The astral plane exists at a finer vibration than the physical. Every person has an astral body which separates from the physical body during sleep, although most people do not remember these experiences. With practice, we can condition the mind to recall our astral activity and increase our control. Time spent on the astral can be used in many ways: for fun, for personal growth and for being of service to others.



Number 1

Gaz - 11th February 2007

 I was dreaming that my partner, Bronnie, and I were about to catch a plane somewhere. The engine fired up and Bronnie said that she thought they were going to use that new slingshot technology where the plane gets hurled up into the air. Sure enough, that's what happened. As the plane got hurled upwards, I 'woke up' astrally and realised I was projecting. I was inside a beautiful blue open sphere like a parachute – or rather, my consciousness was, since I didn't appear to have a body as such. The sphere moved in soft arcing movements. Its overall ‘movement’ wasn't really directional, though. It was more like being raised in vibration somewhere. After a time, the sphere 'bounced' me out in one clean, quick action.  As I emerged from the sphere, I found myself as a ball of consciousness in a world of blue and silver energy, rippling out infinitely. I knew I was on another planet - although planet is too 'hard' or physical a word. At the same time, I knew it was a world much higher up the planes as well. I was suspended above or within this place - direction wasn't the same thing here. And it all felt familiar and wonderful. I had the thought to keep my mind as still as possible, that the coarseness of thinking as I know it would end the experience. There was a lovely melodic voice speaking - coming from everywhere and nowhere. It filled all space. The voice sounded female but might have been male, or both, or neither. It was like a tinkling of a thousand bells, or like the sweetest sparkling champagne bubbles. I couldn't understand what it/she/he was saying -- it was like French spoken very, very quickly but a 1,000 times more beautiful and musical. I felt meaning and purpose in the sound and was sure that if I listened ‘properly’, I would understand what it was communicating. I then woke up back in bed. Drats! The musical voice is what stays with me now. In that voice was another world filled with joy and purity, and free-flowing consciousness. A world not made up of objects, of lumpy time and place, but of consciousness as vast and wide and rich and varied as you could imagine. A place where one could exist for lives, exploring the flavours and tastes of pure consciousness. 

I feel so grateful for the experience. It came out of nowhere, like a gift. I'd love so much to go back!! And take you all with me!!



Number 2

Nicholas Cohen - 3rd August 2007

I was on the Astral making eggs on toast in a kitchen with a friend, Johno. It was a real mess and I was trying to fry eggs in a ceramic bowl and the toast was burning. Johno took serves out of the kitchen and then brought them back in because people did not eat it.

I stopped and thought, “Something is wrong here, there is something else going on”. I realised that I had to do it differently if I was going to succeed. I walked outside and saw all the people. Suzie and Johno were there and I realised the problem we were all having.

John arrived and told me to call everyone together and tell them what I had just realised.

This was a place that had been created especially for us. There were probably about 12-15 people there including Suzie, Gaz and Johno and me. I was comfortable with the others but they were not from our time. I was cooking and they were practicing psychic exercises. The area was high up on a plateau, you could see the mist and clouds rising from the areas below in the distance. It was about 30 acres mostly cleared soft grass. It was very beautiful. It did not have an inside building feel, more an open space. The area had everything we could want for psychic discovery on a personal and group basis. The energies were exceptional for successful psychic work.

I was watching Suzie throwing crystal-like thought forms from her right hand. Several of us watched but they did not work the way that she wanted. I then saw others sitting about disconcerted that their exercises were not working. There was music playing. I located the source and tried to turn off the music but could not. Someone came over and helped me turn it off.

I asked everyone to come together for a talk. There were some people in another area who were more interested in sleeping or chatting and not doing anything at that moment. I left them there. In their own time they would come. 

When everyone was seated in a grassy area with a raised bank, I started speaking.

“We are special, we have been chosen for this work and this is a special place with amazing energies that are amplifying anything that we do. At the moment we are not using the energies correctly. We try a bit then stop as it does not produce a result. We try a bit more and stop. We are always doing the same thing and we expect different results. To be successful this has to change. What we need to do is think of other ways to do an exercise to get a desired result. We need to use our imagination and say, “OK, it did not work that way, lets do it this way. Don’t keep doing things the same way because nothing will happen differently and we will always get the same result and be disappointed.”

People were arriving as I was speaking. I got a bad tickle in my throat and started coughing. I came back into my body and had a drink from a bidden beside the bed and immediately went back to sleep and back to the group. I continued teaching and talking with the group and then a little while later I really woke up in my body. 

I was confused because I knew I was really back in my body and awake but didn’t I just come back a minute ago for a drink? Then I realised that I must have come back on the astral but it was so real, the water fixed my throat and it was easy to go back.



Number 3

Keith Foley-Chell - Winter 1977

I’d recently moved to Goulburn from Sydney to be closer to my teachers, John and Lyn, so as to pursue the psychic and spirit. It was also motivated by all the friends I’d made here. One night not long after I’d moved, I came awake in the middle of an experience. John had taken me to a high place, way above the city and even the earth. I had an amazing feeling of perspective, that this height allowed me to see things objectively (which I knew was why I’d been brought here). John and I then talked, and he spoke to me of how important it was for me to have clear aims. My later recall didn’t go beyond this, but it seemed a really important principle for me to apply in my life. Although my memory was blurry, it was exciting, not just because I’d learned about something but because I’d had my first recall of an astral experience.



Number 4

Vince Dove - 1970

I have a very clear memory of when I was 10 years old, floating near the ceiling of my bedroom, inspecting the vent holes in the top of the wall. At the time, I thought it was a clear, vivid dream, in such detail that I still remember it 37 years later. I realise now that it was Astral recall, the type that a child has and is easily dismissed by an adult as imagination.



Number 5

Cuddles Godschalk - 1978 or 1979

It was a lovely ‘Spring like’ day and I was feeling good about myself, life and the universe. I made a chocolate cake and that night still in the same very pleasant mood I went to bed to sleep. I sat up with my legs and feet over the side of the bed and realized that I was sitting up yet still in my body though I didn’t feel attached to it. The room was dark but I could still see. I saw some friends and reached my hand up to join them as they were reaching out to me. At this point I was woken up physically. I still felt quite happy and marvelled at the experience and how real and simple it was. When I think about it now I still recall the feeling and hope that I will be able to do this at will in the future.



Number 6

Nicholas Cohen - 7th March 2007

I was looking into a darkish concrete corridor underground in a train station like area. The tunnel moved deeper into the earth. I stopped and looked and realized that the dream was not continuing as I looked closely and picked out more detail of my surroundings. I grew in astral consciousness and recognition. I then turned to the concrete wall and looked at the water seeping out of one area and touched it, felt the wet cool moisture on my hand. I looked more closely and the area of moisture grew. I stepped back and thought I had enough in here and went straight up through the concrete roof and earth and into the city above.

I flew higher to get a broader look at my surroundings and I was in a modern city with lots of sky scrapers and city blocks. After exploring a bit, I flew into an office on top of a building. It is empty and I looked at the furniture and estimated it is of this time frame. I walked back to the large glass window and put my head through the glass and looked about 40 floors to the street. I then let my body follow my gaze as I tumbled out and started to fall. Such fun! I started zooming about again and then headed down into a back yard at the edge of the city.



Number 7

Tamika Beckman - 15th February 2003

It took a long time to relax but when I did it was very deep very quickly.

I remember thinking at some point “I am still conscious”, and pulling up towards a blue mesh like the blue lacework on my verandah. I can also remember seeing the room and my children asleep next to me even though my eyes were closed.

I went to sleep very contented.



Number 8

Nicholas Cohen - 24th April 2007

I was on the Astral Plane and Suzie, Alaine and I with 5-6 of our friends were walking with a group of local people along a laneway towards a church. It could be described as a small stone church with the main door in the side, several windows and a slate or timber roof. It felt like country England. The church was very old, maybe 100 years.

The road we are walking along has briar bushes and bracken growing over it. We pass the priest’s cottage and I called the priest who came with us. We walked to the church which is now considered haunted and was not used. It had weeds and thorn bushes growing up the outside walls and was considerably run down. Inside it was darkish with no pews; there were lots of weeds and vines growing out of the cracks in the floor. It was seriously scary. The priest did not stay and left quickly. We stayed and Suzie said to me that even our lot were being affected, going quiet strange as if they had lost control of their thoughts.

I walked about looking for the source of the power that was emanating in the church and getting stronger. I found some fresh drops of blood towards the centre of the church and knew they should not be there. I stood about 3 meters from the drops of blood.

I then saw the entity energy on the ground where the blood was. I was getting seriously scared, frightened to the point of nearly being paralysed, with my heart racing and not being able to move.

I knew this was not going to help and knew what to do. I raised my right hand in front of me high up and made the sign of the cross while I said,

“I Bless thee in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” I then said “You may go my child”

The energy/entity then arose from the area and went up into the air. It went up to the peak of the church where it started a gentle shower a small, silver energy sparkles as it went through the roof and was gone. I then woke up.

The remarkable part of the dream was the voice that I used for the blessing. It was not my voice as I know it, it was a powerful and commanding voice that demanded respect and obedience, was deep and rich in its timbre with a resonance of power that echoed wisdom and knowledge. I did not recognize my voice but I was definitely saying the Blessing and performing the actions.

I woke moaning and groaning, having woken Alaine who wisely let me alone until I woke. It was a remarkable experience.



Number 9

Keith Foley-Chell - Summer 1978

I’d had a nice social evening and spent some time listening to Moody Blues (a 1970’s rock band) music. I went to bed and read for an hour or two, a book that was hard to put down! I felt calm and relaxed as I placed the book on the floor next to the bed, about level with my abdomen, and turned the light out. I lay on my side just relaxing for a while. Then I started to hear the most amazing Moody Blues music again. I thought “who’s put the record player back on?” Then I realised I could hear the music coming from all around me. I remember it was definitely Moody Blues music, but I’d never heard music with such depth and grandeur. It sounded as if angels were singing as part of the orchestra. Then I realised I could see, and the book I’d placed on the floor was at the same level as my eyes, I was sliding out of my body feet first! The next thing I remembered afterwards was being high up in the room, sort of floating below the ceiling. I started to hear voices whispering all around me, but the next thing I knew I was back in bed, in my body, my heart racing. Although I’d had recall of the astral before, it was the first time I’d consciously left my body!



Number 10

William B. Elias - Autumn 1975

I woke up and seemed to be bouncing on a hard surface; I turned sideways and wondered why there was a light fitting sticking up from the bed next to my left ear. I could see clearly but things looked out of place and strange. It was then I noticed the bed floating on the ceiling above me, with some one asleep in it. This puzzled me, it took a little while to realise that I was gently bouncing on the ceiling next to the light fitting. I thought “Am I dead?” I felt fine, the room was clear and I certainly did not feel dead. I studied the person in my bed, at the moment I realised it was my physical body in bed I felt a pull that I could not resist, I was pulled down towards my body and circled it (like water going down the drain) then landed feet first in my body and physically woke up. My father was sitting at the end of my bed and slowly faded as I became more aware of my physical surroundings. I had not noticed my father when I was floating on the ceiling. I was so excited that I had trouble getting back to sleep.



Number 11

Nicholas Cohen - 6th March 2007

My wife Alaine, John, Nick, Sue and Johno, friends of mine and one or 2 others got in a 4 wheel drive and travelled out into the country to a farmhouse (took seconds).

When we arrived there was nothing but a derelict old 100 year old house with crushed in roof, overgrown weeds, broken fences etc. Nothing there! We got out and John instructed us to bring white light down over the area to reveal anybody that may be there. There was no one there.

We then went around the perimeter clockwise 2 times very quickly (flying I think) and stopped again at the gate where we started and waited. An astral person started to slowly appear, first I see the old leather boots, the brown trousers held up with a rope, a brown shirt and dark vest and finally the face and dark hair.

The man was about 35, smiling and happy to have visitors, although he does not move out from the old fence between us. 

John says “It is time to leave here Peter and move on”. Peter is quiet distressed and does not want to leave. John bids him farewell and moves away. We bid him farewell but cannot touch him. 

John then told us to bring the white light down in quick flashes around the area but not near Peter. The area was like a news paper reporters scrum in the 30’s with white flashes going off like old flash gun bulbs. 

Peter started to fade from our vision and he was leaving an area where he has stayed for many years.

As we get back in the car, John asks for a local paper from the back seat. (I think this was where we got the information from about the haunted house)

John turned to me and asked if I have recorded all the work we just did. I said yes and woke up and wrote it down.



Number 12

Annie Marshall - 1st January 2005

In a dream I jumped up to touch the ceiling light in my room, it was easy and it felt like I just floated up there. Then I realized I was out of my body and floating at ceiling level. The feeling of lightness was lovely and had a hovering sensation as if poised to go anywhere in an instant. It was like me but without the heaviness of my body, like my consciousness. Then I had a thought that I could go up through the roof but I didn’t like the thought of the dirt up there, needless to say that put an end to that.  



Number 13

Nicholas Cohen - 11th July 2007

I was attending a class with my teacher, John and other students in a beautiful room in a large country home. I knew at this time that I was on the Astral.

Outside you could see beautiful greens with large full grown trees randomly planted with great precision leading all the way across to the hills.

I left the room and the other students and went and got bird seed to feed the birds.  I went to a shed and got the seeds and took them outside for the birds.  

Once outside I was once again overcome by the beautiful extended ultra green lawns and the majestic trees. I wanted to be with them so much that I flew up and into the top of one of the trees. Then I left the top of the tree and flew to another and around it and then to another etc all the while covering great distances but still on the estate and still overawed by the beauty. I flew all over the place where I wanted to, went down to the ground and zoomed along for a while then went back up and around to tops of the trees, down again, all the time with clear intent where I wanted to go.

I saw a movement in the grass and flew down next to a beautiful Chocolate Burmese pussycat. I walked over to it and began to stroke this beautiful cat and it turned from brown to pure white. “What a cute pussy cat,” I said to it and we parted ways.

I saw the students come out of the house and flew over and down to chat with some of them. I then leaped in the air and zoomed straight up higher and higher and then zoomed quickly down onto the roof near to where the students were.

I am such a show off.

Great fun and awesomely beautiful astral. 



Number 14

Rachel White - 2005

I was lying on my bed doing astral exercises and thinking that I was getting nowhere and that I should get up and do something else. I opened my eyes and looked about the room and realized that I could see quite well without my glasses on. I awoke a bit later and realized that it must have been an astral experience and that I must not need glasses on the astral! It felt very exciting but I also felt a bit of a dill for not realizing what was going on. 



Number 15

Johno Godschalk - 28th February 2005

I found myself in the hallway between my bedroom and lounge room. I heard my mobile/cell phone ring. The sound was a beautiful crystal clear sound and I was amazed at the purity of it. It rang for a while before it dawned on me that it was my phone. I went looking for it but by the time I found it the call had ended. I rang the person back, a friend, using my landline phone. I was trying to open the curtains near the phone while I was talking to her. The curtains have a cord used to open or close them. I had trouble doing it as the cord kept wrapping around my fingers and arm. I tried to shake it off and knew it should just come off but it wouldn’t. I couldn’t understand it, ‘Unless’, I said to myself, ‘I am on the astral’. I looked around and said ‘This is the astral, isn’t it?’ Realisation sank in and I did a big back flip across the room to prove it wasn’t physical as I knew I couldn’t do a back flip physically. I tried to float through the wall between my office and lounge room but couldn’t, which wasn’t a drama for me, it was just something to try. Then I almost forgot that it was the astral so I told myself not to forget this and looked for more clues and reminders. I jumped up and down, really high, doing things to remind me. I knew that if I did things that were not easy to do physically it would keep my awareness centred on the astral. Whenever I stopped I could feel the pull back to sleep. It was a natural pull that took over whenever I allowed my awareness to drift away from the astral. I looked at the clock and it was 4:30am. I thought to myself that it was late and I wouldn’t get much sleep now. As soon as I thought this I drifted away and woke up in bed. I looked at the bedroom clock. It was 12:10am.

The two things I enjoyed most out of this experience were the crystal clarity of the sound and the feeling of being drawn back to the body. The sound rang through every part of my body at a deep level.

Being drawn back to my body was a natural process, the opposite of drifting off to sleep. It was easy to control if I kept my mind on it, but as soon as I allowed my awareness to drift, the natural pull took over and drew me back to wakefulness. This illustrates the benefit of practising to develop good concentration! 



Number 16

Nicholas Cohen - 29th January 2007

I became aware that I was on the astral flying with such wonderful control over towns, factories, railway yards, docks, rivers and railway lines. I was quite high, maybe 4-5000 feet and going very quickly. I was flying without any effort of thought and no matter how I moved about, stretched my legs out, pulled them up, rolled to the left, it made no difference to the direction or speed. I thought lower and flew lower still at speed, through clouds and then I joined a group of students, other men and women, about 6 or7 of us. We talked and laughed about the Astral and our adventures. We started discussing flying and how difficult it is to maintain speed, height and direction. I talked about how it felt to fly here tonight and how brilliant it felt, but that I did not use any force or power. I explained how good control felt effortless and how easy it is. I said that John teaches to put your mind where you want to be and you are there, in another time/place or just another place. You don’t have to fly if you don’t want to.

To demonstrate I said “lets go to a Buddhist temple”. I pointed out the opposite window and there was an old stone temple. It appeared out of nowhere.

We flew out the window and some flew through the walls. I went to put my foot down on the temple wall but there was what appeared to be gold paint that was peeling off, so I decided against it. We all fly over courtyards, golden painted buildings and through the wall of the stupa and through several rooms to an inner area where there were about 4-5 red robed Monks waiting for us.

It was a stone room, large like a meeting hall, clean, comfortable and very welcoming. We all gently landed in a group, all smiling and the monks come towards us. I recognized the warmth of a Monk coming towards me. He came straight up to me and nearly knocked me over with a hug and big kiss on my right cheek. He told me it had been too long since I was there. He puts his right arm around my shoulder and gave me a gift of a magic red cord with about 4 tassels attached to it. It had a traditional brass or gold Ghanta (see below) attached to it.

He then took me to a younger monk who gave me a parchment from a box on one of the walls. The box had a glass door. It was not old paper but was new white paper wrapped around a carved dark timber length of about 12-15 inches. I thanked him and we moved off.

After our greetings we all started playing with some beautiful temple cats as we walked through the building. The monks and students walked down a corridor and I noticed something as we were walking. It was an area where I had been before and I realized that it was connected to an area way off in the future that needs healing work. I knew that working from here will fix it in the future. I held the bell and the red cord that the monk gave me in my left hand and I “flicked” it in a large arc backwards and forwards towards the area (like a priest does when spraying Holy Water over a congregation) and watched healing energy pouring out of the bell shape over the area.

I caught up with the others as they turned a left hand corner but ahead of me was several glass windows revealing a timber lined room inside. There was a monk meditating in the room. I have never seen anything like it before. He had a straight back and there was no movement, no breathing, nothing. Just a body in perfect harmony waiting for the return of the consciousness. He had a definite intent that was palpable in the stillness. He was unreachable to thought. I left some energy as an offering if he required it and again caught up to the group.

I walked out of the stupa with the monks and the other guys and we said goodbye and left. We flew together and arrived back at the room where we chatted about what had happened, and we laughed and played about. I awoke and wrote down this wonderful experience.  



Number 17

Jennifer - August 2006

I was out of my body in my bedroom and wanted to go flying outside. I remembered being told that it was possible to pass through walls so I tried it. To my pleasant surprise I did not bang into the wall but felt a slight density as I passed through to the outside. I took off into the air, and moved through the bare tree branches, which had lost their leaves, towards John & Lyn’s house to say g’day. Once there however I figured they may be busy and I might be intruding so instead I found myself at a friend’s house. My mother was there. I saw a smudge of brilliant pink colour and I told mum to do her best to remember it and I would ring her in the morning to see if she recalled it. When I rang she had no recollection of having spent time with me or of the colour, but it stayed very clearly in my mind.

I sometimes have dreams of attending classes with John on the astral, and I find the wisdom he imparts very useful in my daily life! I am not sure if I am actually in classes with him or if I imagine them. Some dreams are clearer than others. Many years ago I had a period when I had lucid dreams in which I consciously interacted with people and took courses of action, or made decisions about how to handle things, which had far-reaching beneficial effects in my life. 



Number 18

Keith Foley-Chell - 25th May 2007

I’d been practicing to astral project on going to bed for the last month or so. It was about 2am, and I was lying in bed. I'd been listening to some toning music (Jim Cole with Alpha Wave Creation) on my iPod, and then just lay back and relaxed, not actually directing my thoughts in any way. I think I may have drifted a bit, but then the jet noises came, really loud and building to a crescendo. I was doing my best to stay calm and let it happen, when I rolled out of my body sideways. It felt strange but not unsettling as I rolled out over the side of the bed and down a little, passing through the edge of the bed as well. Again I aimed to just let it happen, but felt my thinking and excited aspects kick in - and suddenly I was back in my body. The noises came back for a little, but by now I was trying (damn!) and then I was just lying in bed. So I just rolled over and went to sleep.

I had to be honest that I’d been a bit vague with my practice the last few nights, having been busy and a bit stressed with work. Generally I count it as a success when I get to the end of my practice without falling asleep! This has really encouraged me again to get my finger out...



Number 19

Jennifer - 10th September 2007

The other day I became conscious in the middle of a dream. I realized I was on the astral working (!) because when I was at my filing cabinet it contained client cards, whereas in daily physical life my client records are in file folders. So I sat down(!) to figure out what I wanted to do (eg Fly?, Visit someone? Go to another planet?) when scintillating colours in the sky outside my window caught my eye. They were similar to the colours of a sunset but far more vivid and multi-coloured, and they shifted and broke up.



Number 20

Robin Ezra - Summer 2002

This night I had woken up at 3am, taken a walk around the house and when I came back to bed decided to carry out my astral exercises (exercises to help you get out onto the astral with consciousness).

These exercises consist of totally relaxing my body until I am controllably on the verge of sleep. This night I was totally relaxed and started to feel a slight vibration all over my body, got excited and the vibration stopped. This happened a number of times and I believe I possible went to sleep and woke again but the next time I started to vibrate I kept myself calm.

The next thing that happened was very exciting (this had never happened before.) There was a sound like a jet engine rushing through my ears (it was a huge sound) and I could feel a strong impulse in my stomach that was going to jettison me out of my body. When it did I thought that it was so strong that it would send me out into the universe, but it didn’t I came to a quick halt just above my body.

This was so clear and good that I thought I wouldn’t ever have trouble doing it again. 



Number 21

Robin Ezra - Spring 2007

I was very busy in the kitchen preparing vegetables for a lunch; the house was quiet and peaceful. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a movement, it was as if the fabric of space had unfolded. It was clear like looking through glass, there was no colour and I could see beyond the movement into the rest of the room.

I believe an astral person appeared through the break, like someone pushing heavy drapes apart to appear on a stage. The person was not defined more like a blur of colour and shade.

As is wont to happen when I see things I got a surprise and immediately lost the vision. I don’t think it was someone to do with me just happened to be someone on the astral where there was an overlap with my kitchen. 



Number 22

Robin Ezra - Summer 2002

I usually don’t go through the astral exercises when I go to bed at night but prefer to wake up at about 3am in the morning and attempt to get out on the astral with some memory of what I have done, or at least be in charge of what I am doing. This night I had begun my astral exercises with no result and had turned over onto my stomach to go to sleep. I became aware of being on the astral when my arm fell down through the mattress.

I tried to sit up using all of the same muscular strength as I would normally and found I had very little control over standing, eventually I stood beside the bed and very definitely decided to look back at my self in bed, yep, there I was fast asleep.

Then without a plan I walked through the bedroom wall out through the front garden to the footpath and stood there looking at the street and the park.

I had a bright idea to go down the road to the shopping centre and have a look at the shelves in Woolworths. The journey down there was done with me standing upright and travelling very quickly just above ground level.

When I arrived at Woolworths I woke up.



Number 23

George - circa Spring 1976

I had been practising exercises to consciously astral travel for approximately six months. Each night I would go to bed and progressively work on the technique. It was a struggle at first and my wanting to get out of my body so badly must have been highly amusing to anyone looking on from the astral because some nights, in the early stages, I would get a sensation of lifting up and when my stomach muscles became exhausted, I would crash back onto my pillow from above. My straining to ‘lift out’ had caused me to do a partial ‘sit-up’.

I quickly learned that astral sounds were different to the noise your pillow makes as the weight is slowly lifted off. A couple of times I felt my feet and legs escape, and was sort of stuck half way, in from the waist up, out from the waste down. I could move my astral legs independently of my body, it felt very silly.

The house I was living in was stone and in wintertime the heating was provided by a log fire in the lounge room. If I was the last to go to bed, I would scurry upstairs and grab my eiderdown, pull the bean bag up next to the fire place and make the eiderdown into a cocoon with the fire beside me. This may sound a bit uncomfortable but it’s a great alternative to sleeping in a room that can get down to sub-zero temps.

The night I first consciously escaped my physical body was one of my beside the fire nights. For the previous couple of nights I had the loud jet engine noises that can precede astral travel. These had developed fairly quickly to a reasonable level of intensity over the preceding week or so.

‘Got astral noises last night” had been my excited message to my friends who were also practising.

I had an unexpected visitor arrive from a long way away who happened to turn up the night I was sure I would “get out’ so I was frustrated in my attempt as bed didn’t happen till way late. I was confident that that would be OK, despite my disappointment but it showed me my confidence was building.

The next night I curled up by a wonderful log fire, the room was toasty warm, and I lay down in my bean bag. I ran quickly through my relaxation and numbing routine and pictured myself, as clearly as I could, standing in the middle of the room. A low whistle started and slowly and progressively built to a roaring throbbing vibration. It was a little scary, the intensity was like nothing I had previously experienced. I struggled to control my excitement and then the unimaginable happened: it got more intense. I was thinking ‘I am going to crack, this is too much’, and then POP, out I came and stood beside my body in the middle of the room.

I looked down at my sleeping form. Yep, that’s my body, just like I looked in the mirror. I was cautious not to approach too closely as I had heard you could get pulled back in if you did.

I stood in the lounge room, looking around at the firelight playing on the walls.

I had never before seen the room look this vibrant. The detail was impeccable, almost like getting a brand new set of prescription glasses.

I felt light, light as a feather and vibrant. I walked across the carpet and for some reason, probably force of habit, reached out to turn on the lounge room light. I must’ve been standing fairly close to the wall because as I watched my hand and most of my forearm, disappeared through the switch and into the 18 inch thick stone wall the switch was mounted on.

I had not at all prepared for this. With a stunned intake of breath I shot back into my body and sat up in front of the fire. My memory was perfectly intact; I remembered every detail with crystal clarity. How did I feel?

I felt elated, but the experience of being back in my physical body was like somebody had wrapped me in lead. I felt so thick; the contrast was quite stark, one minute a feather, the next a block of wood.

There was no time to be disappointed, the deed was done. I had Astral projected consciously, and I went and made myself a steaming hot mug of sweet delicious tea. I sat in wonder by the fire, thinking YESSSSS I did it!

I gotta tell someone, but at 3.30 am, who do you call?



Number 24

Tamika Beckman - 2006

I had been trying to astral travel consciously and meditating regularly using a method to develop concentration.

I went to bed with a feeling of anticipation. I thought that tonight was the night and I needed to plan where I was going to go. I thought to myself that I didn’t have to go far if I was scared. I could stay around my house.

As I relaxed and did my astral exercise, I began to feel how heavy my body was and tried to gently sit up my astral body. I began to get a hum that became louder and louder. I began to feel a tingling sensation and felt lighter and lighter. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep!

I was having the most vivid dream. I was sitting in a large room with floor to ceiling windows along two sides. The windows were overlooking a familiar view overlooking a valley. I thought that it might have been a place that I have been to in Mullumbimby.

There were people in the room that I knew. I was sitting at a table with John, one of my teachers and another friend. I was excitedly telling John that I knew how things manifested, that I really got it! I was explaining how vibration worked and how everything took its form. John had a large piece of white paper with a fine gold dust on it. He then emanated an aspect of an angel to the page. When I say he emanated the angel I can only explain it as I felt what was being expressed right through me and a certainty of what it was and how it would take shape as it was forming on the page without having to use words.

The doorbell rang. It was 4am in the morning. I ran downstairs and checked outside. Nobody was there. My daughter called out from her room to find out who was there. I went back upstairs and sat on my deck to contemplate the dream. I decided the doorbell had rung to trigger me to remember the dream. As I sat I realised that everything seemed really bright, crisp and clear. I looked at the stars and they were huge. They were very elongated, like looking at something with water in your eyes.

I later spoke to Lyn, also one of my teachers, about this “dream” and she said that I had actually brought the dream back from the astral and it wasn’t a dream but astral recall, and that the reason that everything was so bright and clear was that when I woke up I was still attuned to the astral plane.

I went back to bed still with a feeling of anticipation. I looked at the clock; it was 4.20am, which is the time that I seem to wake and have the most success with astral experiences. I again performed the astral exercise. I became aware of the weight of my body and the constant hum. I thought when I get out of my body I would like to see two particular people who are also students of the Spirit. Just as I felt the lift of my astral body, I thought, “How dare I think that they would like to see me, they probably had other things to do”. This brought me back to my body.

I tried again but I had a feeling of self consciousness. I was worried that if I did get out of my body that I would have no control of where I went because I wasn’t skilled enough at the concentration meditation. Then calm washed over me and I knew that knowing, doing, believing or having faith in something completely is the same as being 100% focused.

I then rolled over in bed with a contented feeling and thought “Oh well next time”, and ended up two floors down in my son’s bed thinking that his bed was in an odd spot.



Number 25

Kerry Georgina Jackson - Aproximately1975

I was laying on my bed in the late evening being relaxed and attempting to go into a deeper state of relaxation. I was very close to sleep but still a little alert to the physical world.

I don’t remember what, if anything preceded this but I became aware of the outside evening sky. It was dark navy to black with lots of stars. Basically it was a clear summer night sky. I was still lying on my bed but realised I was seeing through the ceiling and roof of my home.

I looked at it for a while before it faded and my senses returned to normal.

This experience made me feel like I was really ‘big’ for want of a better description. I had no edges to my vision and had seen the whole sky with eyes that had no peripheral vision impairment. That is to say all of it was as clear as the very centre part of a scene one would look at with physical eyes.

My astral body had separated just enough from my physical body for me to see with astral eyes. I was filled with wonder and had a big grin inside me about this new experience.



Number 26

Gaz – 5 June 2000

After doing my astral projection exercises (based on various forms of visualisation), I determined that I was going to project that night. I’d no sooner dropped off to sleep (my usual way of getting out after doing my exercises) than I came to on the astral, fully out of body. Without a thought I shot through the roof like a rocket, up into the night sky. The freedom and clarity was glorious.

I started flying off over the landscape of trees and hills and recalled that I could make the experience even sharper and clearer by requesting ‘clarity now’ (an idea I’d gotten from a book that week). That certainly did the trick. All my senses were totally alive.

I saw up ahead a small village nestled in the hills. There seemed to be a little snow on the ground. It was charming – just like a Christmas card. I landed in the village in what was now broad daylight and felt the coldness underfoot through bare skin. I walked down a deserted street and poked my head inside a building. The building felt very familiar somehow, as if I’d been there before. I set off again and heard some voices coming from an overhead walkway. A small group of people came by. I greeted them as if I knew them and joined in conversation with one of the men. He and I went off talking together down a back street behind a row of houses and glanced down at a pile of leaves on the ground. He made the sudden comment that “People would find it strange if you told them that God could be found among these leaves”.

At this point, I again requested ‘clarity now’, and everything became super enhanced once more. I could see every single strand of my companion’s blond hair. We continued up what appeared to be the main street. I could see inside the front doors of the houses. Each house seemed to contain a super-sized interior that was larger than the outside would logically allow. One woman looked at me from one of the doorways; I had the sense that she knew I was from a different world or ‘plane’.

Suddenly, a train came up the hill. I was fascinated by the technology used. The tracks consisted of three parallel lines of thick wooden rails (about 40cm x 40cm square). The outside rails had deep indentations at regular intervals; the carriages were large wooden platforms on black metal frames with arms that grabbed on to the rails and ‘hauled’ themselves along. Despite looking cumbersome, the carriages move along at a good speed. (I determined that I would recall the details of this since I was certain I was in a parallel world of sorts, with different technologies.)

Next thing I was among a group of people (mostly children). The children were all dressed in the same soft green clothing. There was one boy called Kae or Kay. He appeared to be about 8 or 9, with fair hair and a beautiful, soulful disposition. He was introduced to me as someone with a special gift -- the ability “to see into things”. I invited him to look into me, knowing that he’d be able to see directly into our world and our reality by doing so. (The others there didn’t seem to realise that I was not one of them.) Kay peered into me, with a look of great surprise and wonder. Smiling, he exclaimed very softly “Wow!!!”.

At this point, I was drawn back to my body by our cat, who was sleeping on the bed. Her movement disturbed my physical body and I was pulled back in. This experience, the most detailed astral I had ever had at that point, astounded me and kept me excited for weeks.



Number 27

Wayne Jenkins - January 2000

I awoke on the Astral in a street, it was a darkish grey. John (St Clair-Thomas), one of my teachers, appeared dressed in a robe which was living and changing. From my perspective it appeared like a Batman costume with a cap, but at all times it was living.

When I saw him I was overwhelmed by his presence. He had total control of the Astral and he expressed enormous amounts of charisma, kindness, love and empathy. He was what I would expect a Grand Master of the Astral to be and in making this statement it doesn’t seem to do him service.

He started my training by showing me small steps in flight. He showed me how to do small cart wheels. He was magnificent. My turn came and I was doing it like a beginner.

Next he showed me how to express my feelings from a distance. He touched my hand with his mind and I felt kindness, support, friendship and comfort. He would have been about two hundred metres away.

He also communicated without words. Everything he said was without voice and I totally understood. I do not recall him showing me how this was done; it was more of a realisation.

The next thing he did was create a palace of gold and silver inside a box the size of a large box of matches. I looked into the box and I could have gone into the palace but I didn’t. He asked me to create my own and I created a two room house inside a cup; a blue room and a white room. (I thought later that the cup represented the feminine and the blue and white were the Virgin Mary’s colours).

Then a figure like a clown from a side show alley grabbed me and flung me against a wall. I then awoke in my physical body. This happened just as I was starting to lose the Astral. It felt like I had been on the Astral for an hour or more. I thought afterwards the clown was John trying to get my attention so I would recall my experience when I woke up.



Number 28

Nicholas Cohen - March 1993

I did an Astral Projection exercise while lying in bed awake at 3.30am.

I realised that my body felt like it was already asleep but my mind was clear, alert and awake and I thought that I could consciously go to the astral plane.

A low thumping pressure started to build and build. I did not know at this point where to direct my thoughts so my astral body had somewhere to go. I thought of a friend and that I would go and have some astral fun with him.

I visualised him. As I did the pressure kept building and building. The low vibration had now turned into a steady humming that increased. It just did not stop. Louder and higher in pitch, it seemed to go on forever. I knew that excitement would stop it and I must say that I was nervous and lost the intention of visiting my friend.

I visualised myself lying in bed. I was trying not to breath, I was nervous, excited, scared, and still the pressure and sounds kept building way beyond what I expected.

Then I was holding my breath and realised I had to breathe. All this thought happening in maybe 4-5 seconds.

Excited, nervous, scared and now breathing, the pressure slowly started to fade.

OH NO, not now, come back, I thought.

With the sounds gone, I got up and wrote down this experience. It was my first experience of the astral noises that can accompany leaving the physical body.

What an amazing, wonderful feeling. I was so excited, and this excitement was what stopped me from getting out. I resolved to continue to do my meditation and relaxation. This will assist me to be calm at this point and keep my mind clearly focused.

I couldn’t wait until the next night to try again.



Number 29

Nicholas Cohen - September 1993

I began, as usual by doing an astral projection exercise. The astral noises began and pop, I was out and flying very fast into a city. It was raining and everything was shining and shimmering. The rain did not make me wet. It was as if I was a person on the physical realm but I was definitely conscious in my astral body. I was in a part of the astral realm that exists very close to the physical. I stopped on top of a very high building, I estimated it to be about 4am in the city because it was very quiet, no people about. I looked about for a landmark but found none. I tried putting my hand through the concrete roof of the skyscraper I was standing on. My hand went in, unhindered. Wow! I thought, That is good, so I must be a finer vibration that the concrete. Of course. Wow!

To test my theory and I know it is right from John and Lyns’ teachings; I went to the edge of the building. It had to be 40-50 stories high. I slowly allowed myself to tip over and fall, tumbling down, enjoying the falling experience. I watched the ground coming at a great rate. I then took mental control and saw myself stop and land very gently on the roadway and that is just what happened. Wow!

I looked up and decided to zoom straight back up to the top of the skyscraper where I repeated the experience.

As a child I used to have a recurring dream of falling and never hitting but waking with a start in bed. Now I understand that it must have been astral.

I practiced falling and not waking then practiced flying through the city between the caverns of buildings, faster and faster and then I gently awoke in bed.

What a wonderful experience it was, now that I knew I could get out onto the astral and direct my mind to wherever I wanted to head, the moon, the stars, anywhere on earth, and I will be there. I resolved to try to go back and forward in time when I next astral projected.



Number 30

Nicholas Cohen - October 1996

I began by doing an Astral Projection exercise. It was about 3 am.

I began to feel the vibration rising and held it until the energies and pitch of the vibration got so great that I exploded out of my body. I was spinning out of control and fell over on a polished timber floor. I thought it was in a shop but wasn’t organized and there were lowboys and cupboards, all covered and cluttered with objects. I held myself as still as possible to gain control. After a small time I felt that I was in control and started to move about. I touched a wall. It felt solid and I could not put my hand through it so it must be an astral wall. It was of the same vibration as my astral body, so it seemed solid to me. I saw and then I touched a mirror on the wall. Looking closer I saw my reflection in the mirror. I had a puffy rounded face and a chubby unhealthy pallor. I was not impressed by my appearance.

I heard voices coming and instead of flying off or hiding, I stood quietly where I was. I looked towards the voices and saw wooden stairs at the end of the room. Two women descended to my level. They were both wearing grey skirts and blouses, I called out a hello. One woman was about 30 yrs old with blond hair that was cut short and a bit frizzy. She said hello. They both reached the bottom of the stairs and the second woman, in her 40’s, who had short cropped grey hair and a very stern appearance said, “OK, I see you, now go away!” The younger woman smiled at me as they passed.

Talk about surprised! I realised that all is not lovely here on the astral plane.

I walked out of the room and down passages and found my way to the front of the shop. There was a girl sitting at a desk. I asked her what is the nearest town. She said something incomprehensible. I did not recognise the name of the town. I asked her what the date was and she said 1292. But it was not 1292 as we know or imagine it to be here from 20th century Australia. Weird, I could not understand. I asked her if she had heard of Sydney. “Sydney” she said, “What is that?” It’s in New South Wales, I said. “In where?” she said.

I saw an old man in the background, with silver hair and grey clothes who was wearing a leather apron. He would not look at me or anyone else; just wandered about watching what was going on.

I headed to the door, deciding to leave and slip back into my body.

I have no idea where that was, but it was depressing, very grey, no colour or astral energies to be seen, just like a warehouse for antiques or furniture.

It was interesting that the woman said, “I see you, now go away.” I wonder if they get many astral travellers, it would seem so.

After writing these notes and before going back to sleep, I sent some healing energy to those that I had just visited.



Number 31

Nicholas Cohen - April 1993

I was awake at around 5.15am, so I did an Astral Projection exercise.

I felt the vibration of Astral Projection start to thump in its very low vibration and turn into a smooth higher pitched vibration slowly increasing in intensity. I have learnt from talking to John and Lyn and from previous experience to leave it alone, do nothing but enjoy the sensation and let it go on.

The vibration rose and rose to an impossible pitch. I breathed calmly to help my body go to sleep as I go onto the astral plane. I concentrated on slow, deep breaths as the vibrations rose and rose, then suddenly pop, I was out of my body with full consciousness and on the Astral Plane. I didn’t move much but then I was suddenly flying at impossible speeds and watching where I have been with my back to where I am going, like being pulled quickly back on an elastic band. I watched sparkles of light fly past me and disappear and I wondered if they were stars. I did not interfere and let the experience go on, trusting John and Lyn';s teachings that all will be well.

I flew backwards through objects like trees until I decide to stop where I was.

I stopped in a lush grassy field. It was out in the open with trees on the edges of the area and mountains in the background. I did not recognise it.

I was overwhelmed at how beautiful it was. This was the closest I have been to a perfect place. There were beautiful white fluffy balls of energy like cotton all over the grass. They were about 3-4 cm (around 2 inches) in diameter. They were so impossibly white, emanating a joyful energy that was contagious. I tried to touch one but it moved away as I approached. I started to walk then decided to fly. I flexed my feet to lift off and nothing happened. Then I remembered that it’s thought that moves you on the astral, so I thought flying and then I was up and moving slowly to another area where I gently landed. I saw beautiful green iridescent clumps of grass, glowing in all their majesty. They were indescribably beautiful.  I sat with them awhile and breathed in the beauty with all my being.

I started to walk. I saw something odd. It was a watch. That’s strange, what is a watch doing here? I thought. I picked it up and the time was 5.30 in clear digital numerals.

I felt some movement pulling me gently and I went with it. I felt a tingling all over my astral and physical bodies and I was back in my physical body in bed. I reached over to my watch and the time was 5.30 exactly, the same as the astral watch. I must have been back beside the bed when I looked at the watch on the Astral.

I was happy to have had such good control once I stopped going backwards.



Number 32

Nicholas Cohen - October 1996

I have a relative whom I will call David. He is an executive with a high powered job for an international corporation. He is a true non-believer, does not have any religious beliefs at all. He is a wonderful family man and an extremely hard worker, has a wonderful disrespectful sense of humour and I am always very happy to be with him, laughing and chatting.

This Astral Projection is all about David. It shows that on one level people can say and do different things to what they really believe.

I was thinking about David before I went to bed and in bed I came out comfortably onto the astral in the bedroom. I thought of David and instantly found myself in the ruins of a Roman temple where I spotted him. I started floating towards him and he saw me and watched me coming. We started chatting normally as if we were on the physical. I looked around and there was a doorway a short distance away and we went through the door into a very high, big room.

“Want to fly?” I asked him.

‘What do you mean, like up there, come off it” he said

I took him by the hand and gently lifted up with him. I saw in my mind’s eye both of us right up near the cornice of the room, about 5-6 meters (around 20 feet) high. We gently floated up. The cornice was decorated with golden lions heads and I held one as we were suspended there. David was laughing. I let him go and he floated gently down to the floor, laughing all the way. I joined him there. He was having a great time. I took hold of him and off we went again, letting him go at ceiling height. This time he landed and bounced, and was doing bunny hops all around the room, laughing and carrying on. I joined him on the floor and thinking the time was right, I said to him, “Do you know where we are?”

“Yes” he says, “I have been hearing about this.”

I said, “It’s called the astral plane and you can move anywhere and do what you want, not by pushing but because of your thought.”

“Yes” he said.

I said, “OK let’s go over to that painting on the wall by thinking ourselves there.” I looked at the icon and felt myself pulled to it.  I gently let go and was flying to the icon where I stopped. I looked and David was there. He was beside me.

I looked more closely at him by changing my vibration just a little; when I do this the thought is just like lifting a little by putting a gentle energy wave through my astral body. I looked at David and saw him surrounded by shining silver lines of energy that appeared to be radiating straight from behind him. The energy lines had sparkles on the ends of them; they were shiny silver star bursts. They looked amazing.

I noticed another man in the corner of the room so we slowly drifted about 15cms (or 6 inches) above the ground, up a ramp and out of the room.

I told David, “The astral plane has different levels, and on some levels of the Astral you can see all the amazing colours around people.”

We entered a street where there were lots of people walking, going about their business. It was a very old street, very busy and narrow.

I said, “These colours are made by our thinking, by our attitudes” David looked at me.

I said, “When someone is pig headed and opinionated, this thinking makes a murky brown stain over here, over your left shoulder area near your head, and here your anger shows in red and black flashes.”

He looked at me quizzically and moved slowly away and disappeared. I also left and came back into my body and woke up.

I was pleased to have had such clear recall. It was great meeting and chatting to David. Maybe he did not like being called opinionated when I pointed out some of the colours around him. A bit of astral etiquette would be good here on my part. I decided to take more care in future with what I say to people.



Number 33

Bill White - Around 1961, When I Was 10 Years Old.

After going to bed one night, I became aware that I was floating up to the ceiling in my astral body. I didn’t understand it properly, but it felt very natural and quite amazing.

The experience had such an impact on me at the time that over the next few days whenever I was physically sitting on a dining chair, I put my hands under the seat and tried to lift myself to the ceiling. I felt quite surprised when nothing happened.



Number 34

Bill White - September 2007.

The following is an astral experience with some aspects of a dream mixed in.

I was dreaming I was in a mansion about to go to bed. I had a feeling to go outside, even though it was late and dark.

When I went outside I came upon a scene that seemed very surreal and very spiritual and powerful. Thousands of like-minded people were standing and milling about, bathed in a strange light coming from above. Joy was paramount and it was obvious that a raising in consciousness with everyone was happening.

I called to the other people in the house to come out and join in. Some came briefly, but as some rain started to fall they ran for their beds and missed out.

As the rain fell on everyone they rejoiced with joy, because it was warm and sweet and nourishing.

This was a very moving experience for me and I felt affected for days after.

The next day I was told that some Buddhists people were announcing that a changing of consciousness was happening at this time.



Number 35

Alaine Cohen- 5th November1996

I woke up one morning around 8.30am. I was dozing for a while, drifting in and out of sleep. I became aware of my whole body tingling and vibrating all over. I felt the top half of my body lifting and sitting up, until all of me down to my waist was out of my body.

I got really excited and thought “wow, I’m going to astral project.” Then the sensations subsided a bit because I was so excited. I really wanted to get out of my body, so I thought “calm down and keep it going”. I did manage to calm down a little and I was thinking to myself that I just need to get my legs out.

I put my thoughts and awareness to the corner of the bedroom which is also in front of the wardrobe mirror, and suddenly I was there. I didn’t look in the mirror but thought I’d turn around and look back at me in the bed to check I was out on the astral. (I’ve been taught by John and Lyn a technique for conscious astral projection).

I couldn’t see myself, so I was disappointed and decided that I mustn’t be on the astral and that I must have physically gotten out of bed. My assumption was wrong, because after that I woke up.

Wow, was I excited! I realised later upon reflection that it would have been impossible to see me in the bed because I was completely covered by the doona.

I didn’t have full awareness of all this as it was happening but remembered it all as soon as I woke up. I was extremely excited and encouraged by this experience as it was the closest I’d ever come at that stage to conscious astral projection.



Number 36

George - January 1st 2001.

New Year's Eve celebrations took me on an overnight camping expedition with a couple of friends, our daughters and one of their friends plus a German Shepherd dog.

We chose a popular camping spot on a river about 60 klms (about 35 miles) away.

It is an area that’s pretty natural and unregulated, and so the revelry can get pretty intense around the campsites.

We camped on a stone outcrop right beside the river and as the evening progressed added to the noises of celebration by blowing a conch shell across the river (which echoed in the most otherworldly way) and by singing harmonic overtones which also reverberated across the water.

After going to bed in my swag after midnight and going to sleep, I found myself standing on the rocky outcrop, looking up the river. The sense of age of the place impressed itself deeply on me. It was challenging to get my imagination to grasp just how much water had passed the point I was standing on in the millennia it had been flowing there.

I looked up the river to my left and some distance away, standing on the rocks I recognised a character from Egyptian mythology whom I recognised immediately as Thoth. His presence was awe-inspiring, but I distinctly remember how he seemed to match the age of the surroundings.

I was aware he was making me the object of his attention, which was a little unnerving because I had hitherto felt like I was an onlooker. In what seemed a heartbeat I received a mental picture of a rectangular cube filled with hanging spheres. It had a lever you could insert into holes and move any sphere left or right up or down. When you did this it changed the relationship of every other sphere: you could see the movement transferred throughout the whole device.

At the same time as receiving this mental picture, I had a feeling that can only be described as a transfer of information. It was an idea so complete it could have filled a number of books. It related to the interconnectedness of everything. For every action (moving one sphere, in one direction) every other sphere was influenced and nothing escaped the transfer of the influence from that action.

The next thing I remembered was being woken up by the dog, who had decided I was going to be the subject of a swim and a game of stick throwing. I reluctantly got out of my swag and looked around the river and thought WOW. That was pretty amazing!

I am not that conversant with Egyptology so when I got back home that evening I fired up my computer and got better acquainted with Thoth. I discovered the Emerald Tablets and found they were perhaps the oldest manuscript mankind has, and they are called The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Undead. Well I can attest to that, he looked pretty real to me.

What a wonderful way to start a new Century.



Number 37

Nicholas Cohen - April 1999

After a gentle astral projection exercise, I went to sleep. At some point, I got a conscious awareness that I was on the Astral Plane. I was aware that I was standing on the Earth looking at a huge tent city. I realised it was a semi desert environment. The tents were ordered in rows but were different colours. The tents stretched as far as the eye could see.

As I was looking, a man appeared out of the ethers to my left. This surprised me a little and I turned to him and watched him approach. He was dressed like a desert person. His head was bare and he wore a long robe, tied by a cord around his waist. He wore brown sandals. He had a black beard and longish black hair. I was a little afraid. He said, “What do you know about the messiah that is to come?”

I was dumfounded and was about to speak when a large mud brick wall formed behind him. He turned slightly to his right and wrote golden glowing words in an arc from the ground to the peak and back down, forming a doorway shape. He did this by projecting the words with energy from his right hand. He had not moved from his position in front of me, doing all this with thought. I looked at the words and saw that they were in Hebrew or Arabic writing. I could not understand them. They had a golden luminous glow, almost like they were on fire.

I looked up to my left and saw a plateau that had a wall of cloth, several meters high going around the area. To my right I saw a storm approaching. Not an ordinary storm, it was concentrated energy in an impossibly black massing cloud about 1 km or .6 of a mile across. This single cloud emitted bolts of lightning of incredible intensity flashing every few seconds.

It quickly got closer to where I was standing. It seemed to be heading for me. My companion stood still and watched me. The bolts of lightning were now hitting about 50 metres or approximately 54 yds from me and I thought, “time to leave”.

I was starting to fly out of the way as a bolt of lightning hit the Earth 2 metres or 2.3 yds from me. The crack was so loud that I was momentarily disoriented. I tried to regain control but I was lifted up higher and higher away from the earth.

Deep inside me I heard the words, “Lord, not my will but Thine be done”.

This thought led me to start saying the Lord’s Prayer. As soon as I had said, “Our Father, who art in Heaven” the power was released. I was now falling gently downwards. I was very comfortable and thought I would be back in my sleeping body soon. I watched in wonder as millions of stars twinkled in all the colours of the rainbow. It was so beautiful. Still gently falling, I softly awoke in my body in bed.

The next day I talked to John, my teacher about this experience. He told me that I need to work on being able to stop and clearly question, “What am I looking at here?”

John asked me, “Why are you getting frightened, you actually went back in time and got to the Arc of the Covenant, You got a fright and left. What was in the storm for you? Stop and think.”

Since this experience I have consistently worked on returning to this area, but have not been able to as yet. It will happen.



Number 38

Kerry Georgina Jackson - March 2007

I was having a snooze on the lounge in the late afternoon. I awakened enough to become aware of myself but I was unable to move physically.

I knew this was me conscious but more astral than physical. I deliberately rolled out of my physical body, off the lounge and onto the floor, landing very softly and with heightened ‘vibration’ sensations. I repeated this a number of times and seemed to land in a different room of my home occasionally.

At one stage I thought I heard someone knock on the door but I was unwilling to give up my experience to answer it so I sort of ‘peeked’ and managed to see ‘outside’ the door, not from inside where I physically was laying. No one was there.

Also, very early in this experience I found myself studying an ‘eye’ which opened. It seemed like the black pupil of an eye only it was deep blue and it adjusted its focus looking back at me. It didn’t seem to open or close, just to come in and out of focus.

Back to the astral – I endeavoured to extend myself along the floor once or twice, not very successfully, and also to jump into the air, also not very successfully. However both of these activities caused different energy sensations in my body, lots of pleasant vibrations in different places.

I believe the knocking I thought I heard at the door was my pet bird pecking her seed, only amplified and distorted by my astral senses. I believe I had less control than usual as I was extremely tired. My astral body seemed sluggish and light all at once.

I didn’t want to finish this but sleep called loudly.

I had a headache when I awakened a short time later.



Number 39

Tamika Beckman

I had set my alarm for the morning and as always I hit the snooze button for just a few more minutes sleep. I had my face in the pillow and thought ‘I really have to get up’. As I pulled my face away from the pillow and tried to open my eyes, it was kind of like when you look into a point in a crystal ball and feeling the pull of your mind to the ball, well this happened with the pillow. Clear as day I was flying over an arid landscape. Dug into the ground or in a valley there was an ancient ruin with very tall round pillars and arches. I flew right up to a wall I think. It was right in front of my face. There was carving in the stone. I couldn’t recognise anything but I was looking for something familiar. I could see what I thought were the letters inir joined together. I have since looked on the internet and there is a language called Ch’orti’ used by the Mayan’s and the scenery and architecture seemed very familiar in photographs. Inir in ch’orti’ means something along the lines of divination from what I can gather. I mentioned this experience to Lyn. She said that because I was still very close to the vibration of the astral plane I just went back to what I was doing on the astral before I woke to turn the alarm off. I couldn’t believe that all of this happened before the alarm went off again a few minutes later.



Number 40

Suzie Duncan - 4th June 2000

I became aware of viewing a beautiful crystal suspended in space. It was a wonderfully clear, light green colour. A harmony of colour and movement surrounded the crystal. These energies extended a couple of metres out from the crystal which was about the size of your hand.

I was suspended in space myself and gazed upon the swirls, flares, and squiggles (like softly curled ribbons) of colour. There were points of light that twinkled exquisitely. The ribbons of changing colour and movement were beautifully calming and healing. They were a nectar, a balm to gaze upon. This depth of feeling awakened me to the realisation I was on the astral, this was so different to the physical. With this awareness I found myself back in my body.

This experience inspired me to complete a drawing for a friend of mine who was ill with cancer. I hoped to be able to impart even just a small aspect of the wonderful healing power I had felt.



Number 41

Jennifer - (probably May 1999)

I was in the middle of a 10 day Vipassana (silent meditation). It had often been physically uncomfortable for me to sit for so long on the floor. During one particular meditation session I became aware of myself as a tingling mass of energy, of particles of light in constant motion which loosely hung around together, and which could move out of the borders which defined the dense physical body I was occupying. That my consciousness could separate from my body like this, brought home to me that, although I had a body, I was not my body and I did not need to identify so strongly with it because it is not who I am.

At that same retreat, I had another experience of being detached from my body when I astral projected. I was lying on my bed after lunch in a very relaxed state. I did not direct my thoughts but found myself visualizing that I was bouncing on a trampoline. As I bounced up off the trampoline, instead of coming back down again, I went on up and out of my body. It was a great feeling, a real rush. I recall wanting to find a phone to ring John and Lyn to ask them what to do next! Though I laugh at myself for doing such a mundane thing as this when I had the whole astral to play with, it does serve to show me the benefits of meditating in order to have more control if I am to more fully experience the possibilities of that plane of existence.  



Number 42

Nicholas Cohen - November 1998

I was very tired and slept until about 5.30 when I woke. I then did an Astral Projection Exercise.

After getting very relaxed, I lifted gently out of my body into the bedroom. My wife Alaine was sitting on the bed in her astral form and she smiled at me and said “Hello Darling.”

She looked just amazing, she had beautiful clear colours glowing all around her and she emanated the most loving wonderful emotions to me.

You could say that I was floating on air, which I was. I smiled back at her and slowly went down to the floor on my side of the bed. I went under the bed and came up on Alaine’s side and surprised her.

We both laughed at how silly I was and I woke up.



Number 43

Kerry Georgina Jackson - April 2007

After doing an early morning meditation session I lay down for a little more sleep.

I quite quickly got lots of vibrations accompanied by sounds rising to the pitch of what sounded like a jet engine warming up.

These vibrations and sounds came to a high pitch three times and each time, unfortunately, I was unable to cope with the intensity of them and so each time I settled back to normal.

After a short time I thought I could hear noises and sense a presence just near the doorway to my bedroom. This wasn’t terribly unsettling, as it was similar in feeling to previous experiences I have had with sensing ‘presence’ near, close to or around me.

I then began to experience lots of activity/vibrations around the base of my spine that moved up, after getting very intense in vibration, closer to but below my waist line.

This activity/vibration came and went for a while and eventually petered out. I was quite awake during these activities.



Number 44

Robin Ezra - 1992

I had wanted to have an astral experience and even though I carried out exercises every night nothing happened, until this particular night. This was my first astral experience. I was away on a holiday weekend with my partner staying in a motel in Bowral (maybe being out of my normal environment helped).

It was a typical motel room with a television on a cabinet at the foot of the bed. I became aware during the night that I was looking at the television, whilst laying on my side. How was this possible, either the TV had moved or I had swung around in bed – that was when I knew it was an astral experience.

The light in the room was different, not dark and not light and I could see the back of the TV from the front as well as the front at the same time.

I had a sensation pulling me backwards and awoke abruptly back in bed. That wasn’t enough for me that night and I set about attempting to get out again without success.

The following night I had success and forgetting I was in the motel I set off to see my sons in their bedroom down the hall (at home). I couldn’t find anything I recognized and ended up being stuck in a brick wall, looking at the inside of a brick. Then I was tugged back to my bed.



Number 45

Wizard - Over the years to present

Over the years I have sometimes felt the Astral experience of returning to my body with a jump and being sucked back in whilst not having any memory of where I had been.

Sometimes I have also noticed my Astral arm whilst I am still awake grasping for the radio to try and turn it on only to realise that my Astral arm could not touch something physical !

August 2003 - I went to bed one night and suddenly found myself gently going up from the bed out the roof of my Mother’s house to sit on her roof to watch the night sky. I was looking for the planet Mars. The process was very gentle and felt so easy to do. I remember deciding that I had had enough and wanted to get off the roof and return to my body. I did not see my body when coming down but felt a huge jolt when I got back in! Whilst this was a great experience and it happened so easily – I think I need to be more adventurous!

1st January 2005 - I was in bed, fast asleep. Sometime during the night with me being unaware of how I got there I found myself in a tremendously beautiful place that was filled with light and the most vibrant colours. It was a vast open area of grassy hills and huge flower beds. The colours of the grass and flowers were so bright and rich and vibrant. They throbbed with life. They ranged from red to orange, violet, blue, green, mauve, yellow, gold and all manner of variations in between. The sun was not like Earth’s sun but like a large diamond. In this place I felt the most serene sense of peace and tranquillity that I have never felt before. It reached into me and my very core. I felt so at ease with myself and where I was. When I looked at the diamond “sun” this sense of peace and tranquillity increased a hundred fold. It felt as though it was the source of this peace / loving energy. The diamond sun was sending out beams of light / energy. During the time I was there I also encountered a lady who I felt was familiar. At first she looked like an elderly lady but as we started talking she began to change appearance a number of times, getting younger and changing her hair colour and facial features. I felt a close bond of friendship with this lady as though I know her on the Astral. We laughed a lot. When I woke up from this experience the feelings of where I had been and experiences remained with me for a while – the depth of experience I had and the colours and sights told me this was more than a dream.



Number 46

Bradley Roche - some years ago.

Something was not quite right about what I saw.

It wasn’t till I ‘awoke’ that I could put it all together properly. When I did, I got a warm, comfortable feeling throughout my whole body and perhaps more importantly, I had affirmed the physical body is not the full extent of one’s existence. If I placed the experience emotionally, I’d say it was contentment.

The numbers on the digital clock were bright red in the darkness of my bedroom. The clock itself, no different to how it normally appeared. All the dials were in their proper place, the size and shape of the clock, fine, no problems there either. And yet, a strange nagging sensation persisted. Maybe where the clock was located was a little suspect – down the end of the bed, rather than beside it, neatly tucked between the bed and the wall - but on closer inspection, no, nothing too out of the ordinary, it was just in an unusual place….

Hang on a second! Down between the wall and the bed?!!

And at that instant, I awoke. Lying flat on my stomach, face buried in the sheets, about two feet away from the top of the bed, perilously close to the bottom of the bed! And I was stock still, hadn’t moved, wasn’t moving, wasn’t lying back down after sitting up and checking the time. But I had just seen the clock, clear as daylight. And then there was the distinct lack of space! The space between the end of the bed and the wall was tiny, only about four centimetres; no way possible I could get my head over the end of the bed to look at the clock – that was for certain! (It is widely known, of course, all self-respecting Leo’s have an especially fined tuned sense of how big their head is. And this was no exception. Me head ain’t fitting in no tiny four centimetre gap between no bed and no wall! J ) And what was the clock doing down there, anyway?

Turns out I had astral travelled. Turns out the clock was under the bed and well and truly out of sight. Well, I guess that depends now doesn’t it…

As I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, the contentment washed over me in wave after wave. I’d retrieve the clock in the morning.



Number 47

William B Elias

The following account is of an experience that is part dream and part astral recall.

Some friends and I were in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. We stopped near a sandwich shop to have lunch. My friends were seated at a bench eating their food; I was a little way off walking towards them. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man wearing a shiny black glossy suit, it looked like someone had thrown a can of white paint over it. This may sound odd but it looked fantastic. I watched in fascination as he walked towards me and I realised it was Wayne, a friend who had passed away some six months earlier. I smiled as he approached; he had a puzzled look on his face.

“Hi,’ I said. He asked, “Can you see me?” “Yes.” I replied.

We looked around and saw that no one else was aware that he was there. I was happy to see him again; it felt like I had bubbles in my heart. He asked quizzically, “Are you dead too?” Laughing I replied,” No, chook, you are”. We talked together just like we did when he was on the physical. I don’t recall what we discussed only that when I awoke in the morning I felt calm and settled inside knowing he was happy and OK.



Number 48

Robin Ezra - September 2007

The day before I had had some invasive dental surgery and my jaw was giving me a great deal of pain throughout that night. I was sleeping in a sitting up position, as the dentist had recommended, which meant I was looking straight ahead at the bedroom window, with the blinds closed tight.

Through the night I had uncomfortably drifted in and out of sleep. I thought I was awake when I discovered the blinds were open the window panes were gone there was a big gaping hole where the window used to be and I was looking out at the universe. The sky was a deep blue black with stars and planets sparkling in front of me. It was very beautiful like being in the viewing deck of a space ship as it was hurtling along.

I then awoke and the bedroom was light and the blinds were shut. It had been an astral experience.



Number 49

Wizard - June 2006

One night whilst I was watching television, I got a strong feeling that I would Astral project that very night. It wasn’t a feeling of I want to do it or I would like to do it – I just knew that I was going to astral project. It was very definite. When I went to bed later that night after a few minutes I started to feel a very soft sliding away of my consciousness from my physical body. I was stunned that it happened with such ease and no effort from me – but excited too. I found myself in my kitchen, fully conscious of where I was and that I was on the Astral.

You would think that I would then decide to fly off to far flung planets and explore the universe, go back in time and run with a T-Rex dinosaur or other such exciting things! What did I do? I started to clean the kitchen floor with my foot (I had a bed sock on) because it looked dirty. My kitchen floor was all lit up being on the Astral and I could clearly see the bright orangey yellowy colours in the tiles as well as what to me looked like dirt. I scrubbed and scrubbed with my foot until I realised that it wasn’t dirt at all but a darker colour within the tile. After that you would think I would then decide to go and do all the wondrous, exciting stuff we can do on the Astral? Nope. I decided I should better get back to bed and get some sleep. As soon as I made that decision I immediately went back into my body and slid back in with tremendous ease. Once back in my body I was fully conscious and realised with some regret at missing out on all the fun things that I should have gone a bit further than cleaning my kitchen floor. Live and learn !



Number 50

Bradley Roche - 2001

I was flying! Real flying! Actually flying! And not only that, I was flying really fast!

Just centimetres from the ground, no millimetres, no the slightest, thinnest fraction of a millimetre, I was face down, flat, stretched out long like superman speeding along faster than a speeding bullet, faster still, so impossibly fast and close to the ground but it was actually happening! I was finally astral travelling and wow! what luck to have a flying experience first up!

I was rocketing above some kind of surface I had never seen before. It was like ground, but not, like millions of irregular shaped tiles, but that isn’t right either. The shapes were close together and varied; like looking down from an airplane on thousands of separate plots of land with all their individual shapes, textures and colours. What ever it was, it looked incredible! And there I was outstretched flying across the top of it at warp speed! The colours of the surface were deep and rich, but energetic and alight in a non-physical way (if that makes any sense). Every direction I looked was vibrant, vital and alive with energy, as if everything had its own light source from within. The purples were ecstatic. Rich brown tones literally bounced with inner life. Edges seemed to sparkle and twinkle. I sped on, so fast and close to the ground I was a little surprised I didn’t completely wipe out in a ball of never seen before astral explosions!

At some point, who knows could have been seconds, might have been minutes, quite possibly was hours – time had elongated and lost meaning - I became very aware and conscious of the experience. At that moment, I started to pull up and back as if I had hit the brakes and simultaneously turned skyward. My awareness drifted backward and away from the ground, receding, and as that continued the edges of my sight began to close in with what seemed to be cloud-like shapes. As a camera shutter on the slowest possible speed closes, my sight completely clouded over into a quiet, safe and peaceful darkness. For the faintest moment, I had the sensation I had been seeing with my third eye.

I ‘awoke’ in my bed, in my regular room, in my physical body, and deep down knew things would never really ever look the same.



Number 51

Robin Ezra - 1999

Over the last year we had lived through a major renovation of our home. During the renovation only two rooms remained untouched at the front of the house. We spent the whole winter without a kitchen, every morning braving the freezing cold in the space where the kitchen used to be to make a cup of tea and toast.

We now had been settled in our finished home for many months, enjoying all of the beautiful spaces, our lovely new kitchen and big bedroom with the luxury of an ensuite bathroom, the memory of the difficult times while renovating fading in the past. On this particular morning the alarm had woken us out of a deep sleep, I got up and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast, I headed down the hall and rounded the corner – to my surprise the kitchen wasn’t there. The area had reverted back to the unfinished space we had lived with during the renovation.

This was a trigger for me to realise this was an astral experience. I immediately went back to the bedroom to my husband, very excited at the prospect of us both being able to go somewhere on the astral together.

He was in the ensuite shaving, when I ran in and grabbed his hand explaining to him that we were not really awake - we were on the astral and we could go anywhere together right now.

I took his hand attempting to pull him up through the ceiling, my head was just about through when he pulled me back down and told me not to be so silly – we couldn’t do that!

The alarm went off and we woke up to the normal morning rituals – this time the kitchen was there.



Number 52

Ignacious - 1982

I can vaguely recall a dream/astral event back in 1982, it may have been around June. At the time I was living in Annandale, an inner western suburb of Sydney. From what I can remember, I went to sleep this night and had what I thought was a dream. I was in my bedroom talking to my older brother, the light was on. While I was talking to him, my voice became deeper and sounded scary. I panicked and ran out of the room and headed for the front door. I recall the rest of the house in darkness as well as the street outside. I got to the door and desperately tried to turn the handle, I couldn’t do it. I really tried to get out through the front door. The next thing I remember I was suddenly on the other side, on the outside. I’m not sure if I walked through the door or if I just materialised on the other side of it. I then walked out onto the street. It looked exactly as it really was at the time. It felt strange, it seemed darker than a normal night and my feelings/emotions seemed deeper. I looked up at the sky to look for the Southern Cross and noticed that the stars were exceptionally bright. I walked around outside for a bit longer and that’s all I remember.



Number 53

Jacinda Jackson - 2004

I woke up on the astral floating on my back and looking at the night sky. I floated around a bit and did some backwards flips, almost like being in the water but completely weightless. I laid back and continued to watch the night sky, observing the constellations of stars. Suddenly, the constellation I was watching began to move, I was so excited, I had the feeling that this was very special, I can almost feel the sensation of it as I write this. The stars shifted into different patterns, like a moving mandala and I watched in wonder. One of the stars drifted from the formation, I held out my left hand and it touched my palm. The sensation was kind of like a giggle or how the essence of a giggle would feel. It was a joyful and uplifting experience and I feel very honoured to have had it.



Number 54

Chris R

I had recently experienced intense noises in my head whilst lying in bed, not awake and not quite asleep. I spoke to a friend who was experienced with astral projecting who informed me that some people experience these intense noises prior to getting out of their body. At the time I remember being full of anticipation and excitement at the prospect of what it would be like to have an astral experience, not really knowing what to expect.

I was encouraged by my friend’s comments and it was active in my mind having very recently attended a course in matters to do with the supernatural.

I persisted with fairly regular meditation exercises which I was told greatly assisted in your ability to have memory and recall of astral experiences. I think it was only a matter of a few weeks after my experience with the noises that something occurred that changed my outlook on life forever!!

I went to bed like any other night. As with most nights, other than the memory of dreams throughout the night, I expected to wake up the next morning as I always did……

My attention was on the street in front of my house, no I was not awake, I was not in a deep sleep, it was not the next morning. I had a reckoning that I was conscious of my present state and location whilst also somehow being aware of my presence elsewhere. I found my focus quickly moved to the end of the street, I was there simultaneously. I was acutely conscious of a small sign post directly in front of me. I intentionally raised my arms to the top of the sign and effortlessly and deliberately raised the weight of my body above the sign post. I found myself floating what seemed like ten to fifteen metres' above the ground. I was floating and flying, only limited by my attention on where I was and what I was doing. The experience of almost weightlessness was amazing, this was not a dream, I was astral travelling, and I was aware of it!

Still hovering in the air, I turned my focus to the city centre, yet I do not recall turning my head in that direction, it was as if I had 360 degree vision. The feelings associated with my awareness were nothing short of amazing. Never had I felt such completeness, wholeness, somehow belonging to all my surroundings, not just the routine association with my physical state. The city was alive. Everything seemed so vital and bright without being glary. Everything had so much more meaning, even the most common objects around me appeared to have much more purpose, and in some sense felt a part of me !? The sensation of flying was invigorating, whilst at the same time I felt a sense of peace and fulfilment that I cannot describe. My whole being felt like it was being nourished by my surroundings.

I desired to move quickly, I raced along the ground, horizontal, still flying, not touching the ground, the long grass from the ground streaming quietly past me, faster and faster.

Next thing…..I was awake, back in my bed, wide awake, pitch black, no longer where I just was….WOW !!!!!!



Number 55

Nicholas Cohen - 4th April 1999 Easter Sunday morning

I went to bed on Easter Saturday night late after wrapping Easter Eggs for our celebrations with friends on Easter Sunday.

I dreamt that I was in a large room in very big house. In fact, I looked about and saw some of my friends and then thought, “I wonder if this is the astral?”. It certainly felt a lot like the Astral Plane. My vision was very clear and I was conscious of my astral body, I could see some metaphysical colours about the room.

We all lay down on the floor and started to do a relaxation exercise. We were all still and time seemed to stop. I felt honoured to be lying there with so many like-minded souls.

A quiet filled the room and there was a feeling of expectation. I was praying that I would not leave the room and wake up back in my physical body in bed.

There was a distant rumbling like thunder that arrived quickly at the room and a deep voice boomed across the gathering:


This brought me straight back into my body and I opened my eyes to see the first dawn rays of Easter Sunday morning.

I cannot describe the deep sense of honour and humility I felt to be given this gift.



Number 56

Jacinda Jackson – 2005

I was having an excellent dream about visiting a friend of mine who lived in a beautiful, enormous house, almost like a castle. I was walking along the corridors exploring different rooms. There were lots of people busily and purposefully moving around. In the dream my logical observer self was wondering who the friend of mine was, I couldn’t recall a name, just that I knew this person well. I went into one of the rooms and looked out the window at what seemed to be a body of water. As I looked at the water my consciousness became very clear and I knew that I was experiencing something on the astral. I could feel the water in a different way and it was almost overwhelming. The water was stilled to form a shape, like it was being controlled by something. It was very interesting and beautiful. My mind slipped back into dreamy stuff that is hard to remember in any sequence. I became aware of the astral again as I was flying outside the building looking over what I knew was a city but it was completely different to a physical city. It was made of colour and shape and movement and I was overwhelmed by how clear and radiant everything was, I just don’t have physical word to describe it. The main colours I remember are blue and orange.



Number 57

Belinda Roche - 27th April 2002

This was my first night at home since returning from an overseas holiday in Europe.

During the night whilst I was asleep, I remember looking up at this church. It wasn’t any particular colour but it was radiant. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. It towered over me and it was so big that it was hard to see where the sides ended. I knew that it wasn’t a church that I had seen before and I somehow knew it was somewhere in Europe.

When I was looking at it I was overwhelmed by feelings of love and joy. I felt its beauty throughout my whole body. I then looked behind me and saw my partner lying in the bed and I went down to lie next to him and I cuddled him from behind. When I touched him I was again overwhelmed by love and joy. I then rolled over and realised that I had just had my first astral experience.

When I went to Europe again four years later, I found the church that I had been looking up at all those years before.



Number 58

Jacinda Jackson - May 2000

I woke up sitting on the roof of my house, I remember looking at my hands and thinking “Wow! I can see my hands, I’m on the astral!” I looked around at the night, it was misty and the town lights were sparkly. The first thing I wanted to do was find John & Lyn, my teachers. No sooner than the thought occurred then I felt a pulling sensation at my solar plexus and I “arrived” somewhere. I realised I was inside a church, not so much from what I could see but from the way it felt. I couldn’t see or feel John or Lyn anywhere and I was slightly confused. Quite out of nowhere a noisy group of small children bustled by me, as if leaving the church, I did not interact with them but became more puzzled. I’m not sure how but I was then outside the church. I was on the peak of a hilly street looking over what felt like a familiar town, the night was beautiful but felt quiet and empty. I became anxious about remembering the experience and all I wanted to do was write it down so I wouldn’t forget. In a strange and muddled state I had come back to my bedroom and was grappling at my notebook, which was on my bedside table. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t pick it up! It then occurred to me that I was still on the astral and my book was on the physical, very silly!

This is one of the first experiences of the astral I can remember in such a way that it feels tangible to me even now. Because I can remember the way it feels to be on the astral I can start to recognise the difference between a dream and an astral experience. The astral feels so present and clear that my physical consciousness struggles to describe it. It was almost like waking up for the first time.



Number 59

Jacinda Jackson - Spring 2002

My partner Simon and I came home very late from working at our hospitality jobs, it would have been very early morning or very late at night depending on how you viewed it. Two friends were staying with us and we set them up with blankets and pillows on the lounge room floor. I was very tired and fell asleep quickly and deeply. I woke up on the astral standing in the doorway between the lounge room and bedroom. It was morning but it felt different, the light was warm and soft. I remember thinking it was odd that our friends were not in the lounge room where we had left them. Everything “felt” different and my vision was not clear. I enjoyed the sensation of putting my astral fingers through the physical carpet, it was like a fizzing, tickling sensation that felt “bigger” than it was.

I wanted to go outside but was unsure about getting through the closed front door. I quickly moved myself through the closed door, it felt similar to the carpet. Outside I was looking up the steps that lead to the front gate. I flew up the steps and back down again, kind of like a slide. It was so much fun I repeated it. I then became aware of a presence outside of the top gate, all I could see was a brilliant light that I couldn’t look at properly, it felt big and ominous so I went back inside. The last thing I remember was trying to wake up Simon and thinking it was odd that I couldn’t see my physical body next to his.



Number 60

Serena Scarlett - around 1985

I had been doing some astral projection exercises for a few evenings with the aim to get out of my body at night and consciously astral project.

I used a technique taught in class. It worked after only a few nights and this is what I remembered.

I accidentally ended up in the house of a friend and neighbour. I observed the front door was open and I thought it was curious that it was open, the screen door was shut. There were items in the lounge room and I was taking note for a reference to prove to myself I was consciously astral projecting. I noted that there were two videos in separate plastic bags and then I left. I found myself standing in front of the screen door and, knowing I was on the astral, said to myself, “I can walk through this door”. I was disappointed and surprised that I couldn’t. I stood at the door straining to go through it.

The next morning I was invited into my friends, home, and saw the very same items in their lounge room, the two videos of movies they had hired were there in plastic bags. I was so excited about it. My friends were pleased for me too.

I remarked that I had seen the door open and they said due to the heat they’d had trouble sleeping and had left it open for the fresh air to come in.