Nature Spirits and Angels are metaphysical beings who inhabit and work with the energies of non-physical realms, activating them in the physical world in the ongoing work of Creation and evolution. They are involved in every aspect of life and in every natural process. It is possible to learn to perceive these wonderful beings.



Number 1

Tamika Beckman 13th August 2003 

I was out walking and being aware of nature.  It was very windy outside when I began seeing lots of little swirls for want of a better word. They were in the colours of snowflakes. Mauves, pinks, blues and very light translucent colours. I was surprised that the swirls were not moving how I would have expected with the wind being so strong. They were doing different things, at different speeds and rolling amongst each other with no particular pattern or order that I could recognise. Later after contemplating what I had seen I realised that I was seeing little air spirits.  I mentioned this some time later to Lyn, my teacher who told me that I was limiting what I was seeing and to look even bigger and that they were part of something else. 

I can see them now when I choose to be aware of these little beings. They now have more definition in their shape and colours and I have an understanding of the way they move and how that relates to other things to do with air and interactions with other things.



Number 2

Vince Dove - 8th October 2004

We were at the coast for a 3 day break. My daughter and I had been swimming and the water was very cold, bracing. After I got out and dried off, I went walking towards the southern end of surf beach with the intent to see if I could observe the deva of the island 500 meters (or about 547 yards) off the beach.

As I was walking up the beach, I noticed the sun on my back and felt how lovely it was and welcomed it. I was thinking of the recent increase in Angelic forces and felt a warm sensation coming over my heart. I was seeing lots of movement or etheric, energy and prana in the air, then I saw a sweep of energy down the side of the island. It was dark blue with red in it, the red seemed to give it depth and substance. As I saw it my mind was drawn down the energy to the sea. I think this energy was part of the nature spirit of the island, it came from above the island and followed its contour to the sea. Almost immediately I saw another sweep coming from the point of land closest to the island. It originated slightly inland (about 500 meters) and looked almost the same as the first one only a bit wider. My mind was also drawn down to the sea again in the same manner.

As I lifted my awareness back up to the top of the hill at the point of land I saw one of the deva’s chakras. It appeared to be about 4 ½ to 6 metres in diameter (15 to 20 feet), circular in shape with bright green spokes ( not sure how many possibly 4) The overall colour was deep vibrant blue at the circumference going a deeper blue the closer you got to the centre. The chakra had such depth, the further in you looked the narrower the spokes got. The edges of the spokes were trimmed with the darkest deepest blue. As you looked to the surface of the chakra, the spokes got wider. There was also the same type of red in the chakra that I saw in the sweeps of energy. This served to give it substance and texture. It added to its depth. When I saw the chakra, it looked overall deep blue but it had red in it at the same time, you could discern the two colours without seeing the composite colour even thought they were mixed. I only saw it for ½ a second.



Number 3

Keith Foley-Chell - Summer, 1978 

I was sitting on a sloping grassy field in the Dandenong mountains, near Melbourne, Australia. As I sat, I became very relaxed and still. I felt so quiet and peaceful. At the same time I felt as if I was not bounded by my normal physical shape.  

As I sat like this, I gazed across at the range of hills in front of us. I started to see energy moving above one of the highest peaks. I began to see a central shape, bright and almost hour glass shaped, though greatly elongated. There were lines of energy radiating outwards from the centre and I could feel and see bursts of energy pulsing outwards along them. There were also concentric circles of light, through which the lines of energy pulsed. I could hardly breathe, for fear of breaking the spell. Though I could “only” see it as bright energy and couldn’t see any colour, I knew I was seeing a Deva, a spirit of the Dandenong range. This was a very special experience, one which touched me deeply inside. I felt more at peace within myself for some time afterwards.



Number 4

Alaine Cohen – 30th April 2005

After showering and “knowing” cleansing inside too and then dressing in clean clothes, I went outside with a feeling of anticipation. I stood with my back against a wonderful elm tree in our yard, and I looked for energies and colours around the trees that I could see on the horizon. I saw lots of lovely vibrant blue etheric energy all across the tree tops. This was more than I usually see and I had a feeling inside of much larger forces and energies at work and I felt excited by that. Then I sat quietly, being still.

After contemplating recent experiences and feeling quite elevated as a result, I “looked inside” and I was aware of the air nature spirit in my nose and face. (I’ve learnt from John and Lyn that every human has an earth, air, fire and water nature spirit in their body.) I said hello to her in my mind and I acknowledged her presence. As soon as I did that, I was aware of my throat and I could “see” in my mind that energy was radiating outwards from my throat chakra, mostly glowing white with streaks of purple. I saw the energies three dimensionally going all directions, with a more concentrated sphere at the centre. There was a faint glow in the white. I knew that the energy of my air nature spirit linked down into my lungs.

Next, I was aware of gold sparkling energy (a stream of sparkles) coming in through the top of my head and down through my body. There was a little up and down movement, but mostly it was downwards. It felt marvelous and it was cleansing as it moved through me, then went into the Earth. I felt this was a gift and was extremely grateful and gave thanks.

Then I felt an inner connection to an angelic force. My heart was linked in some way. “She” was very beautiful, with very large sweeping energies of glowing white and purple and gold radiance in the white. There were other wispy bits of gold near what seemed to be her face and throat. I knew there were soft rainbow colours too, but I didn’t “see” that. I felt connected in a very direct way, almost like I was sitting in her aura. I was aware that my perception was incredibly limited. I had a small “inner” glimpse of this wonderful and majestic entity and it was very humbling.

I talked to John a bit later about this experience and I mentioned that I was aware of how limited my perception was. From my memory, he said something close to the following (not an exact quote):

Don’t worry about the limited aspect of your perception, that is a given, we all know that occurs. Instead, look at how expansive the energies were and the grandeur. See all your experiences as a brand new and growing thing, rather than making comparisons.



Number 5

Bronwen - Sept 8th 2004 (early Springtime)

During a senses walk in our weekly class (where we dedicate time walking in nature using our senses) I came across a large street tree that was in full blossom. It was night-time and the tree was lit by a nearby street light. It was a very gentle spring night full of the early softness of Spring.

I was using my 5 senses gently to feel and connect with the blossom tree. I was a bit surprised when I sensed there was a joyful celebration going on within the tree, a feeling of a bubbling brightness. It was like putting my tongue into fizzing champagne with joyful bubbles. The bubbly feeling was all through the tree, with a feeling of movement along the trunk and branches. It was the most wonderful fizzy joyful feeling and I just stood with the tree for several minutes savouring the feeling and celebration.

I also knew in the experience that this celebration and bubbling brightness was the tree’s response to the Spring nature forces and the joyful bubbles were the energy behind the physical manifestation of the blossoms. (So blossoms are really tree joy bubbles!)

I suspect the bubbling brightness was contagious as I couldn’t wait to share the experience with my class mates and pass on the excitement of Spring and the feeling of the joy bubbles.



Number 6

Jude Foley-Chell - June 2007

Since a class discussion about how nature responds when acknowledged, I had been showing my appreciation and expressing thanks to nature when out walking. One particular day, I noticed a number of unusual happenings with animals. Example: I found the neighbour’s kitten being chased across our backyard by our dog and later in the afternoon we had a calf run through our front garden and over our strawberry patch trying to escape back into a nearby paddock. This day was a day of usual happenings with animals out of place.

That evening I had the feeling to look for nature spirits. So, I sat outside in the back yard and looked out into a paddock of trees. Very quickly I began seeing nature spirit activity. It was bright and active over one particular tree, beginning as a bright purple and blue energy swirling in a spiralling movement among the tree branches, upwards above the tree. That swirling energy then became a white cloud of light covering the tree. A moment later, the swirling blue and purple energy would return, spiralling and again the cloud of white light would appear over the tree.

Other colours appeared over the tree as I watched (a green colour appearing in a blotchy manner over the tree and a line of a deep rusty brick red colour up through the tree). But mostly it was the blue and purple colour appearing, swirling and then dispersing into a white cloud covering the tree. A little later, bright silver/blue explosions in circle shapes appeared around the top branches.

It was beautiful to see. I would acknowledge the tree and thank it for its service and then see more nature spirit activity.

I discovered later that this lighting up of the tree, was the nature spirit (of the tree) lighting up from within, in response to my acknowledgement. 



Number 7

Suzie Duncan – 2nd February 2007

I was using my crystal ball last night and found I had far too much thinking involved. I followed John’s advice of moving to my heart and an interesting thing happened. A small nature spirit/fairy swept across and through the ball with a sparkling magic that seemed to lift a film off the ball and vitalise it within. This was magical and uplifting and akin to something from Peter Pan! There was a real sense of delight at doing the work, pleasure at a job well done. I was able to watch the spirit as it worked and see the sparkling energies it left. I had big round eyes!



Number 8

Rachel White - 2003

In the kitchen I was idly making a cup of tea. I turned around and saw a tiny bug like creature with slightly human-like facial features on the sink tap. When it knew I was looking at it, it quickly disappeared up the spout. This all happened in an instant. I thought it was pretty cool at the time and wonder what other sort of creatures are going about their business in our homes.



Number 9

Jude Foley-Chell - 25th September 2007

This experience occurred at our weekly class (psychic and spiritual classes) during senses time. This is an exercise where we go outside and focus on awareness of our five senses. I was feeling distracted and unsettled by something that had happened during the day, so when we went outside I had to work at focusing on the exercise. I sat out in the garden and did my best to focus my awareness on the surrounding plants and trees. Approximately five minutes passed and then I heard a chattering, like the noise made by castanets used in Spanish flamenco dancing. It probably lasted 5-6 seconds. It was a very fast chattering noise, with a couple of brief pauses occurring within it. At the time there was a strong feeling inside me that the noise I was hearing was associated with nature spirit activity. The chatter was occurring to the left of me and while I describe it as sounding like castanets, I knew this chatter was not physical sound.

I learnt that our class host had earlier been out in his garden changing the potted plants around in the area that I had been sitting and heard the noise.

After class, a group of us stayed to pray the Rosary and as we prayed I got a vision in my mind of a garden oasis outside the host’s kitchen doors. This vision faded and a little later another appeared in my mind. This time it was a dug out area (a trench), in the same place outside our hosts kitchen doors. It felt like there was a treasure at the bottom of the trench. As I looked in the trench, there appeared to be what looked like an underground pipe, then I thought it was a shiny rock shelf but as I got closer to the object it then looked like an old glass bottle or container. In my mind I tried to feel the essence of the vision: was it predictive?, was it an emotion left in the house? I felt this vision was associated with something our host had been thinking about in his imagination.

After the rosary, I told our host I had seen a vision in my mind and asked if a dug out area had any meaning to him. He told me that this is what he used to do with his father, go digging for treasures. He also told me another story, that one day John, our teacher had heard nature spirit activity (on another block of land the host owns) and the nature spirits were’ talking’ about buried treasure there.

The reason I included these visions in sharing this experience was because of the connection to the nature spirits. I heard the nature spirits and later had the vision of buried treasures, both of which resonated with the nature spirit story.

Hearing the nature spirit chattering and knowing what it was, was exciting. I can still feel the definiteness associated with this experience and will recognise it again when it occurs in future experiences.



Number 10

Jude Foley-Chell - 1992

I had just come home from a shift working as a nurse. A friend arrived and we were sitting on the floor of the lounge room, in the sun, chatting. I can remember feeling tired from the shift, but wanting to listen and care for my friend who was having an emotional time. My friend was sitting opposite me with a glass of water in front of her. As she talked I saw a nature spirit over her glass of water. The nature spirit was approximately 9-10 cm (3.5 ins) tall and 3-4 cm (1.5 ins) wide. It had a perfect face and shape, it was composed of many colours associated with water (blues and greens are what I remember). The nature spirit seemed so complete, perfect and fitting.

15 years later, as I sat talking with Lyn (our spiritual counsellor & teacher) about writing up this experience for the web page, I couldn’t help but ask what would happen to these nature spirits as we drink the water. She laughed at me worrying over this, saying “What do you think your physical body is made of?”.



Number 11

Nicholas Cohen - Wednesday 8th August 2007

Last night was a very interesting night in our home.

Alaine, my wife, and I were in the lounge room. I was reading and Alaine was working on the laptop computer. It was a cold mid winter’s night and our home was warm and comfortable.

I noticed Ashie, one of our cats, look suddenly at the front door. His big wide eyes told me someone was about to knock. I asked, “Who’s there, Ashie?” He did not look at me but continued looking at the door and I could not divert his attention. After about 20 seconds he settled down.

A few minutes later I saw some non-physical movement around the corner of the lounge. It was like a movement in the ethers but I could not discern who or what it was.

About 10 minutes after this there was a noise in our computer room. Both our cats were lying comfortably in the lounge room with Alaine and me.

About half an hour later I was going into our meditation room to meditate when I caught sight of Alaine moving in the lounge room. However, I immediately realised Alaine was in another part of the house. This was the fourth odd sighting.

While I was meditating, there was a great crash and I heard the cats running about wildly. I continued to meditate and when I finished I came out to discover that they were both wild eyed and crazy. Alaine was trying to calm them. One of the cats had smashed an oil burner. We could not get near Sheena, our second cat and had to leave her alone to settle down.

Alaine and I went into the meditation room. As things felt so disturbed, we decided to metaphysically cleanse the house. Alaine sent energy to me while I directed it to do the cleansing. I was just about finished and I was visualising the bathroom when I saw a little person in my mind’s eye.

This “person” could just see over the edge of the hand basin and was fascinated by the shiny chrome taps and spout. He did not register my looking at him. He was dressed in greens and browns, he was old and a bit gnarled, had a hat over unkempt hair and bowed legs. I cleansed the bathroom and when I had completed the process for  the whole house, I went back into the bathroom and mentally led the “little person” by the hand down the corridor and out through the front door. It was like leading a sleepy child by the hand.

Alaine and I went back into the lounge room where the cats were once again settled down and everything was calm again. It was a very interesting night. The little person was a type of nature spirit, an earth spirit or gnome who had been attracted by our metaphysical activities and energies within the house. He had wandered dreamily in and become mesmerised by the unfamiliar appliances and fittings he found there.



Number 12

Wizard – 22nd December 2005

After the Solstice I had an “urge” to go to Parliament House in Canberra where a great Angel was “in residence” above the building, sending her energy into the surrounding Earth.

I decided to go onto the roof of Parliament House (which is grassed) and when I did I felt a closeness to something that was very large, very powerful and very present! It is hard to find a comparison of what this feeling of closeness to the large being was like other than to say that the closeness felt like being close to a good friend or loved parent and the largeness felt like standing next to a skyscraper as a child for the first time and looking up and getting that feeling inside you of immensity of proportion. What made this special was that I felt it in my heart and my whole being. I had this same feeling again on 8 July 2006 when the Angel returned and I went to visit.



Number 13

Shell Kirby - December 2005

I’d just woken up and quietly walked into the lounge room. The soft, early morning sunlight was shining through the windows, across the room to the coffee table. The table had clusters of Christmas decorations, candles and crystals to attract fairies. Movement caught my eye and I was entranced to see a group of fairies about an inch tall dancing in a circle around the central table decoration. I felt their joyous celebration. What a magical way to start the day!



Number 14

Jacinda Jackson - Autumn 2004

We used to live close to a nature reserve where I would often go walking. In the summer of previous months the trees in the reserve had been devastated by a massive bush fire. Being Eucalypts, the trees recovered well and we enjoyed watching the bush spring back to life, beautiful bright green shoots contrasted against the charcoaled black trunks. Along the spine of the reserve there was a wider pathway that led to a water catchment. The pathway was lined with trees and, on a couple of occasions, I had the distinct feeling of being watched by something. Although I could not “see” anything I could clearly perceive what was there. The creatures were very black, like the charcoal of the tree trunks and they were spindly and bark-like with very long pointy features. They seemed to be connected to the trees in some way, peering from around the burnt branches. Their eyes were bright red in colour. I had a go at drawing them and showed my teacher, John, who explained that the creatures were kind of “left-over” from the big Salamanders (fire spirits) that come with the bush fires, like Salamander poo for want of a better description.

I found it really interesting that I could perceive so much detail of the spirits without seeing them with physical eyes.



Number 15

William B Elias - 10 Oct 2007

It was 7.15am, I was driving along the Federal Highway in New South Wales, Australia. I had been saying the Rosary (the Glorious Mysteries) whilst driving, when I became aware of a part of the essence of an Angelic Being on the outskirts of the city in which I live. A feeling of gratitude washed over me and that I, in some small way, am part of the Angelic Being's expression to the physical. I felt uplifted.



Number 16

Jacinda Jackson – 1981

Although I can’t recall everything from my childhood, there are specific things that I have no problem remembering, even with an adult mind attached. I have been told that I had some ability to see nature spirits when I was little. I cannot remember “seeing” but I remember the day that I realised I couldn’t see any more. My mother was carrying me around the garden and we were looking at the plants, I remember how it felt to be picked up and carried and the rhythm of my mother’s walk. We stopped at a particular plant and my mother asked me to show her where the fairies were. I couldn’t see them but I lied and told her I could.



Number 17

Tony Orford - 2001

It was a warm sunny day and I was doing some gardening out the back of a house we were renting. I was enjoying the day and was working at the back of the yard. I looked up at the fence and saw the head only, (as the head was the only part there) of a small clear-faced creature. He had human features with pointy ears and nose, and a kind, interested expression. When we made eye-contact he vanished. It was very clear and I recalled good detail although it only lasted 1 or 2 seconds, I had no doubt whatsoever that the being was looking at me from another realm.



Number 18

Tony Orford - Christmas 2006

I am a driving instructor and I was taking students for a drive up to a prominent local hill. I looked up at the hill and saw a clear shimmer shooting up from the top into the sky. Inside the shimmer were two spirals of clear energy going upwards with patches of vibrant cerise and green distributed along the spirals. I knew that this was a part of an angel that had settled over the hill. I experienced a warmth and excitement inside me and felt privileged to witness the angel.



Number 19

Tony Orford - Summer 2005

It was a calm sunny day and I was standing outdoors facing a large hill to the north of our town. I looked up and saw a mixture of colours radiating from the centre of the hill to the top and over, and this formed a circular shape. The colours were a combination of vibrant reds, greens, yellows and gold. The red colours were emanating outwards from the base of the being and continuing up the hill were greens and yellows with a clear shimmer at the top. Gold was radiating from the edge of the circle like the rays of the sun. I saw the entity for about five seconds but at the time didn’t realise the significance of what I saw. It was only later, after telling my teacher, John, what I saw that I realised the significance of seeing this entity, a Deva nature spirit.



Number 20

Serena Scarlett - 16th October 2007

As I was driving through the country feeling relaxed and ‘present’ I looked ahead of me out the window and saw a lovely vista of rolling hills. I consciously put my attention to the other side of the furthest hill and felt my consciousness expand. It was a wonderful feeling as I felt myself broaden. I was much, much bigger than the ‘little me’ inside my body or mind. I was aware my consciousness stretched far beyond the hills. Then I saw two ‘eyes’ looking back at me.

It was brief and I wasn’t sure if it was an aspect of myself or a higher being such as an angel or large deva (nature spirit). Whatever it was I felt my third eye vibrating from the contact. It was good to be reminded that I tend to limit myself and that there is so much more to discover about life.



Number 21

Shell Kirby - January 2006

In Canberra we had been enjoying a visiting Angelic presence associated with Parliament House in Australia’s national capital. I tuned into it often, and went to Parliament house a lot to be in its presence. I loved the sense of serenity, privilege and wonder. I felt it recognise me too. That was incredibly humbling. How lucky are we to know about and have such an experience!

The day before leaving for a trip to Italy, I went to Parliament house to soak up the Angel once more and say farewell. As I left I felt it fill me with its presence, acknowledging my departure. The sensations are not easy to describe, but something like incredible tingling all through me, like effervescence with depth, peace, gratitude, love and warmth.

While visiting Rome I had been prepared to acknowledge, experience and try to ‘see’ some of the Angels associated with the Vatican that my teacher Lyn had told me about. I prepared myself, greeted them from my heart, not just from me, but from all my friends with whom I share spiritual classes and courses and felt their presence acknowledge me and us. It was so fulfilling, exciting and humbling at the same time. I wished that everyone else visiting Rome could feel that too.

Another day I was walking towards a church that had caught my attention in the guide book. It was one of the oldest churches in Rome, on an island in the middle of the river. It had two bridges connecting it to the city. I was blown away by the fact that I was about to walk across a bridge that people have walked across since the time of Christ. The island also housed a hospital, and at the time of Christ there was a healing temple there. So I was very much looking forward to walking across those stones, thinking about all the people that had come before me to be healed.