There are an infinite number of possible spiritual and metaphysical experiences. They are as individual as the people who have them. It is impossible to categorise them all, so this section includes those experiences that do not fall into any of the other categories.



Number 1

William B. Elias - June 1979

It was an hour before dusk while walking to my friend’s place that I came up behind a man staggering along the footpath in front of me. He was about 50 years of age, dressed in an old grey suit; his movements suggested he had had a little too much to drink. I decided to help him, as he appeared to almost fall over a few times but would stop just in time. I assumed his astral body was wavering in and out of his physical body, as I have been taught that this happens when a person is drunk. I was walking three metres behind him and I mentally visualised my hands gently pushing his astral back into his body and holding it there. He immediately stopped, turned around and said in a slurred voice “Please don’t do that”. I was so startled I did as he asked and he turned around and continued on his way. I followed him around the next corner to his house. I continued to my friend’s place a little shocked but excited.



Number 2

Jennifer - around 2005 

I find I can often easily manifest what I want when I am not stressed and when I place no pressure on the circumstance. For example, I was riding my bike on the side lane of dual lane highway when I thought to myself … ‘it’s quite bright, I could use some sunglasses’. A bit further down the road I came across the perfect pair of sunglasses lying abandoned in the lane I was travelling in.  Another time I was cycling down a deserted country road when my bicycle tyre punctured. I had to wait on the side of the road until someone passed. Fortunately, in the middle of nowhere, there was a lounge cushion a couple of metres from where I had punctured, so I was able to sit in comfort and enjoy the sunshine while I waited!  

I have noticed that when I decide to do something, despite not knowing exactly how I will achieve it, the means always comes… and sometimes from surprising quarters. For example, I decided to go on a trip to Egypt without knowing how I was going to pay for it. The week the airfares were due, I unexpectedly received a cheque for work I had done a couple of years earlier (and for which I thought I would never be paid) for the exact amount of the fares.



Number 3

Tamika Beckman - 2006

I was really applying myself to meditating regularly using a form of meditation that involved concentration on a particular shape (which is harder than it sounds!). I wasn’t having much luck with it at all, however, I was having some success with my crystal ball.  On this particular occasion I was just getting the mist swirl in the ball and started to feel the pull of the ball on my mind but I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel balanced, so I decided to open my eyes to start again after a few deep breaths. Lo and behold when I opened my eyes for the first time ever there was my meditation shape as clear as a bell. It lasted for quite a few minutes…with my eyes open! I was so excited that I finally had got hold it I couldn’t sit still enough to use the ball again that day. 

I have the feeling that what had happened was that because I was so still, focused and concentrating so completely on what I was doing that it had the same effect as doing the concentration meditation.



Number 4

Suzie Duncan – 9th December 2006

I have had an interesting day with at times feeling very connected with nature and the earth. With this I was seeing a lot of bright etheric, energies and some colour throughout nature whilst driving to Canberra and back. I have had some interesting experiences when doing the activity of centring on the earth nature in my bones and this feeling of connectedness seems to have come from this.

Tonight I was being at peace and centred myself in my heart. It was much deeper in me than I usually feel and when there, it was open and expansive and I felt I could move to anywhere. I decided to follow the path between my heart and pineal chakra. At some point I was aware of a quiet I had no previous experience of. Any thought had to be so gentle as to be almost not there. There was so much power in this “thinking” (thinking isn’t really correct but I don’t have a word to explain, it was a force). I had awareness of energies in my head. When I placed my awareness to a different area I felt the energies in my hand responding. When I placed my awareness to my third eye, I knew that this “thinking” was linked with the third eye forces. I could see/feel energies flowing through my third eye.

At some point my awareness returned to my normal thinking process.



Number 5

Annie Marshall – around 2005

I was at our spiritual development class and we were conducting a healing circle.  This is where we form a circle and join hands with the intent of sending healing to each other’s and the world’s circumstances. 

Class was at my house and as we joined hands and began to settle I heard obvious rustling and chattering noises, they were as clear as if you and I were talking.  I suspected it was actually the noise of our thoughts, not the thoughts as in sentences but the process of the thoughts, the noises of the whole person rather than just the mind.   I felt very pleased and rather entertained by the experience.



Number 6

Jennifer - Nov 1990

At the age of 30 I didn’t care if I lived or died. I had come from a stable family, had an extensive education, was married to a decent man, had a beautiful baby, money, a very good job, excellent health, great friends, had travelled overseas – all the things that people around me seemed to aspire to or were happy with – yet life seemed pointless to me. In desperation I threw myself into an intense 14 day personal development course, during which I had the following experiences:-

1. It felt like my chest was physically being wrenched open. It ached for several days to the point that it was hard to move. I think it was my heart opening.

2. I literally had a fight with God, screaming and punching out at ‘Him’ for about 10 minutes for all the suffering in the world. I stopped when I realized I was the only one fighting! God wasn’t fighting back. ‘He’ was there for me all along. I KNEW then that I/we take ourselves away from God, not vice versa, and that we are the cause of any suffering that is being experienced, and further, that we do not have to suffer.

3. I spontaneously went back to the time of my birth in Africa and realized I was somehow as a baby conscious of the fact that my arrival was not enough to make my mother, who was very lonely without her family in another country, happy. Tho’ a baby, some part of me made a decision at the time that was to run my entire life to that point - that I was not good enough. At the same instant as realizing this, it hit full force that had only been a decision and not the truth. Light then exploded in my head and there was no separation between God, myself and others. I fell in love, I WAS love. After that I could see/feel a kind of inner light in everyone. Externally everything sparkled with light and clarity. The same life that had looked so pointless now shone with joy. I went home and changed my life to be consistent with who I had seen myself and everyone else to be (i.e. God). There were many ‘magic’ and synchronistic occurrences throughout the following year or two, and although I can no longer ‘see’ the Light, or feel the Love, I know it is ever there.



Number 7

Ignacious – 2nd July 2007

I have a preferred short route that goes from my home direct to my place of work. However I often leave earlier to take alternate routes going out of my way around the town. I do this to avoid becoming stuck in a habit. One day I was rostered to start at 3pm. I left home at 2:30pm with the intention of taking one of the longer, more scenic routes. I then had an impression, almost like a voice in my head saying, “Go your usual way”, so I followed this impression and went my usual way. Outside the back of a school I pass on this route was a utility truck parked on the street with the registration number ending in 333. I continued on my way and not long after, I saw another car in front of me with a number plate ending in 333. Then I saw a third vehicle coming toward me with 333. Seeing three vehicles like this in such a relatively small space felt significant, although I don’t recall anything significant happening that day that would relate to the number 333.

The number 333 relates to completion and fruitfulness. Seeing it three times strengthens this influence threefold.



Number 8

Suzie Duncan – 27th April 2007

I have had some interesting things with meditation since a course with John & Lyn a couple of days ago. I felt a lot softer approach occur and on the first occasion I had a really strong sense of nurturing flowing through me, a strong flowing feminine energy different to anything I have sensed previously. On another occasion I had quite an extended period of clear concentration and at some time I knew a sense of beauty that was not based on anything, it was all encompassing. This was really inspiring!



Number 9

Keith Foley-Chell - 22nd September 2007

In the evening, I had been reading some of John & Lyn’s course notes on the Spirit, “Know Thyself”. Some parts particularly resonated with me, including how to live comfortably without the need for reaction. I had read these notes before, but without such a profound experience of them.

Later that night I was lying in bed talking with my partner and I realised that I felt very different inside. I knew intuitively that the notes I had been reading had had an energy of their own (a particularly powerful one in this case) and that they had affected the way my energies were working inside me. On contemplating and discussing this, I realised I knew that every communication, every piece of music, every book, every movie; in fact everything we encounter has certain influences inside us. The power I felt in these notes seemed to relate to the fact that they were consciously written on more than one level, or spiritual depth. Both the direct effect of the notes and the realisation of at least one of the depths of their creation gave me a sense of appreciation and wonder. I also felt a sense of expansion inside, to realise that it was possible to consciously experience your world at these multiple levels to such a degree that you could speak from these depths to the insides of others. It wasn’t so much that my normal world seemed two dimensional, but rather that there was this amazing multi-dimensional world to be explored.



Number 10

Serena Scarlett - 9th September 2007

Friends asked me to go for a walk one spring evening recently. I accepted gladly and I enjoyed their pleasant company on the cool mild night. We walked further than my fitness levels, and I became quite thirsty.

Due to the drought in our area, many businesses had their outdoor taps disconnected so water could not be wasted by a tap left on or from people stealing the water. We searched a few places to no avail. Even the main park in the middle of town had no water bubbler for the public to drink from.

As we continued along the street parallel to the main road, we passed by a few business premises then walked alongside a place with a hedge. Somehow I knew this place had a tap. I diverged off the track, leaving my friends momentarily as I dived in behind the hedge. I swiftly walked towards a brick wall at the side, and there it was!

I turned on the tap, amazed it still had its handle as so many others had been removed around town. I didn’t care about the slightly rusty taste of the water, it was cool and refreshing. What’s more I was right, I had followed my intuition and found the tap; I was pleased with myself.



Number 11

Jennifer – 16th September 2007

Each day I pick an Angel card for the day and a nutmeg out of a bag of nutmegs which have various symbols on them. I have developed many associations to them, much as does a person who frequently uses tarot cards, and they always have relevance to the day ahead, although I may not realize it until I ponder upon it at the end of the day. On this recent morning it was the Angel of ‘Brotherhood’, depicting angels in telephone conversation with each other, and the nutmeg relating to ‘sharing’, that showed up. I thought no more about it until late that night it registered that I had had a telephone conversation with John who was requesting that his students contribute some of their experiences for inclusion on the website. Despite being tired, it was clear that ‘sharing with my fellow man’ was not something to be put off to another day, so I emailed a few experiences to him. That same evening I was treated to one of the rare phone calls I get from my actual brother, who lives interstate. This is one call I should have anticipated, given the angel card and nutmeg I had chosen!



Number 12

Annie Marshall – 9th July 2007

I regularly do astral projection exercises during the day which involve imagining myself out of my body having astral adventures.  I’d visualise going to a beautiful light-filled planet with several soft suns and gorgeous gardens.  I’m with friends and we’re laughing and enjoying each others company, and I let the healing light fill me with peace and joy.

On this day I’d remembered that I hadn’t done it yet so I began imagining as I was sitting on my lounge that evening.  As I was in the process I actually felt filled with the most beautiful light and it permeated every cell in my being radiating a glorious sense of well being and bliss.  I could have stayed there for a very long time and wish I’d stayed longer than I did.



Number 13

Ignacious - August 2004

I was visiting a friend of who lived at the South Coast at the time. My partner, Sandra and I stayed the night. My friend Tony had gone to bed early that night. Sandra, Myself and his wife Karen stayed up to watch TV and chat. I don’t recall the actual program we were watching, but there was a scene that involved a woman being killed at night under the moonlight, this occurred around 11:30pm. That prompted Karen to mention that their eldest daughter said to her that if she died young she would want a funeral to be held at night under a full moon. I told her it was interesting because I recalled when I was in Year 10 at high school doing the Moderator for the subject of English. There was a passage that had to be read and then questions to be answered later to test our comprehension. The passage was about the wreck of the ferry “Dunbar”. It told of the shipwreck which was the worst maritime disaster in Australia at the time. I can’t recall the exact number of dead, but I recall it mentioned the funeral service. The funeral started around 9pm at Circular Quay in Sydney and a funeral procession took the caskets up George Street and down what is now known as City road and King Street in horse drawn carriages. The procession was very slow and sombre and reached it’s destination of St. Stephen’s Cemetery around midnight. It took place under a full moon and the event was described as “eerie”. As I mentioned this story to Karen, she told me that it’s a coincidence because at the time she worked as a cleaner at a motel. She told me the lady who managed the motel had the surname Dunbar and that she had a brother who used to own a ferry, how is that for synchronicity?



Number 14

Alaine Cohen – 18th May 2005

Before going to work today I read a page from a course we had done recently about Spiritual Confidence. One sentence from the notes really leapt out at me. It was “you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not a physical being struggling to attain Spirit.”

This knowledge had been sinking into my heart since the course and I’d been in a state of being light, joyful and uplifted for the last week or so as a result of some wonderful experiences. I was in such an uplifted state of mind that I had a really different and incredible walk to work.

I played with “working on” houses and this developed as I walked. I started by visualizing sprays of gold sparkles and knowing an essence of happiness for each house that I walked past. That seemed a little cumbersome, so I then started placing small gold balls of energy, with my mind, into the middle of each house, and knew that this would release energy for people at a rate that suited them. I imagined and knew that the ball of energy was radiating gold sparkles, happiness and light for the house and its occupants. Then I started placing the gold ball of energy into the heart of the house in a metaphysical sense, because I knew that the houses were all made of energies and forces and so had their own metaphysical heart. I knew that each house and the people that lived within shared their energies and forces. I understood the fittingness that occurred for each house and the people that lived there at the time.

Although I used my imagination to visualise the forces and colours, I knew that a higher part of me was at work. The colours and energies were so clear in my mind that it was really like seeing them, only in an inner way. It felt really remarkable and I had intuitively discovered a different way of working to heal or add to a circumstance.

In the evening after work, when I walked into our home and while sitting with Nick, my husband, on our lounge, I was aware of our house as a living entity and I was full of the wonder of this. I realised how remarkable it was to be sitting in our home, being comforted, protected and nurtured by this wonderful entity. I was linked with our home at the metaphysical level and very appreciative of what our home provides for us.



Number 15

Serena Scarlett - September 1990

Some years ago I set about to allow forgiveness in my life. I did this by specially considering the concept of forgiveness and building up to an event where I forgave myself. I gave the moment power by building up to it by planning and giving consideration to the approach I needed to take.

I even went so far as to make a little ritual of the occasion and dedicated some time and prayer to a particular evening. When the moment I had planned for arrived I allowed myself to forgive. I was amazed by a force that felt so powerful and yet so gentle at the same time. I believe this to have been a beautiful glimpse of Spirit to which we all have access.



Number 16

Rachel White - 2006

Sometimes when I meditate I can feel parts of my body sitting in different positions to where my physical counterparts are positioned.  So, I might have my legs crossed yet I can feel them hanging over the chair on the ground, or I will have my hands on my lap and I can also feel them in a different place on my lap.  It feels as though I know where my physical body is yet at the same time I am aware of where my astral body is positioned.  This is a pretty cool thing to go on and I would like to experience more of it and see where it can lead.



Number 17

Serena Scarlett – 21st September 2007

My friend and I had planned a trip to the city and they had insisted we go in their car. For days leading up to the trip I kept getting the thought that I would need my car and we should take it instead of theirs.

On the morning we were leaving I told my friend about my intuitive thoughts. “About ten times over the last few days I have had the thought to take my car instead of yours”. They replied, “Oh your intuition, fine let’s take yours then”.

That day my friend got a sore throat and possibly the start of a virus, and experienced extreme tiredness. I drove my car and they slept all the way home. This worked out perfectly as their car was more like a truck and I would have had difficulty driving it. 



Number 18

Suzie Duncan – 27th September 2005

I was doing a “being at peace” meditation on behalf of the world. The region of my parotids glands (throat) began to pour out streams of power. This continued to build to huge energy streams pouring outwards. This was so strong there was a physical aching associated with it. As the power built, it sounded a note which seemed to be in the room above my head. This stayed for a while after I finished the meditation. This felt like it was “my” note, which my personal metaphysical machinery was emanating. It felt like this was work I should be participating in.

The experience left me with a sense of wonder of the magical aspects of the metaphysical and how much more there was to us than the physical we tend to get enmeshed in.



Number 19

Ignacious - 19th January 2007

I had the following experience just after going to bed at about 11:20pm. It was a hot muggy night. As lay on the bed in the in-between sleep stage, I recall seeing three blobs of colours (red, blue and yellow) in a roughly triangular formation circling in an anti-clockwise direction. These colours were vivid and had a radiance about them and they slightly overlapped each other. The colours moved in toward the centre once but not completely overlap; it produced a very dull white blob in the centre. These colours continued to revolve slowly as they moved outward again to be separate colours. They moved in toward the centre once more while still revolving, but this time they merged in the centre completely to produce a pure white blob which became very bright and pulsed once with a very bright white light. This startled me, but I tried to remain focussed as the colours once more separated outward and continued to revolve. The colours only partially came together once more to produce a very faint white blob in the centre before fading very quickly. I checked the clock at this point and it read 11:24pm, I then drifted off to sleep.



Number 20

Johno Godschalk – 1st August 1985

A group of us were at a class conducted by John. The class centred on ‘thought-structuring’, the process of consciously creating things in your world by visualising them in your mind using all of your senses and then allowing them to manifest.

At the end of the class as an experiment we all visualised a four leaf clover. We spent a few minutes seeing it in our mind’s eye using all of our senses. We then decided we would wait to see what would turn up. About an hour later one of the students was rummaging through a cupboard looking for something when she produced an old calico flour bag located at the back of the cupboard. We all cheered when we saw the front of it. It had a logo depicting a four leaf clover as well as the words ‘Four Leaf Clover’ written on it. It was a magical result, made more impressive by the speed of it turning up.



Number 21

Squeegie - 16th October 2006

I have been having some interesting things happen which seem to be linked to trying out different approaches. Last night I used my crystal ball and decided to try and look from within. I had a wonderful understanding/knowing that all the “Mysteries” were available to me within. It was a matter of finding and journeying. This came with a wonderful soft wholeness that circled me like a great big comfortable hug.

This afternoon I sat down and commenced a being at peace meditation and decided to look within for a place of peace. I then thought that since I knew of an outer peace that I could work on bringing the two together and sit myself there. When I did this I had a wonderful sense of calm, of rightness. I was then watching the most beautiful energies. They were male and female entwining forces that were soft and featherlike, harmonious. I could also hear, very softly, beautiful harmonious music. This was very uplifting and vitalising.



Number 22

Ignacious - 29th January 1995

This experience is the most unique that happened to me.  It happened on the night of where my friend and I witnessed a UFO and something else.

Background: Back in March 1994, I had become involved with a spiritual group calling itself Inner Peace Movement.  In this group we were taught a technique where we could contact spirit guides and communicate with them.  When asking a question, we would just think of the question/issue we want an answer to and then trust the first word/s that come into your head.

My friend Phil, who was also involved at the time told me he was going to see if his guides would organise a situation where he could see a UFO.  Another friend of mine involved in the same group lived in a cottage on the property of “Gundowringa”, she told us that UFOs’ were regularly seen from the property.

We both put the question to our guides “when would be the best time to see a UFO at that property?” Phil told me he got “late January”, all kept I getting was an image of the number 29, so we put the two together and came up with January 29 (1995).

I managed to get the weekend off for 28 & 29 January 1995.  Phil and I visited Gundowringa on the Saturday.  Thunderstorms had come through during the day but the evening was clear.  Phil and I had spent the evening and the night on a hill watching the skies, we saw what I think is the phenomena known as “St. Elmo’s Fire”.  We saw shimmering pale blue/grey forms move across the grounds around the cottage and on the cottage itself.  This was interesting but not the main event.

The night of 29 January was the main event.  We returned to the top of the same hill around 9pm.  Around 11:30pm, we both saw a reddish/orange object rise slowly in the east.  This object didn’t come very far above the horizon before it turned south, it continued slowly for a short time and then sped up instantly and continued south at high speed, as you can imagine my heart fell into my stomach.  It then slowed suddenly and turned west and flew slowly followed by four other objects, it was too far south to get a good look at these objects.  But what was the real surprise was the pale blue/grey light that had no form that shimmered; it hovered around the cottage and would probably have been one to one and half metres across.  It circled the house and then started to move in our direction, I felt intense pins and needles all over and a horrible feeling in my stomach (as if being told to get off the hill).  I went to the bottom of the hill and felt at ease, we watched this form a little while longer and then it disappeared.  I have never forgotten this experience and I have never asked for anymore “proof” as this one event is proof enough.  So for anyone who doubts, I can say with certainty; ask, and you shall receive.



Number 23

Suzie Duncan – 16th August 2006

I had an interesting experience when doing a stilling meditation. My intent was to be still on behalf of my world, for circumstances around me. When doing this I felt an opening occurring in my chest and bright vibrant energy was emanating from there. When doing this I realised that this should also include being open to things coming in as well as expressing outwards. Sometime on, in my minds eye, I saw a deer to the left of me looking into my chest and I welcomed it, offering sanctuary. She stepped through into my chest.

At this point I felt a need for balance and thought about the masculine aspect and a proud and majestic buck appeared to my right. I welcomed him and he turned to look at my chest. He stepped in also. I then felt my chest fill up. It was much more than the 2 deer. My mind was drawn to the story of Noah and the ark and felt in some way that this story had to do with the heart.

This sounds a bit simple when put in words as it came with a sense of completeness, of wholeness. It was wonderfully magical and vibrant.



Number 24

Jude Foley-Chell - Winter 2006

A Doppelganger is “an apparition in the form of a double of a living person.”

This experience happened one evening when a friend rang and asked to come over for a visit. I was at home on my own with our dog and cat and had the evening planned for meditation and a number of domestic duties. When my friend rang my mind got pressured by the things I had planned to do, but I thought it better to say yes to the visit. We arranged a visit for an hour or so later. After getting off the phone I remember thinking I still had time to meditate. Off I headed to our special room for meditation and began.

During this meditation the following experience occurred. I became aware of someone or something outside my window walking up and down our deck. I recall thinking at the time; should I worry?, is it a person?, should I check what is out there? But something in me knew the noise was okay and so I remained sitting and listened. Then as I sat with my eyes closed, I became aware that I was seeing outside the room I was in and there was a female dressed in a beautiful flowing outfit, the skirt made of orange and brown colours. I saw her from the back as she walked along the deck. Soon after seeing this I was aware I was sitting back in our meditation room thinking wow and wondering if the person I had seen was linked to my friend who was to visit.

My friend arrived and I couldn’t help but ask my question. Had she been thinking of me between our phone call and the visit? She said she had been finding it really hard to get ready and organized to come over. Things just kept happening at home and she was feeling overwhelmed and anxious at not being able to get ready easily.

I shared this experience with my teacher John the next day at our psychic class. John said this experience was doppelganger. He said that a doppelganger usually occurs with a person who has a strong mind. It was special to realize that I had picked up on the presence of my friend at my home before she had physically arrived. My friend was trying so hard to get ready to visit that she had projected her presence before she had physically arrived.



Number 25

Ignacious - August 6th & 7th 2007

An interesting synchronicity occurred recently. I had worked an afternoon shift and finished at 11pm. My watch was working perfectly when I finished. I had noticed only after I got home (around 1:30am) that my watch had stopped at almost 11:45. I went to bed with the intention of taking the watch to the local jeweller the following day to get the battery replaced. I got up the follow morning at 9:30am and took my time getting ready to walk down the street. By the time I had finished breakfast and got dressed and was ready to go, I decided to check the clock on the lounge room wall for the time. Believe it or not it was nearly 11:45am as I headed out the door!



Number 26

Squeegie - June 2007

I was sitting in my office talking with my manager when an employee came to the door and talked to me briefly. Now, this woman has one of those bodies that when you look at the top half she is very attractive, looks a bit rounded, but not excessively large. She had on quite a tight fitting top and pants. When she turned to walk out the door the view was quite expansive in the bottom half as I’m sure you have experienced yourself at some time. Both myself and my manager were looking up as she exited and clear as a bell I heard my manager’s thought, “Christ, that’s a fat arse!”.

She looked back at me with quite a controlled and seemingly appropriate expression with a very thin veneer of control from blurting it out loud. I couldn’t help but know that somewhere in her she knew that I knew what she had expressed. It was hard not to laugh and tell her that I had caught her out. Of course, she was on her best behaviour as the manager!



Number 27

Nicholas & Alaine - 1984

One of the topics covered in the first course we attended that was taught by John and Lyn was “thought structuring”. We were really excited by the discovery of this concept and we resolved to test it out for ourselves. We decided that we really needed a new fridge because the one we owned was extremely old and wouldn’t freeze ice cream properly, which was tragic as Nick’s favourite food is ice cream!

So we went shopping to look at fridges to find what we would like. After our shopping expedition, we came home and sat down together and visualized our new fridge as clearly as we could (using all our senses), and saw it sitting in our kitchen.

After this we almost forgot about it, until only two weeks later when my brother visited.

My brother occasionally stayed at our place when we went away, and on this day he arrived and said out of the blue, “I’ve decided to buy you a fridge as a present”. We were totally amazed and pretty excited as you can imagine. We thought, “Wow, this through structuring stuff really works!”.

And so our new fridge arrived and has gone through a couple of moves, but is still working beautifully more than 20 years later. What a cool fridge!



Number 28

Gaz – April 2007

I was booked to attend a meeting with two clients to discuss progress on their website project. The meeting was being held in a quiet café near work. I arrived first and sat down, in an unusually still frame of mind. A few minutes later, the first of the clients arrived. As the fellow approached the table, and looked over at me, my sense of self suddenly disappeared, leaving … nothing! The fellow’s face bobbed in ‘front’ of me staring into nothingness – into the empty space where “I” was until a few moments before.

A tiny thought flickered in the space that I’d become that I wasn’t going to be able to run the meeting because -- I wasn’t there! However, this evoked no feeling or mental response in me whatsoever. To (what should have been) my surprise (but wasn’t), I was able to speak, or rather, speaking happened. When the second person sat down a little later, some small part of me found it highly amusing – the fact they didn’t realise there wasn’t anyone there. Before I knew it, and despite ‘my’ absence, the meeting was underway --- or rather, the meeting occurred! And (apparently) I was saying sensible things. Certainly, the two clients looked on as if everything was entirely normal. Things in fact went along more smoothly than normal.

Somewhere toward the middle of the meeting, my “I” came back.

Make of this what you will. I don’t pretend to know what happened. It has left me with the peculiar feeling though that we’re not really running the show at all; that although it appears we are directing our lives, and need to hang onto the ‘steering wheel’, with white knuckles, to keep it all together, really -- you can just let go of the wheel, and things will run along quite nicely; without you! The effort’s not what’s keeping the show running, despite appearances. Hmmm.



Number 29

William B. Elias - 1973

I had spent most of the day cold canvassing outside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne; we (a group of three) had started at 7.00 am on a late spring morning. People were hurriedly coming and going. Somehow we had decided that this was a good place to recruit people to go to a meeting two nights later with the possibility of signing them up to attend a course in self-development with a company I was associated with at the time. The course was great as it had helped me and I felt I wanted to share it, it was better than being stuck in an office all day. We were paid a commission on each sign-up. After two weeks of canvassing, I was hot and tired from lack of sleep and basically had enough of harassing people. My head ached, my feet were sore and I was hungry. I recall thinking there has to be an easier way to do this; my efforts only produced a modest living.

At around 3.30 in the afternoon I decided to go to my car and catch up on some much needed sleep. I wasn’t in a good mood, not grumpy just annoyed at the world and myself.

My car was parked four blocks away to the north of the CBD. As I wandered along wrapped in my cloud of dejectedness I came across a man handing out a little booklet on God, which the Salvation Army had kindly produced for free. As I approached him he smiled at me kindly and held out the small booklet for me to take. To this day I do not know why I took it, I was not religious in a Christian way as my parents were Muslims. It ended up in my hand. I don’t think I thanked him for his time or patience. Walking slowly back to my car I haphazardly thumbed through the pages thinking not nice thoughts.

I recall sitting in my car with the windows up to keep the world out and amused myself reading the booklet. Around the second last page a little piece stood out, it said, “Ask and you shall be shown”, it referred to seeing/meeting God. Right I thought, “Ask and you will be shown” so I yelled in a loud arrogant, challenging way, “Show me, you ... ”. I honestly didn’t think anything would happen- but it did. The instant I’d finished, a loud noise like a jet plane taking off roared in my ears, my head felt like it was vibrating violently, the noise and the vibration increased dramatically until I blacked out.

I awoke some two hours later feeling refreshed and happy, my aches and pains completely gone. Everything seemed to be ok. I rejoined my co-canvassers with a smile. Although over the years since then I have sometimes argued with, questioned and disagreed with events that were happening in my life at the time, not once have I doubted His presence.



Number 30

Keith Foley-Chell - 28th September 2007

This brief, but significant to me, experience started with an emotional reaction. I’d taken an event personally, and in the depth of this emotion, I felt insecure and hard done by, with a good measure of guilt for feeling like this! I guess this lasted about five or ten minutes before I went and stood outside. My emotions were in turmoil. I consciously chose to apply Reason to the process. I reminded myself that emotions are just energy and that it is OK to have them. I deliberately breathed a little more deeply. I thought of my beliefs, that I am truly “as I think”, that my present consciousness is part of an infinite Spiritual being, or Master Soul. No event or person or incident, or whatever, could occur unless it was a part of the perfect plan created by my Master Soul. As this Reasoning process progressed, I felt my emotions calm, and a warm sphere of power became apparent in my solar plexus region. Now there was just the residue, or chemistry of emotion remaining. I no longer felt ruled by my reaction. I pray that this is one significant step in my path from separation to unity.



Number 31

Alaine Cohen - 9th September 2007

I was lying in bed, being quiet and still before sleep. I was feeling relaxed but alert, checking in with my body and being aware of energies moving within me. I became aware of sensations in me that were a bit different, and when I tuned into this feeling I became aware of feeling grass inside me. It felt comfortable, easy and familiar, not weird, at all. I had images of green stalks of grass in my mind and also an inner feeling of the grass-nature in me. I felt the chattering of the grass and it seemed there was some sort of communication happening. I found this very interesting and just observed and felt the sensations for a minute or two.

I wondered about this experience and what might have triggered it, and my mind went to the fact that I had spent a lot of the day in the garden, doing the edges of garden beds and pulling out grass. As I was doing the weeding, I did metaphysical work for the grass I was pulling out, and I did the weeding the best I could with kindness and love for the garden and the grass.

As I’m writing this, the thing that strikes me the most was the comfortableness and rightness of feeling the grass “inside” me. It seemed quite normal and natural and I understood that everything in our world, (and other things too), can be experienced in that way. It was a very lovely experience.



Number 32

Nicholas Cohen - September 2007

I was on my way to my wife, Alaine’s place of work to pick her up for lunch. I stopped at an intersection. Ahead of me were two cars driving in the same direction as me.

A little white and black Jack Russell dog trotted across the street oblivious to the two cars approaching. Using visualisation, I immediately placed protection colours around him. The front car slowed and the dog made it safely across the road.

The front car then pulled over to the opposite side of the road and stopped. As I drove past, the female driver got out of the car and approached the dog. Satisfied the dog would be OK, I left her to it.

I waited for Alaine to come out from her workplace and then drove back down the street. I could not see the girl or the dog anywhere. Then, as I approached the intersection, I slowed down and spotted a young man a short distance away with the dog walking along happily beside him. He was obviously the owner.

I had a quick fleeting thought, almost automatic and it was (to my regret) “ and keep him in, you idiot!”

At this instant the young man turned around and looked directly at our car, as if someone had called out to him. Some part of his mind had registered my thought directed at him! Then we were past the intersection and I started laughing and marvelling at the amazing power of the mind. Alaine asked me what I was laughing about and embarrassed I told her what had happened. What a wonderful demonstration of the power of thought!



Number 33

Annie Marshall – Christmas 2005

For years now I’ve wanted to see the real astral Santa and around Christmas time I go outside at night and listen for his sleigh bells. On Christmas morning I awoke as per usual but I had the additional awareness that Santa had been (I know he comes whether you’re aware or not) and had a lovely feeling of Peace as if I’d been given the gift of Peace. I was very excited and it left me with a soft glow for a couple of days. When I told my friends they teased me because I made it sound like I didn’t know he visited everyone regardless of whether they remembered or not.



Number 34

Brad Edlington - 1985

I was undertaking a course of study in natural therapies. During a conversation with one of the therapists, we sensed an opportunity to explore an aspect of what the mind is capable of. We sat, closed our eyes and relaxed then just waited to see what might occur. I had a cluster of amethyst crystal sitting on my lap.

Very quickly I was seemingly out of my body and flying quite high over a paddock on the outskirts of Queanbeyan, a nearby city in southern NSW. The area was familiar to me as a friend owned a property near here. From quite high up in the sky, I saw someone walking through the paddock and straightaway could see his face in detail as if I was quite close to him. It was my friend who lived nearby. He was wearing a thick woollen coat with a chequered pattern and a Sherlock Holmes type of hat, neither of which I had seen him wear previously. He was walking through the paddock in a certain direction and then climbed through a fence.

Soon I was back from the experience and was explaining to my colleague with great excitement what had occurred. Within a few minutes I decided to telephone my friend whom I had seen in the paddock. When he answered I simply asked him what he was doing. He said that he’d just arrived home from walking through his paddock exactly as I had seen, at exactly the same time, wearing the same clothes. This confirmation brought an even greater sense of excitement.

My colleague and I tried to come to some conclusion about whether it was an astral projection experience or something more related to some kind of mind travel. It seemed to be an ‘observing’ or ‘seeing’ kind of experience that neither of us had encountered or had heard of at the time.



Number 35

Brad Edlington - 1991

I was house-minding for a friend who was travelling overseas and I became quite fond of the neighbourhood. During this time, the house I was renting had been sold and so I needed to find a new place to live.

Within a few days of getting the news of the sale, a townhouse of exactly the same design as my friend’s became available for rent in the same neighbourhood. I spoke to the agent who managed the vacant townhouse and discovered that while I could afford the rent, I could not afford the initial expenses required to sign the lease agreement.

After a day of working through a range of scenarios in my mind, using all my senses and visualising myself successfully overcoming the unaffordable expenses, I went back to the agent with a proposal. As the townhouse needed minor repairs and some general maintenance, I offered to paint the interior of the townhouse and steam-clean the carpets at my own cost and effort in exchange for the rental bond required as part of the initial expenses. It was a balanced and reasonable exchange I thought, and so was disappointed by the agent’s refusal.

My friend soon returned from gallivanting around the planet on her travels and so I returned to my leased home that had recently been sold. I had two weeks before I had to be out.

A few days later I received a telephone call from my friend saying that new tenants were moving into the vacant townhouse that I had attempted to lease. Disappointed to have missed out, a week later I went back to the agent to enquire about the availability of other less expensive townhouses in the neighbourhood. To my surprise the townhouse I originally wanted had suddenly become available again. The agent explained that the new tenants had painted the interior of the house and cleaned the carpets at their own cost and effort (exactly as I had proposed a few weeks beforehand!), but then for some unknown reason they had decided that the house was too small and so they promptly vacated and moved to a larger house.

At that time I received some money from a completely unexpected source that was just enough to cover the lease-related expenses and so I promptly signed the lease and moved into the freshly painted, cleaned and generally spruced-up house.

How amazing it was to watch how circumstances can unfold in response to creative visualisation and maintaining one’s faith.



Number 36

Maria Timothy - April 05

Whilst asleep in bed one morning I awoke to hear footsteps outside going down the front steps, the same footsteps my partner, Tony, would make in his heavy work boots when leaving for work. The footsteps were so clear and real that I actually thought he was leaving early for work but when I looked at the alarm clock next to the bed, it was only 6.10am and he was still in the house. At the time, I didn’t think much of it until that evening.

After I got home from work, I jumped in the shower and after a few minutes I heard the phone ring. I stuck my head out of the shower to listen to the phone in case a message was left on the answering machine but to my surprise, the phone wasn’t ringing after all. A few moments later Tony came home, as I heard the usual clunk of the front door closing with Coco, our talkative cat, enthusiastically responding to his enquiry of her day. I called out to him but he didn’t answer. Once more I was convinced that what I heard had actually happened, as the events were crystal clear and sounded quite physical. About ten minutes later he actually came home.

Trying hard to contain my excitement, even though I didn’t know what had happened, I told Tony of the day’s events. He didn’t know what had happened either but he was certain it was significant. Later that evening I phoned John and Lyn, my teachers, to share my experience. John explained that what I had experienced were “doppelgangers”, imprints on the etheric and the astral of events that occur repeatedly. Expectation of an event or it being close to the time the event would normally occur allows the imprint to resonate more closely with the physical world so that it can be perceived, usually as sound and sometimes as a visual image as well. This results in a person who is ‘tuned in’ being able to hear or see something before it happens.

Wow is all I could say, but it doesn’t express the wonder and buzzing feeling that I took with me to sleep that night.



Number 37

Tamika Beckman

I was contemplating connectedness and oneness. I then meditated for some time. In my mind’s eye I saw a circle then another circle overlapping that circle slightly, then a third circle overlapping the other two. I recognized this as a symbol of the trinity. I began to see more circles overlapping the inner three. Each circle was creating another trinity. I began to see how the trinity could be in everything at any given point. At every point of the trinity there was choice and depending on what was expressed as to where the choice would lead and how it would manifest.

I decided to view this as a 3 dimensional shape in my mind. At this point I felt a strong pull on my mind and the pattern of the circles kept expanding. It felt like things happened very quickly and I saw energy spiraling throughout the pattern, I began to see lots of things manifesting and how they took form in my mind. It was infinite. Whatever I put my mind to, the principal worked. Lives, manifestation, nature, energy, evolution, it just kept going on and on. I felt like there was no edges or end to anything. It felt REALLY big. I was becoming aware that I felt quite sick in the stomach and was shaken by the experience. My mind kept racing for quite sometime. Eventually I came to the point that the only thing that made me feel stable again was to realise that at whatever point I was, I just had to be right there. In the now. Making the best and most balanced choices I could at each point.

This experience has made me very aware of how infinite our interactions with anything at any level are. I also know that we are already connected or ‘one’ and can be a part of everything at any given point. This experience has allowed me to have a depth of understanding and a knowing of how things work and interact that I didn’t have previously.



Number 38

Nicholas Cohen – 4th March 2007

About 3pm on Sunday afternoon, I heard a diesel truck arrive in the laneway next to our house. Alaine my wife was in the kitchen and I walked in and sat at the kitchen table.

The windows and doors of the house were closed.

There was a very strong smell of sea fish, dead and cleaned and ready to cook.  There was none in the kitchen and I asked my wife, Alaine if she could smell it. “No” she said.

I said to Alaine, “It smells like a fish shop in here, did you buy any this morning?”

“No” Alaine said. I could not work it out.

I asked Alaine to go into the lounge and then come back into the kitchen to see if she could smell it then. She did this but she still could not smell the fish. To me the smell was so strong, so real, it was absolutely there. It reminded me of the smell of the fish markets at Pyrmont in Sydney. Clean, wet, cold and fishy.

I went outside. Nothing, there were no fish anywhere. No fish smell outside either. I came back inside.

Then after about 5 minutes I heard the diesel truck next door leave and went to look. I saw the truck drive away with fishing rods on the roof racks.

I am guessing my neighbor went fishing for the weekend and came home with a catch of fresh fish. I had picked up on this and smelt the fish psychically. It was so real and vivid. It made me realize more fully that there is a whole metaphysical world coinciding with the physical. We just have to be open for bits of it to come in.



Number 39

William B Elias - May 2007

It was a little after dark and I was getting hungry. I’d left my mother’s home which was a six hour drive from my own home. I decided to stop for a snack. The waitress had taken my order; I was enjoying the warmth of the restaurant and the view of the main street of the town I was in when a wave of gratitude swept over me. I don’t know where the feeling came from (it felt like it flowed into and through me at the same time filling me up) or why it happened but at that moment there wasn’t anything in my life I wasn’t grateful for. The feeling stayed for some hours then gradually faded. Most times I’m too busy to notice but when I take the time to look within, some of it still remains.



Number 40

Tamika Beckman

I was heavily pregnant with one of my children and had been sleeping quite shallowly as can be the way in the later stages of pregnancy. I had been using these times to attempt to astral project consciously. I am aware that I have the most success in this state of half sleep. I had a small success with getting out of my body and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was excited. I went and sat on the verandah to watch the sunrise. I had an overwhelming feeling of joy and connectedness. I knew that everything is right and perfect as it is. Things seemed to be more vibrant, energized and alive than I had seen before. The horizon had a blue glow connecting everything, which I now know as etheric. I felt like I was too big for my body and I was tingling all over. I had tears of joy. It was very liberating and comforting to be able to trust that all is okay.  I spoke with John my teacher about this “penny drop” later that day and he asked me “What was I going to do with this experience?” I said I didn’t feel that I had to do anything but share it. It felt like a gift. My senses seemed to be very heightened and I felt that I was in the right place at the right time and my intuition was spot on for a few days after.



Number 41

William B Elias

The power of thought working through creative visualisation for the purpose of creating a physical manifestation is called thought structuring. I use this technique for many things, including creating convenient parking spaces in busy areas.

I was driving two friends who are also involved in spiritual and metaphysical studies to a local shopping centre. It had a standard shopping centre car park, arrows on the ground and packed out most of the day. We arrived at the car park at around 2.30pm. As we turned into one of the lanes looking for a parking space, three cars simultaneously backed out to leave three vacant spots. I turned to my friends and asked, “Did you thought structure a parking space?’ They both answered, ‘Yes”. “So did I” I said and we all laughed. We only parked in one.



Number 42

Serena Scarlett 1st October 2007

Visiting at a friend’s place while they were doing some renovations I noticed there were a lot of tools scattered around their kitchen. There was also a fair deal of clutter around the home as they had a lack of storage space. My friend and I talk together freely on most topics and I felt confident to predict, "you may get poltergeist activity in your home because of the tools”.

Mystified, Fred asked, "How would the tools cause poltergeist activity?” I explained how excess or disturbed energies such as those generated by some teenagers during adolescence can create it; in the same way the tools could create disharmonious energy due to them not being stored in their correct place. I pointed out a kitchen or pantry is normally a place to store food, not tools and I recounted how another friend who had poltergeist activity from a hammer being stored in their pantry.

Fred was intrigued about the story of the hammer, when I told him that when it was moved the poltergeist activity stopped.

Later that evening we were sitting quietly in the lounge room with Fred’s father when a couple of things happened. Immediately behind me something rustled, such as an item moving. Then their cat which was on my lap sat up quickly and stared ahead with wide eyes. He was looking towards the back door. Fred went to check and found the back door wide open which he had shut quite firmly before.

It appeared the cat had sensed the presence. I was pleased my prediction had come true. The cat was a great witness to the event as his reaction was quite unusual with a startled expression and intense staring. I am sure he sensed the poltergeist energy.



Number 43

Tamika Beckman - 2004

I was lying on my bed reading a book when I heard a voice very clearly speaking quite close to me. The language was very gentle. I thought it might have been French. It rambled on for few moments then faded away gently. I would have loved to know what was being said!



Number 44

Jude Foley-Chell - 26, 27, 29 & 30 September 2007

This week I have been open to perceiving events before they occur.

The first premonition occurred on Wednesday morning as I was sitting at my computer. A thought occurred that a friend may ring up and ask if she and her daughter could visit the following evening while her partner hosted a meeting at their home. It was the end of my teaching term and I was mindful that I would have some last minute lesson preparation to complete that same night. Within a couple of hours of my premonition, my friend rang and the scenario played out as it had in my mind. The visit was arranged. We had a lovely time eating, chatting and playing games and the other jobs all happened in the later hours of the evening and early morning.

On the same day, Wednesday, I had another premonition that my boss was going to ask me to consider acting in a higher position at work. This was interesting because my thinking for the last year has been towards finding ways that balance my approach to work. Taking on a higher role was not in the game plan. The next day at work my head teacher popped the question, would I consider acting up for 3 months? No was my answer! The topic came up again later in the morning and the boss chipped away at getting me to reconsider. I gave my reasons for saying no. When the boss revisited the subject a third time that day, I left saying I would consider her offer and get back with my answer. The following two days I have had further insights into the possible personal growth that could be a potential of acting in this higher position.

These premonitions have proved useful. In the normal run of things I may have made different choices when these circumstances occurred. The premonitions gave time to contemplate some deeper aspects, enabling me to make more informed choices.



Number 45

Wizard – Mid 2005

At the time, I was a novice to meditating. After a few months of “doing” by meditating with a concentration form of meditation, I had a wonderful experience of feeling like I was merging with my surroundings. I was sitting in my favourite, very comfortable and cosy armchair doing my meditation. After a few concentration lapses I was able to focus more strongly. After doing this for a few minutes I slowly started to notice that I didn’t feel as though I ended at the extremities of my body. I did not “leave” my body but felt like I extended beyond it and felt as though I was also a part of the room that I was in. This experience left me feeling more alive and alert and (excuse the pun) larger than normal!



Number 46

Leigh Gurney - 3rd October 2007

I was listening to one of my teachers (John) during one of our spiritual classes at my home, when I became acutely aware that he needed a glass of water. It was a persistent but strong sensation of “need water”. Trying to be polite and not wanting to interrupt the flow of the discussion, I waited for a break in the talking where I could squeeze a word in to ask him. About a minute later he stopped and asked me if I could please get him some water as his mouth had gone dry. I was thrilled that I had sensed his need, but I should have acted on it a bit sooner.



Number 47

Wizard – 19th December 2005

I was chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in my home. After a while I could feel my whole home lighten up as though a great beam of light was coming down and sweeping through my home. It felt spiritually cleansed and uplifted and peaceful.



Number 48


For as long as I can remember in my life, I’ve loved the bush, the earth, landscapes and particular places. My teacher, Lyn, has suggested I have a special skill with earth energy. To practice this, she’s suggested that in the last couple of years I say ‘hullo’ to places I visit. I travel a lot with my job so these places can range from the Kimberley, to the Flinders Ranges and country Victoria.

When saying hullo, Lyn suggests I give the land a greeting from her and me, and let it know that we come from an area with special energy. I do this when I have a bit of quiet in my trip. As I look to the land and its horizons, I am almost overwhelmed with its beauty. I give our greeting and in each case, I feel the landscape I’m looking towards become more alert and sharper and take on a sort of identity. I then mentally prostrate myself to it, in acknowledgement and awe of its power, beauty, strength and also responsiveness. Paradoxically, the land seems very gentle as well and gives me an almost overwhelming rush of gratitude that someone has greeted it in this way.

I also often have additional experiences at this time, such as seeing rivers of colour running underground in the Kimberley (the colours I saw are bright, primary ones like those in the acrylic paints we used in High School art classes) and the rolling hills of central Victoria thirstily taking in my greeting as if it was the very thing it needed most.



Number 49

Robin Ezra - 1992

I lay asleep in bed with my back to the window, I am not sure why I woke up but when I opened my eyes I saw a bright green light on the pillow beside my head. My first response was to think it was a light shining through the bedroom window and I turned around to look. No, there wasn’t anything there, when I turned back the green light was still on my pillow. Then the strangest thing happened. The light came into my head and passed deep into my body.

I lay there with all of my senses highly alert wondering what had just happened, the following day I rang John (my spiritual teacher) to ask him what he thought. He felt it had been a gift. I though about it for a number of days, what sort of gift had it been – maybe it had been a gift to improve my five senses, because they had been sharpened and my hearing had definitely improved and remained that way for a number of days.



Number 50

Wizard - 11th December 2005

A work colleague of mine was expecting his second child. Both he and his wife knew their second son would be born around Christmas / late December 2005. I started to get a feeling that I would, somehow, know when their second son would be born. On the morning of 11 December 2005, I was lying in bed thinking about my work colleague and how he was going with his family and preparations for the birth.

Suddenly the alarm of my clock-radio turned on (I didn’t realise I had turned the alarm on the night before as I usually leave it off on weekends). The very first word uttered by the radio announcer was the name of my work colleague. At that instant, I just knew that on that day his son would be born.

When we all returned to work, my work colleague called to say that he would not be in as his son was born on Saturday 11 December! I had a fun time surprising him that I already knew!

For information, my work colleague had been taking his wife down a very bumpy dirt road on that Saturday to go and buy a live pine tree to use for their Christmas tree. The bumpy road caused her to go into early labour – an early Christmas gift!



Number 51

Jude Foley-Chell

I was awoken around 6am by the telephone. It was my mum ringing. Instantly I knew something had happened and she had my full attention. My father’s cousin-in-law had died in a car accident the previous day. They had visited Mum & Dad and their accident occurred on the journey home. Mum explained that she knew instinctively that something terrible had happened probably 40 minutes after they had for left home.

As Mum explained the details, a spinning motion occurred from my 3rd eye. I saw a silver/white coloured disc spinning inside my head, and from the disc there were white rays of energy or light spreading out. It felt quite natural and extended out with some depth from within my head.

I told my teacher John about this experience and he explained that this was seeing from a dimension of soul.



Number 52

Serena Scarlett – 4th October 2007

Driving to work in a car pool is great, I enjoy chatting to friends, the trip goes quickly and most days I don’t even have to look for parking. However, on occasions when I do need to park a car I like to find free parking as otherwise it can cost from $5 to $10 per day.

At times I have been lucky enough to get an all day free spot in the dirt yard quite close to my office. Recently I have followed my intuition to find an empty space. The yard is very popular and workers like me looking for those free parking spots usually take spaces early in the morning. A couple of times, once late in the morning and another in the middle of the day, confident that my intuition was correct I have entered the rough paddock and found a space. I am proud of my confidence in following intuition.



Number 53

Wizard - January 2006

I was sitting at home on my own having dinner. I was quietly contemplating the food I was eating and the life I had and the manner in which I had been looked after by my Mother. Again I felt a sweeping energy flowing from within me and through me giving me a deep sense of gratitude for my life and the circumstances I had made for myself. There was also a very strong insight / feeling that I could have ended up somewhere else not so pleasant. I don’t know what but it made the feeling of gratitude and appreciation for my circumstance deeper. This lasted for about a minute.

August 2007 - I again had the same deep feelings of appreciation for my circumstances in August 2007 in relation to my career. Whilst I want to change careers, I was talking with some Army Reserve colleagues one night thinking about what they were going through in their respective work environments. Again I had a feeling of a very large, deep wave of appreciation come from deep within my core and sweep out through me and around me. It was appreciation of my current job. Whilst it may seem simple that being appreciative of one’s job or house or car is an easy thing, the depth of what appreciation and gratitude really feel like is what I gained from this experience. This wave made me appreciate all the bad things about my current position that I did not like but was seeking to change. The feeling of appreciation / gratitude was so deep and strong that it was as though I could touch them like touching a person. In that moment I had what I felt was like a complete understanding of appreciation and gratitude. It gave me a powerful sense of freedom in my current job environment that I am seeking to change.



Number 54


For at least five years now, I’ve been able to sense the metaphysical atmosphere prevailing at the time by regularly reading the TV program. I was surprised as much as anyone and with something as apparently mundane as a TV program. When each of these experiences occurred I had a strong and certain feeling that I’d correctly sensed an atmosphere, even if I did ring my teachers, John and Lyn, to put it to them as well. The feeling was also very enriching because I’d achieved an opening to a bigger, metaphysical picture which not only brought understanding to me of becoming conscious of the larger things going on our world, and thus joy, but was actually only a whisker away from my everyday, physical world.

I think the process of the TV program works for me because I’m a regular reader of them (this is so as to spot things I’d particularly like to watch). The regular observation provides a baseline from which to sense if anything out of character pops up one week. When it does, I do a brief period of contemplation to see if I genuinely feel it is part of an atmosphere and, if so, what the atmosphere is. An example is a series of programs and/or midday movies featuring psychic content, at a time when this was not common.

Contemplation revealed that the atmosphere is one that enhances psychic ability. I’d like to stress that not all times that psychic programs feature means that there’s an atmosphere of the psychic. Many times it isn’t – the contemplation to sense whether it is or isn’t, is the crucial bit.

My ability to sense atmospheres this way seems to come and go in cycles. I haven’t had one for a couple of years now but I think this is because I’ve had some other things happening and I haven’t paid as much attention to this part of my ability.



Number 55

Bronwen - 1998 (approx)

I have always been a bit anxious going into hospitals. However this experience changed my perspective and appreciation for them.

During this year we (my partner Gaz, & I) visited a family member in hospital quite regularly. On this occasion we were walking into the hospital and as I walked along the corridor I had a very different experience of the hospital. It felt like I was in a sea of comfort, healing and very special energies. It felt like a sea because it was everywhere and I was in the midst of it, with the feeling all around me. It was a very tangible feeling with soft pastel colours sweeping throughout the hospital. As I continued to walk I felt I was moving through this beautiful atmosphere that was so soothing, healing and comforting. I was surprised at how definite my perception of these qualities was, especially given my general anxiety regarding hospitals.

I was aware that everyone in the hospital was in this ocean of healing and comfort and affected by the influence. Those that were sick were more cocooned or wrapped up in the forces.

I knew these energies were associated with the hospital and the sacredness of what ‘healing’ is all about. Our teachers (John & Lyn) have explained there are special healing forces and angels associated with hospitals.

In contemplating this experience I saw the hard physical forms of the hospital equipment in a different light, as physical manifestations of these healing forces. The operating theatre is one of the sacred places of the hospital – where people are taken through the equivalent of the temple doors and into surgery. The healing and angelic forces are more concentrated in these areas.

This experience had a profound affect upon me and my understanding of healing and hospitals. I now find it easier to look beyond the physical form of the hospital and its equipment, and to know that there are comforting and healing forces available for everyone.



Number 56

William B Elias - 1996

I awoke to the sound of a camera taking a few photos each second, the sound was coming from inside me, my head I think. The shutter sound seemed to be outside me yet at the same time I was aware it was inside me but quiet. I was watching snapshots of my life being sorted out into some sort of order. I felt like a child watching a grown up doing something that it did not understand. I felt that the physical had been created to keep me occupied while the grown up part of me got on with its job. Like mum saying, “Go over to the playground and play for a while, I’ll call you when its time to come home". I had a wonderful feeling that I would be called home at the right time, so, go play and enjoy. The whole time this was happening I didn’t have a thought about anything, I simply watched.



Number 57

Wizard - 21 and 22 December 2005, Solstice

I was at a friend’s place participating in some Solstice ceremonies and healing chants. On the morning of the Solstice I got up early as an activity to await the arrival of the Sun Seed that is gifted to all life each year at this time and to contemplate it and appreciate it. A few minutes prior to the actual Solstice, I had a powerful wave of gratitude and awe that seemed to come from deep within me, and yet all around me and through me at the same time for the gift we were all about to receive. It made me feel so inspired by this gift – the experience lasted a few minutes but gave me an insight into the true depth of what gratitude and awe for life feel like.



Number 58

Jude Foley-Chell – 6th October 2007

My husband and I had traveled to Merimbula on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, to stay a couple of days among the bellbirds. These are native Australian birds that call with a beautiful clear bell-like note. “The sound of bellbirds is an excellent vibration for tuning and activating the pineal and pituitary chakras.” (St.Clair-Thomas 2006).

It was mid-morning when we sat outside relaxing, letting the resonance of the bellbirds’ call work inside us. The beautiful ringing bell-like “tink” of the bellbirds was at times sharp, piercing and intense inside my head. The sound had an essence of clarity. As I sat with my eyes closed I became aware of a violet/mauve puff of energy being released within my head. I remember the energy had a soft dispersing effect.

Over the course of the following two days, I had three special feelings occur inside me from this experience. The first was a brief feeling of intense joy. The second was a feeling (and a knowing) of ease associated with relaxation and letting go. The third was waking the following morning knowing a way to move forward regarding a personal problem.



Number 59

William B Elias - April 2006

I awoke from a late night a little bleary-eyed, dressed and walked out to the family room, it looked different. I did a 360-degree turn to see the whole area, which included kitchen, family room and sunroom. I was puzzled by it, it was my home but different.

At that stage the kitchen was mostly finished, no carpet and only undercoat on the family room walls. I was seeing the walls finished and the paintwork was excellent. It looked and felt like a Vogue magazine home, everything had a plush quality about it and yet I was standing in an unfinished home. I walked into the lounge room, it had the same feel.

I mentioned the experience to Lyn (one of my teachers). She suggested that I was seeing the house as it was on the Astral.

On the ninth of October 2007, I completed a portion of the south boundary fence; I had a similar experience only this time it was there physically.



Number 60

George Poidevin - December 1974

It was coming up to Christmas and I had a car with a terrible old radio and so I decided to send off a message to Santa about my Christmas Gift.

I enthusiastically broadcast “Car Radio” every time Christmas crossed my mind and did no clear visualising of a particular make model or type (despite what I had been taught).

Christmas morning arrived and no amount of searching through my presents revealed any sign of my anticipated gift.

Later in the day my parents arrived and presented me with a gift which I proceeded to unwrap to reveal a model car (a T model Ford). It was an unusual gift, not like anything I had been given by them in the past, and my look of puzzlement did not go unnoticed, and then Mum said “Look underneath, there’s a switch”.

I turned the model T over and sure enough there was a switch which I switched on…. Nothing happened, then she said ‘Tune it in, turn it up!’ and a closer inspection revealed a volume wheel and a tuning wheel concealed on the edge of the car. Within seconds the local radio station was audible and I said, “Thanks, that’s a really different present’.

After they left and I sat scratching my head and looking at the present, I realised what it was they’d given me…a Car Radio. (I resolved to be more specific in future attempts.)



Number 61

Shell Kirby - 2004

During the nature walk part of our weekly spiritual class, I decided to lean against a huge old pine tree in classmates, Jen and Adam’s front garden. My intention was to meld my human consciousness with that of the tree, and experience the tree in me. My spine, head and hands were touching the tree. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Gathering my consciousness into a ball and via at the point between my sacrum and heart I placed myself into the tree. It felt like my sacrum sucked onto the tree like a magnet and was pulled in and down. I noticed it felt like I was breathing in and out with the tree. As I breathed in the consciousness and breath came up from deep within the earth into my heart and spine, and as I breathed out, the consciousness came from my heart back into the tree and deep down into the earth. There was no sense of separation; it was as if we were melded together. I greeted the tree, and felt it acknowledge me back (amazing!). The best way to describe it was like being completely filled with tingling appreciation and wonder, incredibly uplifting and joyous. I decided to open my eyes, so the tree could ‘look’ through them and see how majestic it is, and look around to see its environment. The sensations I was feeling increased even more. I closed me eyes again. After a time I brought my consciousness back into to me, thanked and farewelled the tree until next time.



Number 62

Lesley Deveson - October 1983

One day I was at my office desk and gazed out the window. I saw a person in a parachute drifting high in the sky.

As soon as I looked at the person I felt a great whoosh of excitement and exhilaration – I could feel all the emotions he was feeling – the joy tinged with fear – just as if I was the one in the parachute!

A couple of days later I was walking to the office and noticed a lady quite a distance ahead of me – I could only see the back of her as she headed towards her office building.

As I looked at her I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness, I felt her emotions as fully as if they were my own. I didn’t know the cause of the sadness but my automatic response was to feel comfort for her, to use my feelings to help soothe the pain.



Number 63

William B Elias - 1975

We had finished setting up our conference room around 3.30pm; I sat down on the sofa and closed my eyes. I could hear the traffic outside the building, rush hour was building momentum.

The conference room was 1.8 metres (six feet) below ground level, no windows faced the traffic. I sat there and began to relax. It had been a hectic day setting up and getting the three of us to agree on how the room should be set up had taken most of the day. I was staring blankly at the concrete wall, not thinking of anything in particular. I sat there and watched the cars driving past, noticing certain models that I liked. The traffic seemed a little fuzzy; I put this down to tiredness. Something didn’t seem to add up. I watched the traffic passing quickly by for about five minutes, I checked my watch and decided to watch the traffic some more only it wasn’t there. The brick wall occupied my entire view, I looked to my left and right: the traffic was nowhere to be seen.

I got up and walked up the stairs and out the front door of the Conference Centre. Standing at road level I looked at the traffic and tried to figure how I had seen it, through a concrete wall 1.8 metres above me. Still haven’t figured it out entirely.



Number 64

George Poidevin - August 2001

My teachers John and Lyn have shown us how to concentrate energy and combine intent whilst sitting in a circle and holding hands and directing our focussed intent to a single person who directs the power.

Different circles have different levels of intensity, sometimes causing a whirling sensation, and on the night I refer to I became conscious of the hands of the people on both side of me and the transfer of energies that were taking place. I became aware of the wonderful feeling of connectedness we had and then completely lost the boundaries of our respective hands (the contact of skin you would normally feel), and instead became aware of an incredibly vibrant warmth.

At the end of the circle I explained what had happened and realised that when you lose touch with self all you can sense is warmth. It was a wonderful sharing experience.



Number 65

Robin Ezra - 2000

My father and his wife lived in Mullumbimby up by the border of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, a good 15 hours drive from where I live. My dad has Motor Neurone Disease and is unable to walk and his main carer at that time was his wife, Sam, who was very ill with cancer. The two of them were struggling along on a 10 acre property out of town with little help.

I spoke with them both often and constantly communicated with dad by email. I was never sure if they were both alright as they didn’t want anyone to worry about them. So I devised a way of visiting them very quickly and effectively across all of those kilometres.

I would sit in a relaxed meditative position and gradually build a ball of energy in front on me, this usually took a few minutes to gather and needed to be compressed. When the energy was right I would lean forward on the energy, it was like a ball under my stomach, and mentally fly to their home in Mullumbimby. I could sweep through their house and gardens looking for them and find them about their daily activities and then return home.



Number 66

George poidevin - Winter 1975

My home at this time was a very old stone place, which consumed firewood at a rather alarming rate during winter.

I had a cast iron fireplace that had stood the test of time for many, many years and to all intents and purposes was falling apart. It had a foundry mark proclaiming its origins, Goulburn Foundry 1928. The foundry had long since disappeared and my fireplace was headed the same way.

I didn’t want to replace it with a closed in tile fire, so I pulled it out and put in a large round plough disc as a reflector with a couple of fire dogs to support the logs. The fire dogs lasted a couple of months and melted from the intensity of the heat.

I looked longingly at the fireplace and yearned for my old fireplace, in my mind I could see it very clearly, and without thinking much more about it laid it to rest.

A couple of days passed and my Dad called in one evening and commented that the fire would probably end up burning the house down if I didn’t do something about it. Then he said “There’s an old one at the farm that’s been in the shed for years… why don’t you get it and put it in?”

The next weekend after some considerable searching in our shed, I uncovered a dilapidated hessian bag that clanked when I lifted it and I opened it to reveal a cast iron fireplace. I delightedly dragged it out into the sunlight and emptied a brand new cast iron fireplace, exactly the same as my old one. The manufacturer? Goulburn Foundry 1928. Time doesn’t seem to matter when you manifest from thought.



Number 67

Serena Scarlett - 7th October 2007

I was going to a friend’s place for a visit and in my imagination I saw myself arriving as he commented, “I should have got you to buy some milk on the way over”. So before I left, I rang him and asked, “Do you need anything?” He replied, “Yes, a litre of milk. If you want a cup of tea, you’d better get some milk.” I explained that was why I was ringing and that I had an intuition about him needing milk. We both agreed, I should have simply bought it and arrived with the milk. That would have been cool.



Number 68

Stephen Sly - Summer 2002

It was a warm summer evening. After practising my meditation my mind was calm. I decided to have a cup of tea out on the back veranda. As I sat gazing aimlessly at the moon, I could hear small birds chirping in the shrubs in the backyard. Although I couldn’t see them I focussed my attention on their sounds, endeavouring to recognise what kind of birds they were. As I did this I felt a strange sensation in my ears and then they popped. It was like my ears were a tightly clenched fist and then they gradually seemed to relax and open up.

After this happened my sense of hearing was heightened to the point where I was hearing dogs barking on the other side of town and I could hear cows mooing from what seemed like kilometres away.

I sat for a period just totally transfixed with the beauty of everyday sounds and the joy of hearing them.



Number 69

William B Elias - 1986

I awoke to a chorus of (?) singing Halleluiah, Halleluiah……… the sound wasn’t coming from a point in space but happening all around me. It sounded like thousands of voices in perfect harmony, at every point in the room. Imagine being in the centre of a bubble of sound, no matter where you move to, the sound is all round you.

I cannot imagine being able to recreate that effect physically. I felt uplifted and the experience left me with a WOW feeling. Slowly the sound faded and I waited in bed just in case it returned.



Number 70

Annie Marshall - 20th August 2007

One morning on my way to work as I got into the lifts, I noticed that I was musing on my boss’ hair. I began thinking about his hair style and how it would look if it was cut. It was at the forefront of my mind and there was no emotion attached to it, as if a story had popped quietly into my head. As I got out of the lifts I proceeded to my desk as normal and when I got there I noticed that my boss had cut his hair. I thought ‘wow, so that’s what that was about’. I felt very pleased.



Number 71

Jennifer - approx June 2006

I was in emotional pain one night and could not sleep. My head and heart were churning on an issue. I needed looking after, mothering! I decided to put myself in the hands of Mary, although not being raised a Catholic I had little experience of Her. Immediately I did this however, a wonderfully soothing peace enveloped me. I quickly fell asleep and slept soundly for the rest of the night, waking refreshed next morning.



Number 72

Serena Scarlett

Driving to work with another person, I knew something unusual was going to occur on the highway. My feeling was partly inspired by a couple of indicators that I took to signs or portents. There were some different animals on the road early that morning. Firstly there were two wild ducks waddling across the road. I slowed down for them and shooed them off. Then immediately following those were two bright grass parrots. I just missed one as it swooped in front of the car.

I stayed alert whilst driving and kept my eye out for unusual things. Then after about 20 minutes of driving I saw a ute that had lost its load and there were packages strewn across the lanes of traffic.

We stopped and helped the guy clean up. It was Sugar Cane Mulch in plastic bales that had slipped off the tray on the ute and they’d scattered across the highway. All was set right fairly quickly.



Number 73

William B Elias - Sept 1982

George, a friend of mine and I were driving to Sydney, Australia. We were on the old Hume Hwy past Berrima. The road ran up out of Berrima then down a steep incline then up through a cutting before running down to Mittagong.

George was driving and I was relaxing in the passenger seat with my eyes closed.

As we approached the top of the cutting I felt a thud into my chest, like running into a brick wall. I called out “George, hit the brakes!” He did, and at the same time the driver in the car in front hit his brakes to avoid an animal running across the road. We missed hitting the car in front. George said “Thanks, I would have hit him”.




Number 74


Sometimes I just know things. For example, I might know if someone is going to get the job they applied for, or if I am going to win a raffle, or if a friend is going to call, or if a client’s partner is being unfaithful, or I will know the nature of what has happened to a person in their past without them having told me. Once I was in a meeting and the woman chairing it referred to something being “as secret as my middle name, which I hate”, whereupon I blurted out, “What… Winifred?” She looked at me aghast. These days I try to keep my perceptions to myself!



Number 75

Serena Scarlett - 21st October 2007

Singing in a church choir, I sometimes get a sense of the sacredness of the Eucharist or Christian Readings. Today I consciously followed the sacred rites as if I was in deep meditation or in communion with the priest as he prepared the bread and wine for the Eucharistic sacrament. I allowed my energy to flow with the angels and beings partaking in the event, giving of my own energy towards it.

In the past I have seen gold light rimming the Bread as it was held high above the altar by the priest. This time I didn’t see the gold but I saw energies forming and spraying out like wings from the sides of the huge Wafer. I knew that Christ’s special forces were coming into the symbolic bread and then the wine, becoming a powerful sacrament for all.

As I knelt at the altar I also “Knew” the special nature of the communion and felt I could be spiritually changed. I consciously took in the wafer and wine to the inner and matching parts of me so as to meld with Christ’s symbolic gifts of the sacrament.

As my mouth closed around the wafer I smelt a very strong aroma of fish! All I could think was, this must be connected to the abundance aspect of the bread such as occurred with the parable of the Loaves and the Fishes in the New Testament. Christ was preaching to a large crowd on a hillside and the evening came and there was little food. There was a small number of loaves and fish. Christ commanded his disciples to start distributing the bread and fish to the thousands that were there. Miraculously, there was plenty for all.

I was slightly surprised to smell fish when I was opening myself to the beauty and sacredness of the moment in church, but the whole experience has stayed with me.



Number 76

Annie Marshall - 12th March 2007

I was at my favourite yoga class and we were doing a deep meditation cycle called ‘body stillness’. We’d finished with the postures which always make me feel very soft and deeply relaxed throughout my body. I was sitting in a chair and felt a lovely sense of peace and stillness, I was extremely comfortable. My senses were very alert and I could hear my class mate moving around as if she were shifting inside her body and couldn’t quite get comfortable. I opened my eyes ever so slightly and noticed that she wasn’t moving, no one was moving. Later on I mentioned the experience to her and asked if she was OK.  She said that lately she’d felt restless as if she couldn’t quite settle. I thought that was pretty different and interesting.



Number 77

Vince Dove - June 2001

It was early evening. I set myself up to use the crystal ball and began as normal. I placed my hands around the ball in the way used to see pictures and put my mind to my heart.

I saw a picture that looked like a spiritual version of my heart. It was beating and rocking slightly. I allowed myself to go a bit deeper into my heart and began to become very relaxed. Things got very quiet as I became more and more relaxed. It was as if I was descending into a very large absolutely black cavern. When I finally surfaced my mind was the quietest I have ever experienced.

I’m not sure whether or not this experience belongs with the crystal ball. It was marked by how the quiet was triggered by placing my mind on my heart.



Number 78

Annie Marshall - January 2007

My wonderful friend and yoga teacher put on a special class at the beginning of the term. She was teaching an exercise incorporating aspects of the heart into a meditation where we focused on the heartbeat and the light within the heart. We were all very relaxed and comfortable before entering into a quiet state. As she guided us through the meditation I felt the clear presence of my heart and it became filled with gold light. I felt the strength of abundant love and realized that I have plenty to go around. It was as if I knew its function at a deeper level and that by its very nature I never needed to be afraid of lack again because while it was still beating this aspect would always be of me. It was a glorious experience which made a permanent imprint on my mind.