These following pages contain many metaphysical and spiritual experiences generously shared by our students, some of whom have been studying with us for many years. Comprehensive instruction combined with their own application and sincere commitment to the Spirit have allowed them to be open to their own hearts and to taste of the wonderful realms around and within us. Such experiences represent steps taken in becoming conscious of more than just the physical world.

We are so very happy to be surrounded by such wonderful, sincere, receptive and loving people. We are very proud of every one of our students and warmly thank them for their commitment to helping others on the path both through their conscious efforts and through just being themselves. They are a source of inspiration and encouragement to us.

As we all grow, more and more parts of us awaken to consciousness until we are able to live with full awareness and control, filled with the Divine Love that is our birthright. Through working within ourselves, we naturally awaken the world around us to Spirit. The outer world follows the workings of the inner worlds. We achieve a balance by working within to awaken our own hearts whilst offering compassion, help, healing and love to others.

The experiences presented in these pages are only a small sample from the many thousands of experiences that have been reported to us over the years. We have included them on the site to inspire, uplift and encourage others who are seeking to open and explore their own spiritual and psychic potential. We know how inspiring and helpful we would have found them when we were taking our first steps along our chosen path. For the most part, the experiences are presented here just as they were submitted to us. We have, however, changed details such as, spacing and fonts to match the style and format of the website.

Additional experiences will be added regularly.

John and Lyn St.Clair-Thomas