Crystals are a part of the natural world, and like all things, they contain energies that are specific to their forms and chemical makeup. Crystalline structures are the highest form of the element earth. They combine stability with beauty, providing an ideal balance. Human beings are made from the same minerals as crystals and therefore are able to be affected by their resonance. The influences of crystals can be used to assist in all types of metaphysical work.



Number 1

Alaine Cohen - 3rd February 2007 

I had been finding it a little difficult to get a quiet mind for meditation, so I decided to do a cleansing exercise from a course that John and Lyn taught. The exercise involves sitting for 40 minutes with a particular quartz crystal. (Each person that attended the course brought a single quartz crystal and it was specially dedicated and used during the course.) I decided to be present as much as possible and to enjoy the exercise.  After maybe 10 to 15 minutes I could feel the cleansing that was occurring inside me and I felt much lighter and clearer. A couple of times I heard an inner sound. It was a single note and was medium to high in pitch. It is very hard to describe the sound, it was quite ethereal. The best I can say is that it was a very sweet, sparkly, tinkly sound. I knew that the sound was from the crystal and that it was cleansing and aligning energies in me. This sound triggered in me an awareness of the link that my crystal had to the very big nature spirit or deva of all Quartz and I felt humbled. 

I felt very appreciative of the quartz crystal and all the crystals and minerals in our world. It was inspiring and uplifting to experience this connection with the crystal. I thanked the crystal and I also thanked the big nature spirit of Quartz.



Number 2


Kerry Georgina Jackson – 4th March 2007

I have a beautiful Quartz Cluster that is called Chocolate Window Quartz.

It was mid afternoon and I was sitting, holding and concentrating on the cluster. I closed my eyes after getting a good picture of it in my mind.

I had been doing this exercise for approximately 30 minutes and felt I was in a nice deep place within me, a peaceful and contented state.

Each time I felt I was ‘pushing’, ie: concentrating too hard on the quartz I backed off and consciously affirmed a soft and relaxed approach. The quality of the depth I felt I had gone within myself was notable as I was looking from a deep place within me at my picture of the Chocolate Window Quartz and feeling what it was like.

I experienced a sense, a feeling of soft gusts of air being blown across and through, either within my head area or/and just behind me or to the ‘back of within me’. There were three of these soft breezy gusts and they had the very slight sound of air moving, each breeze lasting what seemed to be around four to five seconds with a little longer time between them. The between times seemed like ‘in’ breaths.

As I became actively conscious of them they ceased.

They seemed to remind me of something within or about the earth.

I love working with my crystals and this experience was very uplifting, giving me, at the time, a feeling of well being and contentment and a lasting memory of this state.



Number 3

Tamika Beckman - 13th August 2003

I was at a spiritual and metaphysical class with a group of people who meet each week to learn and share things and experiences. We had been talking the few weeks before about our classes “collective consciousness” and being aware of our roles in the class. We have a class crystal which is a Herkimer crystal that we have at each class.

During the group meditation at the end of the class I saw our class entity coming from the crystal.  It looked like a fire but not in fire colours. They were mauves, purple, pink, turquoise/aqua and yellow/gold sorts of colours. Some parts were together and other parts were flickering in and out and even though they were together they were separate.



Number 4

Kerry Georgina Jackson – February 2007

I was doing a meditation session. I have a beautiful Ametrine Quartz Crystal that I generally use by holding and endeavouring to connect with, to assist me in gaining depth to my meditation.

I had all my fingers touching the crystal and was holding it in my lap.

I had been meditating for around ten to fifteen minutes when I noted that where my fingers touched the crystal I could sense nothing.

When I say nothing, I mean a vast expanse with no end to its depth or width.

I sensed this vast nothingness with all of me. It was not frightening but full of possibility and wonder and – ‘empty’.

I stayed in this state for a little while, I had no real sense of time during this, and eventually my awareness came back to my physical self, my hands firstly, but still I had no fingertips. They returned as I consciously bought myself slowly back to now.

I think this was an experience bought on by my meditation, assisted by the crystal, in preference to an experience just to do with the crystal, as my intent was on meditation.

There is wonder and magic in this one for me.



Number 5

Suzie Duncan - 25th June 1998

I was feeling very relaxed after completing a private 3 day retreat at the coast. I was holding a polished piece of quartz with calcite whilst sitting quietly with my eyes closed. I attempted to blend with the crystal to work on illumination.

The experience began with an up and down floating feeling from which I seemed to drop into the following awareness. I experienced being in a valley like place. This had walls of jagged crystal formations which had a soft aspect to them. I then travelled in this awareness without using any force. There were worlds I could view that were different to anything I have seen or experienced before. The mountains and valleys generated an atmosphere and vibration that was very soft and yet very powerful. There were areas of brightness where the light was connected. I couldn’t go into these as the light was too much for me. I could view them from where I was.

When I returned to my normal consciousness it was hard to find “me” again for a brief while. I had to adjust to my physical body once again in order to open my eyes. This experience was very surreal. The ability to travel through this consciousness was magical; it required no use of force on my part.



Number 6

Renate Archana Cusch - 1st June 2007

During a gathering with friends, I was drawn to a crystal which was sitting on a table with many other objects around it. I picked it up and held it with both hands. I could feel a tingling and warmth in my chest which began to spread through me. The crystal had a lot of power and I felt like I really tuned into it. My heartbeat began to go a little faster and I could feel the crystal within my heart. It changed from being a crystal to a little creature with its own consciousness and life force. I felt so warm, it was a lovely comforting feeling. I felt some kind of connection, like it had acknowledged me and was saying hello.



Number 7

Serena Scarlett - 23rd April 2006

Someone found a source of some excellent crystals that were found to be of very good energy and had qualities that assisted in ‘spiritually raising’.

I was lucky enough to obtain one of these golden enhydro crystals. The one I got was said to be found in a special place near the base of the Himalayas. Looking at the crystal I saw a ray going up on an angle of 45 degrees. The ray went up to link with higher energies and I felt the power of it.



Number 8

Shell -October 2005

I went for a relaxing weekend with friends to the Blue Mountains, a place of magnificent scenery, taking with me a large gnarly chunk of apatite quartz with the intention of connecting with the earth nature spirits of the mountains. I kept it with me, in my hand or handbag most of the time.

I was just going to sleep, between the states of alertness and dropping off when I heard a deep vibrating sound. I recognised it as being the Keynote of the Earth that I’d heard on this website.

I didn’t remember the experience the next morning until I picked up the apatite. It brought back the complete experience. It was as if I was completely in the sound, not separate, and loved by Mother Earth. I felt honoured and humbled to have such an experience.



Number 9

Shell - July 2004

I was in Byron Bay, Australia for a winter holiday. I was coming down with the flu unfortunately so when we went for a drive to the Crystal Castle out of town I was feeling very unwell. I had just sat down while my friend had a feast of crystal shopping. I was stumbling to the rest rooms and a rock caught my attention. It was in a bowl of polished palm stones. I picked it up and didn’t want to leave without it. It is a lemon chrysoprase. When we got back to the place we were staying, I lay down and put it on my stomach, I had a burning pain there, it cleared in about 10 seconds. So then I decided to see what it would do for the headache and fever and placed it on my forehead. The headache eased and my forehead cooled down. I had a sense that it took the sharpness and pain away by smoothing and settling. I felt a lot better, still sick but soothed. I was very grateful for finding such a good healing stone and thanked it for finding me.