Mental energy, activity and thought that we do not use in waking life, or use incompletely, are expressed in the form of dreaming whilst we sleep. This maintains mental and emotional stability. When a person is learning to become conscious of his or her astral experiences, incomplete astral recall can also become mixed in with dreaming. Dreams can also be predictive of future events. Recalling and understanding our dreams is a part of bringing the unconscious into consciousness, a natural part of spiritual evolution.



Number 1

Alaine Cohen - 5th September 2006

 I had a fantastic dream involving a crystal, and the crystal is basically all I can remember from the dream. It was a lovely soft grey coloured quartz crystal, covered in a wonderful, sparkly druse of tiny quartz crystals. It had three main crystals points (a trinity) and it seemed like there was a soft pink colour near the base. Associated with this crystal was a red spiral, a symbol associated with Mother All, the Earth Mother. About a week after this dream, I was surfing the Internet and discovered a crystal on a web site that was very close in appearance to the crystal in my dream, so I bought it. It seemed very important to buy it, no matter what it cost, but fortunately it was not an extremely expensive crystal. Lyn had a look at the crystal and she thinks it’s a great crystal for me and a friend, Bronnie, felt that it can help me achieve “everything I’ve been working for”.

I really love this crystal. I’m looking forward to making discoveries and understanding its essence more. I appreciate the magic of the way it arrived and I’m very thankful that it is here with me.



Number 2

Annie Marshall - 30th August 2005

I dreamt I was chatting to the neighbour over my garden hedge, she had on a pink top and was standing at the top of driveway near the entrance to both our garages. It had a very normal feel about it and at the time I was wondering why I’d have such a matter of fact dream which appeared to have no apparent symbolism or internal expression.

The next day we were out the front of our respective houses and as we were talking I realized she was wearing the pink top and we were standing in the exact place I’d dreamt about, and I suddenly remembered the dream. I realized I’d dreamt about the meeting the previous night and I was so excited I told her I’d dreamt it to which she replied she was sure I had more interesting things to dream about.



Number 3

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Approximately 1987

My Dad had passed on about a year prior to this dream aged 62. I loved him dearly and at that time missed him in many ways.

In this very clear dream I was in a room with a couple of other folk I knew but my focus was on a dark haired, tall, good looking man in his thirties. I knew he was my Dad but also that there was something in me holding me back from approaching him.

I watched him socialise with the other folk for a time and occasionally caught his eye. He looked at me with some recognition but also with some confusion and he didn’t approach me either.

He appeared happy and contented. I felt I was really just an observer in this dream and played no active part. I just sat on a couch and watched the others.

Eventually he made his way to the door to leave and as he was about to go through he looked back, straight at me, and the question ‘hung’ in the air; “Do I know you from somewhere?” It wasn’t asked however and although our eyes caught in that moment of recognition, he turned and continued to walk through the door, still perplexed.

I was left with a good feeling and wellbeing that he was OK and getting on with his life where he was. At the time however, I was a little disappointed he didn’t remember me but this disappointment passed, as I know we still have the only bits that count, the wonderful spiritual connection that remains infinitely.

I explained this dream to my friends and teachers, John and Lyn, and it was confirmed, as I thought, to be a true dream.

The knowledge of my Dad being OK and comfortable where he was comforted me and strengthened my belief system considerably. (Ie: the Astral, the afterlife and what occurs, and reincarnation.)

I understand that when we die our memory of our physical lives can pass quite quickly from us but that the valid and true links and feelings we develop throughout our physical lives remain and never pass from us. This is what my Dad was recalling, not that I was his daughter, as recognising me would be very difficult for him, but that there were links and love between us.

This knowledge is very valuable to me, as I know no one will ever be lost to me.

Instead of thinking of him in a way that meant he had gone from me, I only have to remember the dream to know he is close and I can feel close to him any time I like. 



Number 4

Annie Marshall - around 2005

I dreamed one night that I was at one of our spiritual development courses and John asked a question regarding a topic he was teaching. In the dream I put up my hand because I knew the answer. During the next course I was listening to John and an intense feeling washed over me and I thought ‘ohhhh this is it, this is the dream, look out here it comes’, it was as if the flood gates of anticipation had opened. While all this was happening John asked the question and of course I put my hand up and knew the answer. It was very cool.



Number 5

Johno Godschalk

The following are all examples of true or predictive dreams or dreams through which fragments of astral recall have been revealed.

27th September 1997

I had a dream with my brother in it. While I was writing it down I realised that their baby must be due soon. When I got up there was a message on the answering machine to say a son had been born.

22nd February 1999

I dreamt that a policeman was hidden behind a sign on the road to Canberra. On my way to Canberra this morning I saw a police car watching traffic, hidden exactly where I had dreamt it.

12th October 2000

I dreamt about an insect biting people and getting into a person’s mouth. During the day someone was talking about a newspaper article about European wasps getting into soft drink cans for the sweetness, then biting people when they drank from the can.

9th June 2001

I had a dream in which I was on the front of a truck and needed to get off. I was an astral person as was the truck driver. There was an urgency to not be on the front of the truck as it drove along. Later that day I found out that an acquaintance had been killed in a motorbike accident with a truck.

10th June 2001

A friend of mine (Faith) astral projected and came to get me. I had a series of dreams during the night that related to what we had done together that night. It was fantastic to sit there and see how some of the things had come out in dreams and how we could compare notes.

6th September 2004

I had a dream about cats and dogs jumping off a train and leaving their owners. Some friends rang me and told me their cat had died during the night.



Number 6

Robin Ezra - Winter of 2001

I was sitting in a large waiting room with many people, when I realised the woman across from me was my mother. It took a lot of encouragement from me to make her understand our connection (my mother died about ten years before); she seemed very distracted almost unaware I was there. Once she realized who I was she very worriedly asked me to come with her.

She held my hand and we moved rapidly above the surface through greyness to another place in the building, where we found my sister walking down a corridor with her husband. They were both deep in thought.

Both my mother and I tried to talk with her, there was no response from her it was as if she couldn’t see us.

The dream ended.

The next day I had a telephone call from my sister saying that her daughter had been taken critically ill to hospital the day before that she and her husband had been at the hospital all night.

It had been a very difficult night and thankfully her daughter was out of the woods now and resting comfortably.



Number 7

Alaine Cohen - 6th January 2005

I dreamt that I was in our car, driving down a street that is a few blocks away from where we live, and it was like someone flicked a light switch on. The whole world lit up and I saw colours and energies everywhere. In particular I noticed a person walking into a house (I know the exact house) and I observed an angelic force directing energy to the person. The colours of the energy were light, soft pink, a lovely light yellowy gold and glowing white. The colours were all very vibrant and were coming mainly from the throat area of the being.

When I woke up I was extremely excited and I was left with a feeling that it’s easy to see colours.

The dream was so clear and real, quite different to my normal dreams.

Maybe it had in it some partial astral recall. It was very magical and inspiring.



Number 8

Rowena Jenkins - Summer 1996

The following is a lucid dream, a dream in which one becomes conscious that one is in a dream and takes control of its direction.

I found myself walking around a hilltop. I was amongst vibrant green grass dotted with rocks and boulders. I was enjoying just being in this space when I realised that I was dreaming. I had been trying for some time to have this awareness whilst dreaming so that I could play with directing the dream.

Here was my opportunity and I was full with anticipation. As soon I thought, “I would like to fly,” up I went into the air. I swooshed around for quite some time enjoying the freedom and lightness of flight. (As I am writing this experience I look up and there is a magpie sitting at my window!)

As I fly higher I can see a rock cliff leading down to a beach. I swoop down and fly just centimetres above the sand. Playfulness was having its way with me and I wondered if I might be able to go under the sand. As I thought it there I was diving into the ground. My once light movement began to slow although I still had a sensation of smoothness and flowing. I was immersed in sand and could see the grains as I started to come up and dip down again like a dolphin.

This was great fun and I hoped it would go on forever. This time I flew over the water and reaching down with my arm repeatedly plunged it in and out of the water just because I could!

After spending what seemed like a very long time having fun with exploring all around the beach, the sea and the hillside I decided to fly as high as I could. Before I knew it I was on top of the clouds which were white and fluffy and went on forever. They seemed so dense that I had a go at walking on them and sure enough I was able to. The atmosphere here was very different. I saw large white columned buildings and I felt a reverent curiosity. It seemed to me I was in the land of Zeus the Greek God. I saw angels and sensed an uplifting spirit pass through me. I spent time exploring until my awareness was back in my room and there I was snuggled up in bed with a big smile on my face.



Number 9

Alaine Cohen - 28th September 2004

I dreamt that I was in a main street in a large city and it was fairly crowded. There were lots of people and they were becoming quite aggravated for some reason. I felt uneasy about the situation because it was becoming quite chaotic and the general atmosphere was quite aggressive. I was concerned that the situation would soon degenerate into violence.

I looked across the road and saw that there were some friends on the other side of the road. I noticed one friend in particular and as I looked across at her, she began to “sing”, but this was singing such as I had never heard before. It was the most beautiful, harmonious and ethereal sound I had ever heard and it was profoundly affecting and moving. It spoke to inner parts of you. It didn’t seem like she was singing in words, yet I knew the “song” that she was singing. It was familiar and I had an understanding of what she was doing.

The effect on the crowd was amazing. The “song” had calmed everyone and therefore the situation and I knew that the crisis that had been building had dissipated. People just quietly moved on and continued on their way, with no disturbance. They had no memory of the aggressive and potentially violent situation that had been developing.

I was very relieved and thankful that the situation had been healed, for that was the intent behind the “singing”. I was also very appreciative of having heard such an amazingly wonderful “song”. When I woke up, I couldn’t recall any type of melody but the feeling of the beauty and harmony of the singing stayed with me.

This was actually an astral experience that was reinterpreted by the mind as a dream, this being the only way recall of it could be brought back to the physical at the time. The “song” was a way of healing a violent and harmful situation that would have occurred in the physical world.



Number 10

Cuddles Godschalk - Summer 1998

I owned a creamy-yellow coloured Datsun and had been driving it around for a while without any problems as far as I could tell. It was a bit sluggish now and then but you expect that from an old car. One night I dreamt that my car was blowing smoke out of the exhaust. The smoke was darkish and well defined and I had a sense of this being more than just a dream. I woke and my gut instinct was to take a closer look at my car as my thoughts were inclining to the fact that I might be in for an overhaul or new engine. Firstly I started my car and sat with it in neutral and watched the exhaust to verify if there was smoke and whether it was there on starting up or whether it was there all the time. I soon realised the smoke was there all the time while the engine was running so I booked it in to the mechanic and asked for it to be compression tested. My worst suspicions were confirmed that I needed a new engine and reasonably quickly. I was glad to have found out about it in my dream rather than be stuck out on the road somewhere and needing a tow home.



Number 11

Cuddles Godschalk - Autumn 1973

I was dreaming about a house with deep aqua blue carpet. The colour was quite distinct and stayed with me for quite some time. As I was watching the carpet I saw it go under murky water by a couple of feet at least (about 60 cms). The dream didn’t mean anything to me at the time but it had an impact.

In years to come my partner at the time and I bought a house and I noticed the colour of the carpet was the same aqua blue as in my dream. After living in the house for a short time I decided to do some outdoor work and as the morning progressed, I spoke with a neighbor over the back fence. He gave us a bit of history on the house and one of the things he said was that the house had been flooded out in times gone by. Apparently it was built on what used to be a swamp or river bed at some stage. Immediately my dream came back with the blue carpet under water.



Number 12

Belinda Roche - 13 April 1998

This particular night I went to sleep and had a dream about my family getting together for no particular reason or event. Because I was living away from my family at this time, I remember the experience clearly because we were all in the same place at the same time, which was something that didn’t happen very often given we lived in different states. I had never seen my family so happy and enjoying themselves so much. It was like being in a situation that you never want to end. I felt this wonderful sense of peace and happiness.

My mum was in Western Australia at the time and I was in Queensland. The next day she rang me and as soon as I realised it was her I said to her, “I know why you are ringing…Nanny Halden (my great grandmother) has died”. I was right; she had passed away during the night. I found out later that my mum had a sense during the night that Nanny was gone even before anyone called her to let her know.



Number 13

George Poidevin - 1961

When I was a child, I had a dream about a car crash that was very clear and disturbing.

My parents had made a plan to take my sister and me to Canberra for a reason that was unclear. Being raised on a farm meant that this was a really special occasion because Dad was always busy working and we didn’t get too many outings that included Dad and children.

I protested to my parents that morning that I didn’t want to go to Canberra because we were going to have an accident. My folks didn’t invest much in “the prophesies” of anyone, much less their children, so we left for our journey with me in a state of high anxiety.

We travelled along the highway and all of a sudden I recognised the landscape from my dream. We were coming round a sweeping left hand corner onto a beautiful part of the journey at a place called Lake George.

There is an avenue of Oak trees on the side of the road, and you couldn’t see the road ahead because it had a sweeping right hand corner after a short straight.

I became very agitated and felt exactly as I had in the dream; it was more than I could contain and I began to yell at my Dad to stop the car, this was the place from my dream and the other car was coming. Dad was a bit angry at the fuss I was making and also that I was frightening my mother and sister, but he decreased the speed and became very alert. Just as I had dreamed an oncoming vehicle swept around the corner ahead at a very high speed and drifted into our lane.

Dad jammed the brakes on the car hard and the oncoming vehicle had room to pass us although our vehicle had its outside wheels on the dirt.

I felt an immense sense of relief that the danger had passed, and felt relaxed for the rest of the day. I heard Mum and Dad quietly discussing my dream and agreeing that if Dad hadn’t slowed the car we would’ve had a nasty, possibly fatal accident.




Number 14


Sometimes I have a recurring dream, which I love, in which I am running and leaping with incredible lightness, speed, agility and surety. The types of terrain I move through might differ from dream to dream but the exhilaration, and carefree lightness of being is the same. I have noticed these dreams tend to occur at times in my life when a type of ‘quickening’ is taking place, for example when insights are coming thick and fast to me, or when I am handling my affairs well, or when the spirit of things is evident to me in my day to day life.