Auras, thoughtforms and other energies are made of astral material as well as the substances of other higher planes. These energies are an integral part of physical matter, flowing through and around all things. Auras are colourful energy fields that surround living beings. They reflect spiritual development, habits, emotions and health. Thoughtforms are created by the thinking and interactions of all types of life, including human beings. It is possible to learn to perceive these energies, thus increasing our understanding, wonder, and joy in Creation.



Number 1

Keith Foley-Chell - 1st June 2005

I had a busy day, and I’d been communicating a lot, in classes and with other staff (I’m a college teacher). In the afternoon, we’d just had a great class and I was feeling pretty tuned in and relaxed. I was talking to one of my college students when I saw a lovely bright electric royal blue flickering around her head as she became emotional telling me about someone she knew who was dying. Then the blue flickers turned to a vibrant mauve as she started to talk about her perception of the spiritual aspect of death (though the emotional blue wasn't completely gone). I also saw some bright green on one of her hands. It was a bright, vibrant colour, close to a leaf green, but brighter, and a little more emerald. It seemed to be a colour related to healing. I felt a closeness and empathy with her that was enhanced by my perceptions.

Later, at home, I was talking to my partner, when I saw a turquoise line trail down the side of her neck and upper chest. I could see a strong glow of energy around her, and some forest green associated with education in a shape near the head. The forest green was in balance with the other colours, not all encompassing as I saw it on an academic speaker at a professional conference.

I also saw a sheet of bright medium green over the door of our meditation room, perhaps related to the healing effect of the room, or even of entering the room. Later I saw some blue there as well, which seemed related to positivity with depth as it was a deeper blue, but light, so possibly relating to clarity as well.

I love these days with lots of colour and connection. They don’t seem to depend on my being relaxed and unstressed, but on how present I am to the people I’m with.



Number 2

Rachel White - Spring 2004

I saw a man who I didn’t know personally but I knew where he worked and the type of work he did. I saw that he was wearing a very thick cap/helmet sort of like a bathing cap made of metaphysical colour (very dense looking to the point that it could have almost been a physical object but wasn’t) over his head. I think it was dark green but I can’t quite remember the colour. When I saw this I could feel that he didn’t socialize much or didn’t trust people much – he felt very inward. If ever I see him again I think it would be a good idea to give him a warm hello to encourage him outside himself a little.




Number 3

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Approximately 1993

I was sitting outside the front of my home in the early evening.

A few weeks before this one of my cats whom I had had with me for seven years had been hit and killed out the front of my driveway. Her name was Missie and she was a kitten to Merry, a cat I had for 12 years.

As I sat on the ground I was pondering the day and the view; it was dusk and I was looking north-west toward the sunset, I saw quite clearly Missie come running up toward me and our home, just as she used to do at this time of evening for her supper.

I watched her for only about 5 seconds but she travelled quite a distance in that time, trotting along up the slope, and she just faded out of my vision as she got to within about ten metres.

I felt very privileged and contented to have seen her, to know I still had her company and that she still wanted to be with us.



Number 4

Annie Marshall - 24th July 2007

I was sitting on my lounge in the evening watching TV. I was drawn by a huge patch of gold light off to my right, near the door. It was about the size of a person although I don’t think it was the presence of a person. It had its own presence and it was so clear and brilliant that it couldn’t have been physical. It was very magical and when I saw it I thought, wowww!! My thought was that it was linked to the regular astral projection exercises I do to enhance my astral projection recall, as if the doorway between my astral and physical world was opening.



Number 5

Jude Foley-Chell - 21st July 2007

This experience occurred during a course run by my teachers John & Lyn. The question had been asked, What is Spirit? And we had spent the day learning and understanding the nature of Spirit.

It was a day full of penny droppings and inspiration. I had been busily taking notes and absorbing the material being discussed. Somewhere towards the end of the day I looked up from my computer to listen to John describe an idea. He was sitting behind a desk at the front of the classroom. On the desk in front of him sat his briefcase. As I looked I saw energy form in front of his briefcase in the shape of a vessel (metaphysical energy in the form of a vessel). The energy that shaped the vessel was active (moving like a source of power) and white in colour. After looking for a while, I asked myself what the vessel represented and what it was connected to. Because it formed in front of the brief case, I connected it to this and wondered if the purpose of briefcase (to carry papers & maybe John’s ideas) had created the vessel shape.

The day ended and I rushed up to John, pretty excited to tell him what I had seen. He asked me to describe the shape, where I had seen it and what it was connected to. I was so sure it was connected to the brief case because of its placement. “Are you sure?” he asked. I’m not a confident person by nature, but I decided to be assertive about connecting the shape to the briefcase. Again John asked me to describe the shape and I shaped the vessel I had seen with my hands. Then John asked me if the shape was a chalice and I confidently said “yes”. This is when he told me that the chalice I had seen was connected to his heart. I felt very privileged to know this and to have seen it. I was amazed that the chalice had sat so far (width of a desk) in front of the heart. But I am often amazed at how the Spirit presents. 



Number 6

Rachel White

I saw our bathroom door covered in mould but it wasn’t physical mould. I realized that cleaning doesn’t just look after the physical stuff and that if I could see that on the door, then the cleaning wasn’t adequate and wondered what else has leaked out into the rest of the house? I gave the door a good physical clean.



 Number 7

Gaz - 2002

I was out walking our dog Daisy, when she disappeared among some trees nearby. Next thing I saw a rabbit come shooting out of the trees and across the clearing before me. As it ran, small little creamy ‘puffball’ shapes came from its heels and lingered in the air for a time before dissolving. I understood, with that queer sense of certainty or knowing that you sometimes have with psychic experience, that the balls were a part of a rabbit’s natural defence mechanism, and worked to confuse and disorient the animal chasing it. Daisy never got close to the rabbit for me to see this effect taking place but I was certain of its truth. I was only a little bit surprised by all this. It was more a case of ‘but of course’; it seemed entirely natural that such ‘mechanisms’ would exist.



Number 8

Keith Foley-Chell - Friday 13th May 2005

A friend had called around for a visit and we were sitting on the back patio. He was feeling a bit anxious and as I was listening to him I saw a medium dark pink glowing brightly around his hands and I knew it was an expression of his emotion. As we continued to talk I saw flickers of bright electric orange coming from his cheek, which related to his communication brightening up. Seeing these aura colours with some sense of what they represented made me feel somehow closer to him.



Number 9

Jude Foley-Chell - Spring 2005

One of the exercises we do at our psychic and spiritual class is to pass and receive energy from one class member to the next on a particular theme or unifying quality. The purpose behind this exercise is to learn to experience the different reactions and responses of other class members to the same energy.

At one particular class, our host’s cat had kittens and there was an atmosphere in the house of that lively, playful kitten behavior that kittens do. For the class exercise we decided to pass and receive this kittenish energy. One person passes this quality of energy to the class member sitting next to them; they receive the energy and pass this along with their contribution to the next class member. The exercise takes around 10 minutes to complete.

As the passing of energy proceeded on this particular class day, I saw a thought form (a thought produced by something living) appear and bounce across the room. The thought form was a soft pale yellow/green sphere that had been left in the room by the kittens. The sphere bounced across the room, in the air and over the lounge chairs and then disappeared. I remember feeling how light and soft the thought form looked, its outside texture even had a hair-like appearance. The experience left a magic, light hearted feeling inside me.



Number 10

Ignacious – 8th September 2007

I had stayed up late as I often do tidying the kitchen while watching TV. I took a break at 11pm to watch a particular show I wanted to see. As I was watching TV I saw a bright pale blue object to the right side of the TV against the wall. It didn’t move as I deliberately rolled my eyes slightly to see if it may have been an after image. It wasn’t. I also noticed something above me as well as a pale blue thin line going diagonally up from left to right above the TV toward the ceiling. I also noticed that the white glow on the ceiling caused by the fluorescent light had a muddy reddish pink haze to it which hasn’t occurred before or since this experience. I didn’t contemplate what this might mean, I’m just happy that it happened and I take it as an indicator of the beginning of opening up of my psychic.



 Number 11

Serena Scarlett – 16th July 2006

I saw a lot of pink in the room behind a friend; it started as soft pink then became brighter pink as I looked. I thought it was curious as there was a lot of this colour and logically the shade didn’t match with what I perceived would be their personal aura colours.

Later I discovered from my teachers, John & Lyn that what I saw was around the same time they said that there were angels stirring. John & Lyn described a beautiful soft pink as something they saw around the time the angels (near us and elsewhere) were becoming more active than usual.

I “shared the joy” of the times with the angel the next day when I visited one that I knew to be situated just outside the city. I felt energy at my throat and energy enveloping me or wrapping around my whole body as if the angel was aware of me there and “beaming” on me



Number 12

Keith Foley-Chell - 31st March 2005

I was at a writing class. The female teacher was reading from a book of hers which had been published. As I listened, I became more open and receptive and began to see some aura colours. She had a broad band of pale aqua around the middle of her body, but I wasn’t sure what it represented. I also saw a longitudinal mauve/violet flash over the top of her head as she was reading from her own work. The colour was quite nice, and seemed to represent a healthy pleasure in her achievement. I also noticed bright orange on her hands whilst she was explaining an idea which related to her communicating. Later in the class I had a glimpse or impression of a strawberry colour on her hands (and maybe forearms) when she was trying to stimulate and challenge people. It seemed to be a warming, encouraging colour. The experience definitely seemed related to my being open and receptive.



Number 13

William B. Elias - Spring 1981

It was a sunny day around three o’clock in the afternoon. I was on a fifteen minute break, walking in a nearby park. I was enjoying the trees and the warmth of the Sun on my face when I noticed soft blue pulsating gridlines just above the green grass, stretching as far as I could see. As I looked closer I saw a similar interwoven grid of purple-mauve lines. The lines felt like they were part of the Earth. When I asked my teacher, John, about them he said that they were most likely the energy lines of the earth.  



Number 14

Rachel White - 2007

At work when I am quite busy I often see blue electric energy/colour around my hands and fingers.  I have decided this is what happens when I am on “auto-pilot” and my hands and fingers do all the thinking. (My job involves a lot of computer and keyboard work).



 Number 15

Alaine Cohen - July 1999

I was playing around with chanting vowel sounds and listening for the harmonics in the sounds, then following this, I meditated for a while.

Just a few minutes after the meditation, I looked across at our cat, Chinki. I was surprised but also excited to see a pinky purple colour in the area near her throat, and also a lovely vibrant royal blue colour down the front of her chest. There was a different feeling about this compared to other times that I had seen part of an aura and I was really excited by that difference.

A couple of days later I saw a green blue energy field almost completely around Chinki’s body. It was a very strong colour and I was really pleased because the colour remained and I was able to watch it for a few minutes, rather than on some other occasions where I had seen a colour only for a short time. 



Number 16

Keith Foley-Chell - 25th March 2005

I was sitting talking with three or four friends. One of them described something, and as I looked, the lady she spoke to was being sceptical about it. I glimpsed an olive-green yellow under her eyes which I knew was related to the way she was poisoning her looking. Even though it was the first aura colour I’d seen that wasn’t a lovely colour, it didn’t feel like a bad thing, though it did have an effect inside me of mingled understanding and compassion.



Number 17

Jude Foley-Chell – Approximately 2006

This experience happened while teaching a massage class. It was a Friday, the sun was shining and two of the students were sitting in the sun outside the classroom door. I noticed one of the girls was scrambling in haste, I thought she was moving this way because she was being bitten by an ant. But as we found out later, she had a phobia about birds and there was one sitting on the roof of the building above her. She panicked and ran indoors.

After some discussion about the incident, we continued with the class. This is when I saw colour on both the girls, a bright vibrant apple-green aura colour across their chests. The fearful student also had a deep, very dark purple colour in her aura, over the right side of her neck.

An aura is “…a many-coloured energy field that surrounds all living things. It reflects health, development, attitudes and emotions.”

The deep, dark purple aura colour I saw on the student’s neck felt linked to the panic attack the student had. I thought it also had a sluggish feel to it. Regarding the green colour, I couldn’t help but wonder why both girls would have the same green colour across their chest.

I later talked about this experience with my teacher, John. He explained that sometimes you will see the same aura colour on two different people when they are responding in the same way. In this experience, one student was panicked by the bird, the other student experienced a similar emotion through their shared humanity. The deep, dark purple colour I saw on the neck would be connected to a receding in communication that occurred in the student who was afraid of the bird.

I am keen to connect with the aura colours more and expressed this in my discussion with John. He explained you can psych out the meaning of a colour in the aura, but to learn meaning about an aspect of an aura through colour requires more than one colour to be seen. For example seeing a type of green colour means one thing, seeing blue or another colour with green in the same area of the aura means another thing. So, I need to see more than one colour in the same area of the aura to understand what any aspect of an aura represents.



Number 18

Vince Dove

I was driving past our local Fire Station this afternoon and I saw a sweep of Lemon/White energy shaped a little like a Sail. The really cool thing was it registered inside me at the same time as I saw it externally. It felt like it was associated with the keeping watch over the community / looking out for us / keeping us safe nature of the Fire Station.

It registered dead centre in my chest, very definite and at the exact moment as I saw it. I have been working on ‘inner realm’ stuff since my partner, Suzie’s and my Spiritual Counselling session two weeks ago and I think as a result I have seen this colour with a touch of the meaning associated with it.

Hopefully more to come.



Number 19

Serena Scarlett - Nov 2006

I saw some special metaphysical colours.

At the end of the evening two girlfriends were talking and between them both and slightly above them were pale blue silvery energies coming down in 2 inch wide tubular rays. Some of the rays spread towards each of them. I felt these came from a being or entity that was ‘feeding’ them or nourishing them as they communicated. It felt lovely, I was moved by it and it was as if the being was contributing to their communication in a special way.



Number 20

Vince Dove - 8th October 2004

Earlier in the day, I had seen part of the energies and a chakra of a deva over a small island just off the coast where we were holidaying. Later I was watching people swimming in the cold ocean. A child (approx 12 years old) who was just getting into the water was very reticent to get wet because of the sea’s temperature. As a wave came tumbling towards her she knew she was going to get wet, her Aura (predominantly yellow/green) surged for the beach then she ran backwards into it to avoid the wave. It didn’t work!



Number 21

Keith Foley-Chell - 23rd April 2005

I was getting out of the shower, when I looked over at my maroon towel on the rail and saw lots of little oval shapes over the surface of it. They were a dull (sickly) yellowy olive green in colour, and related to grime (physically invisible) on the towel. Although the colours were “yucky”, I was excited to see them, as it was the first time I had seen clear colours on something other than people or animals. When I got out of the shower I went and got a clean towel and resolved to change the bath towels more often.



Number 22

Jude Foley-Chell – 19th December 2006

Today I had a special Christmas experience… We had met at a friend’s house to say the Rosary. As we prayed I saw a sleigh and deer appear in my vision, I looked closer and noticed the surface of sleigh had a bubbled shiny effect like some stained glass surfaces. The sleigh and deer and some Christmas story images reappeared in my mind a couple of times as we continued with the Rosary.

After saying the Rosary we did a circle and again as I closed my eyes a sleigh full of Christmas presents and deer (about 8) pulling the sleigh, came down the front of the Christmas tree and out into the lounge room that we were sitting in. There was such detail and colour and such a feeling of abundance and excitement that went with this experience.

It occurred to me that maybe what I had been seeing was linked to something that had been happening in the room. So when we finished the power circle I asked my friend if she had been reading some Christmas stories in the room. Yes, she and her grand daughter had been doing this and so the story telling of Christmas had preceded this experience.



Number 23

Ignacious - 19th March 2007

One evening, I was sitting in my lounge chair watching TV. I was very relaxed at the time which was around 7:00-7:30pm, My daughter Jenny was very active near my feet jumping around and giggling. I saw for a fleeting moment tiny silvery/white balls of light flicker as they appeared and suddenly disappeared. A bit like seeing camera flashes going off in a crowd at a sports match. I though that they may have been after-image perception but they were too bright for that, they lasted about 2 seconds before they totally disappeared. Without making any assumptions, I feel that these may have been thought forms created by my daughter as she played. It was beautiful to see.



Number 24

Cuddles Godschalk - Winter 1985

I was a passenger in a car. I was in the back seat and bits of conversation drifted back to me as I gazed out the window at the green lush grazing land either side of the road. I was happy to be going on this trip, it was nice change and it was a Sunday which still tends to feel a bit holidayish to me, like when I was a child and the family would drive off together for a Sunday outing three in the front and ten hanging out the back.

I was relaxed and just watching the trees and thinking how pretty the leaves on them were when it occurred to me that there weren’t actually any leaves to be seen. It was winter and the trees we were passing were deciduous. I only just registered what I’d seen and realised that I was seeing beyond the physical aspects. It occurred to me how often this sort of thing might be happening without me noticing. How much of life was staring me in the face that I wasn’t registering consciously most likely due to habitual thinking and taking things for granted. It gave me a sense of appreciation of the beauty and subtleties of the generally unseen world and it encouraged me to look more deeply.



Number 25

Serena Scarlett – 14th November 2006

I saw a few different colours during the day; one was particularly interesting. At my classmate, Sam’s elbow a bit less than two feet out, I saw a small patch of blue. I knew that this was associated with him getting ready to speak; I knew he was gathering his thoughts or preparing to speak. This proved to be correct as it was reflected in the expression on his face in the next moment and then he did speak.



Number 26

Keith Foley-Chell - 14th May 2005

I was at an acupuncture conference in Melbourne. I was sitting in one of the presentations listening. I felt myself become calm and open and started to see strong, clear aura colour on the speaker. There was a broad band of dark forest green radiating from his head and upper body area. At the time I felt it had to do with healthy motivated earthiness. On talking to John, my teacher, later he explained that it is commonly a colour of education and knowledge.



Number 27

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Approximately 1975

I had spent the day working on a farm with a group of friends dedicated to assisting sick and injured creatures. I frequently spent a lot of time caring for lambs and sheep during this time.

Late on this particular evening two friends and I were driving home along a bumpy country road. I dozed off for a time and was startled awake as the van we were driving made a few loud rattles.

We were travelling at approximately 80kph and as I opened my eyes I saw a little lamb making his way across the road with his head hanging down about 100 metres in front of us. I registered he was lost or unwell.

I panicked and stuttered a burbled “Watch out, stop!” This all happened very quickly and I couldn’t believe my friends hadn’t at least swerved to miss the lamb.

It turned out, there was no ‘Thump” as there was no physical lamb to be seen. We had driven straight through him. He was an astral lamb.

It took me a while to calm down enough to realise what had happened and for my heart to stop thumping.

The little lamb was just as snow white as a newborn lamb would be and the headlights of the van made him seem to glow even more.

This was my first real seeing of an astral being. I was delighted later but still get the shivers when I remember driving straight through him.



Number 28

Rachel White - September 2007

The other day at work, a female colleague had to sit behind a partition at the end of the counter to do some work. In this area you are hidden from view but the partition doesn’t go to the ceiling. I glanced that way at some point during the day and saw a big arc of cerise/bright pink colour emit over the top of the partition which would have been emanating about half a metre (or about 1½ feet) from her body. I don’t know what she was thinking but when I saw the colour it had a strong impact on me, it hit me with a WOW holy cow type feeling. John and Lyn, told me later that this vibrant colour, cerise, can be associated with sexual behaviour or thoughts but it generally manifests around the base of the spine but can appear in other places. WARNING: Be careful what you are thinking of at work!



Number 29

Jude Foley-Chell - November 2005

I was at someone’s home where a few of us were talking about the psychic and Spirit. As we talked, a thought form appeared. It was a black sphere with a red centre. It appeared at a height above us and fell to a certain level where it appeared to bounce and disperse.

This experience happened quickly, just as I was passing my gaze from one person to another during the conversation that we were having. The thought form was falling in the direction of a person sitting in the room, who works positively with the psychic and spirit. At the time I didn’t know what was happening, but I was taken by how the thought form dispersed so cleanly in mid air at some distance above the person head. I can still feel the magic inside me of seeing the thought form disperse when it met an apparent level or force different to itself.

I later told one of my teacher’s, Lyn, about this experience. She informed me that some thought forms are formed so they lay dormant and wait to come out when a particular person or energy comes into the room. The black energy of the thought form, particularly with this red centre, was a dark energy formed by someone’s negative thinking towards something. The thought form dispersed at a distance from the psychic person concerned, because their aura would not let this type of energy in.



Number 30

Robin Ezra - 1998 Summer

During one of our weekly spiritual group meetings when the group was involved in a sharing meditation (this is when one person shares an experience or the essence of themselves with the rest of the group, this is done with the mind and begins with the sender giving to the person on their left this process continues around the group until it is returned to the original sender)'

Gary, a class member, was sitting opposite me. While he was passing to the next person, I watched him create a three dimensional thoughtform triangle in front of himself. It was bright white and blue filled with an active clear substance. It materialised rapidly in front of him and was sent to the next person, where it dissolved.

It was a great experience to see astrally how Gary created and sent the essence of the experience and to see the other person accept it as it dissolved.



Number 31

Keith Foley-Chell - 25th September 2007

I had just been out walking in the bush with my big furry white dog, Holly. We’d both enjoyed the walk in the late afternoon sun; she’d been trotting around in the woodland, sniffing after kangaroos and whatever else she could find. On the way home she met a border collie and they’d approached each other tentatively, but wagging their tails. They merely said a courteous nose to nose hello and then were both keen to continue with their walks.

We got home and walked around to the back garden, where I took off her collar and lead. I’m in the habit of giving her a pat at the end of a walk and thanking her for the walk. As I walked over to her from the back gate, she sat waiting for me, looking very pleased with life. When I bent and started to pat her she raised her head towards me and lime green egg shaped “poppers” started to appear over her head and neck. I call them poppers, because that’s what they were doing. They seemed to be an emanation of her happiness with life and with being greeted by me. The lime green was clear and light and the impression I had of the bubbles was almost spherical, but slightly egg-shaped, though symmetrical, not narrower at one end. They were about 5cm or 2in across. It was a thoroughly nice experience, with a sense of the popping inside, a natural light hearted happiness.



Number 32

Bill White - March 2007.

I asked a friend if she would like me to make her a drink. She smiled and said no thank you. As she spoke, a thought form that looked like a blue butterfly came from her heart towards me. I felt the love behind the words and heard a sound like wings flapping.



Number 33

Serena Scarlett - Oct 2004

Driving in a car from Canberra I looked for the aura of a person in a car ahead of us. I saw purple energies moving back and forth between the two front seats. This seemed to indicate there were two people talking. Later, as I got closer I could see there were two people in the car, so this seemed correct.



Number 34

Bronnie - mid 2006

My partner (Gaz) and I were out in the car with John (our teacher) going for a drive around our city. At one point while driving there was a peewee (a small native black and white bird) standing right on the road in front of us. The bird would either have to move or be hit by the car.

I saw John look directly at the peewee, while he was still talking with us in the car, and out from his eyes ‘zapped’ small intense fiery sparks of energy down towards the road. I knew that the sparks were deliberately aimed at the area of the road just below where the peewee was standing, with the intention of giving him a bit of ‘incentive’ to move-along quickly. At the same time the peewee rose up from the road and flew out of the way of our car. This whole event happened really quickly, without a pause in our conversation.

The sparks were very precise, and though fiery and intense in their nature, were directed in a caring way to cause no harm to the bird but to get it out of the way of the car quickly.

I was impressed at how the psychic can be a natural and everyday part of our expression and how it can be used to help the living things in our world. I also thought it was a very skilful thing to be able to make controlled fire come from your eyes.



Number 35

Rachel White - Spring 2004

One night after we had locked everything up for the night and were off to bed, I looked back to check the lounge room and saw my Mother’s astral form standing there. Checking up on me as Mothers do! It was a nice feeling to have her there, knowing that she was thinking of me. I rang her the next day to see what she was up to and at the time I saw her astral body, she would have been asleep.

Another night I was lying in bed and saw some movement near the bedroom doorway. I saw my Father appear then disappear again as though he knew he shouldn’t be there or he was in the wrong place. He looked younger than when I last saw him in the flesh ten years ago. My Father passed over in 1996. I have learned that a short time after people pass over into the astral realm, they usually revert to an appearance they associate with being in their prime.

I always used to think that experiences of this type would frighten me as I used to think that I was afraid of “ghosts”. When it actually happens, it seems quite normal and not scary at all.



Number 36

Serena Scarlett- Nov 2004

Lately I have been seeing the deep blue etheric colour, the energy field around people’s bodies. I have also observed aura ‘sparkles’ and at times more colour. For example, a woman was talking to me about her baptism which was a full immersion. As she spoke, I saw rays of yellow light coming towards her head from behind her.



Number 37

William B. Elias - 1985

I walked outside for a break and some fresh air. A warm breeze brushed my cheeks and I lifted my face to the sun enjoying its warmth, I felt relaxed. A friend and I were conducting a course in relaxation and meditation over the weekend. On this warm spring afternoon the grounds of the building the course was being held in had a quiet feel. Apart from our group, the area was deserted, but the quietness seemed to me to be more than just physical.

I allowed myself to enjoy the moment and looked out over the young green grass. Floating just above the earth was a net of soft pulsating blue lines. I looked closer which required me to somehow “let go”. I then noticed another grid of gentle pulsating purple lines. The two grids were different yet were interlaced, it seemed to me as if the Earth had two heartbeats.



Number 38

Kerry Georgina Jackson- Approximately 1975

I had been on a drive out into the country with my husband and we had enjoyed our respite and leisure time. Both of us were in a contented frame of mind and chatting comfortably.

It was late afternoon and we were driving over the top of a steep hill in town.

Ahead of us was one of the local cathedrals. It looked nothing like it usually did. The physical shape was still there but it emanated ethereal, bright and amazingly clear light and colours of its own. This was like a vision, but as the physical building was in the same place it seemed we were seeing it and feeling it with different parts of ourselves than we usually used. I recall saying, excitedly “Wow, look at that. Do you see that?” He said “Yes” and we were too stunned after that to talk for a while.

We drove down the hill slowly and our vision of the emanation only faded as we came closer. We sat in wonder for a while wondering and talking about what it was that we had seen.

It was a very uplifting and exciting occurrence made more so by the fact that we both saw it and could talk about it together as it happened.

We raced around to tell our friends and teachers, John and Lyn who were also very pleased for us.



Number 39

Serena Scarlett - May 2005

A musical event was held at the local art gallery. I attended and enjoyed the violins and other instruments. There was a woman there playing clarinet. I noticed sparks coming out of the clarinet and also ring shapes consecutively smaller to larger in size. These were metaphysical forms associated with the music. Then I saw purple-coloured energy in the player’s skirt and a curious thing was that the clarinet drew on these energies.

Another instance of someone drawing on energy occurred after one of our spirituality classes. The teenage daughter of the household arrived home and as she walked through the room, she naturally drew in the lovely yellow light that had been created from our spiritual session. I saw the yellow light go up through her feet. She had yellow at her knee and clear yellow straight up the side of her leg.



Number 40


Kerry Georgina Jackson - 1978

I was sitting in a lounge chair holding my new baby daughter, Jacinda who was contentedly asleep. We were at a friend’s place and there was a metaphysical and spiritual class being conducted in another room in the house.

I dozed off for a while, sitting in the chair, luxuriating in front of an open fire and holding my baby girl.

At some time during the evening John, my teacher opened the door and went to the bookcase to get a book for the class. I awoke and saw him as he was making his way back to the door.

I didn’t see John as I know him to look physically. He was awhirl with swirling, shifting colours. I saw no body, just this mass of energies and forces and colours swirling with purpose. He said something to me but I don’t know what, as I was sitting with my mouth open in amazement. I burbled out a description of what I was seeing to him and his response was: “Perhaps you are seeing me closer to how I really am.” (These words may not be exact but they carry the essence of the comment he made.)

John then just left the room and closed the door. I was fascinated by what I had seen. He was very beautiful, bright and light and quite beyond description in reality.

I believe I did see a different part of John, perhaps a part that is closer to the spirit of him.



Number 41

Brad Edlington

One of my teachers, Lyn, along with a few friends and I were out walking late one night and were all in quite a jovial mood. As we walked and casually chatted, I noticed some astral colours around one of my friend’s legs as he walked ahead. I asked Lyn what the strange yellowy and orangey colours were, to which she responded, in a pretend mocking kind of way, ‘Don’t you know gold when you see it?’

I was certainly quite excited to have seen these colours as not only was I seeing some astral colour as part of an aura, but they were quite different to normal yellow and orange physical colours. I know now that I was seeing an incomplete version of what was actually there, as gold as it is present in auras is absolutely brilliant and couldn’t possibly be mistaken for orange or yellow.

Another factor that made this experience quite memorable for me was how entertained and warmly embarrassed I was in response to Lyn’s comment when I didn’t recognise these colours as aspects of gold.



Number 42

William B Elias - 1975

I was renting an old house in Melbourne which had an old fashioned outside toilet. It was attached to the main building via a covered walkway but far enough down the back yard for privacy from passing traffic. This particular day was warm and sunny so I had the toilet door only half closed. I was enjoying the view and the blue sky. The cat had decided to walk past the open door, its head was held lower than normal and it gave the appearance of someone striding off to do something important.

Usually the cat would look at me as it passed but on this occasion it marched straight past and over its head I saw a cloud of vibrating red, nearly scarlet in colour. At first I thought I was seeing something on the ground past the cat but the colour moved as if attached to the cat as it marched past the toilet door. I was amused and had the feeling that the cat was grumbling about something.



Number 43

Tamika Beckman

John was speaking at a course. I was watching as spinning balls of colour were coming from John and landing on people as he interacted with them. They were like an accentuation or a full stop. I then noticed that John had a yellow figure eight like a bowtie on his throat. I got the feeling from the bowtie that John was speaking a higher truth. After contemplating the spinning balls, I think that the colours would have been absorbed by the people as the information or point that John was trying to get across was absorbed by the people they landed on.



Number 44

Suzie Duncan - 1988

I had been seeing various patches and spots of aura colour of people on and off over many weeks. This often occurred when treating physiotherapy clients. On occasions I would also have the metaphysical taste and smell awareness related to issues pertaining to their health. On this particular occasion I was standing talking with a client and I felt a tangible opening occurring within myself. It felt like I reached out to them from within myself.

The person’s aura blossomed before me. It was shared from within me and without. Not only did I experience the myriad of shapes and colours of their aura, but also the person’s wholeness of being.

I felt myself shut down with the surprise at the extent of the intimacy of the experience. I had expected I would “see” their aura i.e. something outside of myself. The actual experience was that all within me was shared with them in that moment. It was the most revealed I had ever felt and I was quite unprepared for it.

The colours, movement and feelings were amazing. There was nothing threatening about the person. I didn’t have a problem with judgement of them. The problem I experienced was with the unveiling of my inner self.

It was a wondrous and awesome experience. From my first class on the metaphysical I was captivated by the aspiration of opening to aura vision. I have just had some work to do on myself that I wasn’t quite wise enough to anticipate initially!



Number 45

Serena Scarlett – 2005 to 2007

Quite often when I am at classes or courses with my teachers John & Lyn, I see more aura colours and sense more energies. The colours I see can sometimes go half way across the room and appear very bright. Occasionally the colours I see are parts of the aura of class mates and at times they are John’s aura or colours near him. 

On several occasions I have also sensed the presence of others in the room, such as beings from astral, angelic or higher realms. Once I had the feeling of a spirit in the room and their acknowledgement of me. I could say they smiled, at least this is what it felt like and it was pretty special.



Number 46

Wizard - 8th April 2007 (Easter Sunday)

I was at my brother’s wedding celebrations, the wedding itself had been held the night before. We were staying in a hotel. I got up very early Easter Sunday morning to welcome in the new Christ Light.

As I was watching the sun rise I could make out some interesting cloud shapes of what could be taken for Christ’s face, the Virgin Mary and huge Angels with their wings outspread.

However, what happened next was amazing. I started to see a very strong and beautiful colour that looked like a combined purple and pink that was ebbing and flowing in a large arc of the sky covering a huge area just above where the sun was rising. I saw this wonderful purply / pink non-physical light for about 10 minutes. Sometimes it would start to fade then re-appear very strongly. I got a sensation that it had something to do with Easter but could not figure out what. I later had it confirmed by Lyn that it is a colour associated with the Divine Heart and the meaning and significance of Easter.



Number 47

Robin Ezra- Winter 2002

I had been very sick with the flu, high fever and a little delirious. It was early evening, not completely dark in the bedroom as yet. The rest of the family were enjoying dinner and I could hear them chatting in the distance.

I know that when you are delirious you can sometimes see things that don’t make sense and they can be just a trick of the mind. That evening I believe the fever had made it possible for me to see beyond the veil of the physical to the astral, in my room.

There were a number of large shapes like containers, with thousands of small geometric multi coloured shapes within. They were extremely complex. They had an overall yellow colour, they weren’t moving around the room, they were stationery in their positions.

They were bright against the darkness of the room, I closed my eyes thinking they would probably go, but when I opened them again there they were.

I believe they were thoughforms that my partner and I have been creating for a long while, things which would manifest somewhere in our future. They could possibly have been to do with psychic endeavour, life style changes, relationship or work.



Number 48

Wizard - January 2006

I was lying in bed one morning feeling unwell in the early stages of getting a head cold. I found myself gazing at my arm when neither suddenly nor slowly I realised I was seeing a very soft and flowing wave of light green / yellowy energy flowing up and down and around my whole forearm. I was very excited at seeing a part of my aura. I instinctively knew that it was a part of my aura and had something to do with healing. I later had it confirmed by Lyn that it was a part of my aura and was the colour of healing energy.

Subsequently and at different times up to the present I have also seen bits of darker green around my hands and arms and legs as well as a very bright light green (with no yellow). I did not get a feeling of what these colours represented until I had it confirmed by Lyn that those colours represent attitudes connected with nature (dark grassy green) and religion (the very bright green).

In addition, up to the present from when I first started seeing green in my aura, I have sometimes seen the nature green colour on the hands of a work colleague and the religious green on the hands and around the arms of one of the class members in our spiritual and metaphysical class.



Number 49

Wizard - August 2005

I was at a friend’s place for our regular metaphysical and spiritual class with all other class friends present. I found myself looking at the nice, crisp, clean white wall of their family room just above the host’s head who was sitting opposite me. Very gently but with great precision and orderliness, I saw a white triangular shape emerge from the wall above the host’s head. The white was like normal white paper. There were three circles that formed the shape of the triangle with white lines of energy connecting them to complete the shape.

It moved with precision and purpose. It moved from out of the wall about 10 centimetres (about 4 inches) and then slowly merged back into the wall.



Number 50

Jacinda Jackson

For as long as I can remember I have been able to see prana (life force energy) and limited aspects of etheric matter. It’s like something that is always there in my vision and I can either focus on it or not. When I am relaxed, listening intently, exercising, or during any activity where my noisy mind has a chance to quieten, I see etheric more clearly. It is like a clear light glow that appears around everything. On people I sometimes see it extend way past the body and sometimes I am able to see colour, usually flashes of bright blue or pink and sometimes yellow. Sometimes I see the trail of where someone has been, like a clear light shadow form that dissipates over a few seconds. I love to watch the prana dance in the air on a clear sunny day.



Number 51

Jude Foley-Chell - 8th October 2007

A group of us had just finished saying the Rosary for Mary’s intentions. We were chatting afterwards, when I looked over at my friend Annie and saw a beautiful soft mauve aura colour over both her upper eyelids. The softness of the mauve caught my attention and I looked longer to understand its nature. I knew the colour was of a spiritual nature and I wondered if it was connected to the way she had been looking and contemplating during the Rosary. I say this because I got the feeling that the energy associated with this aura colour lifted and curled slightly at its edge, like wisps of a delicate energy that had the ability to see.

Later in the evening I explained to Annie what I had seen and asked her if she had experienced anything differently during this Rosary.

Annie visualizes Mary as she prays, on this particular day she explained she had experienced this visualization of Mary differently. The Rosary had begun with my friend feeling a deep appreciation for saying the Rosary with the group. As she prayed and visualized Mary, she felt she moved beyond her normal state of consciousness, connecting with Mary in a closer way. With this change in consciousness, she was also aware that her vision/sight had shifted and she was viewing Mary from a different place.



Number 52

Shell Kirby - 15th October 2004

I was driving towards a stand of trees early in spring. A flash of beautiful mid-range purple was draped across a particular group of trees. That was a surprise. I wondered what it was to do with. There had been some rain recently; was there something about that? I spoke to Lyn, one of my teachers, about it and she encouraged me to find out more about the trees, did they have flowers? Earlier in the day I’d seen some smaller shrubs that kept catching my attention with a similar draping of colour. This time it was red. Around the same time I saw a lovely bluey-mauve draping on a climbing vine. I realised it was the same colour as the flowers to come. Then during summer, I saw the red flowers on the shrubs. So it took a while, but I finally realised that the draping of colour on the trees were the promise of the flowers to come. It made me realise how exceptional nature is, and filled me with wonder at the cycle of life.



Number 53

Shell Kirby - 5th October 2004

I was sitting in the back of the car on the way back from the coast. I was surprised to see a white ute surrounded by and full of soft pink non-physical ‘dust’. At first I wondered if the car was driving through it, or was it coming off the car? When I spoke to Lyn about it later she asked me lots of questions about it to help me fill out the experience. The soft pink was a heart colour, to do with tenderness, care and nurturing and had probably been unknowingly put on the car by someone who cared about the driver. How lovely.



Number 54

Shell Kirby - October 2004

I was at a conference. The presenter had been explaining recent scientific research followed by an anecdote. To put it in context he had seven vibrant, bright blue tennis size balls above his head in a circular pattern. I was really interested in what he was talking about, but at the same time thinking how amazing they looked! What do they represent? It’s not easy to listen and figure out at the same time!

I was discussing it with Lyn and she commented that it was interesting to watch people who switch from scientific thinking to anecdotal thinking. The balls are a creative shape, but still a structured thing, being a geometric shape. An anecdote is a flowing thing. So the balls were a result of cohesive structured thinking overlapping with creative thinking. Cool! This experience gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty created by the way we think.



Number 55

Alaine Cohen - 4th October 2007

My husband Nick and I were at a spiritual counselling session with Lyn. I became aware that I was seeing aura/energy colour in the room. The colours with the most clarity were ones that I could see around John and Lyn’s cat, Herus.

Herus had been asleep for quite a while on a lounge chair. As we were talking, he woke up and came to lie on the floor between Lyn and Nick. As I was watching him stretch out on the floor, I saw quite a large area of yellow, about 6 inches wide running down the length of his body, from his head to the beginning of his tail. He lifted his head and sat up a bit more, but his body was still stretched out. I now saw, in addition to the yellow, a large area of orangey red. The colour was neither red nor orange, it was a blend of the two. I also noticed quite a lot of green near his belly and back legs.

I mentioned to Lyn that I was seeing these colours but that I didn’t know what they meant. Lyn shared with us some information about what these colours meant in this particular situation.

The yellow was from Herus waking up from sleep and becoming active. The colour was associated with his stretching after waking and with the activation of his nervous system.

The orangey red was a colour associated with the astral world (different to the orange and red that are associated with physical activity). This colour was associated with Herus’ level of activation and his reconnecting back to the physical world after waking up.

The green was his hopefulness, meaning, he was hopeful that counselling would be finished soon and we would be leaving!

Lyn commented that Herus generally has lots of yellow and green colours around him. He is often hopeful and seeking, which creates these colours. Other cats have different colours that are predominant in their aura, depending on their personality and expression.

I felt excited to see these colours, and to gain some understanding about them from the information Lyn shared. It’s inspired me to ask myself questions about what I’m seeing, and what I think the colours mean.

Thanks Herus and Lyn!


Number 56

Annie Marshall - 26th March 2006

I was having a lovely time getting ready for work one morning and I needed to strike a match. It was one of those extra long thick ones that burns really well. As I struck it I saw a brilliant gold flash that extended for about 20cm (8 inches) in diameter. Then I saw a myriad of pastel rainbow colours fanning out in a ray like formation also for about 20cms. They were beautiful greens, blues, pinks and yellows and appeared to be filled with light. I thought wow, isn’t that beautiful! I wondered if I’d seen the aura of the match.



Number 57

Shell Kirby - November 2004

I was enjoying a relaxing drive home from my local shop. It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day. A man walking along with 4 or 5 small children caught my attention. They were all joyful, the children bouncing around him. He stopped to tell them something, smiling, looking down. I noticed a beautiful soft blue arcing down from his throat to midriff, emanating out from him. It felt as if it was to do with his care, gentleness and nurturing. Later, when I was talking to my teacher, Lyn about it she said it was an aura colour related to that behaviour. Heart colours aren’t just pink! I felt privileged to see such a beautiful interaction. Seeing these sorts of things when driving can be challenging though. Good thing there wasn’t any traffic around!