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Believe again!

The Real Santa

The magic and the mystery! Can you remember the nights lying in bed wondering if Santa was watching? The expectation of his coming? Looking into the sky before bed trying to see him and sometimes thinking you had? 

Most children believe in the magic of Santa while they are young. Many are heartbroken when parents eventually tell them that there really is no Santa, that it is really the parents who buy the gifts. Although no harm is intended, an aspect of magic dies in our lives as a consequence. 

There is a different way to manage this, a way of truth that can bring the wonder and magic of Christmas alive for child and adult alike. 

The fact is, there really is a Santa and he knows you! He is a real being, an astral entity who embodies Christmas. He has always existed and always will. He lives at the astral counterpart of the Earth's North Pole, assisted in his work by elves and pixie-like little beings who are also astral entities. All through the year he and his helpers diligently weave the energy that becomes the Spirit of the following Christmas. This energy pours through into the physical world at Christmas time, manifesting here as greetings, gifts, decorations, celebrations, both religious and secular and all the trappings that are a part of the season. These are the result of Santa, alive in the physical world. The objects and activities associated with Christmas help to draw down Santa's bright energy into the world. The conduit for the Santa energy is the belief of children and of adults: in Santa, in Christmas and in the principles of giving and receiving with joy and love. 

Everything that is given or received in the world at Christmas time is actually created first in the astral world of Santa's Workshop, most particularly children's toys. These begin with seeds that spring from the ideas, thoughts and expressions of people in the physical world. They are manufactured in Santa's Workshop then enter into the physical world by manifesting through the ideas and creations of manufacturers. 

Items that are destined to be Christmas gifts have a different essence, whether they are intended for adults or for children. These gifts are from Santa, they have been made in Santa's Workshop before manifesting here on the physical. The intent of gift-giving and people's belief in Christmas dedicate them and make them sacred vehicles of Christmas energy and Christmas Spirit. 

At any time of the year, anyone with the ability to journey consciously on the astral plane and whose heart keeps a childlike magic alive within can gain entry to Santa's mystical abode. Many children bring back memory of Santa from their night-time astral experiences, often in the form of dreams. Access is easiest, however, during the time leading up to Christmas, as the energy link with our Earth is strongest then. Children and adults are equally welcome. 

Santa predominantly appears on the astral in the popular image of a jolly fellow with cherub like rosy cheeks, a beautifully groomed, full white beard and lovely, wavy, white hair. He is dressed in a rich, deep red suit with white trim. He has a gleaming black belt with a gold engraved buckle that his rotund tummy bulges above. His boots are knee-length, black and shiny. He carries with him a vast, ever-lasting bag filled with hope and peace. During the year, he has a purposeful, industrious demeanour, but around three weeks before Christmas, he changes to a different mode. Gradually, he begins to change, preparing for the great transference of energy that takes place on Christmas Eve. Bit by bit, he becomes brighter and more vividly coloured. He glows all over with the effects of the Christmas light that is growing within him. His eyes shine and a great, golden aura glimmers and sparkles around him. 

In the last weeks before Christmas, Santa in his astral form can be seen from the physical world on most nights, flying through the sky in his magnificent sleigh, pulled by eight spirited reindeer. He flies in a bright arc of light, his form blurring from the movement of his passing. A great shower of golden sparks streams from the reindeer's hooves and from the runners of his sleigh, leaving a trail of twinkling light across the sky. This disperses into the atmosphere, spreading his message of love and peace throughout the world. 

As the astral world is not necessarily constrained by time as we know it here, it is possible to see him at almost any time of the night around Christmas time. This is part of the magic! He appears when we look for him, our belief being his conduit. His imprint is stamped upon the etheric of the atmosphere and his brilliant astral light shines through, revealing him to the clairvoyant observer and the fortunate few who have magic in their hearts. 

On Christmas Eve, he visits every home including hospitals and anywhere else people are sleeping or staying on that night. No-one is ever missed. His visits are sometimes fleeting, though occasionally he lingers. Every place receives exactly the appropriate energy. He comes whether the people living there believe in him or not. He visits the Christmas tree or wherever gifts are placed, sparkling energy spilling from his sack and spreading its essence throughout the gifts. It will be absorbed by the recipients on Christmas morning when the gifts are opened. In homes where there are no gifts, his Christmas light enters directly into the hearts of the people there and comes to life within them when they awaken. His appearance when he manifests is shaped according to the ethnic and cultural traditions and beliefs of the people and the time. Although Christmas is usually associated with Christianity, Santa comes to people of every religion and to those of no particular religion. 

He visits rich and poor alike, giving freely of his great bounty. Those who are hungry and thirsty for the Spirit also benefit. He leaves behind a vibrant essence of giving and receiving, a promise of a better future. Those who believe in him have a strong chance of seeing him or feeling his presence in the night sky or in their homes. 

Santa and Christmas time are both manifestations of a far greater power, that of Universal Love, a quality of the Soul. This is the source of all uplifting and all movement. It is also the source of Christ consciousness. As a representative of this power, Santa expresses abundance, which encompasses giving, receiving, kindness, care, and an infinite capacity to love adults as well as children. 

An uninformed belief exists here in the physical world that Santa was made up by commercial enterprises in western countries, in the interests of making a profit. The wonderful truth is that he has always existed on the astral in one form or another. The stores and businesses just gave him a recognisable face here. No matter what their motivation, they have performed a service in promoting such a wonderful being. 

Many also say that commercialism is ruining the Spirit of Christmas. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. It is a sign of the opportunity provided by prosperity, both spiritually and physically. A prosperous physical world provides additional opportunities for the Christmas Spirit to be translated into action. The Spirit is naturally abundant. It is up to us to open ourselves to it. In part, we can do this by finding the good in any circumstance rather than focusing on the faults. 

Christmas is a time of spirituality that can be expressed through quiet reflection and noisy, joyous celebration. Both are absolutely appropriate to the magic of Christmas. Adults can learn many of the needed Christmas skills from children: how to be more innocent, spontaneous and believing and to have a sense of magic and wonder. 

At Christmas time in particular and during the year wherever there is giving and sharing, Santa reaches into your mind and leaves a trail of beauty, hope and peace. If you just relax and make yourselves available to the power, Christmas will gently open your heart. 

You will be rewarded with a new sense of belief and a magical uplifting that will improve your life in ways you could not imagine. If you open yourself to this one great mystical experience, you will find yourself becoming open to many glorious mysteries and bit by bit, your life will become filled with wonderment and beauty. This is Santa's gift to you. 

From her earliest years, we taught our daughter that Santa is real, that he is love and giving and that his home is in the night-time world of the astral. We also taught her that the gifts she received each year were from Santa; but that they were bought by us on Santa's behalf and that they had Santa's energy within them. She never suffered the disappointment of finding out that Santa doesn't exist or the shock that her parents had lied to her. Now, at thirty-one years of age, she still believes in him and looks for him each year as we do. The whole family celebrates and enjoys the magic of a spiritual Christmas in an atmosphere of harmony and joyful celebration.

We still leave Christmas cake and a glass of milk out to warmly welcome Santa into our home on Christmas Eve, as well as a carrot for the reindeer. When the house is quiet, John eats and drinks the physical parts of these on Santa's behalf and Santa appreciatively absorbs the non-physical aspects of them just as he does in every home he visits.