an astral creature a bit bigger then a cat, but very cat like only with shaggier hair and a dirty milk coffee colour. It scurried around the other side of the bed. It was very fast in its movement and very eager to get out of the way. This left me feeling amused for some reason as it had a feeling of it being “sprung” in action.



Number 8

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Approximately1957

I was around 6 years old and sitting in my school classroom while a teacher was endeavouring to drum some information into our heads.

I must have been fairly uninterested as I was gazing vaguely out the window, my chin resting on my hand. (I suspect this was a common practise for me).

I think I was daydreaming for a while and then I realised I was watching something quite unusual outside on the other side of the road that ran by the schoolroom.

On the path opposite the schoolroom there was a girl skipping, not with a rope but just skipping along as children will do when playing.

The girl had no real body, just parts of it that came and went and I watched her for the best part of 30 to 40 metres (around 15 yards) as she made her way toward the corner shop. Mostly she was a mass of swirling, bright energies all going this way and that, but her intent to move along obvious to me. Now I know that she must have been an astral child.

I just watched her with a feeling of magic in me and as my awareness came back to the classroom I remembered what I had seen very clearly. I badly wanted to tell the teacher (an Our Lady of Mercy Nun) but something inside me told me to keep it to myself. (Wise of me on reflection I think!).

This was one of the truly magical occurrences I had as a child.



Number 9

William B. Elias - 2007

I was walking up my hallway towards the second bedroom to put away an item before I retired to bed. The bedroom door was slightly ajar; I pushed it open into a dark room, stopped in the doorway and with my right hand turned on the light. To my surprise there was a creature on the wall about half a metre (around one and a half feet) above my hand flat against the wall. The creature was the size of a dinner plate, dark in colour; I didn’t notice any eyes, just a flurry of legs (either six or eight) as it scampered behind the built in wardrobe. I was puzzled that it fitted since there didn’t appear to be a crack or anything. I then realised it must have been an Astral creature. On reflection, it seemed to be startled. I got the impression that it hadn’t expected me to see it. It was partially right. I hadn’t expected to see it either!



Number 10

Serena Scarlett - 2nd October 2007

At my home I would often feel the presence of a being, mostly in my lounge room as I sat around relaxing. If I was sad they helped me feel happier and if I wasn’t well I felt they gave me healing. It was as if I had a helping hand from someone watching out for me.

When I am out and about I also sense the presence of other beings, usually when a few of us have gathered to talk about spiritual topics. This occurs when there is a group such as at our metaphysical class or even when there are just two or three of us together talking about something deep and meaningful. I will feel the being/s and sense their interest and at times their involvement in our spiritual development.

Tonight, I left class with a couple of other friends as we were going to a different house to say a Rosary together. As I was leaving I said “goodbye” out loud to the presence/s that I had felt there for most of the evening. It wasn’t until we were quietly sitting together to say the Rosary that it dawned on me I hadn’t left them behind, they had accompanied us to the Rosary! I think this was because they were attracted to the work we were doing and they more than likely assist.



Number 11

Wizard - Mid 2005

I was at work and went to use the toilet. When I walked in I sensed very strongly that there was another person in there. It all seemed fine until I realised that there was no physical person there at all. Suddenly I saw a “man” walk out of one of the cubicles past me and out the toilet. The part of the astral person that I saw was his legs and hips – I never saw his torso or head! He was wearing off-white pants and was mostly transparent (I could see through his legs as well). What I could see of his hip area looked like he was also wearing a dark blue shirt.

They walk among us – even in the dunny!



Number 12

Robin Ezra - March 2006

It was late afternoon and I was driving toward Fyshwick, a suburb of Canberra. I had reached a large intersection and as I slowed down in the traffic, I saw a number of oversized horses galloping at least a meter off the ground moving from my right to left across the front of the car.

The horses and the men on their backs were dressed in what appeared to be full ceremonial uniforms. The horses were white in colour, their nostrils were flared, they were being ridden hard. The men on their backs were wearing red black and white costumes and hats with gold fittings.

It was a only a brief glimpse and I drove away wondering who they were, when I realised that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip were arriving in Australia for the Commonwealth Games. I had just witnessed the (non-physical) Royal Guard coming before them to clear the way.



Number 13

Wizard - 8th March 2006

I was at a friend’s place for my regular spiritual class. We were in the middle of an exercise when suddenly the front door slammed shut as though it had been deliberately slammed shut by someone. Immediately I felt the presence of an astral person in the house that was very strong and was moving towards us in the family room. It gave me feelings of excitement at knowing there was an Astral person (a ghost !) there and I became very curious as to who they were and why they were there.

The person came up to stand behind me (yes my hairs were standing on end but it was not frightening)! I reached out with my senses to see if I could recognise them but could not sense who they were. After the event other class members also said they felt someone there walking around and Annie Marshall said she had received an image of the presence being a farmer who had died long before and the land on which the house is built was his farm.

That same night when I was leaving I was walking to the front door and in 3 specific spots towards the door I could sense a very warm, familiar energy – it felt like a recently departed class friend had also come to visit and I was picking up on her energy.



Number 14

Wizard - 2007

During 2007 I have sometimes seen briefly and felt the presence of someone in my home. One day I arrived home from work to open the front door and immediately sensed someone was in my house. I looked up to see very quickly a blurred form moving through the family room and out the glass doors. That same night whilst I was watching television I felt the same presence in my lounge room and looked up to see a shape of a human figure very quickly move from the lounge room through the wall and outside.

Again during 2007 I was sitting in the family room watching TV when I felt a presence near me. I looked over to the glass sliding doors to see a very interesting wavy, shimmering clear piece of energy just standing there as though they / it was watching TV with me or watching me! It then left.

On another occasion, I happened to be walking to the kitchen from my room to get some water very early in the morning. It was still dark. I turned the lounge light on so I could see my way to the kitchen. On the way back I walked through the lounge towards my room and stopped in the hallway. The lounge light had been turned off and the hall light near my room had been turned on. Whilst the sceptics will say I have electrical faults in my house I have had no problems with my lights or wiring since moving in. In addition, when I realised the hall light was on and the lounge light off I felt an energy there and got a very strong message coming from externally into my mind that someone had done that for me so I could see my way back. Very kind of them ! Thank you :))



Number 15

Wizard - Easter 2006, Holy Thursday

I was having dinner alone in my home sitting at the dining table. I was contemplating the night ahead and its significance as I and some friends were to catch up later on in the evening and spend the rest of the night together to keep vigil for Christ.

Sometime while eating dinner I became aware of the presence of 3 masculine presences with me at my table. I could not see or hear anything, it was very quiet and still, however, I felt that 3 presences were either sitting at my table with me or near me. The sense I had was that they were masculine (i.e. blokes!) The feeling I got was not so much of their presence, although I could feel it but more of a bond, a sense of brotherhood and companionship. It was quite unique for me as I have not felt that sensation before. I also felt humour as though they were enjoying being there with me and having a good time. I felt comforted and uplifted at the same time – a part of me also enjoyed and appreciated having their company.

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Number 16

William B Elias - 2004

I awoke to my mobile phone beeping. It was 7am. I sat up in bed and saw Sprite, my black fluffy cat sitting near the doorway. I was surprised as he wasn’t allowed in my bedroom.

Half asleep, I said, “What are you doing in here?” and he scampered for the door. It was then I realised that he had died two years ago. I felt warmth around my heart area and didn’t mind him being in my bedroom. I miss him and on occasions over the last two years have sometimes seen him out of the corner of my eye. This time he looked solid. I got the impression he was annoyed that I had caught him out.



Number 17

Robin Ezra - April 28th 2006

It was the day after my teacher, John’s birthday and I was the first person in the morning attending a spiritual counseling with Lyn, my other teacher. The house still had all the excitement of the big birthday party the night before, streamers, party crackers and birthday cards.

The room was full of light and energy and I could see little sparks of light going off just above the floor.

I was relaxing back into the seat talking with Lyn, when I was aware of intense bright lights to the left of my face just above my shoulder. Each time I attempted to look at it, it jumped back.

The lights shone out of the eyes of the small face of a little creature, when I was looking straight ahead and focusing on Lyn it moved around to look at me, peeking over my shoulder. Each time I attempted to look at it, it jumped back out of my sight.

I pointed to it while looking at Lyn and asked “what is that?” She said it was a small creature from another place (from another place, why didn’t I ask more questions, I didn’t and at that time was satisfied to know just that). It was about 30cms tall, very bright and very shy of my eyes being on it – I am aware that I need to look with less intensity at things.

It was a lovely experience that left me very excited and wanting to see more.



Number 18

Serena Scarlett - 11th Oct 07

On frequent occasions I feel the presence of a being or well-meaning essence in the room with me both on my own and when I am talking to friend/s. Tonight I had a deep and meaningful chat with a friend and I sensed a presence or kindly spirit close by. As we talked together we had a lot to say about relationships and friendships. We explored the best ways to look after them and do the right thing by them and ourselves. I mentioned to my friend about the non-physical beings that had joined us and I described what I felt. “They’re almost healing, and definitely ‘For’ our lives. I sense they have our best interests at heart. I can feel they contribute to our well-being. They are genuinely interested in what we have to say; this is a little like our spiritual class when other beings are also attracted to join us. It is as though they are attracted to us when we get together and discuss spiritual themes”.

At first my friend was annoyed with herself that she couldn’t feel them. I told her my feelings and this seemed to trigger her and she felt it too. I waved in the general direction that I sensed the beings. “They’re there, and are ‘For’ us and want us to be happy and well and they sincerely want things to go well for us, they contribute in energy for us in those ways. I sense one now hearing me say this”. I felt their recognition and it kind of felt like a smile. I said “hello” and “thank you” out loud. Then a flood of lovely energy came towards my heart and my throat. I described this to my friend and then I felt Joy. Strong joyous energy gently surged in my heart, chest and throat areas. Another friend who was there said “I can feel it now too”.  

How wonderful!



Number 19

William B Elias – 1983

A friend, George and I had decided to go and look for UFO’s on a cold winter night at 11.30. We drove out into the country, not exactly sure where we were, we just followed our noses. We stopped and were looking hard at the night sky for any signs.

We both became aware of a presence behind us. George turned to me and asked, “Do you feel that?” “Yes,” I said, “I wonder who or what it is.” It seemed that someone was in the back seat. We closed our eyes and tried to ‘feel’ what or who it was. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. We both started to feel a little jumpy as we had heard that aliens can take you. We decided we didn’t want to meet them that much!

We drove back to George’s place at a fast pace, made a cuppa and relaxed in the safety of four walls.

John, one of our teachers arrived half an hour later and quizzed us as to what we had been doing. We told him of our adventure and the sensation of the passenger in the back seat. He began to smile and called us a pair of chooks. He informed us he was the one in the back seat, he had been astral ravelling and came across us and decided to drop in.