Giving is the product of love. It expresses care, helpfulness and being of service. It includes giving of oneself in whatever ways one can in addition to giving physical gifts.

When we give at Christmas, we are the hands of Santa in action in the physical world.

The secret of true giving is to give freely. This means giving without counting the cost, without expectation of return and without expecting a particular response from the recipients of our gifts.

By giving with an open and generous heart, we not only give a physical gift or action, but an accompanying metaphysical benefit as well. The energies of giving create thoughtforms and energies that sparkle with light, illuminating both the recipient and the giver.

Through giving, we can become the guides of Santa's infinite, generous force. When we give in a balanced way, we not only act on behalf of Santa but we express the beautiful, everlasting, pure power of Spirit.