The Spirit of Christmas is bright, happy, unifying and uplifting and through our Christmas activities, we can all become a part of supporting and spreading such a beneficial influence.

Christmas provides a wonderful reason to join in a spirit of celebration and rejoicing in whatever ways suit each person. For some it is a time of religious celebration, whilst for others it is a worldlier event. A very important fact is that at this time, people all over the world are focused toward a single purpose and the combined energy of so many is a powerful force. It permeates the ethers and ripples invisibly throughout the world, providing a positive and spiritualising effect.

So many people joining with a single purpose creates a spirit of unity, promoting peace and accord in the world. In addition, a joyful spirit of wonder and celebration spreads Spiritual Light. Celebration is an important affirmation of all that is good in our lives. It is a bountiful and generous impulse that throws us open to giving and sharing what we have and to receiving new energy from others.

Christmas provides opportunities for activities and ways of thinking that are healthy and necessary to all human beings. In time, as we evolve spiritually, we will become able to live in a spirit of celebration and rejoicing at all times. In the meantime, however, we have wonderful opportunities such as Christmas as a beginning.

The Circle of Innocents

There is a place in the astral realm to which children have access. They are drawn there through the innocence of their thinking. Few adults can enter here, only those with child-like innocence and the ability to play.

Every year before Christmas, children gather here and join together in the Spirit of Christmas. Their excited giggles and squeals echo throughout the nearby astral regions. They link hands and form huge concentric circles. Their joyfulness and anticipation spread around the circles, gathering power as the energy moves around and around. The combined energy generated draws in other forces from the astral plane and higher. It is a principle of life that whenever two or more people are joined in a single purpose, a greater power is called to bless their activity and to add to it.

The children's circles create a force that spreads Christmas Spirit, pouring it out into the world to fill areas of lack. Their energy touches every child whose circumstance is lacking in Christmas Spirit.

The Christmas Gift

We would like to invite everyone, individuals, groups, families, adults and children alike to be part of a Christmas Circle. The purpose is to fill areas of lack in the world, so that every person and circumstance is left in a more fulfilled and more enlightened state than before, no matter whether the need is emotional, physical or spiritual. This is a wonderful way to involve children in Christmas in a meaningful and spiritual way.

This can be done as often as you like from three weeks prior to and leading up to Christmas Day.

Thank you so much for your love, care and participation. We wish you a joyous Christmas.


John & Lyn