Healing is needed wherever there is imbalance, whether of the physical or of the mind. It can be applied to circumstances, people, animals or the Earth. We heal by first engaging the heart through compassion and love. This can be supplemented by sending or emanating healing and balance to whatever needs it, with the intention of seeing its perfection rather than fixing a lack. A healing approach is a natural part of a spiritual path.



Number 1

Tamika Beckman - August 2004 

My husband and I were traveling along the highway with our children asleep in the back. We saw that there was a very bad accident on the other side of the road to us. There were police blocking the road and putting up tarps and blankets over objects on the road. I was glad that the children were asleep and didn’t have to be exposed to what was going on. I began to work on the situation with my mind to help if I could. I closed my eyes and thought “I can call on a group of people that share the same beliefs ‘collective consciousness’ to help this situation”. I hadn’t tried anything like that before and wasn’t sure where to start or how I would know what they wanted to do to help.  As I began to think of the people and the feeling of them I felt like I zoomed upward and was looking down on the landscape. I then saw (sparks?) of colour like pinpoints on the landscape, I knew it was them and when I put my attention to one I got the essence of a particular person. I could feel and see colours coming to me in a (stream?) and intertwining, they were together but still individual at the same time. Next thing I knew I was standing at the scene and a dome that looked like a transparent bubble covered the immediate site. I think I took a breath in then the colours rippled out through the bystanders. It was very still and quite in the bubble where the emergency services were working it felt like time had slowed kind of. 

I heard the siren of the ambulance and became aware of sitting in the car again. I opened my eyes and then closed them again to work on the ambulance. I became aware of an entity on the ambulance it felt like an angel of some kind she was enfolding the ambulance. My mind was then at the hospital and I could see a really big angel. I got the feeling she was in (repose?) then she breathed in and her shoulders pulled back her wings rose gently with the breath and I knew she was prepared and ready.



Number 2

Suzie Duncan – 5th July 2003 

I was doing some healing work on a small child with leukaemia. I had been trying to picture her in my minds eye with little success as I was having difficulty concentrating. Something in me said “no”, I could do better,  I needed to do a good job.  I then saw her skeleton very clearly and began to work on healing the bone marrow. I worked on it gaining alertness and health. I was drawn to the sternum region and worked here for a while. I then moved to the spine and shoulder blades. I was drawn back again to the sternum and looked around for what was drawing my attention. I recognised and knew that there was a lack of thymus gland activity. There was lots of debris here, cobwebby and decaying. As I worked I was trying to bring alertness to the gland. I then saw a “beastie’s” eye opening slowly, like I had awakened it slightly from slumber. The detail was amazing, it was an entity in its own right. It was a rounded creature curled up and cocooned in the debris and not keen to awaken. I was so surprised by the contact that I lost connection. 

This was the clearest experience I have had of  placing my mind to a person when doing healing. It was not at all what I had expected to find. How magical is that!



Number 3

Jennifer - 1992

I see the following as an example of the power of the mind in healing:- My daughter was about 3 years old and had been jumping on the bed when she fell and split her lip. I raced her to hospital where the examining doctor said she would need stitches in what was a very deep gash. Throughout the drive and the wait, I was intensely focussed upon seeing the skin knitting and my daughter’s lip being completely healed without a scar. By the time the doctor came to sew up her lip, there was no need.



Number 4

Suzie Duncan - 5th March 2007

I was sitting quietly in the moonlight late yesterday evening. I had a sense that the world could end at any time and knew that it would be OK. It was a kind of revelation regarding belief in Everlasting Life. I knew that I could lay down my life if called to. This was an awareness/understanding I could feel needed to be shared with other lives. I had an understanding of having grown, through knowledge, to have this Faith and it was very precious.

This seems linked to an experience I had this afternoon. I had been reading a book set in Tibet and was finding it a bit depressing. In a section it talked of a huge monastery being destroyed by the Chinese with hundreds of monks killed. This seemed to trigger something inside me to feel very depressed and have a heavy heart. After feeling like this for some time I mentioned it to my partner, Vince and decided to meditate and work on clearing the feelings. I placed my awareness in my heart and sat quietly. I then experienced some clairaudient cries and wailing. There were no images and I didn’t have a clear awareness of a particular circumstance that this was linked to. This moved something within me and a wonderfully soft, vibrant energy like silvery moonlight worked from within, spreading weblike patterns to heal. It seemed like a huge amount of healing work was done (on a circumstance, or many, it’s hard to say). I felt very connected and humbled ……..and gave thanks.



Number 5

Keith Foley-Chell - 13th September 2007

I was teaching a basic counselling for health practitioners class at college. We were discussing the possibility of finding something good in any situation, including times of suffering. After a few minutes of discussion, one of the students commented that she couldn’t see how some things could have anything good in them. She recounted how the two year old child of some friends of hers had recently died. She was obviously distressed and upset. As I started to answer, a wave of energy flowed spontaneously out from my chest and shoulders, embracing her with warmth and reassurance. I talked about some of the ways that good could be found in her friend’s suffering, though as a practitioner, it would require wisdom as to how and when to broach this with the clients. What I said was less important to her than the reassurance of the contact that I had emanated. It was only a few days later that I actually realised what had happened as the process had been entirely reflexive and unconscious. It made me question how many ways we touch each other, and how amazing our natural expressions are.



Number 6

Serena Scarlett – 19th September 2007

A friend visited me yesterday and she began to tell me some concerns she had about chest pain. We had a brief chat and both agreed she needed to get medical attention straight away. A doctor was half a block away and they had an appointment available so Paula we arranged for her to see them immediately.

However, she got up to go and collapsed right in front of me. Quickly, panicking a little, I rang an ambulance as she lay unconscious on the floor. She regained consciousness and talked to me so that I was able to manage her condition like a first aid officer. Luckily I have studied first aid as we all should as you don’t know when something like this may happen.

The ambulance took awhile to come and in the meantime, knowing my friend was an active Christian at a local church I offered to say a prayer for her. I placed my hand on her shoulder and prayed to Jesus to “care for her and keep her whole and well and safe”. My last words were “we place our trust and care of my friend with you Lord”. Then even whilst she was still lying down she lost consciousness again. My next silly thought was “I didn’t mean to put her totally in Jesus care, I’ve killed her”!

However, she regained consciousness again in less than a minute or two and the paramedics attended and all was fine. She is ok now and at home again (the next day) with her young daughter.

When I prayed I felt a being behind me healing her. I believe this to be a healing angel. She was most blessed as we all are whenever there is healing.



Number 7

Suzie Duncan – 13th March 2006

Following one of my first successes with the crystal ball I sat down to contemplate and do some mental work to help others. It was after midnight and a moonlit night which was very still. I thought that my life could be totally different from tonight that anything could happen!

I decided to do some healing work on the world where it may be needed. I quickly had a clear picture of snow capped mountain peaks in high cloud. It was beautiful, crisp and clear, clarified. I looked for what needed to be done and found myself working on people in the mountain region who were cold and hungry and without shelter. There had been some natural disaster in the region. They were not so remote as to be impossible to contact but they had been somewhat forgotten. I worked on them gaining the assistance they needed.

As I did the work I felt really strong energies in my throat region which began to extend up into my mouth. I could feel the energies flowing up my cheeks, forehead and crossing over flowing above my head. These were really strong and felt like my physical was changing. My mouth was pulsing and streams of energy were pouring out. Although my physical lips were closed my mouth felt open and I would have believed my face had transformed into new shapes. This felt like powerful work had taken place.




Number 8

Serena Scarlett - November 2006

I had a pleasant experience with an angelic type healing force.

At our spiritual and metaphysical class this afternoon during a meditation exercise, I felt a band of fine rays sweep smoothly through my mind. As it swept gently through my mind the effect was as if the energy evened out my jagged stressed state which was there from my reactions during work that afternoon.

As I allowed the energies to flow freely I realised that I didn’t need to think for myself, that energies flowing like those that were flowing through my mind could be trusted to integrate with me without me having individual thought.

I let more of my thinking go and enjoyed the state for a few moments.

Then I realised that the angelic forces were not outside me influencing me or coming into me, they were through me and inside me. I felt them further inside me such as the inside of my lower body and then I could trace my whole being as ‘full of angel’.



Number 9

Alaine Cohen - 3rd June 2005

I was with a group of friends and we were gathered to do some healing work. We were working together on a hospital in Canberra, trying out a new method that had been suggested to us by John and Lyn, our teachers.

As soon as we started to do the healing work, the power felt amazingly strong. I had a conscious thought that I needed to do the healing in a different way, then without further conscious thought, I knew myself as a huge being of energies and forces and power. I didn’t think or imagine that I was made of energies, I was aware that I am that, and I felt very huge. It’s a hard feeling to describe.

I felt myself as an incredibly large entity, hovering and spread out over the hospital. Energies were streaming out of my heart into the hospital. I was aware of the healing angel of the hospital and of working with her. All of this occurred without conscious direction from me. I’ve had other experiences like this, where the conscious mind part of me watches while a much larger consciousness of me is at work. Though I feel like I am watching, I’m also a very willing participant and it’s a wonderful and amazing experience when this occurs. I’m sometimes surprised by this type of experience, but also very uplifted and inspired because it reminds me of the much larger beings and consciousness that we all are, and also how much power we have to heal and help others.



Number 10

George - Summer 1999.

I was driving to Bowral with my daughter, to have a visit with a friend who has a daughter the same age.

I pulled in off the highway at a service centre and as I was filling my car a vehicle pulled in behind me with a magpie (Australian native bird, slightly larger than a pigeon) inelegantly spread across the grill of the vehicle. The driver had seen the bird fly across the road and didn’t realise he had inherited it as an ornament.

The bird was shocked and distressed and had a compound fracture of the main joint of one of its wings. I had a box in the back of my car and offered to relieve the driver of the bird and get it some attention. Our local vet’s prognosis was that the wing was hopelessly damaged and even with partial amputation the magpie had a high chance of dieing of shock.

My friend Steve and I have patched up a number of broken animals so the magpie ended up at Steve’s, where we coated the injury with antibiotic powder and strapped the wing to the bird’s body to support it. I placed it in a cage and fed it while affirming to God that we had done the best we could for the bird and if there was anything He could add it would be welcome. All our friends joined in with a contribution of healing energy.

A few weeks passed and we removed the strapping and tentatively stretched the bird’s wing to inspect it…to our amazement it was just like the other wing!

After a couple more weeks rehab, I took the bird to a lady who has an aviary for injured birds and on its release it flew up to a perch and sang an announcement of its arrival. It was re-released into the wild shortly after.




Number 11

Alaine Cohen – 17th June 2005

A person at work had had a bad flu for the last few days, and was a smoker. Previously when this person had the flu, he developed a severe chest infection and a really dreadful cough. It usually takes him quite a while to recover.

The next day before going to work, I did some healing work for this person. In my mind I imagined the energies in the lungs and I cleared and freed up all the congested areas. I ‘knew’ health and vitality for the person and I blew clean, crisp fresh air into his lungs.

When I arrived at work, I asked the person how he was feeling and he said he was feeling a lot better today. He had an appointment to see the doctor and said he would still go. I agreed that this was a good idea but felt confident he would recover much more quickly this time.



Number 12

Alaine Cohen – 28th December 2005

Some friends rang asking for healing work for their dog. She had an infection that needed to be operated on and she would need to have a general anaesthetic.  This was a concern because she was an older dog and had a heart condition. They were concerned that she may not make it through the operation as the vet had said it was risky considering her heart condition.

Nick (my husband) and I sat down to do healing work together. He sent energy to me while I did the work. I knew the metaphysical forces in her and I saw and felt her metaphysical heart as well as her physical heart. I knew strength for her heart and I imagined and saw glowing forces of healing that pulsed through her with every heart beat. I knew these forces were very powerful and strengthening for her. I felt a confidence and rightness when doing this that I don’t normally have.

The healing work I did felt quite different to what I normally feel when I do healing work, and afterwards I felt extremely confident that our friend’s dog would make it through the operation, and she did. I’d love to feel the same level of power and confidence every time I do healing work, and I aspire to that.




Number 13

Alaine Cohen - 15th June 2007, New Moon at 8pm.

I was with a group of friends who had gathered to do a meditation for the new moon “Call to Service” (see the “Call to Service” page on this web site). We decided to imbue our meditation with a ‘flavour’ of appreciation.

I felt at ease and light inside and I had an underlying appreciation of my friends and the warmth of being together.

While I was sitting in the chair meditating I became aware of another level of me. My feet and legs were in the Earth, up to my knees. It felt like I was standing up and I was taller than I am physically, though not quite as high as the ceiling. I had my arms outstretched, so my body was in the shape of a cross. Energies were flowing into me and through me into the Earth. For a moment I felt a presence with us and the feeling was like the person was pleased, though that’s not a good description, but it’s the closest I can think of.

I became slightly distracted for a short time, but brought myself back to being present.

The energies were still flowing through me. An “earth healer” crystal that we have at home came into my mind, and as I put my mind with the crystal in our house, I felt the energies of the crystal in my chest and throat. I felt the crystal inside me in the area between my heart and throat, and these energies added to the other energies flowing through me into the Earth, healing it in some way.

I spoke to Lyn about it the next day. I said that the experience felt remarkable yet at the same time seemed “normal”. By this I meant that there was an ease about it and not a dramatic contrast to my usual state of being. I didn’t have to get into an incredibly deep meditative state to be aware of energies flowing through me. I was pleased about that.

Lyn said that’s the way it all becomes part of your life. It becomes an “ordinary” part of your life, yet that doesn’t in any way make it less magical or remarkable. It doesn’t have to have a lot of “noise” or be in radical contrast to your “normal” experiences.



Number 14

William B Elias - 1976

We had just packed up for the day and were heading home when one of the women I was working with tripped and sprained her ankle. She was a tall woman in her mid forties. Her ankle had started to swell and was beginning to darken slightly. I offered to have a go at healing it. She was associated with a liberal Christian movement that practiced “laying on of hands”, she agreed. I cupped her heel in my hands and pictured her walking on the ankle without pain. After I had finished I said “that should get you home but you will need to rest it for it to be better in the morning”. The next morning she hobbled into work, I asked, “Didn’t it work?" “Oh! It worked,” she replied, “I got home and finished cleaning the house, fed the kids then went to bed. My ankle didn’t hurt at all. But it hurt when I woke up, that’s when I remembered that you had said it would only get me home”. We both laughed.



Number 15

Suzie Duncan - 21st February 2006

I sat down to do some healing work and found myself drawn to Japan, to the southern region. My mind went deep in the earth over a large area and found there was a wound. I worked on healing the damaged area. As I did this I realised it was to do with the nuclear bombs in WWII.

Following the healing work I became aware of Mother Earth, the being, the provider of all we have. We don’t often think to heal her or fully appreciate the wonder of her. I felt I should metaphysically kiss the ground. This “being” needs this care, this love and respect. It is not a size thing, it is an entity thing. This moved me emotionally. I had a strong feeling within me that I should help in this way.

A day later I had just completed a very still meditation in which I had felt energies moving within my chest, throat and third eye region. It felt like a mechanism was switching into place. Sitting quietly something within me opened to a group memory (you could call it a collective memory). It was many hundreds of people’s memories to do with WWII. I experienced each one and somehow knew all of them at the same time. They were of people’s concerns for their loved ones, of missing ones. No memories of the fighting were involved. It was the real loss experienced with the war.

I have not experienced other peoples thoughts like this before and found it fascinating. It felt like a gift to be able to share and understand people’s sense of grief and loss.



Number 16

Suzie Duncan - 9th October 2006

I had just watched ‘Australian Story’, a television program about a talented young piano player, Aaron, who had cancer. I sat down to do a meditation and decided to spend the time working on healing for him. I approached this with the view of seeing him as whole, as perfect.

When doing this work I was overcome with an awareness of his perfection, of the unfolding of his soul. There was a rightness to his circumstance and I knew that all was in its place. This was a sacred thing, a pure thing. This type of understanding was hidden from me previously. I knew in my heart that in the big picture he was all right. Knowing this for him had a powerful strengthening and validating effect for him.

As this awareness unfolded I saw, and understood wholeheartedly, a vibrant, glowing white/silver cross that was within all of us. This related to our perfection, our godliness. This left me with an immense sense of awe.



Number 17

Robin Ezra - 2002

My Dad’s wife Sam was to undergo an operation at 9:30am on this particular day. I was checking the time on and off, as I was going through my morning routine. I had wanted to be fully conscious of her at the time she went into the operating theatre, to send her love, comfort and strength for the time ahead.

I was driving down to the local shopping centre and looked at the time, it was 9:25 so I pulled over to the curb and relaxed into the seat and began to think of her.

I was aware of energies very quickly arising from my back between my shoulder blades; they rose out of both left and right sides like wings and came to the front to embrace her, it was a lovely experience and a beautiful way to give her comforting energy.

I thought they really were wings.

This reminds me of a dream I had also to do with wings. I was talking with a friend who had become desperately ill; I lay down and spread one wing and asked him to lie there and then covered him with the other wing. I held him with my wings and when I uncovered him he was much recovered.