Every human being has within them a series of metaphysical forms that correspond with certain physical organs and structures. These include the chakras and the kundalini, a fiery column of energy that naturally rises within the spine as the mind and the spirit awaken. Activity in these areas can be felt by those dedicated to a path of metaphysical and spiritual work.


Number 1

Suzie Duncan- 10th May 2007 

Whilst sitting quietly I had a picture of a channel that formed within me and there were some stirrings of energies at the bottom of this. There was also a sense of looking upward through it (through the top of my head. I then did some healing work and had some really clear visualisations where areas gained light/life and began regenerating.  I was working at linking with the third eye area and had a sense of dedicating to working with Right. A picture began to form in my minds eye of a beautiful jewel like energy. This had a 3D shape and form and intricate internal structure. It had an ethereal softness yet infinitely complex. Once it had fully formed it flowed through me at the throat level and as it moved through it also moved through my head and heart areas at the same time, like all were unified and not separate areas. This was a new feeling and quite strange and wonderful. I had an awareness of some clearing/opening up in this area. Following this there were strong energies around and through my parotids. 

Later while meditating, at some point through it, I had a sense of the breaking through of consciousness, like an anticipation that was felt. Sort of like a sneak preview. Really BIG!



Number 2

Suzie Duncan – 9th May 2006

During meditation I began to feel energies stirring in the region of the base of my spine. With inner vision I saw amazingly colourful energy flows throughout my spine. There were spinning areas with delicate sprays of rainbow colours. They were something akin to fireworks but with a much softer and more glorious aspect. These gave me a sense of delight and were exquisitely beautiful.

Following this I could feel energy flows being drawn from the earth and through my legs. I had a sense of being more connected, more engaged with the world.



Number 3

Alaine Cohen - 6th May 2005 

I’d been having a lot of Kundalini activity and took every opportunity I could to sit or stand on the Earth and be still, as this often gave me the chance to be more aware of what was occurring. On this particular afternoon, I sat on the Earth and meditated for a while. I was aware of energies moving inside and a link was made between my heart, throat and third eye area. Following an intuition, I came inside and lay on the bed. I was relaxed but very alert, and aware of my chakras spinning and the movement of energies in me and I could see this with an “inner vision”. Although I was becoming accustomed to feeling and “seeing” the energies moving inside me, it was always a magical experience. I had a knowing of energy moving through me, from the base of my spine up through my body and to my throat and then further up and out my forehead. It seemed a bit like a serpent slithering through me and then my face and head were filled with flickering flames and light. It wasn’t burning; it was extremely soft and warm. I had a vision of an eye, like an Egyptian Eye of Horus, which quite often occurred in these types of experiences. I waited in a relaxed state for a while then got up, excited, amazed and very appreciative once again. I went for a walk around our garden and I could still feel and “see” in an inner way, the energies moving within me. Later in the evening while sitting quietly, I became very aware of my heart, so I placed my attention there and felt an incredible vastness. I knew that this was the true “inside” of me, and that inside wasn’t the inside of my body. I experienced the vast and unlimited “inside” that is in all of us, where anything and everything can be known and experienced. It was so amazing and uplifting. I was aware of my heart chakra and knew that all my chakras were there, together as a whole, not separated. I knew that energies were swirling and coalescing in the area of my pineal and pituitary chakras. Following this, I felt a sensation like drilling in my forehead, and then light and energy burst out of my forehead.  

It’s remarkable to sit quietly and “watch” all this happening inside. It was all quite incredible, enlightening and beyond description. This and other experiences have been very transforming and have greatly changed the way I view people and circumstances. I feel very fortunate indeed!



Number 4

Suzie Duncan- 5th September 2006

I had a couple of amazing meditations recently. Last night while using a special meditation technique taught by John & Lyn, I experienced an awareness of inner consciousness that was very different to my sense of self. I had an awareness of forces associated with the exercise working to unify and clarify. These forces were within me and always there but I had not had awareness of them before. The inner sense began to unfold as I continued to work on ‘doing it easy’. I understood that this process leads to an ability to know things, such as a Rightness/how to heal. This came from approaching this with ease, with taking the effort out of doing the meditation.

I became aware of forces moving within and saw energies in my head in patterns of spray. I had soft sounds of attuning similar to a previous experience. This inner sense widened as I quietened and I felt energies drawing down towards my base of spine. In response I felt energies stir in this area. It felt deep and quiet and as my awareness moved there I had the sense like an ancient tomb being entered where treasures were held and the door was just being opened. It was not awakened as yet, but stirring. With this came a sense of energies deep in the earth and pathways forming. I was aware of some soft energy reaching up through areas in my spine. This stayed for a period, my awareness gradually moved back to me.

Experiences like this feel really enlivening. I find it hard to put across in words just how amazing the awareness of these inner workings are and how real the metaphysical worlds have become for me. I am thankful for all the patient ways my teachers, John & Lyn work at teaching us, this is REALLY exciting.



Number 5

Jennifer - 1994

Once I was doing a meditation which involved breathing and lifting energy up through the body. When it reached my head there was a powerfully pleasant explosion and the most delicious warmth then spread back down from my head to my toes. I felt very loving and affectionate. It was like an orgasm throughout my whole body.



Number 6

Suzie Duncan - 16th October 2006

I was “being at peace meditating” and decided to look within for the place of peace. I was aware of an outer peace and I thought I could work on bringing the two together and sit in that place. When I did this I had a wonderful sense of calm, of rightness. I was then watching, with inner vision at the beautiful male and female energies intertwining. They were soft and featherlike and exquisitely balanced. I could hear very soft, beautiful harmonious music that was formed by these energies.

I instinctively knew what these energies were and knew that they related to a balancing of the feminine & masculine forces within the kundalini. I was left with a greater understanding of bringing the outer and inner worlds together.



Number 7

Suzie Duncan- 13th October2006

I was sitting quietly, experiencing soft vibrations throughout my body. With inner vision I saw some sprays of energies, like fountains, from my third eye region. There were a multitude of colours of soft mauves, pinks and white. I also saw a circle made of points of light forming above my head.

I placed my concentration on my feet to earth myself. I then had a sense of a brown/grey covering over the crown of my head and worked on cleaning and purifying this and saw it peeling away in layers. I then felt more open to energies flowing through my spine and to the energies from above. Geometric shapes were coming away from my head and disappearing. My head then filled with light. This felt like the light of reason and I welcomed the energies and forces.

There was nothing scary about the energies. Although somewhat disorientating it felt enlivening and magical beyond words.



Number 8

Suzie Duncan - 5th December 2006

This is going to sound a bit cosmic but here goes! Last night I was being at peace and a picture of a glowing gold chalice formed before me. I then felt as if something was entering my chest region. It was like butterfly wings. This changed to a feeling of pressure and energy moving outwards and I could see/feel the petals of a flower unfolding from my chest.



Number 9

Alaine Cohen - 14th and 16th April 2005

I was sitting quietly in meditation under a tree that I love in our backyard, when I became aware of wispy energies in my face and mouth and a feeling like my mouth and face were full. Then I was aware that energy wisped out of my face. I rang John and Lyn to share what had happened as this was a very different experience for me, and John alerted me to the fact that this was related to Kundalini activity. I was surprised and very excited as this hadn’t occurred to me. I was very inspired and keen to sit quietly again and be “still” to see what else might occur.

As soon as I could make another opportunity I went to sit under the tree again to be still and quiet. I felt expectant and excited, but not too much (I hoped). Once I became still I turned my attention inward to see what I could sense and feel.

I was aware of energies moving in my throat and I knew that there was energy radiating outwards from that area of my body. I was aware of the “whole family” in me; all the different organs and chakras and I had a feeling of allowing everyone to get to know each other. It felt like an orchestra was tuning up and the different parts of me were working with each other to come into harmony. I felt and knew with certainty that energies were shifting and moving inside me.

I was incredibly aware that “me” was really the energies and forces in my body and the essence of “aliveness” in my body. It was like having a set of Alaine “clothes” on. I had a sense of the many lives of my expression and that “Alaine” was just one small part in this, yet I didn’t identify with being that. Instead I felt uplifted and joyful from feeling and knowing that I was an incredibly huge and unlimited consciousness. The feeling of this was so grand and awe-inspiring that it’s very hard to convey in words.

I was aware of my physical body and that my eyes were twitching a lot. All my physical awareness was heightened, yet at the same time I was very inwardly focused and physical noise and sensations didn’t disturb me at all.

I then saw in my mind a patch of purple that pulsed around 6 or 7 times and with each pulse the colour grew bigger. There was some yellow in there too.

Metaphysically I opened my mouth and energy was released. It was a really strange sensation to feel that my mouth was open but know that my physical mouth was closed. Then everything became exceptionally quiet. After a while I thanked all the forces of me and the Earth because I felt really grateful. I felt slightly strange and needed to stand on the earth a lot to get “grounded”, but I also felt incredibly uplifted and transformed.



Number 10

Suzie Duncan – 7th September 2006

I woke up around 1.30am and had a buzzing throughout me. I could see swirling colours and hear a tuning sound (different to astral noises). It felt like the humming was within and without me. I decided to relax and enjoy the feeling. When I did this I could flow through all sorts of patterns and areas that were reminiscent of a Miro painting. There were spiralling, whirling energies with infinite depths and variety. There were energies bursting into sprays of colour. There were worlds. I experienced ancient things such as Indian talismans…. where these things fit in the bigger consciousness, what civilisations have expressed.

The buzzing and attuning sounds stayed on for a long time, picking up and decreasing in intensity. I got restless after a time and got out of bed.

Two nights later I woke around 1.30am with humming throughout my body. I could also hear some soft tuning sounds. I worked on relaxing and centring myself (Lyn’s suggestion) and going with ease with whatever was happening. I began to have a thrumming in 2 areas in my brain…one more to the back and one to the front and a bit higher up. This thrumming became really intense and I could feel it throughout me but centred in the head. There were bell-like tones creating a type of music, they sounded like they were harmonising. This seemed to go on for about 10 mins or more and then softly reduced to a humming throughout.

I had the impression/awareness of an opening occurring (large, canyon like).

Later today when relaxing, the humming returned and some thrumming in the head again. I worked on gently unifying the areas (Lyn’s suggestion) and with this came energies moving around the base of spine and pressure in the third eye region. The energies in my head seemed to centralise to some degree. This went on for a period and then gently subsided. I had a strong sense of centring and at this centre an understanding/awareness of higher qualities (Trust, Faith, Love).



Number 11

Alaine - 25th April 2005

I lay on the earth for a while under some trees in our backyard. I was aware of some stirring and movement of energies in my body.  I decided to go inside and lie down on my bed to do a relaxation exercise. I did this and felt calm and very relaxed, but really alert as well.

I became aware of energies in my legs, slowing moving upward to the base of my spine. I was aware of two chakras spinning and joining in some way. The movement of energy continued upwards and reached my heart and I felt the energies pulsing through me and outwards from my heart. I felt the energies move to my throat and up to my face and a linking happening between the pineal and pituitary. At this stage I saw lots of white glowing light with gold in the middle and a very radiant purple centre.

I felt excited but also calm. I knew that chakras and organs were “waking up” and becoming aware of each other. I felt the urge of the pineal and the pituitary to merge and become one, a longing, yearning type of feeling. There was a connection made, but I knew it wasn’t complete.

I could “look inside” and all inside me was glowing and sparkling. It was the most amazing and wonderful feeling to look inside. I felt aware of the incredible power of the forces inside us. I felt really confident about what was occurring, not hesitant or concerned, but I had great respect for these forces and did not attempt to consciously direct or interfere with them.

Everything felt so amazing inside, clear and vibrant and beautiful, that I lay there and looked around inside further, just for the enjoyment of doing that. I looked inside my arm and I could see and know the flesh and blood part with fantastic clarity, but I could also see with the same clarity the energies and life force within, brilliant and glowing.



Number 12

Renate Archana Cusch - 11th December 2005


I got myself ready to use the crystal ball. I consciously took a moment and prepared myself. I felt very centred and calm. I placed my hands in the correct position and then looked down into the ball. Almost immediately I felt a tingling in the soles of both my feet. Then a surge began which was incredibly powerful, it went up through my whole body, up through my arms to my head and face.

The force running through me was so very strong and powerful.

A white cloud of mist appeared all around me and the room disappeared, but the ball and my hands were clear. The ball seemed to be moving sideways and then in a circle. The surge was getting stronger and stronger, my heartbeat was becoming much faster, I could feel perspiration on my body. I closed my eyes and took about 3-4 minutes as I watched and felt my breath. My heart beat slowed down and the surge started to become softer.

I then opened my eyes and continued to look into the ball, and immediately the powerful strong surge of energy running through me was back. It was like being on a roller coaster, I really had to hang on. The mist came back. I kept holding the gaze, and I thought to myself “I am looking with love”. My heart again began beating faster and faster, I had never ever experienced anything quite like this before, the surge was so strong. It was getting more and more powerful, and then became overwhelming so I needed to pull myself up. It took some effort to peel my eyes away from the ball and I noticed that my fingers were pressing very firmly. It took a lot of effort to close my eyes and release my hands. Afterwards, my body was quite hot, I had perspiration on my chest, I was shaking, but was absolutely amazed by the experience and I felt as if something within me had opened.

In the week following the experience I was craving grass and trees. When I was at work in the office building, I had strong urges to lie down on some grass. I took myself off to the park during lunchtime and lay down. It was so peaceful and restful lying on the grass. I felt very much at ease and at peace.

Another time during that week, I was sitting at my desk at work, and I turned around to face the window and began to spontaneously meditate. I become very still and there was a very quiet place inside of myself.



Number 13

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Approximately1993

I had not been asleep for long when I awoke to the fascinating sounds of what I could only call the very, very, deep ocean slowly swishing and swirling backwards and forwards, quite loudly, behind me. This included the feeling of the ocean as well as the sound. It had a sense of immense depth to it and great presence.

I was lying on my stomach with my head supported by my pillow. The presence/sound was at the end of my bed and taking up the whole of the back of the room.

While I was aware of this being a little scary I didn’t want to turn and look in case I made it go away. I was sure it was a good thing to be happening, an adventure.

As I lay there, listening and feeling, I became aware of the very centre of the bottom of my feet. They began to have a tickling, tingling feeling in them. These sensations persisted, got stronger and slowly extended up my legs in a stream.

This stream made its way up through my thighs and buttocks and then into the kidney area of my back. The process took what seemed like a long time.

At the kidney area of my back the sensations and feelings intensified to an unbearable level, causing me to arch my back in an attempt to tolerate them. They stayed in this very intense state in the same area where they eventually seemed to peak and slowly began to dissipate, the energy making its way back down through my legs to my feet, more quickly but in the same way it rose.

The deep ocean sounds/feelings remained throughout the experience. I was very excited by this and as it was still active, the ocean noises and feelings and my feet still tingled, I had a go at encouraging it back. I was successful to some degree two more times but not to the extreme degree of the first. Eventually all settled down and I slowly drifted back to sleep, remembering the next morning what had occurred. I was filled with wonder,


This was a really great experience. I loved it.



Number 14


Renate Archana Cusch – 6th August 2006

I had been doing the crystal ball scrying exercise for about 10mins, keeping the focus and remaining steady. I said in my mind “if you are offering me anything then please show me”. All of a sudden I had the feeling of being turned upside down, like I was on the ceiling. It was a very powerful sensation, like two opposing magnets. The sensation was a sinking kind of feeling. I wasn’t blinking, my eyes were wide open, continuing to look into the ball. My gaze was completely locked and I was unable to move my hands, they too were rock solid. My body heat was increasing and my breathing become louder and faster. My heart beat started to get faster and the feeling inside me was like a roller coaster ride – you really had to hang on. I felt this feeling physically. So I kept holding on and going with it. This lasted for about 2 – 3 mins, then eventually it gently subsided. I closed my eyes and released my hands which were now trembling. I opened my eyes and I had perspiration in the palm of my hands. Now I felt shaky all over and I had perspiration all over my body, particular at the centre of my chest. I sat there for about 5 minutes, allowing myself to quietly come back to being still and quiet. Then I lay down and went to sleep.